Time Traveler Who Saw Dinosaurs 60,000,000 Years Ago

Time Traveler Who Saw Dinosaurs 60,000,000 Years Ago

The earliest I have gone into the past is
about 60 million years ago, and I actually saw dinosaurs in their natural habitat. This man claims to be from the year 2082 and
has been on a mission in which he time traveled 60,000,000 years into the past and saw dinosaurs
with his own eyes. We met up in an undisclosed location as he
told us his story. Watch this and decide for yourself. I want to first and foremost thank everyone
who’s watching this video. I have a lot to get through regarding my story
and I want to thank Apex TV for distributing my message. I do appreciate that. There is no way that I would have the reach
on my own without Apex TV distributing my message. And I have contacted a lot of other news stations
and media outlets but Apex TV was the only one that got back to me. My story starts … Well, my natural year
is the year 2082. And the world as you know it will change a
lot. And the reason I’m actually standing here
in the year 2018 is because they sent me back on a variety of missions to stop major events
that could cause a lot of havoc in the world. Events that could make the world a worse place
overall. So that’s why I’m here in the year 2018. The world in 2082 changes more than … The
period in between 2018 and 2082 is full of more change than ever before in all of human
history. And I know what it’s like in the far future
as well, because I’ve actually been on a variety of time-traveling missions in which I’ve gone
to the far future as well as back in the past. The earliest I’ve gone into the past is about
60,000,000 years ago, and I actually saw dinosaurs in their natural habitat. I saw T-Rexes, Stegosauruses, Triceratops,
as well as a lot of other ancient creatures. And we actually discovered a lot of ancient
creatures that were thought previously not to exist. It turns out that giant lizards like the T-Rex,
they actually are cold blooded, however they’re covered in a lot of feathers. The theory that they were just skinned like
the modern reptiles is incorrect. They’re actually covered in feathers and they
come in a variety of different colors. I saw purple T-Rexes, green ones … And I
would actually say that my trips into the past were more interesting than my trips into
the far future because when you go into the far future, the world has changed a lot. However, it changes in a more predictable
way because in the far past there is no such thing as humans and in the far future, humans
again do disappear as they genetically modify themselves they modify their brains to be
more powerful. Their brains can actually interface with the
Internet, with other brains, other people, they can interface. And I want to talk a little bit about what
it’s like to go into the far past. So what happens is, you get into a spherical
machine – and by the way, time travel will become open to civilians; it’ll actually be
released to the public in 2028, and it is open to civilians, it is open for commercial
use eventually. I think that’s another ten years for you guys
watching in 2018. However, time travel actually does exist as
I’m speaking to you right now in the year 2018. The reason I’m able to speak with you here
today is because most of the people who watch this aren’t going to believe what I’m saying. And that’s fine, I’m not trying to convince
everybody. And it actually works to my benefit, because
I can say things like this and that actually serves us for some historical purpose because
we’re going to be able to look back at these videos and actually see that the predictions
… What I’m saying are not predictions, I guarantee they’re going to happen. But they’re gonna be seen by everybody watching
this as predictions. So they’re gonna see that everything that
I’m talking about here in the year 2018 is going to have come true by the year 2082,
which is the year that I’m from. Now, to actually travel in time you would
get into a spherical device. This was the actual time machine. However, how the whole process works, again,
I’m not a scientist so I’m not involved in actually knowing how it works because, let’s
be honest, do you know how the device you’re watching this video on right now, do you know
how it works? And likewise, I wasn’t aware of exactly how
the device that I used worked, but we do know that – at least I know that it does work and
it actually becomes somewhat reliable, especially by the year 2028 when they release it. Completely reliable, you can actually put
in a set month of the year and you will go there. However, it is not down to the exact day until
somewhere in the mid-2030s. Regarding my trips into the past I, again,
you go into this spherical device and it would – there’s actually a quantum computer built
into the device and the quantum computer allows it to interface with other parallel universes
because the way time traveling works is you actually enter a parallel universe and the
parallel universe is one very similar to our own. It turns out the more similar parallel universes
are closer to each other, than the parallel universes that are way different. So the ones that are similar to each other
are closer together, so it’s actually easier to interface with them and go to that selected
parallel universe. So, the way I time travel is I actually went
to parallel universes by way of this machine, again it was a spherical machine and it had
one circular window on it in which I could look out and see exactly what was going on
on the outside. When time travel started, we would actually
interface with the person’s body directly and send just their body. This would cause them to go unconscious, but
having this machine to actually do it … The machine does transport with you, but the machine
does not become … Actually, the machine becomes invisible but the person within the
machine doesn’t. So the person within the machine remains conscious
the whole time, and during my experience time traveling, you could actually see outside
the window it would become white and eventually you would just, slowly, it would take around
