Thor Puts His Hammer on Fire Dragon (Scene) – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Thor Puts His Hammer on Fire Dragon (Scene) – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Heimdall, come on. Stay! Heimdall? I’m running short on options. -Heimdall? Um … Skurge ? Is that important? Skurge : You girls are in for a treat.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Thor Puts His Hammer on Fire Dragon (Scene) – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

  1. BestClips says:

    Click Here For Thor vs Surtur :

  2. Faeyza NHN says:

    R u kidding me I watched the movie and it didnt show me this scene

  3. Juan Alvarez says:

    I don't recall seeing that in
    Thor Ragnarok

  4. Piotr Sitkowski says:

    Lol that cartoonish sound effect at 0:38 when the hammer comes in contact with the dragon's mouth.

  5. Lunatic Ranger says:

    Now put that hammer in lift OR
    Hang it on cloth hanger.

  6. Count Andre' says:

    Surtur : Thor, son of Odin
    Thor : Surtur, son of a………..bitch……epic. I'm all DC but Ragnarok, Dr. Strange n GOTG are awesome

  7. LJS5006 says:

    Me: I want to go to the gym and get strong!

    Mum: we have a gym at home

    gym at home 0:52

  8. Hunter Cortez says:

    Yo that is honestly a beautiful dragon

  9. Mohammad Usman says:

    I didnt know dragons were rocket powered

  10. Arif khan Khan says:

    Thor is the best

  11. Senior Ricketts says:

    Damn you cut out the best part

  12. Drake Liu says:

    to bad it didn't show Thor a lot in Muspellheim it would be better if Thor had a adventure there Thor was mostly in sakaar.

  13. RAYYAN GAMER says:

    0:13 Listen this sound in 2x it's… It's like a song.

  14. JNetwork32 says:

    Shrek guys???

  15. Marvelbest seen says:

  16. OG says:

    1:21 holy shit

  17. Pooja Menon Roy says:

    He is surter

  18. Md. Nazmul Alam says:

  19. Kory Demel says:

    It took me so long to find this scene. And I’m so glad I did. Just a solo mission with a dragon literally by the teeth. And the mother fucker flew with biological engines? What. ?????????????????

  20. Affendi alias says:

    Fake dragon

  21. Oivatank says:


  22. Sarah Boaz says:

    Thor to the dragon: Stay

  23. The Grimwiz says:

    Mjôlnïr is always amazing. Such a cool & legendary thing, considering it's fictional

  24. Leonardo Amaral says:

    Manda em portugue

  25. donpharaohh says:

    Who would’ve known billy butcher would be in charge ?

  26. Polyritz says:

    this dragon reminds me of valstrax from mhgu

  27. cironar says:

    Who's the girl in the purple dress?


    See itold you ancient beings had rocket tech

  29. blazzee hazzee says:

    Thor ragnarok was the mcu movie with the best action… And winter soldier.

  30. Vinny says:

    A dragon wasnt worthy, but a kid from Brooklyn was. Think about that for a second.

  31. Crazy VillainFan says:

    So you know your dragons: Maleficent, Smaug, the ones from Game of Thrones, they all have wings. WHY THE FUCK HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF A JET PACK DRAGON

  32. tony cee says:

    Ouu look at me I’m Thor and I have a hammer that makes me fly

  33. Santosh Magar says:

    What if thor had put his hammer on thanos chest.will thanos be able to stand.

  34. THE FEAR says:

    1:15 new valfalk design looks cool but not great

  35. OjiJay 11 says:

    He couldn’t do that to Thanos?

  36. Dr. Aven Strange says:

    What if Thor or Cap just dropped Mjolnir on Thanos in the final battle?

  37. Danny Benhur says:

    I love the aesthetic of this scene…it's a cool design to see thor with cape and horns..

  38. Argon says:

    Skurge was completely unnecesaary in this movie, his sacrifice didn't even made people cry.

    Also it opens a question why the hell did they replace Heimdall? While he exists in the movie it is his life duty to stand forever in the bifrost.

  39. Zectro Anims says:

    That dragon is droggo from paladins

  40. hunghtkt phamkhanh says:

    What if the dragon actually worthy?

  41. Franil Mendes says:

    He had to put it on thanos in end and than take storm breaker and …..

  42. Tristan Dudek says:

    Why didn't he do this to Thanos

  43. Arthur Morgan says:

    Me:mom can we get heimdall I need him

    Mom : no we have heimdall at home

    Heimdall at home : 0:53

  44. Dragon Waifu says:

    What he should have done to Thanos.

  45. Mr Potato says:

    This is my faverioute Thor outfit.

  46. Carmelo heso jello my favorite color yellow Anthony says:

    What if you grab a stick to move the hammer?

  47. Rafael Ferreira says:

    that dragon was fast

  48. shrimp dynamics says:

    why didnt he do that to thanos

  49. Steven Lohja says:

    Why didn't he do the same with Thanos in Endgame?

  50. JK Yotik Hip Hop says:

    Thor Puts his hammer on fire Dragon? Isn't it double meaning?

