Unboxing 20 New Reptiles! Big & Small Lizards, Pythons, Boas, Geckos and More

Unboxing 20 New Reptiles! Big & Small Lizards, Pythons, Boas, Geckos and More

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Unboxing 20 New Reptiles! Big & Small Lizards, Pythons, Boas, Geckos and More

  1. GoHerping says:

    Want more unboxings? Here's the full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIXZgmnvg0nD5Oyy6SFTSTs6UmHyRCsVE
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  2. McKenzie Gable says:

    the literal crickets in the background after you crack a lame joke is sending me, honestly genius

  3. Jaquan Satchel says:

    My wife wants that tegu!!!!!

  4. crazy pumpkin says:

    Looks like a toffee belly hognose? Maybe?

  5. Exoticddguin says:

    Holy hecc please sharpen your sword.

  6. Alina Blackblood says:

    That is one gorgeous corn snake 😍

  7. Alex Lee says:

    Use a chainsaw next if people keep complaining

  8. Hipster lizard says:

    Yassssss!!! Unboxing!!!

  9. Jillian Taylor says:

    sass level 3000

  10. Lizard_ Life says:

    At Emerald Scales do you ship animals all across the states or ina certain area I am interested in getting a leopard gecko as my 3rd geck.

  11. NeonNormie says:

    "This animal may be sick but, i'm still using my sick katana" cricket noises

  12. Ryu Shinawa says:

    This video had me rolling
    The katana killed me 🤣

    Loved the video 🙏
    Rest In Peace to the leopard gecko 😪

  13. sam irwin says:

    I asked my landlord at my student housing apartment building if I could bring my beardie because it's just in a tank amd wouldnt hurt the building and she said yes. Also got the okay on my fish. Wasn't able to bring the beardie cause space. (He lives at my parents and is my little sisters now)

  14. Borna Besedic says:

    please use axe next time

  15. Erica J says:

    Straight albinos bore me too. I much prefer gay albinos.

  16. Staggsy says:


  17. Aerithia says:

    I recently got a pastel for fifty bucks she was fed improperly and had stuck shed

  18. Tessa Raitoo says:

    for some reason the sword doesn't feel as chaotic as the knife…

  19. TheyAreAll God's Creatures says:

    Open boxes however you want

  20. Doggo Boop says:

    somebody in the comments: Please Do Not Cut Towards Yourself
    GoHerping, with his eternal chaotic energy: pardon? this is an Insult to my Ancestors and my Whole Entire Bloodline, How Dare You

  21. Summerpoison says:

    His energy gives me life

  22. A Kimbo says:

    Ctereal Sale 😂

  23. KAT_the_reptile_queen kat says:


  24. Rocki Wingard says:

    I ❤ the level of petty & ZERO FUX you bring to the table!!! And the sword I guess lol It's part of what sets you apart & part of why your videos do so well!!!

    This is what you get when an earnest, intelligent, empathetic, and sarcastic young adult gets tired of the bs handed out by a community filled w people who consider themselves expert enough to talk shit, but not expert enough to do the work he does. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Can I sign my son up for lessons when he's old enough to benefit from them?

  25. Angel Flores says:

    Hey man I really don’t like, like really really don’t like, enfaces on really really that you cut with knifes is not safe for you or the animal. I would really like if you get a chainsaw or a weed cutter or even a scythe to cut it will do it quick so I won’t suffocate in the box please

  26. Summer S says:

    Next time pull out a chainsaw please

  27. BCUSA65 says:

    Dude you are out of your mind! Love the unboxing videos!!

  28. Alice Black says:

    I could understand if someone got you the wrong flavor of cereal and you hate them, but you clamed you love those…. So I'll just assume you spilled some milk on the floor as well and just eat your breakfast that way.

