This Is Tiger Woods’ Ex Now

This Is Tiger Woods’ Ex Now

Swedish-born former nanny and model Elin Nordegren
has apparently made peace with the cheating scandal that shocked America. Let’s take a look at what the former Mrs.
Tiger Woods has been up to. Back to school Elin Nordegren leads a considerably private
life. “I have been called a woman with no words
in the media and criticized for not talking very much.” But she proved during her commencement speech
in 2014 that she’s got a lot to say. And just because she doesn’t have an online
presence doesn’t mean she’s not doing things or going places. In fact, according to ESPN, Nordegren’s spokesman
revealed that while Woods was prepping for the Masters, Nordegren, too, was working toward
a different kind of master’s. After graduating from Rollins College in 2014,
Nordegren made the decision to continue her education. As of March 2018, she was on track to get
her master’s degree in psychology by May, meaning she’s one giant step closer to accomplishing
her lifelong dream, which is, as her biography states, to become a child psychologist. “Education has been the only consistent part
of my life for the last 9 years, and it has offered me comfort.” Speed demon The notoriously private Nordegren popped up
in the news for the first time in a while in March 2017, and it wasn’t good. The Miami Herald reported that she was pulled
over for speeding in the Palm Beach County city of Riviera Beach and given a $281 fine. This ticket happened just months before her
ex-husband made international headlines again after falling asleep at the wheel and getting
arrested for a DUI. On Super Bowl Sunday 2018, TMZ reported that
police ticketed Nordegren for going 95 miles per hour on a 65-mile-per-hour stretch of
Florida highway. On February 4th, Nordegren was fined $356. The Blast further reported that Nordegren’s
attorney pleaded “no contest” in a later court hearing, but the judge allegedly ordered Nordegren
to attend Driver Improvement School, her second time having to go back to driving school. Not a fan Even though Woods cheated on her with multiple
women, Nordegren allegedly had a tough time when Woods moved on from their divorce. Case in point, the Swedish beauty was allegedly
furious when Woods started dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn in 2013. A source told Us Weekly at the time, “(Elin) hates Lindsey Vonn and everything
about this romance.” According to the magazine, things were so
strained between Vonn and Nordegren that she didn’t want Woods to have visitation rights
with his kids. Things didn’t change much between the two
ladies even after Woods and Vonn ended their relationship in 2015 after he allegedly cheated
on her as well. In 2016, Page Six reported that Kentucky Derby
event organizers were asked to seat Vonn and Nordegren apart at a party. As they say: old feuds die hard. No more modeling In the year 2000, a bikini-clad Nordegren
posed for the cover of a Swedish magazine. Since then, though, she hasn’t been spotted
modeling. The Swedish-born star is often credited as
a model and as a former model, so, which is it? Nordegren’s spokesman cleared up matters once
and for all when speaking to The Wall Street Journal, saying that she is “no longer modeling.” After receiving an alleged $100 million divorce
settlement, Nordegren wouldn’t exactly have to go back to modeling, let alone any career,
unless, of course, she wanted to. Getting along Nordegren has not commented publicly on her
relationship with Woods since her interview with People back in 2014. But, no news is good news, right? According to Nordegren’s comments back then,
everything was on the up and up and, although she may be remaining mum now, a friend of
Woods claims things between the couple are still just fine, telling People in April 2018, “They’re friends now. Everything that happened in the past is in
the past. They both decided to be adults and to do what
was best for the kids.” The source also said the two are actually
closer these days than they were back when they were married. He told the publication, “They get along really well.” Some nine years after news of the cheating
scandal broke, who would’ve thought Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren could end up on such
peaceful terms. “But I’m no longer married.”

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “This Is Tiger Woods’ Ex Now

  1. The List says:

    What other famous exes should we feature next?

