Tiger X Pro, Predator Z2, & OB2 Shaft Review

Tiger X Pro, Predator Z2, & OB2 Shaft Review

Hey Youtube. What’s going on? This is Jincui51 Instead of my usual trick shot videos, i’m going to make another vlog. So, today I’m going to be talking about uh… three
different types of low deflection shafts and i’m gonna give you my review of each one and tell you the construction on how they do it and various other minute things that you may want to know about a cue shaft in general. So, this is actually my standard shaft it is uh…I use it for my break cue and all for a standard shaft, they use one piece of wood and uh… they’re just lathe it down to
make the shape of the shaft has a it has a half-inch ferrule with a Le Pro tip also has a metal insert but doesn’t belong to um… but it doesn’t belong to my cue here it belongs to my trick shot cue/ break cue masse cue that sort of cue so most woods all of these woods are Canadian hard rock maple except
for the OB shaft Which i’m going to talk about later, I don’t exactly know what wood it is now i’m going to be talking about the features of the shaft that you can get uh… the shape of the shaft what kinds of ferrules you can get out there and tips…no uh… the insert, etc. So, there are three types of tapers out there Pro taper Double taper and maste…,excuse me not master taper, and conical taper those are the three main types there are different types out there but i’m not gonna bother
mentioning it cause there’s too many out there uh… so the Pro taper is the most common one so what that is is that it starts from uh… the size of the shaft starts at the ferrule, then it stays consistent for the first foot or so and then it gradually becomes wider and bigger as it reaches to the joint this is the most common type of taper out there and it’s the most standard on on most shafts now these days now my ferrule here is, I think it’s made out of ivorine which is a ivory type of substitute but i doubt it, I think its a type of cheap plastic, I don’t know. And the size of the tip is 13 millimeters on my standard shaft the size of the tip what that does is um… the bigger the tip forgiving it is to a novice player because
um… you don’t miscue that often if you want to put extreme
left the extreme right or extremely english on it and so it’s more forgiving but it puts less english on the ball smaller diameter tips are like eleven and three quarters, twelve millimeter
tips and I’ve even seen…the smallest that I’ve heard of that a manufacturer can offer is 11.3 millimeters those types cues that have those types of diameter tips, impart more action to the cue ball and puts more spin into them but most the time, i’ve noticed that you can miscue more often just a tad bit more often you’re not
careful so yeah, those are the differences now um… the inserts can be, the three main type of inserts can be phenolic, metal, and wood this is a metal one, just like i said. metal is suppose to be the most stiffest type of hit while wood is suppose to be the most softest and phenolic from my experience and my opinion, it feels like in between those two. So that’s what it is. before i get into my low deflection shafts what exactly is deflection? deflection is um..(it’s not a phenomenon what am i saying) it’s basically um… what happens is when you put extreme left or extreme right english on a cue ball what happens is is if you have a shaft that’s heavy on the first few inches of the shaft, what
happens is it tends to push to cue ball out of its way and thus it it basically strays off the straight path that you intended to be with low deflection shafts, what cue companies do is they would hollow out the first few inches of the shaft and maybe put
lightweight foam or just leave it hollow and so what that suppose to do is it’s suppose cause the shaft to flex and thus bend out of the way of the cue ball and thus pushing the cue ball in its intended path so that’s what low deflection so that’s what low deflection shafts do now, i’m going to go in order by which shaft i got first so the first one that i ever got is a Tiger X Pro shaft it made out of five different pieces yup it’s made out of five different pieces has a quarter-inch ferrule with a onyx tip on it and the red part did you see is actually
a carbon fiber pad are supposed to protect the ferrule also has a phenolic joint see that black part? That’s phenolic Tiger X Pro So um… how construct the Tiger X Pro is that they take a thin piece of square wood like this not square wood but more like a square prism i guess and then they take different squares and put it together and laminate them together like that and they would then they would lathe it down to make the shape of the shaft now this type of taper is a conical taper and the tip size is like what i said, it’s eleven
