Twin Snake 3: Twin Eater

Twin Snake 3: Twin Eater

Snake: Okay, where the heck am I this time? Liquid: Hello Brother, I’m your British twin brother. Have you ever heard an American try an English accent? Well, if you haven’t by this point in time, consider yourself lucky. Up until this point in time, of course. You’re hearing one right now. All people that just so happen to originate from England can unsubscribe now. I inexplicably hate your guts and I’m going to torture you for it. Snake: Where did you learn your English accent from, a third grader? Ocelot: Man, you always get to torture people. It’s my turn. Liquid: Oh, you go ahead and do whatever you want. I’m going to go watch A Hard Day’s Night. Ocelot: Alright, welcome to my torture room. Now, the rules here are simple: I pull the trigger, and you scream in pain. Got it? Snake: Yeah, whatever, let’s just — Liquid: Ocelot, everyone knows it was my turn to use the torture chambre. Ocelot: Liquid, we both agreed that it was my turn. Liquid: No, you big dummy, it’s my turn!!! This is my twin brother, and I have the right to beat the living daylights out of him. Ocelot: Do you wanna flippin’ go? I’ll have you know that I’m the — Snake: Look, I honestly don’t care. Can we just get this over with? Ocelot: You know, Liquid really is a big bully, isn’t he? Snack: Tell me about it. I had to deal with his awful accent. Bobcat: Anyway, I’m going to torture you now. Snake: In response to an electric current being forcibly sent throughout my body, I proceed to scream loudly. Liquid: Welcome to my James Bond villain evil lair, brother. Snake: How the heck did I even get here? Liquiiiiid: Let’s talk about our genetic makeup for forty-five min — Diddly darn it, brother, you were always so much better at those skateboarding video games than I ever waaaaaaaaaaas. Sneak: Yeah, whatever. Can I have my Infinite Ammo™ now? Oh, nevermind. Light08: Here, you can have my Stealth Camo.™ Snaaaake: Holy mother of male reproductive glands, it’s about time.

Randy Schultz

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2 thoughts on “Twin Snake 3: Twin Eater

  1. Daniel Johansson says:

    waht if liquid was survive and appear in 2? the 3 one would not be conclusion if true. and snakes second twin brother pliskin arrived and tryed to kill sanke and fucking gay ass raiden

  2. Guitar Smash says:

    Project 8 is when the Metal Gear series started to go downhill.

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