Two New Dogs For Christmas!

Two New Dogs For Christmas!

– [Ollie] Ew. (laughing) – [Bryan] What is going on? – Ew. (mumbles) ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and you’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning guys this
is a beautiful winter day. (laughing) We have had, oh hi Finn. We have had such a weird winter. Normally we get at least a couple months where we have to wear like sweaters, you know, like it’s
gonna be a little chilly. But it’s literally warm
today, it’s like 80 degrees. It’s just been a weird, weird winter. And I know it has something to do with like, I think it was a really rainy summer and it was gonna affect the winter. Plus, obviously climate change probably has to do with it (mumbles). Gonna check for some eggs. How are my chickens doing? Need a refill on some food. – [Finn] Hi. – [Missy] Hi Finn, hi Ollie. – [Finn] Hi chicken. (mumbles) – Cookie. – Cookie, this car, full of
a bunch of cookie monsters. And a cookie momster.
– Yeah. – We just got done with
lunch, we took the boys out to lunch ’cause we had
some grocery shopping to do. And it’s never good to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Both the boys did so good eating all their lunch, they each
got a cookie, didn’t they. – [Boys] Yeah. – [Bryan] What kind of cookie is it? – M&M. – M&M.
(mumbles) (laughing) Say that again Finn? (mumbles) (laughs) M&M. And of course they’re that age where you have to get
them both the same cookie. So you have to have them both
agree on the same cookie. Before you go and purchase said cookie. I also got an extra cookie. Because it actually looked really good and I may eat it later. Hey, Ollie. – [Ollie] What? – [Bryan] Who is on this bag of salad? – Kylo Ren. – [Bryan] That’s right Kylo Ren. – Yeah. – [Bryan] Oh no. – There’s also the red guys. – [Bryan] Oh yeah, that’s true. We got R2, and Kylo Ren
that’s pretty cool huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What, what do you see? What do you see, oh up here too. – [Boys] Yeah. – [Ollie] Ew. (laughing) – [Bryan] What is going on? – Ew. (mumbles) – [Bryan] Did we find
Mickey Mouse waffles? – Yeah. – Nice, we are getting so
much shopping done aren’t we. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So we actually dropped Missy off to get her nails filled, so
she’s kinda getting pampered. While we fill up a giant cart. Because I am so excited, because, we now have a stand alone freezer and a stand alone fridge in our garage. So we can actually store food. We’ve been rushing to the grocery store like every three days, especially when it’s the holidays like this. Because our fridge just doesn’t hold everything, enough for our family. We have a pretty big family
when everyone comes over huh. – [Ollie] Yes. – [Finn] Dada. – [Bryan] What? (mumbles) Oh, you wanna get the Star Wars one? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Do you see it, all
the different kinds they have? Isn’t that cool? – Yeah. – All right, I did it you guys, two boys, two carts
and a ton of groceries. What, yes I know, you’re my little trouble maker today aren’t you? (laughing) Got the car all packed, now headed to pick up Missy from
her nail appointment. Today so far has been one
of those boring adult days. We went shopping and we got our new freezer and fridge all set up. So this is the garage freezer,
look at all these goodies. And then we also have an extra freezer out here for drinks and
snacks and easy things. But I am so finally thrilled to have a freezer and a fridge in our garage. Because we always have
a ton of people over. We always have a ton of food, now we have a really nice place to put it
so, yay that turned out good. – We are home from shopping and I actually was able to get my nails done. I had to fix a couple broken ones. But I’m hoping that these ones will last a little bit longer. But anyways, Bryan did a ton of shopping and we have been just like
struggling with our pantry. As you guys can see we have a very, I wouldn’t say it’s a
small pantry, whatsoever. But it’s very hard to like
find ways to manage it. And find ways to make room in here. We’re always like moving
it and changing it and trying, I think in
the end we’re gonna need a separate spot to put food so that we can kind of have like a back storage. So we don’t have to go to
the grocery store so much. I was finally able to organize this, just a little bit, hoping
that this will help. This was kind of like a
crazy mess down here of junk. And now I’m trying so hard
