Tiger Attacks Man: Real Tiger Attack Stunt

Tiger Attacks Man: Real Tiger Attack Stunt

COMM: How’s this for a unique day job? Randy Miller from California spends most of his
working day fighting off a four hundred pound predator. COMM: But don’t worry Randy has the last laugh, he’s one of Hollywood’s most accomplished
animal trainers. RANDY: “Okay come get her.” COMM: At his predator handling facility, Randy is setting up for another day commanding dangerous
creatures. But the preparation is all worth it, his skill landed him a top stunt award
for his work on blockbuster Gladiator, and he has countless credits to his name. RANDY: Uh some of the biggest films I’ve worked on, Gladiator, Transformers 2, The Last Samurai. COMM: But success doesn’t always come easy, and sometimes Randy is injured in the process. RANDY: If they become serious, one bite could kill you, one bite. And if you get bit in
the neck, you’re dead. COMM: And during the filming of Gladiator things started to go wrong for Randy. RANDY: They used a special effects camera, to put Russell’s face over my face, and while
doing these attacks, I ended up getting bit real bad through the wardrobe. It was leather,
it was supposed to look like y’know armour. And she ended up biting through the armour,
she started dragging me off the set. COMM: However, Randy doesn’t blame the tiger. RANDY: I never took it personal, like she was angry at me and wanted to bite me, it
was more about this wardrobe. COMM: To meet the demands of big name directors, Randy must risk his life everyday, and even
worries his own assistants. CAT: I know he does have everything under control but of course there’s the still natural
“Oh wait, okay y’know he’s fine.” RANDY: I’ve been bit a few times, and I’ve done the staged attack hundreds of times,
so I think it’s really a pretty safe job for myself. In terms of my family, I think they
may worry about it, no-one has asked me to, to stop and they, they feel that I know what
I’m doing. It’s really how I wanna spend my life. COMM: It’s only Randy’s unique bond with these animals that stops him becoming cat food. 02:14
RANDY: “Okay uh, come around, the same routine.” 02:16
RANDY: Well if a stranger tried to do this stunt they would get seriously injured, mauled
or even killed. COMM: There’s no doubt he has one of the world’s riskiest looking jobs. RANDY: It feels like I’m in the Superbowl getting hit by y’know a professional football
player. Even more. She’s very powerful. COMM: And as a final message for any would be tiger trainers, watch out. RANDY: These animals only look friendly and affectionate, only because, I’ve raised them.
I’m their father y’know? If somebody else were in this position, they would lose control,
fast. RANDY: “Okay, okay, end it.”

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Tiger Attacks Man: Real Tiger Attack Stunt

  1. darkpaldin55 says:

    400 pounds 😱

  2. Emil Arndahl Lond 8X Parkvejens Skole says:

    Man this guy got some balls

  3. Darth Maul says:

    Stupid humans!!!! Tigers are on the way to extinct and theyre really beautiful animals! we have to try to keep them alive

  4. Hitler II - Benjamin Netanyahu says:

    Perhaps he should hit the gym and build some strength of his own.

  5. john appleseed says:

    Lol too bad that tiger wasn't angry…try that with a wild tiger


    Dr Evil popped in my head when he said he was their father

  7. Sandy C says:

    its a game to the Tiger

  8. vk45 de says:

    lol her name is Cat

  9. Sam Ogilvie says:

    this guy is crazy, he has bravery.

  10. Luffy Sama says:

    he is so cocky

  11. Soli S says:

    Strength and Honor!

  12. Nikyxa Yxa says:

    Tiger don't understand so it is are play!!!!
    Animals need live in reserves!

  13. Rogue Boozar says:


  14. Cody Pittman says:

    I think we have a winner for Shiva on the walking dead, get at this guy AMC and Gimple

  15. Abraham Dk says:

    jay Paul Jesu songs

  16. Sorel366 says:

    this tiger is half the size of a regular one.

  17. Nicolas Lucien says:

    he said "one bite"..but his fingers shows 2..dfq

  18. Lolllboi says:

    Thumbs up if ur on the right sode of youtube

  19. hell's knight says:

    no, no they do not "look friendly and affectionate"

  20. Chanelle dlima says:

    I miss tigger from Winnie the Pooh! (jk)

  21. Mark Zink says:

    I won't even do this with my cat; yet alone a version a few sizes bigger.

  22. Hitesh Solanki says:


  23. Lumi Michael says:

    Yep, he's dead. Only a matter of time when he dies from a tiger.

  24. 曹一夫 says:


  25. TheWalamala says:

    Tiger was prob on its period

  26. Arushi Singh says:


  27. Crimea USA says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how many idiots are there!

  28. Ryder says:

    Another idiot who won't live long lol.

  29. sangjeong kimcho says:


  30. MOUHAJIR & AFTAKHIR - مهاجر و افتخر says:


  31. zakosist says:

    Pretty cool to watch. But I really hope the tiger doesn't spend most of its time in that Cage (1:46), that seem like animal cruelty. But I'm not judging since its just one short video

  32. Kevin Wolfe says:

    Bet he bangs his assistants

  33. Em Spearing says:

    All it takes is one "oops!" Then, I suppose, some galoot with a rifle will be required to kill the bad cat.

  34. YT_Ayman ibra says:


  35. YT_Ayman ibra says:


  36. Sandra and Britteneys Show says:

    I am not into this stuff i am scared of lions

  37. Sandra and Britteneys Show says:

    Sorry tiger

  38. md zishan alam says:

    Acha hai videos

  39. Barunka Běhací says:


  40. sangjeong kimcho says:


  41. scotty5448 says:

    white people shit 😂

  42. Kayluee says:

    tiger pretty

  43. James Poulson says:

    The youtube screenshot of this video is blocked on facebook

  44. Truth Seeker 312 says:

    RIP in advance

  45. Aileen Sanchez says:

    For my opinion I would never ever own such a big animal that can kill me any second

  46. Rocket Raccoon says:

    I have yet to see a black man handling big cats.

