– Actually had an idea. What if we built a box fort and we could do something
really cool with all that candy? – That sounds like a
great idea, let’s do it. – Alright, let’s do it. (Daily Bumps theme song) – [All] Good morning! – Good morning, Finny. – Hi. – [Mom] Are you eating your cereal? – Yeah! – Yeah, and you’re eating? Oatmeal. We are just waking up this morning. We actually have no school today. So, we are just eating breakfast, getting ready for our day. I think I’m actually
gonna go ride my horse which I’m so excited for. I think it’s a super fun day. I’ve got big plans for these boys, right? K, finish your breakfast. So, the boys are actually going to be watching a little show while
they eat their breakfast and I get ready ’cause I
look like a little crazy. Alright, I am ready for the
day and I’m pretty bummed because I took a shower and I shaved and look at this, cut myself! Ugh, I hate when that happens. I still feel like I cut
myself every single time. I feel like I’m like a child but alright, I’m headin’ out. Before I head out, I
gotta say bye to my boys. Are you cuddling with Daddy? Eatin’ some bananas. I just brought him some oatmeal. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. Is that good, Finny? (laughs) So they’re just gonna chill
and relax while I go ride. – Go ride your horse. – [Mom] OK, thanks for lettin’ me ride. – I’m gonna ride my digital horse. – Yeah, (laughs) watching
some Carl and Jinger. Oh, you guys have been
watching all the Sharer and guess who gave me that
blanket for my birthday. Carter and Lizzy Sharer, thanks guys. – Go ride your horse. – Alright, bye! Bye! I love you! Have fun. – [Kids] Bye! – Alright guys, if you are
not subscribed to our channel, make sure you click that
link down below to subscribe if you love our family. I just have to brag on my family
a little bit for a second. They are the sweetest ever. Brian and the boys are
always so encouraging to let me go out and do my favorite thing, which is ride my horse and sometimes, I just am like, I’m too busy, I can’t, I’m not gonna do it. They are like, “No, you need to go, “you need to go ride your–” It’s good to get out
of the every day grind and to kinda relax and just
stop thinking for a little bit. I’m just so thankful for
them and I’m excited to just go ride, it’s actually been
a little bit of a while. We’ve just been really, really busy with the crazy season and all of that. So I’m just so thankful for them. So ya know what, if you love my family, make sure you also give
this video a big thumbs up ’cause they are the best and I
just am so thankful for them. I’m actually headed to go ride. I’m excited. I’ve got this little bit of
a scratchy throat right now which is so weird. But I think I’m just
kinda recovering after a fun time in Vegas, which
we did a few days ago and we had a blast, but I
think I’m still recovering and I’m still a little trying
to get over everything. Look at my horsey. He’s all ready for a ride. Lookin’ good, Nacho. Awe, you’re so cute. OK, he’s saddled up and ready for a ride. (upbeat country music) Woo! He’s been riding for a while now and having so much fun. I hope you guys got to see
a little bit of footage. I’m gonna get back to this guy. We’ll ride a little bit more. Whew, you guys are dusty. I am home now and looks like
Ollie is eating some lunch and I think Finn is taking a nap. I had a blast at the barn. Just like, I rode, and it was so nice. I’m just like yay! I’m go glad I got to do that. But I have been cleaning up the house and I was wondering what you guys thought. We had Halloween recently a few weeks ago. We have so much leftover candy. We had a blast for Halloween. If you guys haven’t seen
our Halloween special, make sure you click the
link up on the iCard. It was so much fun, we actually did an Aladdin Halloween special. It was so awesome and so
much fun and I just think it’s the cutest little video. So make sure you guys go check it out. But yeah, with our costumes
which were amazing, I think, we collected a lot of candy. All of this is from trick or treating and all of this is from Halloween parties that we kinda just collected candy and we have so much leftover. So I wanna know from you
guys, let me know down in the comments, do you
guys eat all of your Halloween candy or do you
do something else with it? Give it away, trade it in? I’ve heard of the great pumpkin. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. The boys have not been eating any of it. I’ve heard a lot of kids eat it all. Like they eat it and they save
it throughout a few months and they just eat it all. That’s not happening at this house, guys. There’s no way we could
eat all of this candy. Crazy. – And then we get sick
and the teeth will hurt. – [Mom] Yeah, if they eat all that candy? Totally! That’s why we don’t eat our candy, huh? – Yeah. – Hey Ollie. – What? – I actually had an idea. What if we built a box fort
and we could do something really cool with all that candy? – That sounds like a
great idea, let’s do it! – Alright, let’s do it! (upbeat music) We have been working so hard and you guys have to see what we made. We made an ATM! Look at this! This is the coolest thing ever, right? – Yes it is cool! – Oh my goodness. I’m not quite sure what it does yet, but we thought it was cool. We made a bank and we put ATM. We’ve got some ideas of
what we wanna do, but first, we have to go get Finn
’cause he’s up from his nap and I think he’s gonna be
really excited to see, OK? Let’s go get him. Hey Finn, come see! – Wow! – [Ollie] Isn’t that so cool? – [Finn] Yeah! – [Mom] Oh my goodness. OK, we’re not really sure
what it’s gonna do yet. So, the idea is, we’re hoping
that if we deposit candy, maybe we can withdrawal money? Do you think that would work? – Yes! – I don’t know. I’m kinda wondering if
we’re gonna need some magic for this but let’s
go ahead and test it out and see what it can do, OK boys? – OK! – Here is all of our Halloween candy. Let’s go ahead and take it over there. This is so much candy. We have got to get rid