  29. Worst In Class says:

    Alex: you should be glad That your on the other side of the screen
    Box: pls no
    Alex: pls yes

  30. Hudson Clayton says:

    Did he throw boxes 📦 with reptiles 🦎 In them

  31. Lance Harker says:

    Episode 4: chainsaw, Episode 5: woodchipper, Episode 6: MOAB

  32. Kayla Powell says:

    I have a Super Pastel Calico Ball Python and he's gorgeous!!!

  33. Jennifer Tochi says:

    I'm sorry I am a idiot 😭. With my ball python I cannot get him to eat anything but live rodents. I have tried so many different methods. He was started at the pet store on live and will not stop. Do you have any suggestions.

  34. Kya Simon says:

    trying to watch him cut is literally terrifying

  35. Ryan Folin says:

    Wait what’s wrong with feeding live? Or is he talking more about mice and stuff and not bugs

  36. Griffin Johnson says:

    watching this with headphones was a mistake

  37. Grace C says:

    What if I send you a personalized box cutting knife?

  38. Passe Gaming says:

    I think the mishandling of the boxes gag is fantastic. Anyone with half a brain can see you care for these animals and would never hurt one of them.

  39. Mike Swaine says:

    Just get a box opener

  40. sammi trash says:

    rip that cereal 😔

  41. Terry Robinson says:

    at 16:07 thats no Boa thats a cat it just thinks its a Boa

  42. Carter Hyatt says:

    OMG I so hope people give him shit for the katana so he'll pull a ful freacking chain saw next time pls!

  43. jocelin salzmin says:

    Alex really said gayherping

  44. Pogo 2207 says:

    I love it when he makes a bad joke and you can actually hear crickets chirping
    Go to 30:03

  45. 55WaysToEndYou says:

    All I needed today was almost 40 minutes of reptiles

  46. angelday8594 says:

    “I am a master with blades”
    S O R R Y

  47. Sagaevan says:

    ew is this goherping

  48. Victor Orozco says:

    Taken down by an iguana!

  49. Shelby Caruso says:

    This guy doesn’t take criticism well the two videos I seen he gets comments and does exactly what we say not to do but worse

  50. Darwin Vapes says:

    I noticed Vraska on the tank in the background, I assume you play Magic? 🙂

  51. Salty WinterShe-Wolf says:

    Next unboxing video – he uses a gun to open the boxes.

  52. n cnsnnts says:

    Katana? Please. I only use double sided axes for my mail

  53. Šídlo says:

    I love it

  54. cat fla says:

    the more you guys complain about how he uses blades or treats the (empty) boxes the worse he gets in the next video

  55. Riandora Pittsu says:

    The heat packs appear to be the same brand of extra large hand warmers my family use. They easily overheat and die out after 7 hours

  56. Ona Yona says:

    I love him so much lol I will sit and watch his videos all day if I could🖤🖤🖤🖤

  57. nyt3mare says:

    I KNEW it was going to be an iguana because you said TIME AND SPACE! I've literally been learning so much about reptile husbandry from watching your videos! Didn't know anything about reptiles before I started watching your channel! I love that the more criticism you get, the more of a sarcastic brat you are about it in the next video 😂 I guess the people who don't get your humor must be new lol I like when you made a bad joke and the crickets were chirping 😂 I thought you added the sound until I kept hearing them throughout the video. lol and wow That last beardie is gorgeous 😍

  58. Jason Pollywog says:

    15:00 aren’t those venomous? I thought they had mild venom or something. Maybe it was the venom.

  59. Harley says:

    The more you complain about Alex the stronger he becomes

  60. Sydney the star says:

    Good job letting live animals fall

  61. Miren Summers says:

    more precarious boxes

  62. Rivers Randomness says:

    Like for Obama

  63. lulu 2005 says:

    My sister is allergic to snake saliva dunno if it's all snakes, but she has been bitten by two different boas and had the same allergic reaction. but she loves our boas and hold them all the time

  64. Dana Ceulemans says:

    The second leopard gecko's story… So they're BREEDING leopard geckos but don't know what to do when one stops eating?!? Jezus christ

  65. Julia Monin says:

    The first 5 minutes of this video is everything.