  2. K Gamble says:

    Well he just won the masters so lmao

  3. Nirvana 2016 says:

    How to become a millionaire as a nanny

  4. God Spark says:

    I've read many of the comments. You can't give any judgement for either party. You can never fill another person's shoes in life. There isn't one person out there, including myself that hasn't made big mistakes out of human emotion. If you haven't, then you haven't lived or you're lying to yourself. It's not man or woman that are at fault. The media and all the nosey people need to correct themselves first, to prepare the world to be a better place.
    I think his wife has class and he is a professional. They take good care of their children. That's important!!!! Nobody knows what went on behind closed doors or what didn't.

  5. lomaniize says:

    $100 million ay…

  6. Ed Neg says:


  7. Jerome Love says:

    She would still be a nanny if she didn't meet tiger.

  8. Rus Varyag says:

    NO MATTER how nice the package and wrapping is there is SOMETHING we will NEVER know.

  9. Sean K says:

    She looks like a cum guzzler

  10. X Marks says:

    Lucky babysitter.

  11. Ahmed Shaharyar Ejaz says:

    Well he did cheat on her. Its good that they both moved on rather than have a media mud-slugging fight.

  12. Rick Patton says:


  13. apolo kabali says:

    When you have that kind of money , education becomes a hobby.

  14. Elon wanders says:

    Hello im stoned

  15. trebledc says:

    Ah what happen to through thick and thin i guess when you got millions of free money the hell with it.

  16. james ritzo,jr says:

    Go quietly into the night with a bunch of money to support you and the kids. You deserve it

  17. DChong says:

    she sounds habitual heavy, strong… ????
    whats wrong? godbless

  18. jimiclemente1 says:

    bitch counting stacks 40hrs a week

  19. richy h says:

    Who cares

  20. John says:

    Some lucky dude is smashing her big time

  21. Chris Ika says:

    So if you spread your legs to a man you’re guaranteed half of his shit.. #teamprenup

  22. Lynette Lee says:

    Whatever happened, in view of the 2 beautiful kids I hope they get back together.

  23. naz salabarria says:

    Tiger has big dick swag

  24. Angie Harper says:

    She was an au pair and not a nanny. Elin is from a well respected, educated and moneyed family. Upper-class women from Europe au pair just like Princess Diana when she was still a kindergarten teacher. Diana was also never a commoner, she's part of the aristocracy. Elin is a decent woman who gave the man she loved 2 beautiful children. If Tiger gave her all that money in the divorce with no qualms then I guess it is one of his ways to show how sorry he is for what he had done. That divorce was a long time ago. I think they're both on amicable terms so people should just let them be. Tiger just won the Masters and his kids were there.

  25. Roger Whiting says:

    He was obviously unhappy with just one woman. He has had 50 of them just as hot as her since they split. Looks like they both did well.

  26. phantom man says:

    She got a big sum of money from tiger isnt it?

  27. Sondra Allen says:

    She don't have to talk she had two babies and got a million-dollar Ninja and she divorced him I don't think she was in love with him anyway got a whole lot of women alone suffering with a cheating husband but anyway she got paid real good so why should she talk she looked up I see she can come up with me another millionaire Tiger Woods ain't nothing but a white woman's trick

  28. Sondra Allen says:

    All that money just to get a psychology degree she's gearing up because she know the good life is going to end when their child support in unless she spent her alimony wisely she's going to have to do a 9 to 5 like the rest of us

  29. Felenti says:

    a nanny took him for 150 million blackwoman take note !

  30. DAJOKER808 says:

    Not true common think about it.

  31. keath gordon says:

    How the fuck tiger have kids with this tranny was its a man bam on the wicked

  32. yamamancha says:

    Never heard her voice before. But I don't know why she'd hate on Tiger or anything he's doing. He elevated her from nanny/underwear model to multimillionaire.
    Some women only have to be blonde and spread their legs. Good "work" if you can get it.

  33. Thomas McGillivray says:

    Has she found a new cat yet? =(-.-)=

  34. Tiger Masters says:

    Well she has big $$$ to do what ever she wants thanks to Tiger.

