This Man Woke Up Inside The Snake. What Happened To His Body ?

This Man Woke Up Inside The Snake. What Happened To His Body ?

It happened last Saturday. It was late evening and I, as usual, was sitting
at the computer preparing material for a new episode, when I suddenly
received a message from my friend, Matt, saying: “Hey dude, how’s it
going? You at home? I’m coming over. I’ll be there in an hour. I’ve got
this really crazy story to tell you. About a guy who was swallowed by an
anaconda! No shit. I kid you not. It’s gonna blow your mind!” How can I
say no to that? Matt is a rather colorful character, and quite
the raconteur. He seems to
make a point of hanging out with all sorts of different freaks, weirdos,
and other assorted oddballs. He always recounts to me the wildest,
craziest, and most outlandish stories that he gets from this bizarre
assortment of human beings he counts as his friends. You have no idea
the endless number of totally insane stories I’ve heard during my time
knowing this guy Matt. And it’s not as if I dislike these stories
or anything, but I have to say that I really
do get truly freaked out sometimes…I mean I get goosebumps and my
hair stands up from his retelling of some of the gory and creepy details. Though fortunately, I
think these stories are probably just pure fantasy… very realistic, but still
fantasy. I think so. I mean, they must be. Well…I can’t say 100% one
way or the other for sure. Anyway… almost all of our mutual friends
believe every single word of every story he tells… and they call me a
skeptic! Matt and I had a heated discussion regarding
his latest story. I
argued that there were several inconsistencies and uncertainties. Matt,
on the other hand, vehemently argued – as usual – that everything was
100% pure, unadulterated truth. So, I had an idea: who, if not you, my
dear viewers, could better judge the veracity of this tale… and help us
sort truth from fiction in this mystifying modern-day instant legend? And
after watching this video, please give a thumbs up if you like this new
format. Okay… back to the story Matt told me that
night: Whether out of boredom, or from an irresistible
urge to revel in doing something exotic and irrational, one Mister
Richard Harris, an ordinary accountant from New York City, suddenly decides
to go to South America in search of a giant anaconda. Yes, that’s right…an anaconda. His friends all politely tell him his idea
is pretty out there. And it IS a
nutso idea. To most people, anyway. But not to Mr. Harris. I just can’t
figure how this guy thinks it’s worth it to just go traipsing off into the
Amazon to get himself an anaconda. I mean… the guy’s an accountant,
for Krikey’s sake, right? I’m thinking he’s gonna be hard pressed
to even tell the difference between – say – a computer
mouse and a big ass jungle rat…let alone a 30-foot-long snake. A 9-meter-long monster like
this is not like what you find in a terrarium at your local pet store. But
anyway listen… So, Richard…or should we call him Dick…let’s
call him Dicky…Dicky believed that what he learned
about snakes on the Internet was more than enough. So, what started this all: Dicky learned that
the New York zoological society was offering $50,000
– a pretty tidy sum, I gotta admit – for a 30-foot or 9-meter-long
anaconda. So, Dick
immediately packs his bags and flies off to Brazil for what he thinks – at
that moment – is going to be easy money. Dick though…he’s a numbers man, right? So, he figures – in that big
smart calculator brain of his – that splitting the money with anyone else is
a bad idea. The prospect even frightens him. He wants it all to himself. He’s got some kind of plans for this 50G. So, he decides to do without
the help of professionals, or a guide, or anyone at all who knows
anything about the jungle or the river…and the dude goes in – alone – on
an old, rented boat, dreaming, I’m sure, of the stacks of cash or gold
doubloons or whatever he’s gonna get. Anyway, a few hours later, still
puttering along in his boat on the waters of the greatest river in South
America, our hero doesn’t really pay much attention to the Sun setting… The nearest settlement is at least 15 miles
away…that’s about 24 km, with a jaguar roaring somewhere not too far
away hinting that it’s probably not a good idea to approach the shore. The situation finally
starts getting to Mr. Harris… he’s used to a somewhat more comfortable
existence. He smacks his paddle down in a fit of frustration
and maybe even a bit of anger…whereupon he gets a
giant splinter in the palm of his hand. He sees the blood…feels a little woozy…pulls
out this enormous splinter… and reflexively dips his bleeding
hand into the water. But – as
the local Indians say – and I may be paraphrasing – do NOT stick your
bloody wounded hand into the piranha-infested Amazon river… It’s just
not a good idea. These monsters aren’t really dangerous if
you don’t have any bleeding scratches or cuts on your
body. But in case of having
something like a gushing, bleeding wound, well…these predatory fish
