Tiger Woods – A champion for the ages

Tiger Woods – A champion for the ages

The world of Rolex is filled
with stories of perpetual excellence. Twenty years on, Tiger Woods’ influence
has changed the game of golf. In victories,
in records, he inspired new fans
and broke barriers. Giving rise to a new standard
for future generations. This is a story
of perpetual excellence, the story of Rolex.

Randy Schultz

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7 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – A champion for the ages

  1. Thimble says:

    I love Rolex. Just bought my 4th.

    I own 2016 39mm blue face OP, 2013 42mm Explorer polar face, 2019 44mm James cameron blue face deep sea, 2019 44mm yachtmaster 2. I love collecting them and I wear each one depending my mood for the day.

    Currently on the wait list for a sub hulk… good luck with that and a GMT Master 2 Pepsi too.

    Rolex are a superb brand. Pure class. They are up there with Porsche and Mercedes.

  2. Herbert Wingfield says:

    Hope they got the main spring breakage problems worked out cause my Sumariner is on number 3 and stops a few hours later when I take it off. SS/gold blue bought after a military deployment to fight the drug war on Curacao 1996.

  3. Cosecant18 says:

    Like the watch but this golfer…

  4. Bill Clifton says:

    Tiger is a legend

  5. Fátima Rodrigues says:

    The Legend Continues!

  6. Danny Freeman says:


  7. Mark Michael says:

    Only winners wear Rolex .

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