Tides & Islands 2012 — Day 5 — Crocodile Creeps

Tides & Islands 2012 — Day 5 — Crocodile Creeps

He really is coming to have a look isn’t he? (crocodile swimming adjacent to the boat) I’ve never had such a good look at one in the wild (photographing the swimming crocodile) We’re hear off Colbert Island and ready to do a dive we’re all getting dressed and ready to go, but unfortunately for us a crocodile has just turned up. Now he probably wouldn’t do anything, but we have to be on the safe side, we we’re having to abort this dive and get the boat unanchored and move right the way on the other side of the island Hopefully, there won’t be a crocodile there but who knows, we’ll see. (moving the boat and preparing to dive again) Pretty far away from the croc I think… (further dive prepartions) (underwater dive sequence) No not a single one. Fortunately, we moved far enough away that he obviously lost the scent

Randy Schultz

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