quite easily smell the blood. If your whole body’s in the water, you are
unlikely to even have enough time to swim to the shore before being
eaten alive. Dick also realizes something like this…
when his forefinger and thumb are suddenly and painfully clenched
in the sharp-toothed, powerful jaws of a piranha. So, Dicky here… well…I’m guessing due
to fear, or perhaps just plain jungle accountant
clumsiness…Dicky falls overboard… Fortunately for him, he is only a few feet
away from the muddy shoreline, so our intrepid and fearless first-time snake
hunter accountant manages to get onshore alive, unlike his thumb, which
remains in the mouth of the predatory fish. But Harris, who is lying on the grass, doesn’t
give a hoot about his lost finger… the main thing is
that he survived, and that nothing else augurs any trouble. And everything seems like it’s gonna be
okay… Except, of course, for the gigantic anaconda,
which is just 5 feet away – that’s one and a half meters – and is staring
directly at Dicky, our jungle tourist. Something tells me that Mister Harris isn’t
thinking about the money any longer at this moment… But there isn’t really any time to think
of pretty much anything. Our
intrepid urban office hunter remembers what he is supposed to do in
such a situation…something he learned from some random website. So
Dicky lays down flat on his back on the ground, ramrod straight, in the
hope that the snake will try to eat him, feet first, so that our hero can
then attack the predator with a knife. This is how the instructions on the
website stated one should fight off a giant, man-eating snake. But, alas,
despite his excellent sense of humor, Dicky didn’t understand that the
article was nothing more than a joke, and that trying to fight a snake this
way, you will only accelerate the time it takes for the snake to get you into its stomach. And besides…anacondas are practiced killers,
and are not very likely to start eating a person starting
with their feet. Normally,
these mega snakes first envelop their victim’s body, constricting around
it, whereupon they break all of their victim’s bones, and squeeze out all
the available air in their lungs. It is then that an anaconda will begin to
consume their meal, normally starting from the head… This fate would
await Harris as well…if not for the guinea pig. What guinea pig? you may
ask. When Dicky ran for his life to the shore,
he stomped and stumbled across a leftover chunk of dead capybara,
which is a giant guinea pig the size of a wild boar. This animal is a quite common meal for anacondas. In fact, they love these ersatz rats. Anyhow…upon finding capybara fur
on the soles of Dicky’s boots – which is like catnip to these giant snakes –
the serpent mistakes them for a capybara and begins to devour the
boots, and Dicky, gulping him down up to the man’s waist. The poor guy
continues following the false internet instructions, waiting…waiting for his
chance to strike… but just at this most crucial moment, he remembers
something utterly important… He has no knife… Or rather, it’s in the boat,
but not on his person. While poor Mr. Harris looks despairingly at
his boat drifting near the shore, his body goes
deeper and deeper into the snake, to the point where only his head can
now be seen. By the
way…large snakes, like pythons or boas, do sometimes eat their victim
alive without strangling it to death first… it’s just fairly rare. To be honest,
I imagine that Dicky tried to resist. But normally any squirming attempts
to escape provoke these snake-zillas into strangle their victim. But
apparently Mr. Harris just turns out to be one of those lucky ones who
are swallowed alive…or is he unlucky? Depends how you look at it. Nevertheless, at this moment he already feels
like he can barely breathe any longer, and gasping for air, his vision
starting to fade…the light going out in his eyes… he begins to hear his own
heartbeat POUNDING in his ears, slowing down with each beat… our snake-hunting
accountant is feeling his last few moments of conscious… But before losing consciousness, he remembers
a story about a man named Paul Rosolie. This is a man who, unlike Dick, voluntarily
allowed an anaconda to swallow him. Paul spent several hours in the snake’s
stomach and eventually escaped unscathed. But he was very well
prepared. A suit made of carbon fiber material protected
Paul Rosolie’s body from the deadly squeezing and constricting
muscles of the anaconda. In addition, a special chemical mixture protected
him from the snake’s gastric acid, and a tube that extended
outside the snake allowed Mr. Rosolie to breathe. If only Mr. Harris had the same arsenal,
everything might turn out differently. But now, finding himself on the
interior of the biggest snake on the planet, he can only hope for a
miracle. Sometime later, Mr. Harris opens his eyes…
tropical birds are flitting around, and sunlight is shining through the
thick leaves of palm trees. This must be paradise, Dicky thinks. I must be dead. But for some
