Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT Cheesy Pit Stop

Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT Cheesy Pit Stop

everyone I’m bill and we’re with cali
moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome to the Marin French cheese
company and for you guys that are local you know the French cheese company and
this is one of my favorite favorite spots so we’re here on the tiger the new
tiger and of course we’ve got our loot we’ve got our loot of so much cheese and
they have like soft ripe cheese so it’s been amazing so so far we’re gonna get
into Samuel P Taylor Park is another one of my favorite rides so it should be a
pretty fun blast ride but so far coming out here it’s bargain has been surprised
on how this bike handles I’m like yeah that’s great
so let’s get let’s keep going and we’re gonna get through C mu P Taylor and it
should be a fun little ride so let’s head over there alright guys well let’s
get going the Tiger has 236 miles now on it already
well I think it had like 85 when we got it okay so but not too bad good 200 200 plus mile
ride today so we’re still in Marin we’re just on
the cusp of Marin and Sonoma County sonomas to the left and Marin is to the
right so oh so let’s get going so we’re heading back towards point
raise we did do a little detour this way so we’ve got a few minutes of kind of
just little side roads little farm roads little hilly roads
so here’s Telemark now these are all the roads that I all started out with back
in the day right my very first bike I was 20 I think I was 20 when I got my
very first bike and give you guys some backstory on when hey how I got into
riding so I lived in Marin and my step-brother Eric had a Porsche 914 a
little Porsche 914 with the 2 liter engine
it wasn’t the nicest thing but man that thing handled amazing it had some decent
power so I ended up trading that because I really wanted a motorcycle I ended up
trading that thing for a 1986 VFR 700 and I basically traded it to a guy in
the next morning I was like shit I got to go to the grocery store and I taught
myself how to ride so that’s kind of how I got thanks sir
that’s kind of how I got into riding and these are all the mountains and these
are all the roads that I used to ride coming from Novato if you guys are local
thanks for local support novato’s over behind us to the left side and come up
through Novato and then I’d ride up through here to
Nicasio which is up here on the left past the reservoir and into Point Reyes
Station Alima and Stinson Beach and polina’s and
just all these back roads and right you know what’s nice about these rides is
shit you know we can ride out here I could right out here for hours hours and
hours and hours and never ever ever touch the same road twice like literally
like never touch the same road twice or if I did it was a brief moment that we
would you know use this small stretch of road to get onto the next road so if you
guys are never been down here right now this is just one of the most amazing
space spots to run I think we’re talking about heading down to Alice’s next
weekend what do you think yes absolutely let’s do it
so Alice’s yeah so Alice is a to almost a two-hour Trek for us from Dickson to
basically Alice’s about an hour and a half hour forty minutes so it’s tough
when we’re on the sport bikes because it takes so long and it’s just not
comfortable and it’s like you know I think the worst the worst part of riding
to Alice’s is writing to violence’s well Nora is riding home from Alice’s because
writing that you know we’re ready to go into it and then we ride for two hours
three hours of analysis and then we’re it’s an hour-and-a-half drive home for
ride home so so Parkman can just take a nap now
if you’re running not right now well all the way on the trek back from Alice’s so this is Nicasio reservoir to the left
of us tricky mother for corporate County Horace so not too bad with the with the
drought you know we filled up last year
completely so in good standing with
water right now so that’s good well I will say today is an absolutely
gorgeous day I think I talked about in the last video about if you guys are
out-of-towners and you ever want to come into California or especially into the
bay area of San Francisco summer is not the time to come and visit so September
October we’re at the beginning of November right
now and we’re 76 degrees absolutely gorgeous today little chilly
this morning when I say chili I mean we’re talking 65
68 this morning but this afternoon is just it’s just
been you know 75 right now it’s gorgeous it’s not too hot not too cold just
gorgeous so this little back road they’ve repaid
this few years earth a year and a half ago I think
and above it got a couple nice little sweepers and
it’s it’s not very traveled because most tourists don’t know about this road
because they usually go up and around through Point Reyes station so this is
kind of the bypass road from Olema to Nicasio what’s that that’s the cool
people road yeah this is the you got to know about this road kind of thing like
a lot of people I’m not sure Google might take you through Google’s kid
