Twin Telepathy Challenge! ? (FAMILY EDITION!)

Twin Telepathy Challenge! ? (FAMILY EDITION!)

– [Bryan] Alright, do these boys have a twin telepathy challenge? Let’s put them to the test and find out. ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live forever ♪ – Good morning guys and
welcome back to our channel. This video is sponsored by Square Panda. Today, the kids are just waking up and they’re eating some breakfast. And I gotta be honest guys, this momma is exhausted. Ever since the time change, Finn cannot sleep past like 5 AM. (sighs) I am exhausted. Even though when he wakes up, I just try to keep him next to me. Try and encourage him to go back to bed. It’s just not the same sleep. I can’t do it anymore. (laughs) Alright, we are now off to school. These boys are all bundled up because it is a chilly morning. It is in the 50s today, which I know not everywhere
in the world is cold, but you should see outside,
it is foggy and chilly. (Finley fussing) What, are you cold? You trying to cover up those
hands cause you’re cold? You need gloves bud? These are my Cali boys. If it’s below 70, they’re
like mom it’s too cold, we shouldn’t be outside. Anyways, make sure you guys are subscribed to our channel, if you haven’t already. Click that subscribed button cause we love to make fun
videos every single day. Today is no exception,
we are off to school, and then on to much
bigger and better things. So, lets head to school, okay boys? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Okay so we are walking to
school and we are so late. So we actually left on
time but it took us an hour to get here because there was actually an accident on the
freeway and we were stuck in a ton of traffic. Kind of a bummer. I mean I feel bad for the
person who got into an accident. Whoever it was, I hope they’re okay. We’re headed in, we got our lunchboxes. We got our jackets on
cause it is freezing. Alright, kids are off to
school and it is actually starting to warm up outside, look at this. Blue skies! Yay. I’m just gonna kinda get
some work done at this point. Get things all settled
so when the boys get home we can just hang out and have a good day. Look who’s home! – We’re home. – My boys! You guys are excited to be home, huh? Did you have fun at school? – Yeah.
– Yeah. The kids are home and I’m getting ready to start some dinner. I am getting Oliver’s Square
Panda app all set up for him. I’m gonna let him do a
little bit of screen time. But, it’s going to be
positive screen time, with educational elements. I absolutely love this app because it really really
teaches him all his letters, the sounds, how to spell words. He’s being entertained, but
also he’s learning a lot. And it’s really really
building his confidence. Ollie has always struggled with confidence when it comes to learning
any kind of new skill. So, with Square Panda, Oliver can really learn from his mistakes. So, if he gets something wrong, instead of making him feel bad about it or making him feel like he failed, they help him learn how to
find the correct answer. – [Word-Bot] Oops, wrong letter. Find this letter. – I know that.
– Where is that? – That’s easy. – [Word-Bot] C. Good job! – It’s just been really awesome for him to get onto the app and learn something and feel confident about
what he’s learning. So, Oliver is actually
learning how to read right now. Which is so awesome. And, this app makes it so that he can stay on top of that at home
and not just at school. Reading is the foundation
to all the skills he’s gonna have to learn in life. It’s so important to us
to stay on top of it. Not just at school, but also at home, and that’s why we absolutely
love Square Panda. Ollie, are you loving this game? – Yeah! – It’s so much fun huh? I love the fact that I can leave him here to have a little fun screen time. But I can go get some stuff
done, like make dinner. Which I definitely need to do. I also love the fact that there are lots of other Square Panda apps to download. Like Squareland and Lagoon Game and all of them teach
different aspects of reading and have different reading skills. Which is awesome, cause it grows with him, and it stays at his level of reading. Make sure you guys click the
link down in the description to grab your Square Panda today. It’s on Amazon, so grab
it while supplies last. – Momma I just got my
shoes on all by myself. – Wow, look at those shoes! And look at your shirt, it’s a mess. Did you have pudding today? I heard that you’re gong
somewhere with poppa right now? I guess Angie’s throwing
something pretty cool. He is headed down there with poppa. And I am setting up a fun little game cause Ollie has been begging me to do it. And he did a really fun
video with him the other day, and I’ve done it with them too. It’s called the twin telepathy challenge. He’s like momma, I wanna
do it with you too. So, look at me, I’m such a good mom. I set up a Lego wall,
and we are about to do the twin telepathy challenge,
I’m really excited about it. – What is up you guys, I just got back from my haircut,
thumbs up if you like it. But I just walked into a
crazy kitchen you guys. We’ve got a ton of candy and a big ol’ Lego wall here. What is going on? – [Missy] I know, Ollie
what do you want to play? – We’re doing the twin
two-referee challenge. – Wow!
