Tiger Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Tiger Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It gets its name from its stripes on its side,
and maybe from its fearsome reputation for biting surfers. I’m Jonathan Bird and this
is Shark Academy! Tiger Sharks! You know what’s awesome about Tiger sharks?
They’re big. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how big a Tiger Shark is. Sixteen feet long,
a thousand pounds! What weighs a thousand pounds? Two motorcycles! Two big motorcycles…a
couple Harley-Davidsons! We’re talking a big, heavy shark that can eat a lot! Tiger Sharks live in shallow, coastal, tropical
areas. So, around islands like the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii, Fiji, places like that…close
to shore, unfortunately where people like to go swimming. If I was swimming at the beach and I saw a
Tiger Shark, I would get out of the water as soon as was humanly possible without making
too many splashes. I would very nonchalantly be like…[whistles] Tiger Sharks like to eat just about anything
they can catch. From fish, to other sharks (they are very famous for eating other sharks)
but their favorite food is, of course, sea turtles, because they’re crunchy on the outside
and chewy on the inside. They’re delicious. Tiger Shark teeth are cutting teeth. They’re
triangular and serrated but they are arranged in nice straight rows so they have, essentially,
a big blade in their mouth that allows them to chomp big bites out of big prey. They don’t
catch little things, they take bites out of big things. There are a lot of attacks around beaches
where Tiger Sharks mistake someone for a sea turtle because they’re on a boogie board and
they look like a sea turtle. But, it was an accident, they didn’t mean it. But let’s
not talk about that. Let’s not be so negative. In spite of the fact that Tiger sharks have
a terrible reputation for attacking people, the fact is that people dive with them in
several places all over the world regularly and they have an incredibly good safety record.
When the Tiger Shark knows that you are not food—you’re just a diver that’s hanging
out—they’re not aggressive at all. In fact they are quite docile. They will regularly
easily be able to tell the difference between a diver and a piece of chum on the bottom,
and in fact there are multiple instances–I’ve seen it many times—where a Tiger Shark will
just bump a diver out of the way to get to a piece of fish that’s lying there right on
the bottom. If you’re diving with sharks, try not to smell
like fish, but more importantly, try not to look like a fish! Looking like a fish and
smelling like a fish? You’re totally going to get eaten. That’s not cool. Not cool at
at all. That’s the Tiger shark! I’m Jonathan Bird
and join us next week for another Shark Academy. And don’t forget to hit the subscribe button! Can you believe you are getting this for free
on YouTube? All you got to do is subscribe and then watch it! How easy is that? Doesn’t
cost anything. It’s great, we take all the risk, you have all the fun. Yeah, you, I’m
talking to you!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Tiger Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. NosterV1 says:

    1 of my dreames when i get my certification was diving with sharks so i hope to do it ever…

  2. Wobbegong says:

    You could have mentioned the importance of eye contact with the sharks. When I don't have any gogles and would encounter a shark I would  leave just like you suggested. Because they are like cats or children: as soon as they sense that they are not monitored, they get more curious and daring. But you can totally snorkle with tigers and bulls unless you are splashing around in the chumslick

  3. Rvbui7 says:


    Thanks for this!

  4. Lance Reeves says:

    Mmmmm…. Tiger Sharks argArg Argarg (drool… drool)
    I would love to see a Tiger Shark dive episode like your bull shark videos.

  5. Mr. Spiff says:

    0:14 awesome Halloween costume idea

  6. Elaine Woo says:

    Your the best

  7. Zman 789 says:

    Do a meg vid

  8. Jose Hinostroza says:

    Your super cool im 10 and hoping to become a diver

  9. Dancing Banana says:

    Thank you so much for doing these videos 🙂 I LOVE sharks!

  10. William Cox says:

    Good work.  An excellent balance of light humor and hard fact.

  11. Bryan Guidos says:

    Make a shark academy of mako sharks

  12. Sam Rittler says:

    Favriote shark other than blue sharks?

  13. TheGamingPharaoh says:

    I like blue world

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  15. Vajira Hettiarachchi says:

    it's so funny when u we're whistleing and looking like a fish

  16. Devo Anderson says:

    If you want to find dangerous sharks go to Sydney harbour.

  17. Devo Anderson says:

    Sydney harbour is in Australia

  18. Jingru Li says:

    I am literally laughing in my bed when he said not to look like a fish along with the fish face lol XD

  19. JPLANZAS05 says:

    Jonathan your the best

  20. No Name says:

    You are SO funny 😂 you remind me of my dad 🌟

  21. No Name says:

    You are SO funny 😂 you remind me of my dad 🌟

  22. Caolan says:

    thank you jonathan you have actually helped me clear my fear of sharks to a point where i want to swim with them but i live in ireland and there are no sharks 🙁

  23. The Ugly Barnacle says:

    Getting bumped by a tiger shark must be nervewracking, since they have a tendency to eat things that aren't even edible to begin with! (tires, kegs, paper cups, etc.)

  24. s3dchr says:

    You're likable, charismatic and informative(though longer videos and even more details would be even better).
    Great show!

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    tigersharks are actually pretty cute

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    I love your shark show jonathan.

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    I love the Tiger Sharks!

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  32. Xur says:

    when i went to hawwie i say a tuger shark 5 feet away and i got close to it and it didnt eat me i was shocked 😮

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    This is awesome! I'd love for there to be a Seal Academy! I absolutely love seals. 😀

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    I should make sure that I wipe fish blood and guts all over my body and face before swimming with tiger sharks.

  43. Lina Song says:

    I'm your fan

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    So totally true.

  45. Went Hulk says:

    I don't believe that subscription is free…..

  46. Adelene Lee says:

    tiger sharks are look like tigers

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    That sucks that tigers eat other sharks. Lions will kill Cubs if they're not his. Just sad that animals do that. Great vid! Love "shark academy!"

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    I'm jonnathen bird and is shark acatamy

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    Yaiy you mentioned their teeth & the fact they eat sea turtles!!! I love my seatigies & I adopted a wee one from Shark Angels dot com. I called him Pelenato after a friendly tiger shark in one of my stories, looking for injured creatures. But here's something you didn't mention: Tiger sharks can go as deep as 900 metres below the surface!!! OOOFT 0-900 metres, even humans can't dive that deeply,; we'd need to be in a submersible!!! Because my story includes a set of isles populated by sea turtles, Pelenato's very worried about going there due to the fact he can eat them!!!

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    4 am me: wHeEzE

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