Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro As The Final Battle In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro As The Final Battle In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

you’re watching unreal at gaming this is
go Han from Dragon Ball Z you want to see me turn Super Saiyan or should I
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Dragon Ball Z make sure and smash subscribe to unreal end gaming with Dragon Ball super manga chapter
number 56 now officially in the history books and with more and now looking to
step onto the battlefield himself tension now begins to rise as our heroes
have the momentary upper hand against morose army but with morale having to
make his way onto the battlefield now the question is what exactly can our
heroes do in this situation to prevent them from further having their energy
taken by Moro on top of the fact that morale still has Segawa by his side in
the fact that with 7-3 Shima Rica and Yuma seemingly being at a disadvantage
as soon as the opportunity presents itself for them to gain the upper hand
on our heroes the question that everyone is asking is will Goku with the training
that he has gained from Maris inside of the hyperbolic time chamber be enough to
take down morale with his newly established powers from having to drain
ganky from nearly every planet he’s been on thus far and even if we end up seeing
a battle involving Ultra instant Goku vs. morale the question is will go who
have the necessary capabilities in putting morale down for good or is
morale going to do – Goku what he did on new planet namek and sucked the gang ki
out of Goku in taking his ultra instinct powers away from him as once more before
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ready and excited to see the final battle go down on earth involving moral
Saddam Bo and the Z fighters now with Goku and Vegeta being absent from the
battlefield right now in assuming the fact that morale is going to fight off
the Z fighters by himself or with Segen Bo one can only imagine that once Goku
and or Vegeta which ever arrived first end up coming to earth and it’s going to
be an absolute bloodbath once that happens now
we saw mayor estate Goku inside of the hyperbolic time chamber in the fact that
Goku did not know that Mayoress was in fact an angel that
hiding his identity and forced Goku into further learning about the ways of ultra
instinct that way Goku at some given point in time can tap back into that
power and use it to defeat moral but during that two month time span as Goku
is training with marys inside the time chamber Morel was unquestionably just
like Goku and Vegeta also getting stronger by consuming planets taking its
Genki and thus growing stronger as they began to progress from planets a planet
NOW do I think more is able to defeat Goku and Vegeta I do believe that
without a strategy and without Goku and Vegeta being cognitively aware of what
moral is about to do then absolutely moral has the greatest chance of taking
their powers and abilities again and leaving them in the dust but do I think
that’s about to happen no and I do believe that in my own opinion if Goku
were to achieve ultra instinct omen or even master ultra instinct to begin with
I don’t think that moral can survive the powers of ultra instinct I don’t think
anybody can such as jiren or burly or moral unless of course ultra instinct
ends up burning out just as we’ve seen be done during the tournament of power
only then do I see Goku whipping Morrow’s ass until that happens which
will then cause a shift in the tides and having more will have the upper hand and
thus beating Goku down with no other options left as on the previous Dragon
Ball super discussion we talked about what it would actually be like to have
moral battle Vegeta as a singular battle in case you guys want to check up on our
thoughts on moral verses Vegeta then you guys can go in ahead and find that link
located down below but I think that with ultra instinct being a huge factor in
this not only do I believe that this would be the right time and finally
seeing ultra instinct return again because we really haven’t seen it since
the battle against G R and we haven’t seen it in the Dragon Ball super burly
movie although it wasn’t adapted through the form of a manga but only through a
movie concept and now we’re just about two arcs following the t.o.p and I think
that if there was ever a time to reintroduce the concept of that power
this would be the absolute best time to do so now joining me here today to
further discuss the idea of moral vs. ultra instant Goku in the Dragon Ball
super manga is my good friend and Dragon Ball youtuber Emma she’s live which by
the way emma has a brand-new Dragonball channel that I do
encourage you guys to subscribe to the link to his channel will be located down
below now Emma Sh I think that a lot of people including myself I’m not sure
about you ultimately agree in the idea that ultra instant Goku would probably
have the power to put Malraux down I don’t think that moral is going to have
enough power or enough skill to get by what ultra instinct is right the closest
we’ve seen – that was jiren and he ended up losing and the only other being above
ultra instinct thus far is we right we’ve seen least just effortlessly body
Goku on so many different occasions as they trained but my question to you is
do you think that ultra instinct Oh who’s going to have the necessary