– Nice! That was a good effort bro, give me five. That was really good, he
was practicing that word. We’re doing the twin telepathy
challenge, that’s right. We are gonna put our minds to the test and basically see if there is some sort of neurological connection
in the Daily Bumps family. Is my brain connected to Missy? Is Finn’s brain connected to Ollie? You guys wear the same
clothes all the time, you guys’ brains are probably
a little connected, right? – Yes. – [Bryan] Yeah? Alright, so what do we got
here in front of us Ollie? – We have M&M’s. – [Bryan] All types of yummy M&M’s. – [Missy] We’ve got the peanut kind, the chocolate kind and
the caramel kind okay? – I like this one. – And the way it’s gonna work is Finn, – [Bryan] I like this kind. (laughs) – Finn is going to think of a candy. – [Bryan] You’re gonna
think of a candy okay? – And Ollie is gonna
have to read his mind, to figure out which candy Finn chose. – Alright you guys, before we begin, I have a challenge for you. I want you to let us know
down below in the comments, who do you think is
more connected to Ollie? Is it me and Ollie? Is it Missy and Ollie? Finn and Ollie? Who do you think has the strongest
twin telepathy connection let us know down in the comments below. Today, we are going to find out. We are gonna start with Ollie
and Finn, you ready dude? – You’re ready?
– Yay! – Okay. – [Bryan] Alright, do these boys have a twin telepathy challenge? Let’s put ’em to the test and find out. Round one of the twin telepathy challenge, Finn versus Ollie, do
their brains connect. Finn, choose your candy first,
which one you wanna choose? – This one. – [Bryan] Grab it.
– [Missy] Oh, okay. – [Bryan] Alright Finn chose his. – [Missy] Don’t show him, don’t show him. – [Bryan] Alright, Ollie now
try and think really hard. Close your eyes and try to
imagine which candy he picked up. Pick it up.
– [Missy] Oh, okay. – [Bryan] Is that what you choose? – Yes – [Bryan] Alright now stand up
and look and show each other. (Missy laughing) – [Missy] Awww. (boys groaning) – [Bryan] What happened there Ollie? – I should’ve choose this one. – [Missy] Aww man. – [Bryan] Finn, he could
not read your mind could he? Are these your favorite? – Yeah. – Peanut M&M’s are his favorite. Good try boys. Yes, peanut M&M’s are my favorite, smash that thumbs up button
if they’re your favorite too. – [Missy] Alright, round two. And that means Ollie gets to pick a candy and Finn has to guess what he chose. Ollie, go ahead and pick. – [Bryan] No Finn.
– [Missy] Oh, ah ah! – [Bryan] No looking.
– [Missy] Don’t look. Okay, good job. So Ollie picked. – [Bryan] Now you choose yours. – I will pick this. – [Missy] Oh, let’s show each other. – [Bryan] Grab em, and show each other. – [Missy] Did you get it? – Yeah! – [Bryan] What happened? – We got it! – [Bryan] What? You guys
thought of the same candy? – So did I win? – [Bryan] I don’t know
if that means you win but that means that you guys have
a pretty strong connection. Or at least, Finn has a pretty
strong connection with Ollie. – Yeah he knows what Ollie’s gonna choose. – Thumbs up this video if
you guys would want to have a superpower where you
can read people’s minds. That’s basically what
this challenge is for. It’s kinda like a mind reading challenge. I think it’d be so crazy
if you were a super hero and you actually had
like mind reading powers. Ollie, would you wanna know what everyone’s thinking all the time? – Yes. – [Bryan] Yeah? You wanna
get inside people’s heads? – Yes. – [Bryan] I think Ollie just wants to get inside this M&M box, huh? – Yes. (Bryan laughs) – (together) Round 3! – And this time it is me versus Missy. Mom versus dad. We are gonna see if we can
read each others minds. I like to think that we
are pretty much in love and we should have this down, so. – We’re pretty connected. I think we got this for sure. – Smash that thumbs up button
to wish us luck you guys. Okay, who’s gonna choose first. – You choose, and I’ll guess. (electric zapping) – Okay, let’s see. Do we have telepathy? – Let’s do it. – I’m gonna choose, these ones. Go ahead and choose.
