– Ole Stinkin’ Mary ! It’s gonna get mad, it’s gonna get out! – [Brian] You helped once, one time. – Once? I was over there at least five times. – So this is the first time
Ben and Jerry have been out. (upbeat music) Hey good morning everybody,
welcome to the vlog. What in the world is going on? I guess Winter is hitting. I hope the start of
your day is incredible. This is actually pretty awesome. I’m pretty happy right now. What do you say we head over shop and just have an amazing wintery day? But I always say at bhb in the Reptarium it’s always summer time. It’s always 80 or 82 degrees
and nice and humid in here. I absolutely love the warm
weather and Ben and Jerry are settling in really nicely. They seem to be doing
absolutely incredible and tonight is their big
reveal here at the Reptarium, we are open up and for the very first time people can come and actually see these two little monkeys right here. I am so excited to share this. Now, I’m not going to be
pulling them out a ton this weekend obviously because
I want them to settle in. I don’t want them to over stress, but, you know, they will
definitely be here for you guys to take a look at. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible. And by the way, speaking of incredible. Do you know that this is
the eight hundredth vlog? That’s right. Today, eight hundred. That’s absolutely crazy. And speaking of incredible, take a look at these
snakes I just picked up. Oh my gosh. These are little Bamboo Ratts, but these are what they would call a Porphyraceus Laticinctus. There’s 3 subspecies that I picked up. This one is absolutely ridiculous. Then there’s the Porphyraceous Pulchra which is banded just
like that laticinctus, but doesn’t have those kind
of orange yellow bands in ’em. And these bamboo rats
do really, really well. They need it a little bill cooler and a little bit higher humidity. But, Oh my gosh they are
such cool little animals and once they are gone, they are just little monsters for sure. I cannot wait to raise these up. And then lastly, this is actually a Porphyraceus Coxi. Look at those racing stripes right there. Oh my gosh. And again these are typically all kind of generically called Bamboo Rats or Asian Bamboo Rats. But wow, what incredible snakes. Again this has been something I’ve wanted to work with for a long, long time. So, I’m super excited to
finally have gotten them. By the way, I’m going to give you guys a little bit of a sneak peak about what you’re going to see tomorrow. We’re unveiling the
gators for the gator tank. But, this is a cute
little monkey right here. But, that’s not all
that I’ve got coming in. Savannah’s coming from Gatorland. We’re going to have an absolutely
amazing event tomorrow. Not only showing people
off our new gators, which are going to be a little surprise to some of you guys. But also spending the evening
doing a kind of special event after the Reptarium is open. Look at how cute these little dudes are. But, trust me there’s
more than just this one. I’ve been feeding the
Black Retic up a bunch. Can you guys see the
iridescence in this thing? Oh my God. It is looking so good. The more chunky it’s
getting, the more iridescent. I think next week we’re
probably going to put it over at the Reptarium. So, again if you guys come out and visit you’ll be able to see
this beautiful snake. Oh my God. I cannot wait until this thing is like 8 or 10 feet long. It is gonna be so incredible. We have a couple hours until
the Reptarium opens up. And it is going to be Yeti’s first night here at the Reptarium. Yeti, of course is a Blizzard Corn that we got this week donated to us. And I am absolutely overjoyed
with how awesome it is. What a cool, beautiful snake
and a great disposition. So, people are gonna get a
chance to meet this one tonight. But of course the one everybody wants to meet is gonna be Ben and Jerry. It is going to be such an exciting thing showing that off for the very first time. Eric, you’re actually working
the Reptarium tomorrow, right? – Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow. – Okay, so you can definitely come and hang out with Eric at least you know once a weekend or so you
guys are gonna be around. But, I think one of the
things that was interesting is that Eric, actually
brought up an animal that he wanted us to get for the Reptarium – Yes and that didn’t go over
really well with Lori. That was what? A Bush Viper? – It was a Bush Viper. – [Brian] A Bush Viper? – The guys still got
one. You know what I was – [Brian] You got one?
– No, no, no, no, no I wish I Mary, you know Ole Stinkin’ Mary? It’s gonna get mad it’s gonna get out. I was thinking me and you,
we’ll throw down halfsies on a storage unit and we’ll keep all our venomous snakes in there. – (laughing) we’re not keeping, we’re not keeping a venomous collection in a storage Oh yeah secretly that’s the – That’s the key word. Me and you man. We could throw it on a fat one
for a hundred bucks a month. Fifty a piece. – (laughing) His ideas
are worse than mine. – I’ve got some good ones up here. – You’ve got some good ones,
okay I’ll think about this – Get back to me on it.