capabilities or at least the power to hold its own against morale do you think
that ultra instant Goku could essentially get the job done if he were
to actually fight to kill morale or do you think that at some given point
morale is just going to turn the tables on Goku it and thus capitalize by
finishing him off alright so first affirmed was if we’re under the
assumption that ultra instant won’t last long for Goku then I don’t see him
tapping into that but out of the gate there’s no way unless they really just
want to end the archive as soon as possible that’s also a possibility right
so we’re also operating under the mindset that anything is possible right
especially for a giant Ball super manga anything that has Jaron balonus name
anything is possible so there’s that too you also have to understand it’s Goku so
he really ever takes everything seriously
seriously in the beginning right he just likes to get things going and kind of
assess what’s going on and if he shows up after the Javita he’s gonna obviously
assess what’s going on he’s gonna ask what’s going on he’s gonna talk to the G
there’s gonna be some dialogue so and so forth and that he’s didn’t play okay the
real fight starts now and then only go blue boom right and then maybe go blue
kaio-ken and then he actually transforms the real fight starts now you know says
typical Goku fashioned but you know UI omen even though it is a substantial
increase in power and abilities never we think the issue with that is that he
doesn’t really have a go-to move that can finish the job right so which is
basically the idea about it being the sign the sign of ultra instinct or the
omen right he doesn’t have that often hundred-percent yet he can dodge it can
weave you can do everything else he just can’t
he can’t hit more or whoever he’s fighting against with a cloak with a
finishing move that will put them down indefinitely that could be where vegeta
comes in right vegeta has the offense for sure we know we know Vegeta has
offense he’s been known for offense he’s generally the first person that you know
who want to and this is one of the few times where he’s actually opting not to
go in right he’s waiting for more oats or make him move specifically especially
Morel so there is that he’s not really too
concerned with Goku I don’t think this chapter ever ever references what you
talking about Goku you know it actually um yeah it’s actually the Galactic
Patrol everybody with the Crillon everybody asking well you know we don’t
know where Vegeta is Goku’s just he’s kind of lost whatever but we don’t know
where but he did so they’re just kind of concerned there so there is that to
consider I do think that’s if Goku were to arrive first
he’d probably stall he probably knows but she’s coming right which would be
weird hey you know if he knows but she is
coming I mean well the let’s just go this way Goku kind of has a sixth sense
with things but he kind of has hunches right so he knows what she isn’t dead
he knows that Padilla was probably going somewhere else to kind of you know
improve himself and he knows that but she’ll show up any minute any minute now
so in Goku fashion he’ll probably stall Amaro to some extent before he
inevitably gets its energy taken away and then Vegeta shows up and saves the
day then they work together and then Goku kind of like taps into you IO min
one more time or the first time ever right in front of Vegeta and the verge
is like hah so I see you’ve kind of you’ve gotten the hang of that technique
it but you just like well you know then Goku just like well not necessarily but
it’s our only shot and then Goku kind of makes the opening
and it but you hit something with like some gamma bursts flash you know with
like souped-up sphere of control and just you know completely just slaps
Mauro that would be cool right but it’s
teamwork it’s something that we got a lot this this recent chapter chapter 56
so seeing those two kind of utilize some of the most marketable forms that we’ve
gotten for Dragon Ball super into one specific you know
lump-sum panels would be great to see I think you know I think that would be a
received pretty damn well by the fence I would have to agree but what if ultra
instinct as an example just simply doesn’t get the job done what if Goku
ends up burning out or what if go who ends up getting tired what if Goku
actually gains the upper hand on morale and then eviscerates him completely
during the opening act of this final battle but then at some given point in
time just as we’ve seen be done during the tournament of power
Goku just burns out because this power that he has the power that goes even
farther beyond that of the gods just simply is too much for his body to
handle and then he just crumbles under the pressure of ultra instinct what if
in fact we do end up getting a scenario to where it’s Goku vs. Morel first in
the schoo who having to lose tomorrow in later having Vegeta step in do you think
that from a logical standpoint that would make sense or do you think that
the end battle of this is in fact going to be a UI Goku vs. Morel and go who is
just going to do everything can and his own ability to wipe away Morel
completely yes if that’s the case of what you’re saying is the case then
again the writing is on the wall right that’s where Vegeta really comes into
play here you know he kind of compensates for Goku’s lack of being
able to master UI if the goal because here’s the thing right so let’s just say
Goku only knows how to tap into UI right now at will right he’s not using it’s