  51. Name not available says:

    Why he didn't put the hammer on thanos in endgame?

  52. Xarmor india says:

    I loved this intro music

  53. Dhariouz says:

    He should’ve done this to thanos

  54. mike wright says:

    Why do all these people in the video right when it gets good you can't prolong the video for a second longer or two? end it in the middle of a scene??

  55. Chunlun Donnie Lee says:

    Why didn’t he drop it on Thanos’ toe? Oh he didn’t have it …

  56. PUBG Official says:

    Teacher: Gives me homework
    Me: 0:54

  57. gangsta homie says:

    easy win for thor if he simply put mjolnir on thanos head

  58. Олег Лукиных says:

    Блять я не понимаю какова хуя эти коратыши нужны в ютубе смекаите сразу фильм вы ебальники ебанутые это вам комплемент от Олежи

  59. Joey Central says:

    If Deathwing was in the MCU…

  60. Ya boi Derpy says:

    1:21 a dragon with a frickin jetpack

  61. —TheLegend27 — says:

    What’s the point of those chains if they broke that easily

  62. Richmond Boahene says:

    Why ddnt he put his hammer on thanos head

  63. YAHEL ADOM says:

    Thor el mejor Avenger!

  64. Thinking Tech says:

    Every modern Hollywood film is extremely boring, same ol choreographies same ol creature animations just simply crap. Give us a break and actually make art.

  65. Eric Burton says:

    Ok, now I’m ready for the movie about the origin of Thanos the mad titan, you know the guy that was stronger than world breaker hulk and rendered Stormbreaker and mjnolir useless. That guy that Thor, hulk, Ironman, Doctor Strange and guardians were no match for, that guy that sucker punched Captain Marvel senseless with a rock in his hand

  66. arty shorts says:

    1:12 I love that music so much

  67. Victor M says:

    A good alternate title for Thor Ragnarok is definitely 80s Metal Album Cover: The Movie

  68. Henry Castro says:

    I swear this is the solution to every villain, they could’ve done this to Thanos

  69. BlockBreaker88 says:

    Why couldn’t he do that to like Thanos or literally anybody?

  70. Karrich 666 says:

    Can’t fast travel while enemies are near by

  71. NEPHERYA GOLD says:

    Now that…

    Is how you train a dragon.

  72. IDK with myself says:

    Nasa should be able to get some ideas from that jet dragon.

  73. Sparker408 says:

    Love that shake weight

  74. Donis Perez says:

    0:39 should've done that with Thanos

  75. M. Bison says:

    When Thor is doing Thor things. He is such an awesome and powerful character. And Endgame just Fucked him up.

  76. Ed Vincent Calaguas says:

    He should have done this to Thanos head.

  77. Ezekiel Jeremiah Bien Vegiga says:

    Thor could've just give the hammer to Thanos and steal the infinity stones

  78. Fire Dragon says:

    No please don't put the hammer on me ;-;

  79. vineet joshi says:

    0:53 best workout ever

  80. Kevin Jackson says:

    It's not a dragon it's a goat

  81. GarrysFactor says:

    Is it really a dragon without wings tho?

  82. Max Axe says:

    The only thing that I hate about this movie is that Thor even after unlocking his true powers never beated Hela at all

  83. Dio Brando says:

    Dragon with jet engines? Cool I’ve seen one in monster hunter

  84. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  85. Hentacle Tentai says:

    Rocket powered dragon ?

  86. Seidan Rules says:

    Is this musphelheim?

  87. Leo Oscar Crystal says:

    The dragon can lift thor while he was holding the hammer

  88. taleta nasi says:

    Ini utk kalian. Aku toh sudah minta maaf berkali2 toh . Kalian masih menghina saya

    Sapi Betina (Al-Baqarah):15 – Allah akan (membalas) olok-olokan mereka dan membiarkan mereka terombang-ambing dalam kesesatan mereka.

  89. Violent Boy says:

    Woah? I never notice that dragon had jetpacks instead of dragon wings. What ever wings are for babies a dragon jetpack is much? Better and much faster.????

  90. mariotaz says:

    This movie is nothing like the comics.

  91. Bob Bob says:

    This scene made me think of Ragnaros as Surtur and the dragon as Deathwing when I saw it in theatres.

  92. Hit Man says:

    Billy butcher

  93. Cornberry says:

    The synth is so good man

  94. Spicy Trash Panda says:

    Only Thor may lift Mjolnir. Dragon lifts Thor whilst wielding Mjolnir. So technically can't dragon lift Mjolnir?

  95. Steven Webster says:

    I dont remember this scene.

  96. Shet-tama says:

    Can I lift the hammer if I had a glove or I wrap it on a plastic?

  97. Joshua Park says:

    Why isn't this on disney+

  98. nightmare nadder the dragon says:

    1:12 dragon: HES MINE!
    (Flys off)

  99. Demonic Beast says:

    Who else thinks…blondie is damn gorgeous?

  100. Jefferson Steelflex says:

    Could have just done this with Thanos in end game. Like, put it on his head or something

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