– [Brian] Oh my gosh! That is exactly what
you think of a dinosaur. Hey, good morning everybody,
and welcome to the vlog. Today there’s nothing
really unusual going on here at the Reptarium, just
kind of the normal stuff. You know what I mnea. What, what, what the heck is this? What are you doing? – Well, you know, I hear
there’s some trout in here and I might look for some. – [Brian] You’re looking for some trout. Actually, Bruce is in
here cleaning stuff up because we’re actually really excited. We’ve got our friends from
the Ohio Fish Rescue coming this coming weekend to bring some fish that we’re gonna put in with Bowser. So, we wanna clean the tank up. We also need to take the
water level from down here to probably up here, because we’re gonna have some catfish, some
other type of stuff like this. We’re hoping that the
fish get along with Bowser and vice versa. We’re just gonna have to
keep a close eye on it but we are super excited
about that for sure. And guess what, Eric?
– What’s that? – [Brian] I am heading to Jeff
Ronny from Boaphiles place. – No way!
– [Brian] I know, right? Isn’t that cool? Actually, today I’m heading
to Forrest, my good friend, we’re gonna go hang out
with some monitor lizards, some other stuff like that,
see what he’s got going on. I think he might have a special package that we’re unboxing while I’m there. I’m super excited about that. Not sure that that’s gonna happen but let’s hope that that does. Then we’re gonna just
play with those monitors and then we’re heading out to Missouri to go check out Boaphiles. – Missoura! It’s called Missoura! – So, we’re actually
gonna go to Jeff’s place. Again, I’ve really seen
very little as far as videos from his place so I’m
really excited to see it and be able to bring
you guys on the journey. It is certainly a
collection that is amazing. One of the best boa
collections in the world so regardless, today I’ve
gotta drive five hours to Forrest’s place, go hang out with him, drive six hours to Jeff’s
place, hang out with him, and then drive all the way back so it’s gonna be a busy 48 hours for me, but you guys got it under control? – Heck yeah, hold the fort down! – [Brian] Hold the fort down.
– You got it. – [Brian] I expect lots of
eggs when I get back, okay? – For sure.
– Alright, what do you guys say we get on the road and do this five hour drive? (intense electronic music) Just got off the phone with Forrest and sure enough, that cool package that he has coming in just arrived so he said he’s wait ’til
I get there to unbox it, so we’re gonna get to
see a really cool animal. I am super excited about
it, that’s for sure. We still have a few hours left to go, and, you know, traveling like
this, I always get excited ’cause you never know what’s
gonna happen on the other side. I’ve never been to Jeff Ronny’s place. It’s a cool boa place. Obviously always have a
great time at Forrest’s place plus this new little
animal’s gonna be awesome, so I couldn’t be happier with it and I am cloud nine just
enjoying this beautiful day and this absolutely incredible drive. (relaxed electronic music) Just had to stop to get some gas. (chill electronic music) Guys, so, made it to Forrest’s and that package has arrived
so we are gonna open up. It’s gonna be really dope. I mean, look at the place,
it’s looking so good. Of course we’ve got my friend Steve and everyone else with us here. Steve is here.
– What’s up? – [Brian] These guys are finally getting this place together, right? – Yeah.
– [Brian] No, no, no, no. It’s looking really good, though. So, we’re gonna open that box. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible and then we’re gonna feed some monitors and just kinda have a look around before we head off to St. Louis. Forrest is about to open
this box, absolutely cool. And all the reptile people that are gonna be here socializing this animal are here. They don’t even know what it is so let’s just open it up
and let’s get right to it. – This is one of the major moments of my animal keeping life right here. Like, this is, this is very very exciting. – [Brian] Alright, well, let’s do this. – [Forrest] Let’s see here.
– [Brian] Here we go. It’s got the cryopack in there. I talk to you guys,
cryopack’s the way to go. – [Forrest] I’m tellin’ ya, like, this is definitely one of the
more exciting moments ever. This is just, I can’t
wait to see this animal. I can’t wait to see how big it is, that’s really a big part of this. Very few people have
ever had the opportunity to work with this species
from a hatchling, so. Alright, so, look at. – [Brian] Oh my God! It is unbelievably beautiful. Of course, it’s a little
croc monitor, a little baby. – We have everybody here that’s
not afraid to take a bite because that could happen. And even as a hatchling, these
guys have razor sharp teeth but, if something like
that’s gonna happen, now is definitely the time
that we want that to happen. – Yeah, you want these
guys to get habituated to handling when they’re young so that when they’re bigger
they don’t ever do something. So, we’re just gonna see
what’s gonna happen here and just kinda play hot potato, I guess, with this croc monitor. Oh my gosh. How old is this, man? – Okay, when I seen the pictures of him, I thought, you know, we got Kilo, my favorite animal, my
favorite reptile last year as a hatchling and she was probably twice if not three times this size. So, this animal can’t be
more than a month or two old. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, that is crazy. And of course, these guys are gettin’ to the point where they’re
gonna shut ’em down soon, not import ’em, so
whatever’s gonna be here is gonna be here. Definitely considered the
most intelligent lizard of all of the lizards. I mean, just take a look at that gorgeous animal right there. Oh my gosh! And it seems to be chilling
pretty good, right? – [Forrest] Yeah, no, I
mean, it’s so amazing getting to work with them from hatchlings. I mean, it’s a completely
different animal. I mean, when you work
with long term captives or wild caught, totally neurotic, the most terrifying reptile
you could ever work with where, Kilo, for example, is
just literally puppy tamed. So, not only is it great to have an animal that’s socialized, it’s not
so dangerous to work with, but also, you know, from
a reproductive aspect, raising a healthy animal
aspect, getting ’em as a hatchling is just a huge, huge step in the right direction. – [Brian] That’s crazy! I tell ya, I’m so excited
that we got a chance to see this little dude, man, holy cow! That is amazing. – [Forrest] He’s kinda
chilling out now a little bit which is good.