– I’ll get back to you, okay Do you guys believe it, how big Cheetoh is getting already? We’ve only had him for a couple of weeks I swear to God. He’s already grown like fifty percent. What a cool animal. And again, I know people
are gonna love him tonight when the Reptarium opens. He’s
always one of those animals that everyone wants to see because he is just such
a cool, beautiful animal. But also a great disposition. Do you guys remember David Hisselhoff? This was that little
Albino Burmese Python. Which will eventually
be Sunrise’s boyfriend. This thing got huge. I mean literally like 2 months
ago it was eating big mice. Look at this thing now. It’s growing like a weed. I find myself saying this
is my favorit exhibit, just like I used to always say
this is my favorite animal. It’s kind of like the same thing, but every time I walk by this animal I’m just absolutely in awe. Of course this is an Albino
Darwin’s Carpet Python. I mean look at how
gorgeous that snake looks. And a lot of times it’s
hanging out right there up on the rock. And I’ve
mentioned this in the past that I love the fact that you know this is kind of what you would see out in the wild. When I was up in Darwin Australia I actually caught some
Carpet Pythons and they were on a similar type of thing. Of course there were some
trees and stuff like that but they love to climb like this and look at his head down like this, that’s a little bit of
a hunting posture there. If I threw something down here, he’s gonna come out and get it but what a gorgeous snake. One of the dream morphs when
it came to Ball Pythons for me is always the Lavender
Piebold Ball Pythons or what they call dreamscicles. And to think that I now
have a couple big females one that’s ready to breed and one that’s not too far behind it is pretty awesome. Years ago Ralph Davis
produced the first one and like I said and
termed it a dreamscicle which is just 2 recessive
mutations lavender and piebold. But together they make
an unbelievable animal. And I’m excited to finally have
them after all these years. I still love Ball Pythons guys
even though I don’t show them as much as I used to show them. I’m still loving them. We’re growing kind of
new groups of new things that are really exciting. So, we should have a
really good breeding season this year coming up. Everything seems to be
in good shape over here at BHB. So what do you say we
head over to the Reptarium and get ready to open up
for a fun filled night of people coming in. Hopefully, enjoying the animals
and meeting Ben and Jerry. So this is the first time
Ben and Jerry have been out. What do you think? You guys
are all the way from Chicago – (nodding) mmhmm – {Brian] seeing Ben and Jerry – You guys are from Cleveland is It? – Northeast Ohio – [Brian] Northeast Ohio? And Panama is in the house over here. Oh my gosh. What do you guys think? – It’s the best thing ever – (laughter) That’s awesome. Yeah it’s nice to be able to share. Of course we’ve got Brennan
here. What do you think man? – Dude it’s awesome. – [Brian}Isn’t It Crazy? – I mean just going from cookies and cream to holding, to be honest this is awesome. – (music playing) – Kind of winding the night
down at the Reptarium. People really loved Ben and Jerry. Had a really good night. Lori played hooky tonight. Didn’t work tonight at
all at the Reptarium. You left it all to me. – Okay, number one that’s not true because I got called
over there several times. – That’s not true. No one called you over. – Oh my God. You would not stop calling me while I was over here
trying to work on getting more Leopard Geckos on the site. Which is a necessity. – She’s making things up again – You know what? Alright. – Okay, you helped once, one time. – Once? I was over there at
least five times, at least. – That’s because you missed
me, because you missed me. So Lori is getting more
Leopard Geckos on the site, which is good because
we need them on the site Oh I didn’t mention this. I should probably mention this. What is this like our seventh or something seventh annual Black
Friday sale coming up. – More than that but yeah. – Eight, nine, ninth annual
whatever it is nine ten I don’t even know Anyway Black Friday coming
up everything is on sale Every single animal has
at least some discount. Even if it’s ten percent, but there are some animals
that are going to be like fifty percent off. We do it every single year. So make sure you check out definitely follow that. Is there like an email
sign up or something? – Yes. Go on to the website
and it pops right up you can sign up for our email list. – Okay good. So do that. So I’m gonna go over to the Reptarium. Wrap things up over there
and call it a night. And that brings another
night to a conclusion here at the Reptarium. It was a fun night. But tomorrow is the night
I have been waiting for for quite a while. That tank right there has some aligator reveals. I can’t wait to share with
you with what I am getting as well as Savannah from
Gatorland is coming up, my good friend. We are gonna have a blast. She actually hangs out here tomorrow then again we have a special event. Then Savannah and myself are
actually heading to Chicago to go visit a couple of places. It is going to be really cool for a day and then back here and
back to the normalcy. Regardless I hope that
you enjoyed today’s vlog. As always your support
means the world to me. Truly, truly love you guys so much and I wish you an absolutely amazing day. Can you do me a couple of
favors before we get out of here Can you smash that like button turn those post notifications on so you know when I upload a video. Do me a favor make a comment down below so I can read about your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone and I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow. (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music) (jazzy music)

Randy Schultz

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