Hi, good morning everybody, Lee Brower
here and welcome to this week’s edition of Meaningful Monday. I am grateful to be
here and I am glad to be here. Exuberance – it’s the only word I can use
to describe the this last US Masters that just concluded
what a great Masters Tournament but you know exuberance when Tiger suck that
last putt to win… the joy, the exuberance, the pressure that came off of him as he
threw his hands in the air and just screamed, actually literally screamed and
then he grabbed his Caddy and gave him a big hug but immediately as he was doing
it he was looking around and you what he was looking for? His family and he headed
straight in their direction his son comes running up and they embraced a
really hard embrace and then he let go of his son and grabbed his mom and then
his daughter how cool was that to be able to see his family wrapping there
and supporting him and he going to the things that matter most and CBS did a
great job of flashing back to 1997 when Tiger won his first Masters showed him
hugging his dad who had just had a major heart attack and sacrificed to be there
to watch his son when the youngest person to ever win the US Masters I
believe at that time, but his first Masters at a very early age I think he
was 21 years old but seeing those that picture of Tiger as the the son hugging
his father then Tiger as the father hugging his son…I think
Jim Nantz said it best… he said if you’re a father and you don’t have a tear in
your eye then there’s something wrong with you so I had tears in my eyes and
you know, as I watch that, no matter how big the prize, no matter what happens, we
fall back on our family you know we understand those things that matter most
and someone once said “What matters most is what lasts the longest”. I’m thinking
of John Wooden right now, the great UCLA coach and I’m thinking about the time
when he was inducted into that he was a founding part of the founding class of
the Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame and he was so humble and I’m gonna give
an excerpt from his quote I’ve actually memorized this several years ago so bear
with me but this is just an excerpt, there’s a little bit before it but the
part that matters we’re talking about right here he says “the Hall of Fame”
basically talking about this Hall of Fame that he was going to but “the Hall
of Fame as long as time shall be – wait a second – “the Hall of Fame is only good as
long as time shall be, but keep in mind Gods Hall of Fame is for eternity. To
have your name inscribed up there is greater yet by far, than all of the Hall
of Fame’s down here and every man-made star” and here’s the part “this crowd on
earth may soon forget the heroes of the past they cheer like mad until you fall
and that’s how long you last, but God he never does forget, and in his Hall of
Fame, by just believing in his son inscribed you’ll find his name. I tell
you friend I wouldn’t trade my name however small that written there beyond
the stars in that celestial Hall, for any famous name on earth or glory that they
share, I’d rather be an unknown here and have my name up there”. I think that puts
it in perspective… what matters most is what lasts the longest, what matters most
to you and are you taking care of it so that it lasts the longest? I hope you
enjoyed this week’s Meaningful Monday, I look forward to talking to you next week,
have a meaningful week, bye-bye.

Randy Schultz

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