five to ten seconds for the entire process, which is quite fast. And to be able to time travel, obviously,
we do also have teleportation by which we can travel to any place on Earth. Again, we have teleporters on the moon, Mars,
Mercury, Venus is actually starting to be terraformed in the late 2050s … But we have
these teleporters and what you can do is simply step inside one, you pay a fee … Because
again, these are commercial. These aren’t just for scientists, these aren’t
just for testing. These actually are commercial machines and
what it does is takes a copy of all of your atoms and it sends it to another one of these
teleporters and it actually rearranges your body in another place so you can actually
reappear anywhere on Earth, granted, that has one of these teleporter machines. And, again, they’ve become very, very common
by the year 2082, which is again the year I am from. But when I went into the past, you know, you
go into this machine. You sit down, there is one seat, and you would
sit shriveled, kind of in a ball. It was a very small machine. I would estimate 40 inches from the bottom
to the top. The way it would work is it would start spinning,
it was perfectly balanced on the ground, so it would start spinning on the ground. The outside of the machine would go completely
white and it was a bright light that was peering in. This is actually when you travel beyond the
dimension we’re in. So you travel to another dimension and then
from there you can interface with the different parallel universes. So then you would go back into another parallel
universe in which it’s very similar, but, you know, it could be in a different time,
and everything else. So you can’t actually go travel within one
timeline; it has to be another timeline. So, seeing these dinosaurs, what we would
do is, the machine would appear back but it would be in the sky, so you’re actually watching
it. It also has a cloaking method, in which the
machine could remain invisible and the machine remains invisible, so you can’t see it from
the ground. However sometimes you might be able to see
it a little bit. But, you essentially, you could look down
on events and you could go back to prominent events throughout world history. It was just one of the most remarkable experiences
possible, and you can actually pay to do this which is pretty amazing. We went back and we were looking down on these
events … I’ve seen several major world events throughout history. For example, the Gettysburg Address. I actually went back and I watched Abraham
Lincoln give his speech. I was actually there. You may have seen famous paintings throughout
history that show these strange devices in the sky. Those are actually time travelers from the
future. From the not even the so far future from what
you’re watching right now. It’s actually them who came back in time and
were watching certain events throughout history. Sometimes we just go back in time to see how
people lived. It serves for some historical context to see
how people lived, see what is correct, because, as you know, there weren’t videos cameras
back, for example, during the Gettysburg Address. There was no video camera. So we can go back and can actually record
these events and show it to everybody back in the future. It really is amazing how far the technology
goes. I also went back to the … I personally went
back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. We actually have cloaking devices in which
we can walk around the actual events, so while they were signing the documents my team and
I could actually walk around. We do have bigger machines, in which multiple
people can fit in and a lot of the unidentified flying objects that people spot, they’re actually
time travelers from the future who are looking back on past events. So they’re actually seeing things, and those
are some of our bigger machines, but most of my missions have actually been solo. So, I’d go into one of these machines by myself
and it’s just the most remarkable experience, and this is coming very soon, mind you, in
the next ten years. So, it’s coming very soon and it’s going to
start off being very expensive, but within the next five years following it, almost anybody
is going to be able to afford it. These machines are very regulated. So you say, “Why could anybody time travel? They’re gonna cause a paradox by going back
into that time.” This actually isn’t the case because they’re
inside of these machines that are floating above events where they can actually look
down and, again, these machines are invisible so nobody else can see them. The people who travel back in time, there’s
actually no chance of them influencing any types of events or anything. Yes, that’s a good question. The furthest into the future I personally
have gone, it was the late 9000s, I’m trying to remember exactly what year; I think it
was nine thousand, eight-hundred and forty. It was somewhere around there. It was 8940, it was within that ten-year range. I actually went there. The world was an amazing place, it was sort
of a utopia. And, again, this is by interfacing with parallel
dimensions. The world was essentially a utopia. There was these beings, they were very tall. Much taller than normal modern-day humans,
and I assumed they would actually be descendants of modern-day humans. I didn’t stay long, I think I stayed about
15 minutes, but I actually did exit my machine. It is commonplace for time travelers to go
to the future and see these things. They’re not in any shock when you travel to
them because it happens all the time. Someone will pop up in one of these machines,
and they actually greet them. We actually do have a time agency which keeps
all the regulations, makes sure no paradoxes are happening, makes sure they’re not changing
the future in any majorly influential ways, which is, again, why I can’t give too much
pertinent information regarding major world events that are going to come very soon for
you guys. I can’t say too much, that’s why, again I’m
talking about more the far future. I will say within the next ten years, time
travel … again, time travel already exists for you but it is being kept secret by the