reason his body still hurts, he is breathing heavily, and is ridiculously and
insanely thirsty… This isn’t the heaven Dick had imagined. But when he
looks at his feet, he realizes that this is definitely not heaven, and, in
fact, he is still alive. Our brave snake-hunter sees that his boots
are gone, as well as his socks, and that his feet
are covered with painful and unpleasant-looking burns. And there are some fresh traces of what look
like big cat footprints scattered around him in the mud. There is only one
explanation for this unbelievable situation. When snakes come across
predators – or pretty much anything they consider dangerous – they
forget all about eating. All of their available energy is directed
towards escape. And if there is something in their stomach,
it is better to spit it out as fast as possible and find something
else to eat later, at a safe remove. When Dicky’s legs had reached down into
the snake’s stomach, due to the acid, his boots had dissolved,
then his socks, and finally even the skin on his legs had started to melt. But around this time, on its way
from somewhere to somewhere, a jaguar came across this spectacle…
probably the same jaguar whose roar scared the wits out of Dicky the
night before. Realizing that the big crazy wild cat is a
tough rival to beat, and a man, seasoned with capybara fur on his
rubber boots, is not a very tasty dish, the snake regurgitated its
victim, and disappeared into the waters of the Amazon. But still… there are a couple of points
that I have some questions about. First, is it really possible for rubber boots
to dissolve in anaconda stomach juices in just
a couple of hours? Anaconda’s gastric acid is, of course, a
very powerful substance, capable of digesting even the bones of large
animals. But this process
requires days usually, or sometimes even weeks. And second, was the jaguar in question so finicky that he passed
by this perfect meal of a foolish and now unconscious New York City
accountant, simply because the man had already been barfed up by a snake? Perhaps the jaguar felt
it was beneath him. I don’t know. But, okay yeah, the jungle is a very
unpredictable place…it’s true it’s often difficult to know who is a friend,
and who is an enemy. Apparently, Mr. Harris makes it back to some
semblance of civilization and to a hospital, where he also learns – oddly
enough – that the award from the New York Zoological Society had
actually been canceled a long time before. He just hadn’t bothered to
look closely at the date of the article’s publication. But at this point he
really doesn’t care anymore… After spending another couple of weeks in
South America, our hero returns to New York…without an anaconda…
without any money…and minus one finger. But with better understanding of the value
of his own life, and immense gratitude to an unknown
wild jungle jaguar, which he is unlikely to ever meet again. In the US, Mr. Harris continues his
rehabilitation from his injuries, with his present doctor being the one who
told this story to my friend Matt. The whole case itself is totally screwball. Can you imagine, though…
what an experience… being swallowed alive by an anaconda, and
somehow managing to survive. But what’s the truth here, and what is
fiction? I’m curious as to your opinion. Let’s consider this episode as a
kind of attentiveness test. Tell us in the comments what exactly cause
your suspicions as to the veracity of this story. Or if you believe it really
happened, what convinced you, and why? What did you think? You can
show this video to your friends, and maybe they can help us find an
answer… two heads are better than one, they say…and three heads
certainly better than two! I will give you my final verdict in the next
episode of this series, if, of course, you liked it, and you want more like
this in the future. Vote, my friends: Thumbs up, if you want this
type of video to continue, or thumbs down, if you are against it. And also: subscribe to the channel,
if for some unthinkable reason you haven’t done so yet, and click on the bell button to always get notifications about
our latest brand spanking new videos. Thanks for watching and see you all soon!

Randy Schultz

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  95. Monnell Ramsey says:

    i think thre jaguar pass him becuse he thought he was dead

  96. goof nugget says:

    You seem pretty mad in this video by the sound of ya voice๐Ÿ˜‚

  97. TJstoned says: fucking lies ! here is the real video of the experiment, it was stoped before he could be swallowed, caus of the pain, even in the suit. LIES LIES LIES, stop telling people LIES!

  98. bennie griffin says:

    this is obviously made up BUT weirder shit has happened to humans… and it'd be funny if this HYPER unlikely story is true. If it was true it'd still make more sense than …. ANY story in the bible.

  99. Smash Prodigy Gaming says:


  100. Angelica Reese says:

    ok now that was god

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