of this, right boys? We cannot eat all this. This would be way too much candy. Hey Ollie, what is your favorite candy out of all this. – Skittles. – [Mom] Finn, what’s your favorite candy? Oh, M&Ms, that is actually
super interesting. Finn is such a chocolate boy and Ollie is just like a candy boy. Let me know up in the poll if you prefer Skittles or M&Ms. I’m definitely a chocolate girl. I would prefer M&Ms for sure. Alright, should we see what happens if we drop in one candy? I’m so interested. OK Ollie, you’re up. Alright Ollie, go ahead
and deposit your one candy. You’re gonna do Skittles? Let’s see. (gasps) What! What did you just get? This is real money. One dollar bill just spit out. OK Finn, you try, you try. Wait, it worked again! What! Oh my gosh. OK, I kinda wanna test this out too. So I’m gonna do a Snickers
’cause I don’t really like Snickers and I’m
gonna see what happens if I dump one in. Beep! I got one! It worked! You guys, it worked for me too! (screams) OK. OK Ollie, try to do two. Pick two candies. Let’s see what happens if we do two. (gasps) What! You did so good! OK OK wait, wait, wait. Let’s try maybe a handful of candy. OK Ollie, I’m gonna try and
dump all of this candy in. Can you press the number
six to see what happens? Beep and– (gasps) What! This is amazing! You guys, we made a real ATM
with real money that comes out. This is so cool. How exciting is this. How
much money do we have here? Wait, if we dump in all that candy, we could have a lot of money. – We get to have all the toys too! – [Mom] Should we try? – Yeah! – OK maybe just try and
type a bunch of numbers and then we’ll dump it all
in and see what happens, OK? OK Ollie, go ahead and
press those buttons. See how much we can get outta this thing. (beeping) That’s a lot of money. OK, let’s go ahead and
dump in all our candy. You ready? Alright Finn,
let’s go ahead and get rid of all that candy. Get rid of it, there you go. We’re depositing all our candy. Awesome, OK, my turn. Here we go. Goodbye Halloween candy! Nice. Alright, last but not least, let’s get rid of that candy. Dump it into the ATM, see what happens. Oh my gosh! It’s working! (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, you guys! – Whoa, we just made so much money! – [Mom] Oh my gosh, ah
it’s still coming out! Still spitting out! You guys, this thing is so cool! Finn, what do you think of that? – I’m gonna make a snow angel. – You guys, this is real money. We need to make sure
we put it away safely. This is crazy! That is so cool. I think the boys were
pretty excited about it. Let me know down in the comments. Would you trade in all your
Halloween candy for money? Real money? I mean, we could buy a
lot of stuff with this, huh boy? OK, we better clean all
this up and show Daddy. He’s gonna be so excited
that we made a money ATM. Wait, do you know what this bank actually reminds me of Ollie? – It reminds me of the jail when I was Officer Ollie. – You’re right! Oh my gosh. So, if you haven’t seen that video, Officer Ollie and bad guy Finn, actually are so cute and
there was a jail in our house and I haven’t quite figured
out if it was a dream or if it was real life, huh? But it was hilarious and I gotta say, if you haven’t seen it,
you’ve gotta go check it out ’cause it’s one of our favorite videos and it was just so much fun. But yeah, this actually
reminds me a lot like that but instead of a jail, it’s a bank and an ATM that spits out tons of money. OK, we gotta count this. Alright Ollie, start
countin’, let’s see it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 16, 17, 18, 19, 16– (mom laughing) – It’s really high. I’m gonna have to count this. I’m thinking maybe like $1,000, huh? – Yeah! – It’s a lot of money here. We gotta count this. What do you guys think? How much money do you
think is actually here? Let me know down in the comments and whoever gets closest, we will be coming back to you guys. I am really interested
how much money is here. Let’s start counting it, OK Ollie? I’ll help you this time. It is just so nice to have gotten rid of all of that candy. It feels really good
because it was just like literally crowding my
countertops, my cabinets. It honestly was like a
ridiculous amount of candy and it’s just nice to get
rid of it for a fair price. I mean, a dollar per candy is
pretty fair to me, I think. But yeah, look at this. All cleaned off counter top
and we just got bananas left. A healthy choice. I think I’m in major mom mode, you guys. – What is up, you guys? I’ve just been hanging
out because apparently, the boys and Missy have
been doing something really gnarly. I haven’t even seen it yet, so I don’t even know what they’re up to. I know they’re always doing something. Hey! – Look at this ATM machine! – [Brian] Whoa, what is it? – It’s an ATM machine! – [Brian] ATM. Interesting. So you make a deposit and
then you can withdraw? – You put the candy in
and you push the buttons and then money comes out. – No way! This is actually really
convenient because I was actually just about to head to Starbucks and I can’t find my wallet anywhere. So this might actually work in my favor. Let’s see if I have any candy. The best candy ever! Reese’s, this is definitely
my favorite candy. Look at, the wrappers are gold. So I bet this is gonna
give me a ton of money! Let’s see. You ready to find out? – Yeah. – [Brian] Hey Finn! I was just
about to pour these Reese’s in the ATM machine. Wanna see how much money we get? – Yeah! – [Brian] Alright, let’s see! Whoa! That was crazy! Look at all this money! Luna, get away from my money. This is mine, you guys. This is so cool. So, totally going to Starbucks now. I’m gonna get myself a frappe. And maybe a pumpkin scone. You guys wanna come? – [Boys] Yeah! – Alright, we got money! – 996, 997, 998, 999. Oh hey guys, I’m just counting my money. Reminder, make sure you
leave down in the comments how much money you think
we got today because whew, we got a lot. I still got a lot of counting to do. I’m gonna get back to counting. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye! 1,000, one. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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