major governments of the world, and I know a couple major governments do have it, including
the United States. They actually do have time travel and they’re
keeping it completely classified. They don’t want anybody to know about this. Which, again, I personally am against them
keeping time travel such a secret, and the secrecy revolving around that. I’m against that. I think they should’ve opened it up to the
public long ago, but I see where they’re coming from because they want time travel to be completely
safe before they release it to the public, and they don’t want to release that they actually
know how to do it, yet, because independent hackers might try to find out how to hack
and everything, but believe me, when the time agency gets involved, it becomes very safe. This actually, you can’t visit past relatives
again, you can’t come into any contact with them because it would cause more damage than
it would good. So you cannot actually meet with your past
relatives. However, it would be nice to do that. Again, this is in a parallel universe so that’s
why you don’t see people coming back, future versions of you coming back. I’m sure they already have came back, they’ve
watched you. That might be kind of uncomfortable, knowing
that people are watching you. Remember, they are your future descendants
and the world changes a lot, so … That’s just the way it is. That’s just the way they’re using the technology. Again, they’re using this technology to some
degree to make money because it is one of the most amazing revolutions. You have to capitalize on it somewhat. It makes sense for them to do that. It is good that they waited until it was completely
safe before they released it to the public. But, in my personal opinion, I think they
should’ve released it before. I would say my most amazing experience during
my time travel process was actually going to see dinosaurs because we’ve theorized about
them so much, and to actually see them, it was like being in a museum. I saw T-Rexes eating Velociraptors and Velociraptors
preying on other species of dinosaur. It was really amazing, and, you know, I stayed
within my machine this whole time, and, again, the machine was flying far above the ground
and I was looking down, I was looking at the events play out on the ground. Different dinosaurs species … I saw gigantic
… Everything was much bigger back in these prehistoric times. They were very big. Like, for example, I saw mosquitoes and other
species of insect that were gigantic and they were flying. Yes, good question. I would estimate I spent two whole days back
60,000,000 years ago. I actually slept within the machine. Again, it does get a little bit cramped in
there, because you’re in a 40 inch diameter sphere. It does get a little cramped, but, again,
I think it was overall worth it. Human progress is gonna go very far within
the next ten years for you. A hundred years, 200 years, looking into the
future for you, it’s gonna be very amazing. I hope everybody out there who’s watching
this takes care and thinks about the future, tries to make the future a better place, because
there’s a lot of things you can do. You know, Global Warming is a major issue
in the future. It’s going to displace a lot of people because
of the rising sea levels, which will push the water … You know, the water will melt,
the ice will melt, rather, in Antarctica and in the Arctic, and that will make sea levels
rise up. That’s because of the increased CO2 in the
atmosphere. So we need to be thinking about how we can
solve certain issues like that, but overall, it’s very amazing in the future, and I just
want to share that sentiment to everybody watching this. And I know not everybody’s going to take my
story for what it is. Again, I don’t have any physical evidence
of any kind, and even if I did, which I do … I can’t show anybody because it would
cause a more negative impact on the future than a positive one. So I can’t show anything regarding our technology
or anything. We have had instances where people would come
back and would actually break the rules of the time agency. I can tell you for a fact they are not gonna
be time traveling again. For example, if they show you a picture from
the future, or if they show you any kind of evidence from the future, I can guarantee
there’s gonna be major consequences for those people. I’m not gonna take those risks. I do have a family back, or actually forward
for you guys, in the year 2082. Things become a lot more relative. So technically my family and my whole life
is within a different dimension and we can actually classify these different dimensions. It really is incredible. I want to thank everybody for watching this
video. Thank you Apex TV, all you guys for coming
out here today to listen to me. I really do appreciate that. I appreciate you getting my story out there. I want as many people to hear this as possible. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s been a pleasure. What do you think? Is this man actually from the year 2082 and
has he really seen dinosaurs in the past? Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the
comments below. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you
don’t miss our upcoming video with a time traveler claiming to have video of a future
president. Thanks so much for watching everybody, we’ll
see you in the next video. Peace out.

Randy Schultz

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    Dont listen to him , totally he is a psychopath. I think he has a mental problem of time travelling. Ohhhh poor guy.

  95. lagu 1 says:

    Did he said purple t-rex,green ones what? Where did he time travelled nursery rhime dimension.

  96. Alternative Redneck says:

    I think his trips were on shrooms.

  97. Alternative Redneck says:

    If you seen one Apex TV time traveler video you have seen them all.

  98. Samal Saleh says:

    I came from 20199 and guys in that year there are flying burgers

  99. Paul Adrien says:

    I think he was sincere and his description seems very reasonable

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