Turtle Conservation Costa Rica | Positive Footprints | World Nomads

Turtle Conservation Costa Rica | Positive Footprints | World Nomads

Turtles are very touch doesn’t matter if
you’re a man, a woman or child we all get excited to see a turtle.
It’s an animal what is not aggressive is a lovely it’s a pretty animal it’s an animal what mystic you know.
Yeah they might seem a little clumsy and they may seem slow that they’re so
well designed it’s perfect we are in Costa Rica Central America
this is in the north eastern coast in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica I was
born right here in total death in this a island in this community it was a really
isolated place that we had us to live off what we had and so people used to do
fishing in they used to go and hunt in the jungle they used to go on strike
Tortugas you know to harvest the meat and the shell the first part Rangers had
to deal with the locals because they have been hunting and eating Turtles and
turtle eggs for many generations for centuries in fact all the species of sea
turtles in the world they are threatened at some level in Latin America no
specific sea turtles are hunted if their babies won’t hatch we want to get
another generation so we need as many hatchlings as we can in the water so we
can guarantee that the population will increase it’s an app track from a premie turtle
so she must be up in the vegetation laying her eggs were studying process this is an adult green turtle female and
she’s laying now and this species can lay in average 110 eggs in each clutch and they can lay up to six times in one season so we expect to get a good 110, 120 eggs from this, from this female well we’re really happy that we learn
about conservation with the SCC with the founder mr. rajshekhar came here and
teacher us about conservation and we’re really happy that we change our
mentality you know. The STC is the longest ongoing research organization
with sea turtles in the world we’ve been working here since 1959 as a
conservation organization what we do is basically evaluate the population status
we want to see if the populations are increasing decreasing and how they’re
hatching success is in the beach and how good a place this is for the sea turtles
to come and lay their eggs we have a research assistant program basically we
pick around eight to ten people from all around the world usually biology
students or master’s students so these guys take two, three months out of their
lives to come here and this is the perfect place for that. I think just sea
turtles in general are just such an amazing marine creature and there’s so
much draw to them for tourism you need ecotourism and people just love them in
general and so using the sea turtles to educate on conservation is a perfect
opportunity. When I see those baby turtles just emerging from the nest it’s
breathtaking you know there’s not many people to have had this privilege to see
this amazing act you know I think coming here was just what I wanted to do
because I get a talk with tourists I got educate I get to work personally with
the turtles and the hatchlings which is always a great shot and I think just
being close with the local community and tourists that come here just to see the
turtles is what I really wanted to do Tourist activity in Tortuguero I think
have been a blessing yes in many ways want more than 120,000 tourists from
different countries coming to Tortuguero to have the opportunity to see turtles lay eggs on the beach you know because of that we have electricity we
have water system we have a school we have a clinic of the social security and
learning about eco-tourism with the organization. The tourists may not
realize that when they come to Tortuguero they’re actually helping a
conservation effort the money they’re paying all the guides they hire and
everything they do from the moment they get on the boat to the moment they leave
is helping a community survive on different means and prevent these people
to go back to their traditional customs of killing sea turtles. Basically we’re going to do an
excavation of a nest that we mark a couple of months ago we do
this in order to evaluate the hatching success of the nest in this case it was
relocated how to build nest the Hawksbill is the most endangered species
of sea turtle this is a really successful nest as we can see we saw a
bunch of tracks and now we see a lot of empty shells that’s a good sign.
There you go check it out we have a live one.
When you get a nesting site like this one when you see thousands of turtles
coming out it’s really really something else

Randy Schultz

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  1. Pietro SF says:

    Great initiative!

  2. Efren Del Rosal Toussaint says:

    Hello World Nomads! Many years ago I made a short documentary on the same subject, glad to see people help the same way in different places around the worl, hope you like mine too, I made it finishing college so it's very clunky but I think it tells the story well.

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