Turtle Beach RECON CAMO

Turtle Beach RECON CAMO


Randy Schultz

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25 thoughts on “Turtle Beach RECON CAMO

  1. Andrés Endara says:

    Tengo un canal de YouTube todos me pregunta que cascos usar. Yo puedo recomendarlos

  2. Red Panda says:


    Why are you down here

  3. João Augusto Paracampos Paracampos says:

    Será que so o único Br assistindo esse vidio?

  4. DartroZ says:


  5. Mokx takes walls says:

    i have Ear Force Stealth 400 chat

  6. Virtual Reality Gamer says:

    Can you give me a link to the PC splitter cable? I want to use my 50X headset on my pc

  7. VINSTER123 says:

    I have a problem. I have a xl1 for xbox 360 and I'm mad. I can hear Everyone but no one hears me I've spent about a week researching the problem

  8. Pikastation says:


  9. Jim LaTourneau says:

    Game ON!

  10. Maxiture says:

    can i get free one plz

  11. Preston Bowder says:

    I bought these at game stop and they work great

  12. Logik zT says:

    Ive got this headset and its sick

  13. Stoner Tips says:

    I got that message me @ l_mostofi for me to show u

  14. Nate Wilsey says:

    Okay I bought a pair and after around a month my audio randomly cut out and they didn’t work what so ever please help

  15. Liamr2 White y says:


  16. James 120012 says:

    I have it and when ever I talk my friends cant hear me

  17. Jurgen Dw says:

    My mic dont work in party’s on Xbox one s

  18. evan says:

    Don’t buy these they are ass I can only hear from 1side don’t buy it and I’m not the only 1 having this problem

  19. Red says:

    Microphone doesn't even work :/

  20. Mohammad Zeidan says:

    So uhm my right ear on this head set suddenly stopped working so u guys know what would be the problem?

  21. Jax Robb says:

    Should I get these

  22. CowTipper says:

    Surround sound???

  23. Ez pizi Achei fácil says:

    Can someone help me ? I broke the pin that connects in control. Help me please!

  24. Sir Harradonna XB says:

    They broke after a year

  25. Sharky RiDeRz says:

    Man i was gonna get these a month ago till this day i regret not getting on that day Turtle Beach Recon 50 now

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