and three quarters. So it’s pretty small and i like small tips, that’s just my opinion now stiffness wise, if i had to rate it between a ten and zero. Zero being like a wet noodle and ten being like the very stiffest kind, almost like a tree trunk, I would say it more like a six. I would rate it as a six it’s pretty good, I like stiff shafts uh… depending on I don’t like it too whippy and then again, i don’t like it too stiff, so it’s perfect for me now the reason why i got it is because my standard shot for my Dale Perry here was a one piece shaft and i did not like the feel of it so a friend of mine uh… uh… that i recently visited uh… he has a Tiger shaft but it’s not but is not like my Tiger X Pro is it a Tiger Ultra Low Deflection Shaft… LD and so he asked me “oh, how’s your Dale Perry?” and i was like “oh, i hate the feel of it. I like the look, but i hate the feel of it.” so he was like “oh, try out my Tiger shaft, you might like it.” and so i tried out for a little
while and i loved the feel so i saved money and i got myself the Tiger X Pro and i loved it So that’s the first low deflection shaft that i ever got the second that i got is my Predator Z2 shaft this is my Predator Z2 shaft has a phenolic joint.The R means it’s
a radial pin and all of my uh… all three of my low deflection shafts are radial pin now it’s made out of ten individual pies shaped pieces but the choose certain pieces of the
wood to make all uniform just like this. The tip i believe it’s one-third of an inch and the uh… the ferrule excuse me is one-third of an
inch and the tip is a Tiger Everest tip now my Predator shaft is a bit more stiffer than
my uh… than my TIger X Pro i said that uh…
tiger is my is uh… rated as a six i would say that the Predator is rated as a seven which is still pretty good, and the deflection on it barely any absolutely minimal same thing with the Tiger shaft if not just a bit
better Predator shafts um… the cue company Predator has revolutionized how we make shafts today this basically a lot of people try and copy them but you know…trademark…you can’t so oh by the way, before i get into my OB i got my Tiger and my Predator on Ebay my Tiger, i paid $183 and my Predator Z2 I got it for a good price. I got it for $162. So for those of you who want to get a good deal, look on Ebay ’cause you might find some really good finds this third shaft that i got, I got it from a friend for free and i’m going to explain why, is a OB2 shaft That’s an OB2 shaft with a silver ring has a wood insert to it and they use six pieces of wood but they construct a certain way that’s
very unique this is a wood ferrule it’s um… it’s actually made out of it’s actually made out of individual
pieces of wood to make that spiraling effect and the tip you see is a Tiger Everest tip uh… the red part that you see on the
Tiger Everest is it’s suppose to be like a warning sign that you’re suppose to replace your tip and the black part that you see is actually carbon fiber pad to protect the ferrule so that’s what a OB shaft is so what OB does is pretty unique They take uh… they take six standard shafts they cut they cut a section of it off and they have a glue those six shafts together and then they would Lathe it all down and so it’s suppose to create that spiraling effect just like the OB just like the OB uh… logo that’s what it basically is now the story of how i got it for free a friend of mine actually had a Dale Perry
just like me but he sold that DP but he couldn’t sell the shaft because apparently he damaged it now at the top part of the ferrule wasn’t
suppose to be this small it was supposed to be a tad bit larger and what happened is is when I
received it from him as a gift the ferrule the top part of the ferrule was like bowing
out and i think there was a small crack in it so I took it to my friend and he sanded it all down or chopped it off i don’t exactly know what he did and he put on the Tiger Everest tip on it and I gotta say it hits like a dream it really does, I love the OB2 just as much love my uh… Z2 shaft I wanna give a shout out to my friend who helped me put on my tip and cut down the ferrule. Jeff, if you’re watching this thank you so much for doing this for me. I can not thank you enough So yeah since it has… ok now back to the cue review since it has a wood joint it’s a bit more on the softer side So i rateed my tiger as a six my Pedator as a seven I would say my OB is like uh… maybe like uh… five. So it’s within good range so yeah so that is the basic constructions and the differences between all three of these shafts and i gotta say, I love the OB2 and the Z2 the Tiger I still love but in my opinion it’s not as good as the Predator and the OB but that’s just my opinion now I’m not going to keep all of these shafts, i’m going to sell one of them eventually most likely my Tiger but who knows i might still keep it so those are my three shafts and my cue review. So thank you so much for watching
and i’m going to be post more trick shot videos and more videos like this
now from now on so yeah subscribe, comment,
tell me what’s wrong tell me what isn’t, tell me what’s good your choice thank you guys so much for watching