not master he hasn’t really had a full grasp on it but he can do it you know he
can the most party can do it I think he would be under the assumption that okay
if maybe if I’m just pushed to my absolute edge to the end of my rope I’ll
just blow him out from just awaken and say I’m you like it is a versus cheering
I think that’s what he’s think and if we all agree there and it just fails the
writing’s on the wall from her just come in and really work with Goku kind of
compensate for everything doke was unable to do vs morrow right so now if
the thing I mean if morale if morale saps that power yeah it’s gonna be kind
of interesting to see how they justify I’ve Vegeta coming in and squaring off
with more right because that’s a substantial jump in power right that’s
that’s it’s busted that’s complexed completely insane it’s not it’s not you
know not believable right because the concept is being able to control
yourself and be calm and things like that these are all the things Vegeta’s
learning he’s already tapped into some levels of
power as far as like you know in comparison to UI ohm and you know the
evolution blip Aditya stuff like that so there is that you know he has ganas
a form or state of being that happened that has allowed him to gain a
substantial power boost it’s just he doesn’t have whatever whatever else you
need to do those things right so if he does have it now considering that his
training with the IRS complete or more along you know the lines of close to it
a hundred percent bleep he’ll compensate for Goku’s lat shortcomings for sure and
it just makes the you know the value of his training and the value you have Coke
who’s training feel that much better because I mean come on we know Goku when
he goku fights and he gets stronger so imagine him training and then
fighting right so of course is his mindset is that i can’t go i can’t you
know master ultra instant right now i can’t go into the ultra instinct the one
for my need so maybe if i use it and morale pushes me that far and I have no
choice boom it’ll just trigger but I don’t think that’s the case either you
know they kind of we kind of have to implement Vegeta’s training and his
development and his role into all of this well you don’t have to a strangle
but you kind of want to fans want that to happen so if you really want this arc
to go out with a bang or you kind of have you kind of need both of them
because they’re like I said in our previous video we talked about but you
didn’t mainly they are two sides of the same coin Vegeta has access to things
that Goku doesn’t now and Goku has access to things that but she doesn’t
have now so they kind of you know they complement each other and it kind of I
mean not kind of it actually hundred percent you know gets rid of them
needing to diffuse not ever again but you know they don’t need to resort to
what most people would assume as a cop-out because we I mean we did get a
burly arc in the anime we didn’t really get it well the movie but we didn’t get
in the manga we just saw a couple panels talking about really but that’s about it
we didn’t actually see Gogeta in action and we haven’t seen vegeto for quite
some time either so you’re kind of getting that level of power split
between two two different fighters who would ultimately fuse up into one being
anyway that does that both possess that level of power anyway so I think I think
it’s good I think it’s fine I just don’t think that Goku will go you I oh man out
the gate and even if he does you can pretty much gaze the pacing for the
chapter or for the closing of this arc because if he goes into the fight with
almond right away yeah it’s gonna be pretty much too fast and I would imagine
to me honestly I really don’t want this to end I would prefer this chapter to go
on for probably maybe not or eight more chapters before this all
comes to a close it probably will end right around the summer time if anything
but do you think that ultra instinct would be essentially wasted if they had
it be introduced in this arc and then for Goku just to fail again I mean what
would that really mean for ultra instinct going forward knowing the fact
that it’s a power that is very very very very useful but Goku just simply can’t
do anything with it he didn’t be cheering with it right he didn’t throw
him out and if he ends up losing to Morel do you think that essentially the
forum itself where the power would seem weak in comparison to what someone like
Vegeta could do or other people that just have basic abilities and power in
comparison to ultra instinct because to me I think that a lot of people based on
what I’ve seen in my manga reviews and for my discussions a lot of people
genuinely want to see Vegeta be the one to defeat moral and not there’s anything
wrong with that I feel like that would be a really really great ending but what
would that mean for ultra instinct let’s say for example if Vegeta ended up
taking the victory over Morro it’s hard to actually call it being wasted you
know only because he got it again hey so now it’s he kind of has a grasp can he
can go to you IO Minette with assumingly right that’s fine that’s that’s this
that’s a pretty you know the level of progress right there but if he gets into
Mui again and he’s booking morals ass then he just loses again like he did in
the anime you know where he was about to finish during often you know that
dramatic black and white you know all this other stuff you know then it’s it’s
