Top 10 Snake Encounters!

Top 10 Snake Encounters!

– Hey guys, Coyote
Peterson here. Right now, we’re out in the
thick of it filming season two of Breaking Trail,
and I just came across this beautiful
Northern water snake. It reminds me of all the amazing
serpent encounters we had in season one. Let’s take a flashback look at all my coolest
snake encounters. (upbeat jungle music) Looking back on the incredible
adventures of season one, it’s crazy to think about
how many snakes we encounter. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop. We got a rattle. We came across a handful
of adorable baby snakes. There were angry
medium-sized snakes. And the typical
signs of aggression. He’s trying to bite me
right from the start. Snakes at night. Alright, it’s a water moccasin. And snakes in the day. One thing I don’t
ever recommend you do is stick your hand into a
hole after a rattlesnake. Snakes in trees and snakes in the water. Venomous snakes, some with
a serious dental arsenal of danger, and then of
course giant snake invaders that were as
friendly as could be. Okay, she’s kind of close
to my face right there, sniffing me. I think the only place we didn’t
see snakes was on a plane. So without further
ado, let’s take a look at the top snake
encounters of season one. One of my favorite encounters
happened on North Bass Island. Home to a variety of species. That is a baby Lake
Erie watersnake. But none more elegant
than the Fox snake. See, her head is just
kind of sticking out on the branch there. Do you see the checkering? Bold-ish and black in color. Nothing is more exciting
than climbing a tree to catch a snake. I didn’t want to get
much further off the
branch than that. Ow, ow, ow, ow, and that’s
how you scale a tree to catch a Fox snake. And the good news for me
is that this species is one of the friendliest
on the island. And while North Bass is not
home to any venomous species, there is a certain snake that
does not want to be bothered. There’s one. There’s absolutely
nothing I love more than running after and
diving for a watersnake. Here we go, that’s a pretty
good sized one right there. That is a Lake Erie watersnake, and the typical
signs of aggression, he’s trying to bite me
right from the start. Wow, that is a, geez, yeah, he just took
the tip of my finger and sliced it open. Okay, hold on, let
me try to get him under control a
little bit better. I’m used to being
tagged by water snakes and I’m sure some
of you are cringing, but trust me, it looks a lot
worse than it really was. From islands to the
out lands of Arizona, snakes are everywhere. One of my closest encounters
happened dark one night, deep in the desert. Oh, check this out
guys, fantastic. This is the sidewinder,
one of the iconic species that lives here in
the Sonoran Desert. This is the smallest
rattlesnake species that you can encounter out here, and they are also known
as the horned rattlesnake. I absolutely love the
way sidewinders move, as long as they don’t
move too close to my face. Look how beautiful
that snake is. Holy moly, okay,
don’t get any closer. So if you come out here
to the desert at night and run across a
small rattlesnake and you see those
two little horns, you instantly know
it’s the sidewinder. The best Arizona snake
find was actually the work of Breaking Trails director
Mark (indistinguishable) – (Mark) Hey guys,
there’s a snake over here. – What, Jesus. – Careful. – Where, where, where, where? Alright, watch your footing. Alright, Chance, come up slow. Oh yeah, that is a Western
diamondback rattlesnake. Priority number one,
guys, is safety. I want to get that
snake out of there. I want to be as
careful as I can. He’s basically sensing a
couple of warm body masses and he says okay,
this is not prey, these are potential predators. After getting this big
boy out of the rocks, we got the surprise
of our lives. You come across this guy
in the Sonoran desert, you step back and
give it respect. – (Voiceover) Does
he have double fangs? – Holy cow, he does. Double fangs, didn’t
see that one coming. Now rattlesnakes are constantly
replacing their fangs, so one of these sets is
getting ready to drop out and then the new
set will be in place so he can go out there
and hunt for his dinner. Whether by the light of day
or the headlamps of night, snakes seem to be everywhere. So night herping is
when you’re actually out looking for reptiles. Herpetology is the
study of reptiles, so kind of the slang
term is night herping. Stop, stop, stop, right
there, right there. Get out, get out. It’s a coral snake. This is one of the coolest
snakes here in the Everglades. This is actually also
the most venomous snake we could have
encountered tonight. Personally, I seem to have
the best luck searching out serpents on Sunday mornings after a late night rain storm. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, stop. We got a rattle. Yup, it’s an
Eastern diamondback. Wow, what a beauty. That is a really good
sized Eastern diamondback. This is not a good
position for me to try to get you
guys close to film. I don’t always show
off a snake’s fangs, but the Eastern
diamondback is notorious for having enormous
venom ejectors, and this one certainly
didn’t disappoint. Now you get bit by those
little hypodermic needles and you’ve got a hemotoxin
going in to your blood stream that’s going to start
killing red blood cells. You want to get
yourself to the hospital as fast as you possibly
can to get some antivenom. Last, but certainly not least, was the biggest snake of
season one, the Burmese python. This snake is about 12 feet long and you can see why
a python of this size would be quite the
voracious predator out here in the Everglades. And what people
really worry about is these eating some of the
more threatened species, like American
crocodile hatchlings or the Key Largo woodrat. Sadly, these snakes are
invaders to the Everglades, and nothing is more
destructive to an environment than a predator that
does not belong. This snake is used
to being handled, so I don’t really feel nervous with it wrapped around my body. I would never
recommend that you try to pick up a Burmese python
if you see it in the wild. It’s best to just
leave it alone. Obviously, they’re an
invasive species here in the Everglades, so you’d
want to alert somebody if you did ever
encounter one out here. People get them
when they’re small and they grow into
these 12 foot giants, and then people release
them in to the Everglades. Unfortunately, when these
snakes are now captured in the Everglades, they’re
immediately destroyed. This gentle giant was
provided for us to film with, and on a positive note,
is being kept in captivity to educate people on the
negative effects snakes of this size can have on the
local wildlife populations. I know a lot of people
are terrified of snakes. Clearly, I am not. Okay, she’s kind of close to my face right
there, sniffing me. You go up on my hat, alright. And whether you love
them or loathe them. Dove off the edge
of that hill there and managed to nab two snakes
at exactly the same time. This is absolutely awesome. Please keep in mind that
these beautiful reptiles, when not considered
an invasive species, are an important
part of the ecosystem and are much more afraid of you than you should ever be of them. Looking back on season
one, our official list of top 10 snakes are, Number one, baby snakes. Look how cute he is. Wow, he’s probably only
a couple of weeks old. Number two, the gopher snake. They will hiss, but this one is really being pretty cool to hang out with. Number three, the fox snake. What an absolutely
beautiful snake. Number four, the Northern
Pacific rattlesnake. Uh, one thing I don’t
ever recommend you do is stick your hand into a
hole after a rattlesnake. Number five, the
Lake Erie watersnake. There we go, that’s a pretty
good sized one right there. That is the Lake
Erie watersnake. Number six, the Santa
Cruz gartersnake. Yes, yes. Number seven, the Eastern
diamondback rattlesnake. That doesn’t mean we have
to give it any less respect. Number eight, the
Burmese python. But I’ll tell you
what, if she wanted to, she could squeeze the life
right out of this coyote. Number nine, the sidewinder. Holy moly, okay,
don’t get any closer. And last, but not
least, number 10, the double-fanged western
diamondback rattlesnake. He is absolutely beautiful. And as for season
two, let’s just say, we definitely plan
to up our snake game. If you thought that
was one wild adventure, make sure to subscribe to
the Brave Wilderness channel and check out these
other episodes so you can stick with us on
this season of Breaking Trail. (upbeat jungle music)

Randy Schultz

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