– [Brian] I know! It’s totally chilling now. You can see how quickly
it goes from being, like, kinda defensive, trying to run away to all of a sudden just being very curious and wanting to kinda be handled. Look at that. – If we can keep from
restricting his movement and just kinda do it on his terms, that’s the key to building
those threads of trust and having a good
relationship with this animal. Just look at the colors though. This is the Sarong locality, so, you know, definitely some just beautiful coloration. The Marukies and the Gia Puras don’t have quite as bright of circles on their back and just, so the color’s
out of this world. I’m blown away. – [Brian] And even that, like,
little blueish gray stuff on his neck, I mean, oh my gosh. – Incredible.
– That is ridiculous. – Yeah, you know me, I
love arboreal reptiles. They call this the tree crocodile. I consider this absolutely
the ultimate arboreal animal. – [Brain] Look at, and look at that tail, that prehensile tail right there. – [Forrest] Yeah, and
it’s a prehensile tail and it’s also one of the unique things about crocodile monitors
is the tail length. It’s about 210% of the animal’s SVL, snout to vent length, so
it’s got a very long tail. Apparently uses it
defensively in captivity. These guys, there’s a
lot of just really unique things about these. Another fact that’s really
unique about crocodile monitors, the fact that they’re able to
breathe while they’re running. No other reptile can do that. Only mammals can do that. Most other reptiles when they move, it restricts their lungs from breathing. These guys, you know, not only are they just super intelligent, you know, prehensile tail, can move fast, can hang from their rear legs, but they can breathe while
they’re chasing after their prey and then those long
really, really sharp teeth that they have that are
unique to them as well. That’s for catching fast moving prey, so. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, these
guys are truly the velociraptor. I mean, that is crazy. And, again, I’ve know a
little bit about croc monitors but I’ve learned a whole
bunch so I hope you guys are enjoying it, too. What an amazing thing. Thank you for letting us
share this experience. – They think that this one’s a male. Crocodile monitors can actually
pair bond in captivity, so we’re hoping that we
found Kilo a mate for life. It’s just gonna be an amazing experience. Kilo has already been the
most amazing experience of my reptile keeping life
so this is getting to do it all over again is, just,
doesn’t even seem real. So, this is a monitor that
I’m really, really proud of. We raised this one up from
a little captive born baby. This is Varanus reisingeri,
the yellow tree monitor and it’s just beyond socialized. It walks right out onto your hand. It’s just incredible. You know, and it’s somethin’, you know, important to hit on, too, is that when you guys watch videos like this and you’re like, “I want one of those.” and you go out and buy a tree monitor, don’t be expecting
this, don’t be expecting a croc monitor like this. It takes a ton of work
and then there’s also the individuality factor
but when you do get an animal like that, there’s nothing in the world that compares to it. The connection you have with ’em, being able to socialize with them and provide ’em their
food and water every day, it’s been the most fulfilling
group of animals I’ve ever worked with. Check this out, guys. I mean, he’s just hangin’ out. We’ll give her something to eat. There you go. Good girl. She knows the difference
between food though. See, look at that, the scent
of that food’s on my finger but she’s not gonna bite my finger. She knows the difference. – Guys, I’m not kidding you, we’ve been just sitting here for the
last, like, 20 minutes letting this monitor just
jump from person to person. It’s crazy. It just, like, hangs out and then it just jumps to the next person. – Do it. (laughter) – It’s just crazy. – How many people do
you think’s done this? – I have never seen anything like this. I’ve always liked croc monitors but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted one. I have to get a croc monitor now. It literally went from being, like, kind of scared when it
first came outta the box to being literally,
like, one of the tamest most inquisitive animals I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away by this. Just giving her little drinks? – [Forrest] Yep, yep.
