Thursday Workday | November Garden Wrap-up, LIZARD | Vlog

Thursday Workday | November Garden Wrap-up, LIZARD | Vlog

(mellow guitar solo) (birds chirping) It may not seem like it right now, but
Thursday workdays in November were hot and sunny and action-packed. Take a look.
I first went out to inspect the peppers in ground and harvest. The Pequin pepper,
from the seeds I got in Phoenix, has become a bush and is surviving against
the bacterial spot. This is a keeper. These babies are hot. The Maras Biber
right beside it is not faring as well, and it will come out after I harvest
these peppers. Powdery mildew has grown on the leaves already infected with
bacterial spot. The weight of the oranges was pulling the branches down and
blocking the narrow path, so Erick and I tied them up with plastic garden tape.
I noticed dead leaves on the clump of society garlic
beneath the tree and asked Erick to clean them out, and we discovered our friend.
Why don’t you just let it go a little bit, gently let the plant go. Lizards
release that last section of tail when threatened, so I guess we didn’t stress
it out too much. Ok, it’s happy now, ha, ha. Yeah, that’s good enough. We don’t want to
take all the habitat away for the, from the lizard. That’s the end of its tail right there. Erick: I moved the grass. I know. Erick: I’m so sorry. Well, I should have thought of that
because we took away that whole big lavender plant, and we know it lives here.
This is the last day of November and these are my peppers that I harvested.
These are Maras Biber and these are Filius Blue, these are Pequin, which I
got from Arizona, Orange Thai and I have three little Butingghan tomatoes. These
are inchworms. They’re no feet in the, sort of the middle of the caterpillar,
and so it makes a loop every time it wants to walk. It’s actually not a worm,
obviously, it’s a larva of a moth, probably the cabbage moth, the white one. It’s so destructive. I got 100 percent germination from the
garlic cloves. So this bed that I planted all these carrots in, all these 4 O’clocks
self-seeded in here. You can’t even see the carrots. There were a few down here. That was
a different variety. Nothing came up over there, so I don’t know how many carrots
I’m gonna get. It’s little disappointing because I’ve harvested a lot of carrots
out of that bed. But the big issue is this lemon grass is now a monster. Those lemongrass stalks are over
ten feet tall. It’s kind of overshadowed the lemon verbena, but it’s still putting
out new growth. Oh, it smells wonderful! And this is the Back 40 raised bed
with shallots, garlic, and sweet peas and of course, borage popping up. I’ve got a few snapdragons blooming. My
favorite color in the world I can’t get over how tiny these pea
plants are. Hopefully they’ll fatten up. Erick cut this leaf by accident, so I’m gonna
try to get this through its lifecycle. This is a monarch chrysalis. So what I
did was, this kefir lime plant has very sharp thorns and I stuck a thorn through
the stem of the leaf and taped it, and this will have a good seal, and the leaf
will protect it from wind, so it should make it. So because this little section
of driveway does not have irrigation, we are going to bury a couple more ollas.
One big one, which hopefully will feed the perennial aronia bushes and pineapple guava. Here are the aronia bushes, which haven’t
grown at all, but they didn’t get any sun with all these squash leaves. That is
white fly, but there were a lot of worse ones we took off. That’s okay, that’s good
right there. That’s gonna water the pineapple guava. Yeah, that should be good.
And the big one in the middle, hopefully that will… oh, let me see that.
See when when the mildew has covered both sides, it’s really difficult. Get rid of
the leaves. I’ll spray it and see if we can maintain it. We may be cutting this
sugarcane completely down, I don’t know. How can that be wet? Wood chips. Ah! Wood chips working very good. These two Pantelleria Peppers
that I saved look really good and they’re actually making
peppers and this is the last day in November. (classical violin music) And this, amazingly, has an eggplant
growing. Here’s that one passion fruit that was gray a month ago. It’s still
gray, and these are still green, but starting to turn. Next Erick and I did
some repotting. This is my Old Man Cactus in the very old, not even sure if that is
a pot. We drilled holes in it last week, and it looks awesome. Now it can get a
lot bigger. Zachary dropped by and asked if there
was anything he could do, and since it was time to clean up, I gave him a broom. Wood chips always manage to work their
way onto the sidewalk and driveway and Zachary was a big help. You’re doing a really good job. Thanks. The ollas were in,
and it was time to wrap things up for November. Erick and I had planted the metal
containers with poinsettias for holiday color, and I washed down the front before
he had to leave. I was very happy with my little succulent garden, and its new
addition. Alone now, I unwound from the day with some hibiscus iced tea. I
harvested flowers and poured boiling water over them and let them steep for
10 minutes. Wow, that’s intense! Can’t wait. Aa great end to a great day. Thanks so much for watching this channel,
and sharing it with your friends. I’ll see you next time. (piano solo slowly ends)

Randy Schultz

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17 thoughts on “Thursday Workday | November Garden Wrap-up, LIZARD | Vlog

  1. Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer says:

    Kaye how would you compare maras biber and banana peppers taste and productivity wise? We are watching Zachary grow up on your channel 😁😁!!

  2. Munir Mohamed says:

    That hibiscus iced tea looks refreshing:)

  3. pat g smith says:

    Did you add anything to your cranberry hibiscus tea?

  4. Lily Hau says:

    I love your pequin pepper. I did order some pepper at baker seeds you told me about, can't wait till I planted. Thank you !!

  5. Patrick Meehan says:

    Texas rose garlic looks to be doing very well. Wow ! Kaye, you have some hot stuff there hahaha. Nice Video
    I love the music. X Patrick

  6. Dawn Pleasant says:

    Be careful, Kaye. Succulents and Cacti can be addictive. That small succulent garden could turn into a large collection in no time. 🙂 Your videos are so relaxing. My carrots are not doing well either. I sowed them right before we had a 100+ degree heat wave. The peas died too. Days here are still in the 80s. Thank you for another great video!

  7. Maricela Hinojosa says:

    Your hibiscus got so tall and the leaves are different than the ones I'm used to seeing. I'll have to find me some cranberry hibiscus seeds. Your garden is always transforming through the season, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. King English show says:

    flowers in the last was good

  9. shashakeeleh says:

    I did everything right for my carrots this season, except… Not enough sun. Sigh. I'm hoping to let them stay in the bed at least 30 days more, maybe 60 days to get the sun back on them, and help them to mature. Rearranging all my bed now. I know exactly where sun will be at any time of the year now.

  10. Permaculture Homestead says:

    came, smiled, thumbed up as always

  11. Rabia zahir says:

    Watching ur videos with a cup of tea 😻

  12. Patti Hayden says:

    You have such a beautiful garden. I’m jealous!

  13. Lyla Black says:

    I can't even get a harvest 🙁

  14. wildchook (Mary) says:

    Don't cut the sugarcane, they're pretty to look at even if you don't chew it LOL They make great ornamental plants. You two did a great job with the garden. That hibiscus drink sounds delish 🙂

  15. Tom Hill says:

    Keep the four-o-clock tipped off very low. That will slow I down and give the carrots time to catch up.

  16. Food Thyme says:

    I've been so busy animating my videos lately that I missed some of your vids. Catching up and hope your arm is getting better after the comfrey poultice treatment.. I grow comfrey for just this…#123 thumbs up

  17. havfaith S. says:

    What varieties of hibiscus are edible and usible for teas? I have a common variety but it is my understanding not all are edible.

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