Tiger 🐯 | Amazing Animals

Tiger 🐯 | Amazing Animals

and now it’s time for some more amazing animals number 1758 the amazing tiger if you thought your cat was large then take a look at the biggest of the species on the planet the tiger where is it there it is that was close oh I’m sorry we’re playing hide and squeak don’t you mean hide and seek in our version when we find you you go squeak mommy Tigers can be found in India China and Southeast Asia but sadly there are only a small number of them left they are nature’s most perfect hunter striped with their own special markings each different like a human thumbprint which are incredibly useful for camouflage there are some six subspecies of this big cat left in the world can you recognize this tiger I’m a Bengal tiger how’s that for raw talent they’re big they’re bold they’re beautiful the tiger it certainly is one amazing animal

Randy Schultz

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