like oh damn I knew it you know we’re at the edge of our chairs again reading the
chapter and whether we agree with it or not it does give us we do we do react to
it emotional you know whether we’re unhappy or happy with it the point is we
react and we’ve got a reaction and that the chapter got a solid reaction out of
us right even if we knew it even if we called it the point is that we reacted
to it so that’s pretty much what kind of decides whether or not something you’re
reading or watching is worth the investment or worth your time because it
has to get a reaction out of you if it’s not getting a reaction out then it’s not
a good product so um I don’t think there is a way that they could waste it
because if he loses it if he goes into it and then BOOM
loses it it’s not a bad thing because you still have it to you there anyway
right and then if he uses it and then kills more off or whatever with it and
then it’s it’s still a good thing in the sense where it’s like whoa okay so now
he has it and he really used it to finish the job
boom Mui looks good right but he still can’t stay in here for long or something
like that I don’t know you know and then maybe Vegeta has a better understanding
not because he kind of you know if he was able to figure out that Goku man
mastered Super Saiyan blue when they were one being as Vegeta vs. murder
master that’s been very different he could pretty much I would assume now
based on his level of training now that he would be able to assess things a lot
better so again it kind of brings these two people together these two characters
that we like a lot it brings them together and there’s a there’s a bigger
emphasis on how much they need each other to actually you know achieve their
goals which is to become the strongest so yeah I am honestly very excited to
see what’s going to happen I think that a lot of people ever since the beginning
of this arc all the way up until now have been wondering about beerus right
because i’ve seen a lot of that in the comments section where’s beerus what his
beer is doing and beerus is fishing he’s fishing on his planet he really doesn’t
care so if you’re expecting to see beerus step in I really really doubt
we’re ever going to see that at least for this arc because if there was a time
for beers to be involved I think that would be the perfect time for him to
step in against such a person like morale but we’re not gonna be getting
that as for Broly role he’s doing his own thing on Planet vampa I don’t think
that we’re going to see anything from broli in this chapter so I think that
more or less or at least in this arc I think that more or less it’s just going
to be centered around Vegeta’s new power and Goku’s ultra
instinct and it really comes down to them actually getting the job done
because it this could go either away this could go in a way to where Goku
wins Vegeta wins Morel ends up winning but then something else happens the last
thing I want to see honestly is for this chapter to be rushed so I think that
all-in-all ultra instinct would have the capabilities to defeat more but I don’t
think that Goku is going to last long in that form because at some given point I
genuinely feel as if Goku is really going
to have morale right where he wants him and in some way shape or form
something’s going to happen to really throw Goku off his game but just in case
you guys don’t know Emma she’s going to be covering lots of Dragon Ball super
content as well as dokkan and many other things on his channel so do you have
anything to say before we close off this video all right so thanks for having me
I’m really do appreciate I used to go on this channel a lot so for those guys who
do know Emma’s life I used to covered rainbow a lots nowadays I cover mostly
dealt constant fresh Channel so it’s just a mess you guys can follow me there
a lot of analytical breakdowns the same way you used to do in the same style
same branch the same fashion that I used to covered rambles super mangas and
theories then the anime and stuff like that I’m bringing that same kind of vibe
into dokkan so we cover teams different team bills what unit is better than the
other I’m not too much of a fan of doing summonings but I will be you know doing
some 45 anniversary that we closing in shortly so depending when this video
goes up of course so if you guys are here and so that kind of stuff
definitely check me out links will be in the video description as well as the
comments section as well thank you for the support and thank you once again
Alex for having me I’m looking forward to doing a lot more conversations like
because because we used to do this stuff all the time so it does definitely bring
back some good memories definitely something to check out guys again I want
to thank you all so much for watching if of course you guys are new to the
channel and are huge fans of Dragon Ball and cannot wait to see more from the
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you all so much for your time thank you all so much for watching once again and
I’ll be seeing you all down the comments section below take it easy guys
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    Buu, will play the factor in my opinion. Moro is not a raw strength opponent. He is a fierce opponent due to his magic, buu also has magic. Buu was suppose to make his debut during the T.O.P however he fell asleep. I dont think moro can be killed wit raw strength i think they will need magic to defeat him

