Tiger Diner Demo

Tiger Diner Demo

i want to talk to you today about something made by a company also called Pioneer Pet it is called the Tiger Diner it is a really unique “bowl” to feed cats, basically they have to fend for themselves it is a great way to keep a cat busy, its a great way to “free-feed” it’s made of ceramic it’s really heavy duty there are all these holes around the side they look like little “mouse holes” that the cat has to put its paws into the funnel on top is where you pour the food so they cannot get in there we’re going let the boys, Ivar and Vito we are going to let them check this out. for the first time ever lets see what happens they picked out their own food earlier a sample from the sample boxes they chose FROMM Duck ala Veg “yes I know”

Randy Schultz

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