– [Brian] Oh my gosh. – [Forrest] She just sits
there and she’s like. – Just a little socialization and kinda the process of feeding
that Forrest goes through with his monitors. I mean, that’s incredible, dude. – It’s favorite part of my day, every day, just spending time with
the lizards is so amazing. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. I’m jealous, I tell ya what,
I have, obviously I have my Elvis and Argemus and
Toothless and stuff like that but bein’ around these guys, I don’t know what to even say. And I’m telling you
what, that croc monitor, next level, next level. I’ve never seen anything like that. – We’ve been showing
species of tree monitors, there’s five species of tree
monitors in the United States, blue trees, green trees,
bea trees, black trees and yellow trees and we’ve got captive born pairs of all five. So, it was a major effort
to put that group together but as you can see, it’s been
really, really fulfilling. I mean, who would’ve thought
captive born monitor, sittin’ on my hand like
this, not trying to run away and look at, just feeding
him right in my hand. Once you build the trust, if
you get the right individuals being able to experience
this is really amazing. And this Varanus macraei, you know, fairly recently discovered species. These are from Batanta Island. All of these different
tree monitors descend from a common ancestor. The green tree monitor, Varanus prasinus, and they’re all allopatric,
so they’ve been separated for millions of years on
these isolated little islands and you can see how they’ve evolved into these amazing different colors. You’ve got the blue one from Batanta, Aru has the black tree
monitor that’s solid black. Misool Island, which
is a very small island, has Varinus reisingeri. We talked about that in
one of your old vlogs. I remember tellin’ you about
the description of reisingeri. You know, there’s still
really exciting ones out there that are still being described right now. There’s so many different
islands in Indonesia and then one of my life dreams is to go with you to Australia and talk to Bob Irwin ’cause
he’s one of the few people that has went out and worked
with Varinus kethorni, the Australian tree monitor, so that’s one of my dreams in life is to
actually get to see one of those. – Well, we’re gonna go. September, whaddya think? September?
– Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. Taking a little break from
the monitors out here. It’s a nice warm day out here and got the monster big blood python out. Dude, every time I see this girl, I swear she’s gettin’ bigger. – Yeah, and I’m not feedin’ her. I mean, I feed her maybe once a month and people send me messages,
“Oh, she’s so obese.” You can clearly see her spine, you know, which is kinda how you tell if. – [Brian] She just looks like a giant. She doesn’t look obese, she doesn’t look like she’s over fed. Look at that, I mean,
you’re what, like 6’4, 6’5? – Yeah, 6’5, and I mean, look. Look at this right here, I mean. – [Brian] That is, she’s longer than you. – Yeah, literally. – [Brian] That is ridiculous. And she looks so good out
here in the natural light. Oh my God. That is an impressive snake,
dude, I tell you what. You guys knew I was gonna
throw some snakes in here. I can’t just do lizards all day. – Yeah, lizards are awesome
but we still love our snakes and it’s just too nice of a day before we get on the road
to not hang out outside with Dany a little bit.
– [Brian] Absolutely. I love it, man, what a snake! (chill electronic music) – This is what it looks like a year after getting a baby croc monitor. So, you guys remember when we got Kilo, she was probably about twice that size but still, just a two month old hatchling, and Kilo is still just absolutely amazing. You know, she definitely
moves around a little. I just woke her up so she’s
not super happy right now but, you know, once I just go in there and give her a chin rub and
let her know what’s going on, she’s just an amazing girl
to be able to work with. – [Brian] If you look at those eyes, they are so different
than any other reptile. I mean, those things are like. That is exactly what
you think of a dinosaur. – It feels like they’re sizing you up. They’re super aware of
what’s going on around them. And, I definitely just,
there’s nothin’ like it. I’ve never seen another
reptile that can compare. – I tell ya, after spending as much time as we’ve spent here with the baby and now this one, I’m sold. I have to get a little baby croc monitor. Forrest is gonna have
to hook me up with this because I’m in, I mean,
I’ve got no choice. This is ridiculous, guys,
I’m in love with these guys. – [Forrest] I see you’ve taken me off. You hungry yet? What you think, buddy? – [Brian] Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me right now? – Absolutely incredible. – This animal literally was in a box, got shipped here, came out,
played with these guys for, what, an hour and a half or two hours and then takes something outta your hand? – Yeah, and it already
knows the hand that feeds it versus the prey item. Look at that, I mean,
that’s the same finger that was just touching the prey item and he’s not going. He understands that difference. I mean, that’s how
incredible these guys are. – I don’t even know what else. I’m blown away, guys. I mean, I did not expect that. – Yeah, me either.
– I thought for sure it was not gonna eat. That was crazy! I tell ya what, even
after all these decades of doing reptiles, it’s obvious that I can still be completely
exacerbated by something. Wow, I wanna end the vlog. That’s how much I’m just
blown away right now. But we got a couple more. – Where else can we go from here? – Yeah, where can we go from here? But guys, I tell you what,
I think I’m gonna end it ’cause that’s all we need to do. Me and Forrest are gettin’ down the road, we’re goin’ to Boaphile. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible. You guys have an amazing day,
and tell me in the comments what you guys think about this. Unbelievable. Obviously I’ll put the
link in the description to everyone’s Instagrams
including Steve, Desiree, of course, Forrest. Don, you got an Instagram? – I have a YouTube, DCI Exotics. – Alright, I’ll put a look
in everyone’s description. Be kind to someone else. See you guys tomorrow. (chill electronic music)

Randy Schultz

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