  38. Kronnus says:

    Listen guys, i know a lot of you want to see Goku beating Moro, but Vegeta beating moro in my opinion is the best ending for this arc. It would teach a lesson for Merus, that sometimes you need to let humans solve their own problems. Vegeta training with the yardrats and without the help of any angel or gods defeating Moro would be what makes Merus realizes that as an angel he should Always remain neutral and let humans solve their problems.

  39. Rahkeen Clark says:

    I hope vageta gets to save the day this time

  40. Maty Davus says:

    I hope Goku and Vegeta put up an awesome fight for afew chapters then whis shows up with Beerus to save the earth (for the food) and we finally get to see Beerus flex and destroy a big bad guy, relegitamizing Beerus as a serious fighter like the supreme powerhouse god of destruction he is

  41. DaJeanius says:

    We know that they win, we just wanna know how.

  42. Anonymous Wolf says:

    I think Gohan + buu + vageta going to finish this chapter ( coz the entire story arc have the feel of Z )

  43. vaibhav says:

    Music for ultra instinct vegita should be diffrent
    Ultra instinct is a technique and not a kai so Moro can not absorb it

  44. Angel Colon says:

    Honestly it's about time Vegeta had the lime light. Hes gotten an incredible power up. I think Goku has like at least another arc to go through before ultra instinct is mastered. I think watching Vegeta kinda surpass him this arc and defeat the baddie instead of him would motivate him to achieve his mastery over it. It's a godly technique so I feel that it should not be mastered in a fashionable timing. He should have to struggle for it and mentally prepare himself. I also think that goku, Vegeta, and broly will all go down different paths power wise. Gokus got ultra instinct. Vegeta's has yet to be revealed and broly I think will end up with a more primal kinda of power up or transformation.

  45. DarkDeityBrandon says:

    Man UI was just used to defeat Jiren in the arc before this one, I don't want it to to be spammed like with SSJB.

  46. Detroit_ legend_313 says:

    Come on man give Vegeta this💯 he has so much character development from back then to know it would really be amazing to see Vegeta beat a insanely more powerful enemy other then toppo in his G.o.d form

  47. Zairemmawia Khiangte says:

    Duude what happen to your voice from the beginning😁

  48. Rob from downtown says:

    What if goku and vegeta show up and get slapped by morro but then goku hits ultra instinct and he fights mirror for a while but goku's ui wears off but vegeta's spirit training allows him to tell goku how to tap back into it?

  49. 9TailYugen says:

    I feel like if goku uses ultra instinct, they should have moro take his god ki, forcing goku to find new transformation. Leaving vegeta to defeat moro

  50. Alicia says:

    What if zennie comes then he will eras him

  51. Dark Matter says:

    I don't think using Ultra Instinct is the technique to beat Moro. Unless they pull off some perk for Ultra Instinct were it has perfect Ki control and no Ki is wasted in the air for Moro to suck, Moro will just suck up the form.

    I think they'll probably figure out some way to disable Moro's sucking ability before approaching him.

  52. David Sama says:

    We need to see Vegeta give Moro the Jiece, Pui Pui Ginyu treatment while simultaneously Goku instant transmission Kamehameha Moro from the side tearing him apart.

  53. Anubis VEVO says:

    Is it possible that goku could maybe become a god of destruction because he cant master ultra instinct

  54. DJ SAVAGE says:

    I don't think Goku should get ui what can top that would kind of dead the power ups they should keep it as a last resort I would like to see the dark side of ui

  55. Fluffylives says:

    androids win it

  56. برولي Sama says:

    Fuck goku because why only one go to mui is goku

  57. kittmaker1 says:

    Fu…sion… HA!

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    How did you manage to get the voice actor for gohan? That's pretty dope man

  59. Quincy Bowser says:

    Lets not forget the burnout effect from using UI

  60. Wesley Heath says:

    vegeta will beat 7-3 and goku will beat moro

  61. Deandrew Powell says:

    I really really think dbz need to make a character that will push Vegeta to his breaking point. Like someone so strong that it break Vegeta ssj and make him go into bazerk mode . Because we never get a chance at seeing Vegeta in rage mode or a super emotional BATTLE . I feel that since Vegeta is know for skipping transformations maybe just maybe if ssj4 get into super Vegeta should get the new form before goku or he can have his own ssj3 form and create super Saiyan blue 3 . Like how someone kills bra an trunks in front of him and that how he gets the new form.