  66. Egbuttkind says:


  67. Cass Darko says:

    I think last unboxing video I asked how the reptiles breathed in the boxes but I was GENUINELY asking because I didn't really understand. Obviously they could breathe, I just didn't know that cardboard was breathable. I didn't think about the cereal analogy. I FEEL ATTACKED

  68. Michael Lindsey says:

    People! Please don't pick on Alex or we are going to get a flame thrower box opening!!!!

  69. Dennis Mahony says:

    Hey do you sell blue tongue lizard or shinks I have always wanted one

  70. trinity sims says:

    Why has no one mentioned his beautiful shiny silver nails!!!??

  71. Izzie McDonagh says:

    Alex , if you wish to cut towards yourself with a sword , follow your dreams and cut towards yourself with a sword 😂

  72. evann a says:

    So this is the Demon Slayer movie

  73. Ethan Huang says:

    Normal lizard: skinny tail

    Leopard Gecko: DUMMY THICC TAIL

  74. Chupazombra says:

    People ironically do move during the winter. So… interesting

  75. Kate Gold says:

    Honestly not sure if Styrofoam is that porous. Animals probably cant breathe through that.

  76. Layloni Rugama says:

    As soon as I seen Eddie jumping in the bag I knew it was an iguana 😹

  77. Frøken Norge says:

    Next time use an axe

  78. rena says:

    frustrating how you even provide the heat packs and they STILL used hand warmers that only last for a few hours 🙁 poor baby rip

  79. 🦉Brianna_owlfan🦉 says:

    Tbh i dont like the shipping thing with the animals cuz yes they could die or stress out. But like shipping in state is ok idk

  80. Logan Stark says:

    Has this kid never cut open a box before?

  81. Bruh says:

    Leopard geckos are like the animal equivalent of “no thoughts, head empty”

  82. Sads R says:

    alex you are by far the funniest person ever

  83. Lora Lacey says:

    Alex: "Don't like my knives?" Pulls out throwing knives and ninja stars


    What do you do with the animals that die? Do you bury them or something else?

  85. David Dominguez says:

    This some Idubbbz shit and I love it.

  86. Chenoa Van Eyken says:

    for a teju it isn't that big. We've got 3, a male a female and I don't know the gender of the youngest ("kid" of the couple). They're beautiful animals tho

  87. egc1117 says:

    Could you please do a video on what to do and how to prepare for power outtages as a snake owner?

  88. 「DarkAce」 ツ says:

    32:55 i felt really bad for that poor Gecko..

  89. eva domonkos says:

    How do you tell the sex of a fancy leopard gecko love your vids keep up the good work

  90. Kristin says:

    Hahahaha my roommate and I at one point had four ball pythons between us in our freshman dorm room. We had two hatchlings, one adolescent, and one adult. The two babies were in bins in our desks, and he other two were like Russian nesting dolled inside a giant tub that was just on the floor. This was on top of like seven fish tanks and a small tank of breeding mice that were hidden in a corner. Freshman year was WILD. Definitely couldn’t have gotten away with it if I hadn’t been dating an RA from a different building lmao

  91. Nickaconda says:

    26:30 I don't know why I laughed so freaking hard at this

  92. Beef Stroganoff says:


  93. joonstaetic kim says:

    he looks so calm yet so chaotic. i’m here for your chaotic energy alex, i’m here for it ✊🏻

  94. WILDCARD101 says:

    If u keep making these I will keep watching them

  95. Macey Tarena says:

    The face of regret
    Realizes it's ok
    Thinks of hate comments


  96. kaiden thompson says:


  97. Uncle Yeezus says:

    When he pulled the Katana out i lost it

  98. Danger Granger says:

    Not to be a dick, but you saying someone else's comment is the stupidest comment. I didn't know stupidest made it's way into the dictionary 😂😂

  99. Max Wax says:

    Let's keep complaining about Alex's cutting skills so he gets an even bigger knife.

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