Randy Schultz

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26 thoughts on “Tiger X Pro, Predator Z2, & OB2 Shaft Review

  1. TheCannondale97 says:

    You Forgot one thing, the Ob shafts are not constructed the way you say " from 6 different shafts, They are constructed from 6 separate pieces of a plywood like wood material, then milled down and assembled to form the shaft in the manor you stated. Also the ob shaft is not so soft cause of the joint it is the construct and the feral and the Ob 1 hits so soft from a foam like material in the whole length center of the shaft, I know this cause Ive Broken them in half, They are pieces of shit!!!!!

  2. TheCannondale97 says:

    Yes Im Back, I owned two Obs and they both broke! The first one broke Ob replaced it and said they would not do it again! Then the 2nd One broke so Ive decided that if they would not respect the warranty for the 2nd one I don't need to give them my cash! yes I want to buy from AMERICAN companys, and I do, I own quite a few cues made in USA, But a warranty is a warranty, the only good thing about the Ob cues is the Butt, they are Made by Joss, I know this because I do reaserch, don't buy Obshaft

  3. Jin C says:

    hahaha….my bad about the "6 different shafts" part :p But yeah….i am a little worried about the ferrule breaking again…but i got the shaft for free…so i'm not going to complain too much

  4. Young Leezy says:

    Hey man, just wanted to ask. Are you a pro?

  5. Jin C says:

    hahahaha……i wish..lol

  6. Brock Gibleon says:

    do you have to aim differently on low deflection shafts

  7. Jin C says:

    if you're switching over from a traditional shaft…then yes most likely will have to. Only if you put left or right spin on the ball. It takes time to get use to when you switch over.

  8. Fish Gaming says:

    Would you say your tiger low deflection shaft has a more solid feel to it? the only complaint I have about the predator shaft is when hitting a harder shot with spin the low deflection sounds bad and the cue feels really flimsy. Is the Tiger or OB more of a solid feel to it?

  9. Jin C says:

    In my opinion, yes. the Tiger Pro Shaft is a bit more solid compared to the Predator. The Tiger Pro is also more solid compared to the OB2. However, the OB2 that I'm using is modified, so I can't say that all the OB2s are less solid compared to the Tiger Pro.

  10. Kyle Song says:

    Which cue r u using, the bottom, is it a ikon or blak? I really can't tell. I'm using 314-2, and thinking of switching to z shaft. I know the z is a bit more stiff, but besides that what r the differences? Thx for the review.

  11. up2wind81 says:

    Need advice on this.
    If the upper cue stick shake after contact with a cue ball, is it a bad cue? I can visually see the upper stick shake after a shot. However, I cannot feel any shaking effect on the lower stick (grip).

  12. K R says:

    great video buddy thanks

  13. Linda Stevens says:

    I could spot this guy the world and rob him.

  14. Jack Ridge says:

    Tiger X Pro are not really low end-mass shafts .

  15. Xanh says:

    Can you give review about tigers Ultra-X & Ultra-X LD, whats different between them and whats better, thanks

  16. Douglas Schultz says:

    You are wrong about the smallest tips being 11.3 mm… I have a Meucci UW shaft and it's 10.5 mm.

  17. Marco Cordova says:

    hi Jin C, the tiger pro x shaft, you sold it? because i would buy one of this shaft. thanks.

  18. Gabriel Ruiz says:

    thanks for the information. I just ordered a Z2 shaft. hope I like it.

  19. Matthew Sebastian says:

    u like the ob then the tiger x pro but u rate the ob 5 and the tiger x pro 6 wth hmm which one is better?

  20. Javier Javier says:

    my shaft is ob xl custom

  21. Hobbies And All says:

    In my opinion the 314 series shafts are better from all points of view than any other OB or Z shafts out there!

  22. Phil Ballard says:

    I have a new Dale Perry cue and am looking for an LD shaft for it. It has the Uni-Loc Radial Pin but it seems that since it is a proprietary joint it is hard to find one already made, and would have to send my cue in to have custom shaft made. Can you recommend someone who can sell an LD shaft for my cue or would you sell me one of yours.

  23. Bob Knight says:

    when are you upgrading to the revo shaft?

  24. MrAlivallo says:

    ob shaft is balsawood , pie laminated , and hollowed out. its filled with silicone R-12 and scraps. theres a disection video. Tiger is 4 pie with wood dowell in center for a solid core alturnative without need for long process of dry turn treat that can take 6-12 weeks. wheres your deflection test video on these?

  25. Edmund Wong says:

    What kind of game do you shot? How much English do you shot with? Do you throw or kill shots?

  26. Jerry Nosowsky says:

    "I like stiff shafts" lmao 😂😂😂

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