    Vegeta is one of those character that probably need a movie to show there true power

  62. Two Download says:

    With Vegeta mastering spirit control, can’t rule out the possibility of him achieving UI.

  63. jeff bogroff says:

    Do we have any ideas for what Moros final wish was? I feel like that will play a big part in outcome of the final battle.

  64. Ben Shumaker says:

    @UnrealEntGaming have you heard from Super Saiyan Paul lately?

  65. Unique King7 says:

    Don’t forget beerus cause we barely seen his real power if he was truly concerned to a threat against him he would handle it plus he trained with whis for so long do you really think he would just give up his position so bad he was impressed with jiren power but he wasn’t threatened by it only cause goku handled it plus in manga he uses the first part of ultra instinct as if nothing against the other gods of destruction until goku can officially pass beerus as pretty sure whis would confirm then he can be stronger than jiren to Broly to Moro he still ain’t passing beerus. We talking about the guy who still training even if he masters ultra instinct we still ain’t seen beerus full power I mean beerus said it himself he dreamed a warrior that he could fight all out one that can enetertain him forever so maybe he just waiting for an actual good challenge I mean come on when beerus and champa squared off during a baseball game couldn’t no one handle there power. If beerus is able to master ultra instinct or already does to a point he only need to go first ultra instinct instead of mastered he was only shocked a mortal could actually obtain and demonstrate to be able to handle ultra instinct learning it like he said “what an unbelievable guy” that doesn’t sound threatened to me that just sounds impressed. If beerus actually considered Moro a threat he would do something about it plus his job is done for him and goku and vegeta just end up saving the day anyway. When it’s time for him he will be there especially if it threatens his position or even the elder Kia

  66. Maggiee says:

    Dbs is all about goku. So yeah ofcourse goku gets back mastered mui and beats moro..

  67. Maggiee says:

    The fan mangas are doing a way better job in my opinion

  68. Anime Trap says:

    i hope vegeta kill moro and then goku show up later

  69. Steadyawake says:

    Vegeta would just heal Goku fool…his new skills you forget to mention nerdz

  70. Saaram Manzoor says:

    R.I.P Kobe
    We lost a Legend 🙁

  71. Storm The Stick Animator says:

    This video: Exists
    Vegeta's_Training.exe has been deleted

  72. David Yasko says:

    Zeno button

  73. Soul Less says:

    Hey bro wat is your intro song name bro

  74. Aubrey says:

    I hardly feel like discussing Vegeta and Goku. My whole mood is just morose. RIP Kobe, the man and the legend. 👑

    I don't want an obligation to the needs of others or the burden of their fulfillment. I'm not making a product to sell. I'm not volunteering to be anything to you and am not obligated in any way to your fulfillment or satisfaction. I want a raw process that is uninhibited and passionate and to satisfy myself and my emotional needs with my talents. I enjoy the process of making things and the emotion that gets processed. I always make stuff for my satisfaction and emotional fulfillment.

    I'm not so sure making material specifically to get a reaction is an expression of passion. That's more about attention seeking or being clickbaity. Making something marketable means losing everything about it that feels like raw passion. It's stifling your feelings of their natural expression because it isn't as acceptable. I would rather go through a raw and full emotional experience without stifling myself or caring about what the process seems like to total strangers. My purpose for expressing myself is to sort through my feelings and I feel like telling yourself otherwise is you wanting to give yourself a sense of importance to a process that has nothing to do with you. You do not dictate my growth or development. You are not the expert of the woman I choose to be. You are not the originator of the standard I strive to be. I'm always prepared to castrate a guy for pressuring me. I'm not going to behave any differently just because you have needs and expectations. I simply accept I'm not what you need. I don't want to be depended on and I don't want the demand or strain.

  75. Anuj Panghal says:

    You suck

  76. Ronaldo Olivier says:

    Where do u go to watch dragon ball super comics

  77. Viker says:

    if vegeta doesnt get the kill or at least play an importal role, im done with the manga

  78. Sarang Dubey says:

    I still don't understand how UI can resist against ki consumption power. It makes sense that if you have your spirit in control then you can resist your ki to get outside of your body

  79. Zachary Josol says:

    Watch it be moro vs beerus

  80. War-King WR says:

    Vegeta needs to win this one and goku to try but fail in the process. Instead of vegeta eating shite on sidelines just for goku to come up with a miraculous plan to end moro with plot armor..

