Twinkles Goes to the Dentist | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

Twinkles Goes to the Dentist | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

My name is Dawn, and I
have my bunny, Twinkles. She is feisty, but she
is absolutely precious. I wouldn’t change
anything about her. I don’t know how long she
was sick, because she never let me know that
until all of a sudden she stopped eating,
which was yesterday. And I brought her in today. What’s bothering you, dear? I love bunnies. They’re so much
more than, I think, the average person
thinks they are. They’re incredibly intelligent. They’re playful. They’re affectionate. Like, most people don’t know
that bunnies give kisses. My vet tech got me a bumper
sticker for my birthday. It says, I like big
bunnies, I cannot lie. Let’s see your teeth, dear. All right. I named her Twinkles because
when she was only this big, she always had her feet
like a little ballerina, like a little twinkle
toes, which is how she kind of got her name. She loves to run around. She loves to do the bunny flop,
where they snap their neck and throw themselves halfway
down and go to sleep. And she is very investigative. I mean, if I’m
cleaning the cage, she’s all around me to make
sure I don’t miss anything. So she’s being
very good today. Twinkles is not normally
anywhere near this calm. She’s extremely energetic,
strong, and usually frightened and doesn’t like to be
held or picked up at all. So just by the fact that I’m
able to hold her on my lap and do a thorough physical exam,
and she’s as calm as she is, to me, is not a good sign. Spurs? Yeah. Not horrible, but enough to
be causing her some trouble. I do see that Twinkles
has some molar spurs. This is a very common
problem for rabbits to have, and it could be the reason
that she’s not eating. I don’t want to set her down. I just want to take
her straight back, put her under and look at and
do her teeth and her anesthesia. Is that OK with you? Yes. My first concern when
a rabbit is not eating is dental disease. That’s one of the most common
reasons for rabbits to not eat. If rabbits don’t eat
enough hay in their diet, it manifests as the teeth
becoming loose in the jaw, and then bacteria
can get down in there and set up camp and form
tooth root abscesses. And it can proceed to some
extremely serious health issues with them, involving extraction
of the molars and extensive dental work. So she had some little spurs on
her lower cheek teeth that were digging into her
tongue and making her quite a bit uncomfortable. So I’ve clipped those off. And now I’m just gently
filing the edges just to make sure they’re
nice and smooth and that she is comfortable. She’s all set. So Twinkles is going
to go back home today. I think that just getting
those little spurs trimmed off her molars will
make her feel a lot better.

Randy Schultz

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18 thoughts on “Twinkles Goes to the Dentist | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

  1. EFFOPOT says:

    nofication lol

  2. Lowe Seno says:

    I always wanted to have a pet bunny.

  3. ضرغام الغراوي says:



    I love u dr. k.

  5. T. Willoughby says:

    '_' '-' '_' '-'

  6. Virashivashi 〰 says:

    who else thought that twinkles was written as twinkies?!?

  7. Alison D says:

    Aw I hope u are doing good now Twinkles I love and cherish u

  8. Janet Griffiths says:

    Lionhead or Angora?

  9. Charlotte Jones says:

    Saw Dr.P do the same thing too,thanks Nat Geo…

  10. X Spocks says:

    You are one of my role models! I’m goin to vet school after I graduate next year and I can’t wait.

  11. Munoz Family says:

    I love watching Dr.K's exotic animal er it really makes me want to be a vet and I ❤ watching that show sooooo much! By the way I am Lanas sister my name is Chloe and we both love watching Dr.K's show❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Jųst Ĕboni says:

    That's why we had to put my daughters Guinea pig down…Tooth spurs back teeth grew thru his tongue I wish we could have saw doctor K because the exotic pet vet that we went to wanted $1000 to fix his teeth and since I did not have that money right away we had to put him down. He was already at the 3rd day not eating rip Guinee BabyButter Ferguson

  13. MISHIT KINGS says:

    The rabbit looks like a Doll, when it was knocked out by the gas.. lol   That's one cute rabbit ..

  14. Anzelle Klopper says:

    Did anyone hear the duck quacking in the background ?

  15. Megan Ries says:

    Bunnies are the best! Especially lionheads, mine is super fiesty too, his name is Inspector Franklin Button

  16. Deedee R says:

    Most people don't know that you can litter train a bunny and housebreak them. Just browse 'free roam bunny' for more information.

  17. Funny Bunny says:

    My rabbit is my world and I love watching this show with her ❤️

  18. KarasowProductions says:

    poor cutie, I*m hoppy the vet could find the problem

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