Google spoiled it for everybody now I’ll be honest all the cool spots and tricks that you
used to know as a local Google’s like hahaha so we exit out of here we’re gonna be at
the base of the California State assist state now I actually I think it’s a
parks I think it’s a parks department so I think it’s us parks I think it is California State actually
now that I think about it Samuel P Taylor yeah this state park and
so I used to come here this is where probably my second and third and fourth
and fifth and sixth and seventh birthday was we always have parties out here and
a nice little picnic area so take you guys through there gorgeous and the fall and the trees are
looking a little orange I love it
I love how this bike sounds yes so we’re so if you guys don’t know and for you to
know it’s a triple so we’ve got two triples in the collection now on the MTO
nine and the the new triumph triple and if it’s great because the thing sounds
like the damn to9 when you get on it it’s got that big deep fog bog so it’s
it’s amazing it’s pretty amazing so let’s see let’s see let’s see
yep so behind us would be Olema a little
town and then you head it from Malema and we’re heading through the state park
and then we’re gonna end up in Fairfax and then San Rafael and of course Santa
fell is where I grew up so I lived in San Rafael until I was about eighteen
nineteen could afford it anymore made my way to
the East Bay but this is some and it’s so funny
because I remember like back and years ago we’re you know riding this god I
feel like it always took so much longer to come up here and ride this and now
recently you know riding through here I was like that is that it someone was
some if someone didn’t ride his right as quick but I give it an anything I didn’t know
a lot of stuff about suspension and just high pressure tire pressures and I think
most of the time I wrote with spec tire pressures on most of those runs because
III didn’t know and no idea probably it lovely wasn’t that bad
because well it definitely wasn’t ride might have riding so the heat in the
tires wearing all that bad so welcome to see me Opie Taylor Park so this is I said growing up by my mom used to bring me out here by
my cousin’s and everything we’d always have our birthdays out here so we
constantly were always out here so right here on the right there’s this little
swim hole there’s this bridge right here to the right and this used to be the
swim hole so we used to come we so always make the hike up here seemed like
it took four hours but it may have taken an hour so but babe open up your visor and just
smell it I smell it it’s so amazing so amazing I love the way it smells out
here it’s so fresh and then we get into some of the we’ll
get into the Grove of redwoods up here so you can temp camp here on the right and I remember
god I was probably six or seven five maybe even I remember we went up there
and a bear came down and got our cooler wait we got into a core up there all
right go hold that like a big yeah like a wild bear babe and so right to the
right is all the camping spots through the through the park and God I can I can
like almost illustrate the spot that we were in in my mind so here’s the park
right here on the right so the park is real nice because it’s got some really
nice you’ll see all the cars in there so those are all the picnic picnic areas
so I think it’s like like eight bucks to get in or ten bucks to get in her car or
something like that and that’s camp Taylor but the yeah the
bare arse I was in the tent with my sister and I remember we heard it and my
sister worked glasses and I remember if she like put her hand down and like
squished her glasses and the bear was i dripping the cooler open and she was all
freaked out because she couldn’t see anything so yeah but that sound like the
sucks my bear story nope love it out here oh my god it feels so
good drop down to 68 degrees so it’s nice and kind of crisp
I’m about to turn off my seat heater though
it’s beautiful right now absolutely gorgeous babe
and look they redid the road a couple years ago I’m just
hey this is it right now for me this is my twink train coal
well moment I’m lettuce comment down below with how you say it why not a
spell it but I love it out here that of a ride either huh not bad of a
ride it’s fun I don’t have to work in there I
get to enjoy the twisties oh yeah like the best of all the worlds huge redwoods babe like this it’s so
gorgeous so we’re coming up to the city of cinn
Geronimo that’s where we’ll leave you guys
because it’s not too exciting from there to Fairfax it’s kind of more of a
straight road Wow and Lardner has to get back to the ranch
god it works them worse than someone was out buying a motorcycle yesterday thanks to someone’s influence I don’t
know damn right what I’m talking about alright guys well San Geronimo here we
are thank you guys for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button and
of course smash that like button and leave us a comment down below hopefully
you guys are enjoying the to up adventure as we are here in beautiful
Marin County but til next video thank you guys we’ll see you then bye

Randy Schultz

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