  81. Rhys Richmond says:

    By far my favourite dragonball youtuber you never disappoint keep it up brother

  82. Cronus says:

    So after this no more manga?

  83. MoMo Playz says:

    Moro:I have unlimited power
    Ultra Instinct Goku:Imma end this mans career

  84. joske662 says:

    Fuck Goku, give the final fight to Vegeta.

  85. Dante war says:

    Again? The script has become a routine. Struggle against the Villain, some dramatic moments and Goku transforms for the thousand time and beats the villain.

  86. Chris Powell says:

    Could Goku and Vegeta merge and use the combined techniques of chi control and Ultra Instinct? So greatly reducing chi/power when Moro tries to steal it and the max offense when he's not. Or with Vegeta's new control could he slip Moro a poison pill kind of thing when Moro tries to steal energy from him?

  87. Sahibzada Muhib says:

    As a goku fan
    I feel like vegeta should be the one to kill moro, I mean I cmon its a little unfair
    Towards the saiyan prince don't you think?

  88. Emmanuel Nyoni says:

    Android 17 is going to be the mvp again I want frieza to get involved as well imagine the frieza force vs moros goons

  89. Jiquelle Kinnard says:

    This is off topic but I had a theory about ss4 how that transformation should be edit on how to obtain it. The reason why i bring this up is because ss4 is a transformation which you could only use with a tail, so therefore it should be a ape form not a super saiyan transformation but in your human base form. I bring this up because this could be a way for the saiyans to obtain power from ape form and then transform into a super saiyan which would be the red fur. I would love for ss4 to be brought back but using it in a different way for the saiyans, so if Goku and Vegeta could grow they're tails back that could be another power to use doing a fight. "Just a theory"

  90. NovaPrime Productions says:

    Every ability Vegeta learns at Yardrat will be useless except instant transmission. Multi form has been useless since dragon ball. Vegeta would never use his energy to heal someone. Growing big has been shown to be useless everytime it's ever used.

  91. TheDeltaserpent says:

    Vegeta's training needs to equal ss4. Clone tail, instant transmission to see full moon, control ki and size transformation boom ss4. Hope Gohan gets Mystic/Ultimate 2.

  92. Billy says:

    Moro will absorb Goku ultra instinct power to fight vegeta.

  93. Quentin Bradford says:

    Honestly I hope we don’t see UI for at least 2 more arcs and when we do see it I want someone else to use it. I want Goku to learn new techniques in terms of fighting moves. New transformation can get repetitive after a whiles. When it come to Morro, I think he will need to sealed away again or transported to a dead planet with no life to be able to over power him or filled with so much energy that he is destroyed by the sheer magnitude of it.

  94. ZaStando27 says:

    R.I.P. The OG Kobe, The Stan Lee of Basketball and His Daughter GiGi they still had so much to do and so much determination to do so.

  95. The Chad says:

    I thought the gods of destruction and the kais look after the universe, shouldnt beerus destroy moro for causing loss in the universe? moro eating planets lowers the "universe level" and zeno considers this when contemplating keeping the universe around or not (we learned this in the tournament of power), and if moro is out there lowering the universe level it would be in the best interest for beerus and the kais to stop moro by any means necessary right?

  96. NickuSama says:

    Deadass I think it would be so lame if Goku masters UI. It is the power of the angels that Gods of Destruction can't even master. It should be something always out of reach until the very end.

    My prediction is both Goku and Vegeta are going to come close but ultimately fail against Moro, then Merus is going to intervene and help defeat Moro, sacrificing himself to Angel Law.

  97. sarvang Patel says:

    I still thinks that beerus is more powerful then that UI Goku …
    He just have a respect about ui goku that's it

  98. Roldan P. Patlingrao says:

    I think they still can't defeat Moro… The real fight would come when Beerus is alarmed by the rampage of Moro 🤣

  99. Jarosław Masłowski says:

    Vegeta will learn to heal on yardrat,to become in-battle-druid.He will be moved from 2nd main character to be 3th and his place will be taken by Broly.

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