Turtle Beach Battle Buds – In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile, Switch, Xbox One, & PS4

Turtle Beach Battle Buds – In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile, Switch, Xbox One, & PS4


Randy Schultz

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32 thoughts on “Turtle Beach Battle Buds – In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile, Switch, Xbox One, & PS4

  1. The Gamer & Pigeon Guy 21 says:

    Love them already.

  2. JubbLaTV says:

    In-ear is a no no.

  3. Dan Kinoti says:

    Even though I love turtle beach those are some ugly looking earbuds ever to BIG not something I would wear outside

  4. McSmizzle says:

    do you need an adapter for xbox controller or does it plug straight into it?

  5. naracia ghirga says:

    Whats the song.
    I need to know cus it's fire

  6. Der Ace says:

    Mmhh….for the Switch. Is there comming a Voice-Chat to the Switch?😎

  7. Spiezy Blitz says:

    I got one of there head set and they are such a good quality I love then to because you know am a streamer

  8. Cameron Worsham says:

    Just bought from Target today, great earbuds and mic. I wanted something for my PS4 that wasn't too bulky like over the ear headphones are. Great buy for only $30

  9. eroxze says:

    Sounds great just can't get mic to work on xbox one

  10. Dan says:

    Those things are huge over the ears

  11. Mowhugs Panda says:

    Is it surround sound 7.1?

  12. First Last says:

    10 bucks they were playing fortnite

  13. Rocky says:

    Rainbow six

  14. dragons_breath Ali. says:

    I'll the white once

  15. R.a .z.i.q says:

    IRL: 10 people are staring at me cuz they NVR see a gaming earpieces b4

    Expectation:YO WHERE WE DROPPING???
    and no 1 staring at you

  16. yungNesquik says:

    Do they have separate plugs for mic and earbuds?

  17. C.M. 21 says:

    When I used it with my X Box 1 X, the people in my party said that they can hear echo. I already turned off the mic monitoring and even lowered down the headset volume. Still nothing. HELP!

  18. Robin Shaw says:

    Do they work with PC?

  19. Bianca Disney says:

    Just got the white ones today and love them!

  20. SuperSillyShyGuy says:

    Does it work with the iPhone? I noticed the turtle beach head set I have doesn’t work when plugged into the lightning adaptor

  21. Kev1n Z says:

    does anyone know that when can I buy it on Amazon ?

  22. Piston slayer_45 Pistons slayer_45 says:

    Got these a couple weeks ago great sound not bad 8/10

  23. Taj Adanandus says:

    what game were they playing

  24. THE Mac And Cheese Guy says:

    I can't seem to hear my mates on Xbox 1 whenever I'm using these. Any help?

  25. C.M. 21 says:

    I used it for Xbox and my party complained about a really bad echo. I also attached it to the Earforce adapter and the echo was still there. I thought it would help with the issue since it's from the same brand, but it didn't.

    I mean the girl in the video was playin on Xbox with people, so I am assuming it's compatible. So… help with the issue would be appreciated!

  26. B.B., K and I says:

    Does the removable mic work with phones jack? Can I talk in phone calls or discord with it?

  27. nerosugarman29 says:

    How long is the removable mic?

  28. peeiano says:

    Watching this while using my new battle buds, but its not plugged in LOL, its a joke…(i mean i didnt bought a new earbuds)

  29. Enrique says:

    I cant get the mic to work on switch. Any Ideas?

  30. Sheldon D Goodrich says:

    my left earbud has very quiet sound but the other is louder… anyone know how to factory reset these sweet ear-wear?

  31. Azolalal 0616 says:

    Can you activate super human hearing on the app on mobile?

  32. Deathy says:

    The external mic doesn’t work. Any ideas?

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