  47. Sanjay Repal says:

    That's nice video

  48. rajit kumar says:


  49. Jakub Kolesár says:

    Hello there, let me please one more time switch with the tiger.

  50. Chilli Chicken says:

    In India wild circus-animals are drugged and kept half-starved. Their trainers/ handlers know exactly what diet to give to each animal.
    During film shootings with Lions/ Tigers, jaws & claws of big cats are injected with Xylocaine/ Cocaine solutions to keep their muscles partially paralysed for a couple of hours.

  51. Joseph Mcmanus says:

    Kevin Richardson is also remarkable. Look up is site.

  52. Ashmad Olayadiha says:

    His co trainers are 20 years younger than himand in good shape☺

  53. Xx_Eskeetiit_xX OP says:

    Well why shawn michaels didn't super kick to the tigers😂

  54. mark675 says:

    It only hasnt eaten him cus hes got no meat on him lol

  55. Calin Marie says:

    I know tigers are really dangerous, but they're so freaking adorable…

  56. NRJ DIXIT says:

    Its really scariest than this one ..real attack

  57. Jonatan Ordonez says:

    That's abuse to this tiger. Hopefully tiger ends up taking out it's real wild side on him

  58. Emiyah Trammell says:

    You might die one day I'm not being mean but you can die if you get him realy mad just saying

  59. Lala French Aka Anglo Frenchy Chick says:

    Cute cat

  60. Hailey Mcguire says:

    Tigers are so beautiful

  61. Paul C Lalchungnunga says:

    He's just playing with the tiger

  62. * Producer says:

    Check this attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRAJ95r8kAw

  63. Kabonmily Beypi says:

    Unbelieveable the man n animals living together…I' won trust..It

  64. Pat Iorio says:

    Dam ! It says tiger attacks stuntman man real life .what a joke I was Hoping it did attack you Giambrones in real life .

  65. Shilvey Subarno says:

    The tiger do not look healthy to me

  66. Carter Gaian says:

    RIP randy miller

  67. Arati Nanda says:


  68. Snow Couf says:

    Wow is she ok 😅😐😟

  69. Maria Das Graças Moreira Viana says:

    E aquela bengala???????
    É para quê mesmo???????!!!!!!!
    É para bater no tigre??????
    Vocês é desses que tratam bem na frente dad cameras e por trás maltratam os animais.
    Ñ achei esse tutor muito confiável ñ?!

  70. Jimins vlogs Vs suga says:

    That is S A V E G E

  71. Taliadastar Life says:

    So brave💯💯🎁☺️

  72. ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ NS says:


  73. Crippling Oppression says:

    Tiger !!!!!!!!! 🐯

  74. aerwsrf says:

    Seems better than my office job

  75. Mikey Gordon says:

    Do not try this action and activity.Tiger is the apex predators in the forest and keep prey population in check so the plants can grow higher.

  76. Akok Longkumer says:

    They are just playing.

  77. Jaguar Raider says:

    Is this the tiger in gucci gang vid

  78. Virgil Protopopescu says:

    That is a very dangerous game.aveți grijă de voi.

  79. Virgil Protopopescu says:

    Nu sunt pisicuțe.

  80. Anasia Echavarria says:


  81. Alton toni says:

    but why

  82. Micah Smith says:

    Click baited

  83. Jack Animation 2019 says:

    I had sexs with the tiger

  84. Maciek ponczek says:

    i wonder if he is still alive

  85. Mark Lunnon says:

    Well mate you wear leather….. the skin of there natural prey you'll get bitten. If you train animals you should know that 😉

  86. celtic knight says:

    The tiger is a paid actor definately

  87. Gilbert yay says:

    I want tiger to be free

  88. Jeffery Tseng says:

    why the chains ??? if i put a chain on u, dont think u would be quite happy

  89. C. McMenemy says:

    then one day it's, hey who put that bear here?

  90. Makinley Carter says:

    That tiger looks like She's from The Walking Dead. Rest in Peace Sheva the tiger.

  91. Heracles Theodoros 2 says:

    La verdadera casa por un tigre 🐅 es la natura salvaje. Me encantaría a tener un león 🦁 o un tigre 🐅 en mi casa. Sin embargo yo se que cuando el león tiene cinco años debo liberarlo en la sabana de Africa.

  92. Lauren Gerbitz says:

    The tiger is a paid actress.


  93. Joe Palmrr says:

    The video should be accurately renamed 'Stunt Man Talks About How His Tiger Sometimes Bites Him On Set'

  94. Niranjan Jhora says:

    Main. Niranjan Jhora damdim t.e. n.g.divi babu line ka hon. 20.6.19 ko mera sister ko tiger ne attack kiya. Oo samai o T.G.kam kar raha tha. Hamre t.g.ka management koi action nahi le raha hai eske bare mea maei chahata hon koi eske bare action kare. Nahi to bagan ke magdur keise kam karenge please help us.

  95. Kruz-Wade Tauzin says:

    When he said that wa sever I wanted to do and it came ture 😉

  96. Arsema Aklilu says:

    Hell na

  97. Joe Delamater says:

    It's just a wild animal let it go

  98. whips says:

    its only a matter of time before this Tiger takes his life you cannot take the Wild out of any Tiger or lion they do turn on you and it death for both man and Tiger what a waist of life and Tigers life all over a daft human.

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