Top 10 des héros de jeux vidéo avec qui je rêve de baiser

Top 10 des héros de jeux vidéo avec qui je rêve de baiser

(Mat ar jeu?) How are you? and welcome to this very first top to click in which you just just put on or if you have not already understood via this small intro the rule is simple these are games that I have already played a character by franchise, be it nice villain or secondary characters it’s as simple as that brief … Top 10 video game characters with whom I dream to fuck Number: (Dek) Ten I start this top with a character Lovecraft the private detective is nevertheless very seductive Edward Pierce Dark and rather cultivated difficult not to contemplate in the least cutscenes his eyes his face his beard Cocksucker! I love people go to the end of their dick You are a very very nice sodomy for me If you leave me your cock-sucker number Number: (Nav) Nine Is it you Blackwall? But! how do you know my name? that you… and he needed a character from BioWare studio For many of you … But yes! but there are guys who are more interesting! So already fuck, not because IronBull certainly he is tall and strong It is twice your size and therefore anatomically he tears the ass! excuse me for telling you there are even jokes in the video game Dorian him, fuck! what can I not support it! You’ve seen my face! Well, look at this guy, he spent an hour in the bathroom putting his hair on a cream And to brush that fucking mustache off with a comb Which is good with Blackwall, you can add some white locks on it’s hair and his beard, a t-shirt and some tattoos and that’s it! you have the perfect guy more with him we have the right to fuck in a stable (Eizh) Eight The front defenses have retreated as you wanted It’s confirmed four intruders So let’s greet our guests Kuai Liang aka the second Sub-Zero formerly Tundra, Kuai Liang will become Sub-Zero after the death of his elder brother Bian I hesitated at first with Kano but the obvious is obvious especially with Mortal Kombat X Anyway, I loved playing with his big Eskimos His name is Buck, and it rhymes with fuck What … are you saying hello? Too bad. New lesson But these arrears have built this … This bastard above what they were looking for at first. You’re burning to ask me : “What was he looking for Buck?” No I should flank you one. No, no kidding … But you know what? I have better. I would like to show you all my gratitude, see? But good, like a man, a real one. You will do what I tell you. I’ll rimming your ass, if you want, like a good bottom. you are almost as discreet as a whore in a church. You really do not do it in detail. Fuck! this guy is talking to me! Yes, you are my favorite student Number: (C’hwec’h) Six how do you say that … actually I saw the wolf (Pemp) Five Simon Belmont from Castlevania finally in this case I will not talk about ctrl C, ctrl V alias Conan The Barbarian But rather that of Lord of Shadow look at this body, look, this red mane and this dark area which also something family When we look at Gabriel as well his grandfather, Trevor the father and a distant descendant Victor. Excuse me I just have to say one thing if all 4 handles the whip as well that their dicks! I accept easy turning (Pevar) Four Brad Melnick I initially hesitated with Amos this huge teddy then in the end when we think about it he is surrounded by his brother Beau who wears his name very well who is a little too protective of his friend Romane that there is something to compensate because he is always a bit violent on the verge of hitting us and the whore
Daisy who is just jealous agrees replaced as a tutor who would not hesitate to sell her pussy if she could Brad is thwho would not hesitate to sell her pussy if she coulde character who does not assume his homosexuality with those around him good added to that, they are red and the fact that we have a sex scene exhib in sportswear with him Here we are finally at the podium but before we linger I’ll do a little anthology of characters that I found so horny that if I had made a longer and uneasy, they would have appeared it’s a gift The number (tri) three is an ode to Greek virility but especially to the beard of Kratos which makes it much more manly and much sweeter So imagine the good this kratos there in all the sex scenes of the previous god of war The number (daou) two is none other than my very first fantasy videoludick kid I dreamed for years of being in Mona Sax’s place You have to know that it’s mostly Max Payne 3 who do that he still remained well ranked in the top currently it helped her after what makes the Max Payne asset, Must know that he is hair or not bearded or not you can even get wet you can even find him dead drunk
or even the face in blood there is still as much fuckable Congratulations yes and congratulations to those who have managed to watch this video to the end may you be as well as you could have laughed or as well felt a deep discomfort you’ll understand it’s the end of this video So this kind of videos will come back on my channel later I do not know when at the best of times in september november december At worst in January February March April May So now, if you liked it you know the story you can subscribe to my channel with the little bell you can let go of a like or dislike depending on what you liked or not insults, will clear I specify on this video anyway here and if you just want to support me you can also share this video or watch an advertisement on tipeee you go to my page tipeee you look at a commercials it lasts a few seconds it generates income it can help me honestly so here is if you feel like it or else you can always donate short anyway I hope that this first top and this first video will have you more I will find you soon for future video and future games well and (kenavo) Goodbye

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