to manage it a little bit. I was able to throw away a lot of old food and just kind of get rid of stuff that we haven’t used in a long time. So that’s exciting,
this was a big project. And I feel like, it’s looking good. I still definitely want to get some way to organize it probably
should look on Pintrest. Get like boxes and have like, that’s where like the snacks are. Like here’s a bin with this,
or this and that and whatever. So hopefully I can do that soon ’cause it is still, I mean it’s
great now, but as you start adding stuff to it, it
doesn’t really fit then. And then it just starts piling up and overflowing and going crazy. And look at these gorgeous
pups they’re so clean. Luna was starting to look brown. Her, all her white fur was just brown. And so she is pure white, all clean. And Karma’s all shaved,
and I swear I was like taking him to the vet
’cause I was like I think he’s getting fat I’m so worried. He actually, now that we shaved him, he looks really muscular. So I think I was confusing his fur as fat. And then just him being
muscular as fat too. But he’s actually, looks
really really good. So I don’t think he has a weight issue. Maybe a tiny, tiny little bit. But, you probably could
lose a couple pounds, but not much, you’re a good pup. Yeah, so they look good. And if you don’t know,
years and years ago, me and Bryan were like so over all the hair that we shaved Karma. Not knowing that by doing so all his fur would never come back. So it’s a super bummer, he just, when we shave him he
has to look like this. And we will never shave Luna,
so she’ll have her soft fur. ‘Cause he, used to look like her. And we’re like, we’re
not doing that again. But since we shaved him, we can’t like stop shaving him or it
just looks ridiculous. All right you guys are good,
I don’t want you outside yet, ’cause I don’t want
you to get dirty, ‘kay. What do you wanna say? – Look at my tail. – [Missy] Oh my goodness,
look at this guy’s tail. You’ve got a tail,
Luna’s pulling your tail. Luna’s pulling your tail. – [Ollie] Hey, my tail. – [Missy] Oh my goodness. Run around the house with his tail and there’s a snake head at the end. (yelling) – [Ollie] Finn. (laughing) (soft music) – We have two new puppies
and they’re so cute. I like Luna’s little
trim, she’s now white. And Karma looks so good too. Puppies look so good huh? Oh, are you a kitty cat, we
have a new kitty cat too? Yeah, it’s always like we get two new doggies after they’re
all cleaned up, what? Are you supposed to be eating
your dinner you silly kitty? (laughing) What, so funny that used to be Ollie’s game and now Finn is,
just turns into a cat. All right boys, go eat dinner. Go, go, go, go, go. Hi Luna girl, you’re so cute. (upbeat music) All right, it’s story
time in the boy’s room. What are we reading tonight? – We’re reading five silly monkeys. I think my mom got this book. And it comes with a glove, so we’re gonna read it with this okay. – [Ollie] Yeah. – I guess I should sing it
’cause it’s kind of a song. – [Bryan] Yeah. – Five silly monkeys, jumping on the bed. – Yeah. – One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed. Four silly monkeys eating on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said, no more monkeys eating on the bed. (laughing) – [Bryan] ‘Kay, no eating or jumping, this sounds like a rule book. – I know, three silly monkeys. (soft music) – [Bryan] All right you silly
monkeys it’s time for bed. – You know the rules,
no jumping, no spinning, no eating, no swinging, no. – [Bryan] None of that, ‘kay? – Sliding, ‘kay get into
bed, not through the window. No, no, no, you know the rules. – [Bryan] Gotta go through the door dude. – All right we’re all cuddled
into our comfy cozy bed. You guys have been so good
sleeping in here, huh? – [Ollie] Yeah. – Yeah, you’ve been getting up a little early but that’s okay. We’re working on it huh? Oh, look at that, I think that means he’s tired, are you tired? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That means he’s sleepy. – Oh, are you sleepy? – No. – Oh really, you look a little sleepy. All right, we’re gonna do a few more books and then we are off to bed,
we got a lantern up here. You see the light, yeah, that’s our light so we can read our books. So, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. We had a fun laid back day. Went shopping and did a bunch of stuff. Ooh, look at that yawn, did
you do a thumbs up Ollie? (laughing) He’s to busy for thumbs up. And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. What do you say, bye. – [Ollie] Bop. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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