Trying to get a gopher snake to bite us!

Trying to get a gopher snake to bite us!

About to get bit by this bull snake Don’t try this at home I’m kind of scared. I’m BLew. I’m J. Hey, it’s pain Day So What are we doing today? All right, so I’m at work today and one of my so-called friends Catches me a snake wants me to get bit by it We have a four-foot gopher slash bull snake in our possession and it’s going to bite us Hopefully hopefully hopefully hopefully. Yeah do not try this at home We are trained professionals and we have researched this topic thoroughly We also have a great team of EMTs on standby. If needed listen gopher snakes can look a lot like rattlesnakes It can be dangerous. Just don’t go close to them We’re being really kind really gentle with this snake because we want to be respectful of it But we really highly advise you stay away and admire snakes from a distance right after the video We’re gonna release the snake into its natural habitat right here in the great outdoors in the great snake world we’re gonna make other snake friends and Question of the day, are you a pet person? And if so, would you keep a snake as a pet? Let us know in the comments below Legend has it if you like and subscribe to this video, you’ll have snake venom immunity for the rest of your life Like and subscribe. Alright So, where did you hear that legend Oh So give me the pain science for the snakes this snake doesn’t have long fangs with venom glands instead it has short backward-facing sharp teeth to grab and hold on to its prey because it is a Constricting snake and that as how it gets its kills They can grow up to six feet in length the one we have today four feet It’s still pretty scary four feet of nope rope pure intimidation Sometimes they don’t bite but they’ll strike with their mouths closed and just try to you know They I don’t know why they do it. BLew give me your guesstimate. How bad is the snake bite gonna hurt? I think this snake bites gonna hurt my feelings way more than its gonna hurt my body. I’m thinking around a four maybe a five So we’re walking down to the stream because if it won’t let go of us Supposedly if you hold its head to the water to the cold icy water, you know You would let go if you were biting me, right? Hey, so why are we getting bit on my hand wherever you want? I’m thinking just like on the arm, okay Bout to get bit by this bull snake Don’t try this at home I’m kind of scared who’s flippin’ and idea was this That’s Hank bite me He’s just a cool guy He’s just a nice little guy he does not want to bite me he’s just he’s just like hey look why don’t you just Let me live my life Don’t be such a dumb Pain Ranker. I think that we’re just gonna let this guy go he’s such an awesome snake and Doesn’t want to bite us. They will usually only bite if they’re provoked and we’re provoking and he still won’t bite us Really awesome creature here. Blow snake won’t bite still don’t recommend you going and catching bull snakes because Might bite you so I think the pain rankers made a friend today instead of an enemy this little guy What should we call him J? Harold we’re calling him Harold Harold the not hungry snake right here Okay. So, uh, we just got back from getting demolished by the snake. It was very scary and intimidating and He was rude Bad mannered snake. So we’re gonna rank the pain How much pain are you in? Oh my goodness. Look at this pain. Oh my goodness. Oh my Call your mom get her here now. Okay, let’s get ready to rank the pain. Hey Harold wants to see I Honestly don’t know what you wrote really, I don’t know okay, uh Harold actually kind of squeezed in my neck I know right? So we’re about to rank the pain of Harold three two one And there you have it that is the pain of Harold You

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  1. Kari Lewis says:

    What a dumb pain ranker!

  2. James Allred says:

    I cant believe you've done this

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