– Okay. Hang on I got disconnected. Okay ready? I’m going with… These ones. – Did she? Did she choose
it? Should we see it? – Ready? (cheering) We did good. – That was not staged at all you guys. – Nuh-uh I swear. – Our brains are connected,
we are clearly in love. What made you want to
chose the caramel babe? – I don’t know I just know
you really like these ones. – Did you feel a strong connection though? – I really did. – I felt some vibes coming
through this Lego brick wall. – I swear I felt like you
were gonna choose this one. (laughing) I don’t know why, I just knew. I can read your mind, I know it. – We did it you guys. See? Haters will say it’s fake. But it’s true love. – Okay, it’s round four. Which means it’s my turn to chose a candy and Bryan’s gotta guess it. Are you ready? – I’m ready. (electric zapping)
Do our brains connect? Let’s decide, let’s see. – I’m gonna go with. (upbeat music) – Did you choose? – I chose. – Okay. I am gonna go with, this one. – Awww!
– Awww! – Bryan. – Fail. – I thought we were connected. – Sorry, sorry babe. – Alright, I think it’s
time for a new candy. (upbeat music) – Hey Ollie.
– What? – I wanna challenge you. Do you think me and you have a really good neural connection? – Yes. – Alright you guys, (electric zapping)
round five begin. Okay Ollie so how about you choose first, and then I will try to
read your mind, okay? – [Missy] Okay, go ahead
and choose your candy. – Choose that one?
– Yes. – Okay, I’m gonna choose, this one. Should we see? Ohhh! You got red and I got green. – [Missy] Aww, man. – We got Christmas colors you guys. (laughing) – Looks like you guys are in
the Christmas spirit, huh? – Alright, round six,
I’ll decide this time. Ollie, you have to try
to read my mind, okay? – Okay. – And, I choose… This one! – [Missy] Okay.
– Ready Ollie? – Yup.
– And reveal. Green? (Ollie sighs) – I thought you were
gonna choose green again. – I thought you were gonna
choose blue, cause its a new one. (Missy laughing) – [Missy] Dang. – I guess were just not connected Ollie. – I think it’s my turn to challenge Ollie. You ready?
– Yes. – You up for it?
– Yes. – Alright, I’m going to do chocolate, cause I love chocolate. We’ve got milk chocolate,
milk chocolate with almonds and a special dark chocolate kind. – [Bryan] Mmm, alright,
lets see if your brains are on the same chocolate wavelength okay? – Okay Ollie, we gotta get
connected first, ready? (electric zapping) I feel like we’re connected,
do you feel like it? – Yes.
– Alright, let’s do it. – [Bryan] How about for round seven, – I think it’s round seven. – [Bryan] Round seven, Missy
you decide your chocolate and Ollie you try to read her mind, okay? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay, so no peeking, okay buddy? – Okay-ay-ay. – Okay Ollie, I’m gonna go with. – [Bryan] Alright Ollie,
can you try to your mind? You trying to see through this Lego wall? – Yes. – [Bryan] You can’t see through that. So which one did mommy choose, you ready? Alright choose. That one?
– Yes. – [Bryan] Alright grab it and stand up. Hold it up. (cheering) You guys did it! – I never win. – What? We picked the right one. We did it. – [Bryan] That’s awesome dude. – You can read my mind? I had no idea. – Alright you guys, last and final round. Round eight. Let’s see if Missy can read Ollie’s mind. So this time, Ollie you’re
gonna choose a chocolate okay? – Okay, okay. – [Bryan] Okay you guys ready? Alright Ollie, choose. That one? – Gotta really get this connection. (electric zapping) Okay, I think I got it. – [Bryan] Alright, let’s see. Reveal. Show each other what you chose. (Missy groaning) – What, why? – Do I win? – [Bryan] (chuckles) Ollie doesn’t know. Ollie, you don’t win in this game. (laugh) – I thought we had a good connection. – [Bryan] Guess not. Honestly I thought that you
would’ve chose the chocolate to the original because that’s your fave. I definitely love the
almonds, but I also love dark. – I also just love the colors. Like this red and this
gold is really pretty. – [Bryan] Oh, so you’re
not doing it necessarily by the type of chocolate,
but by the packaging? – Yeah. – Okay, interesting. Alright you guys that is it for the twin telepathy challenge. I guess Missy and Ollie, your guys’ brains are connected pretty well, huh? – I think our brains are connected, but I’m also pretty sure mine and yours are connected pretty well too. – True, true. – Click that thumbs up button. – That’s right you guys,
smash that thumbs up button. Vote in the eye card poll above. What has been your favorite
candy from this video. Thanks so much for watching. Everyone who said Missy
and Ollie were gonna have the strongest connection, down below in the comments, you guys won. So we’re gonna hang out and
chat with a bunch of you guys. But for right now, we will see you later. Ollie, what do you say? – Bye, boop. (upbeat techno music)

Randy Schultz

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