  35. whole27 says:

    She most likely only married Tiger for the money like a lot of women chasing successful men. She is no victim

  36. Reiss Oscienny says:

    Must be nice to go from a Nanny to having 400 million from a divorce smh.

  37. Patricia Robinson says:

    I'm surprised he never go out with an Asian girl.he likes white women 😄😄😄

  38. David James says:

    "I've been called woman with now words"………I bet you had a few words with the divorce settlements…….no disrespect….but don't contradict yourself young lady……!!!??

  39. Lovin'Life2016 says:

    My word….if a man would cheat on her……

  40. Bobby Hendricks says:

    White bitch stick with your own race no Oreo babies

  41. Amanda Louw says:

    She was treated pretty fairly i would say

  42. Pfsif says:

    From Nanny to Billionaire, thank you family courts 🙂

  43. Fred Bread says:

    First time I ever heard her voice

  44. Jeff Ceezy says:

    A baby sitter worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

  45. Eric Dunlap says:

    I think she is a beautiful and good woman. I like Tiger as a golfer. But as a husband

  46. Bryan Davidson says:

    The one he let get away…

  47. skynet000001 says:

    100 million for doing what?

  48. J PR says:

    I have this foolish hope that she and tiger will reconcile, on her terms, giving their children a 2-parent home life, indicative of tiger finally figuring out what his dad knew, that a strong and powerful man needs a wife/partner that isn’t in awe of him and will not put up with his bullshit …. the fact that she can easily live and thrive w/o him forces him to acknowledge that she is in his life not because she needs him, but rather, because she want to be there… that level of mutual respect and appreciation would serve them both, especially given their fame, wealth and notoriety

  49. David Howard says:

    Wow, no skills, no jobs, psychology degree (worthless degree). Only women can become millionaires simply due to a cheating husband. If the shoe is on the other foot and the wife cheats, she takes the kids and still cleans the husband out. I think this is why people know modern feminism is BS. Women hold all the cards.

  50. Joel Weston says:

    she is rich because of him

  51. Chris B says:

    I’d nail her.

  52. One4All All4One says:

    She almost sucked Woods dry. That's for you jugglers

  53. Romero R says:

    Elin is a beautiful woman

  54. J.D 2.0 says:

    I in't saying she a gold digger.
    But she in't messing with no broke n*gga..

  55. Raven Black says:

    The lawyer got 20% from the total package. So the lawyer they ruin their life just in a split second.

  56. Hi there says:

    Another worthless bullshit channel. Dislike this gossip and move on folks.

  57. mike jones says:

    Woods been fucking them whites girls on the tour why not keeps his game fresh and people jealous so he must be doing something right

  58. mahavishnuorchestra says:

    Maybe you are a woman with no words – but you are for sure a gold digger !

  59. mahavishnuorchestra says:

    2:36 sounds like ‘this Swedish porn star‘ 😉

  60. Charles Young says:

    Lindsay Vaughn is trash.She treats people horrible and I never understood why Tiger was with her

  61. Walter Palmer says:

    Prima Donna. No thanks.

  62. Jeff Stryker says:

    Fucken gold diggers.

  63. Avis Bienaime says:


  64. quest 77051 says:

    how can i take her out?

  65. Hammer says:

    Once you try white, you won’t go back.

  66. TuTu Fox says:

    Shes pretty. To bad Tiger didnt know what he had or did but other things got in his way. BUT I am glad he won the Masters 2019. He had a long haul to get there but he saw his mistakes & changed. His daughter is older now so he needs to b an example of the kind of man he would want her to look for in a man when shes a lil older. He is a Real Come Back Kid!…well to me ges a kid LOL. Good job Tiger👍

  67. D Me says:

    When you're an icon – the best & most influential player the game has ever seen, & you add flair, youth, a splash of color, & some of the most incredible & dramatic shots ever seen….and you play an extra 18 holes in a major with broken bones , and WIN, you don't – CAN'T, just go home to the wife, kiddies, & the dog. Nah, man; Loose women & some mood enhancers are pretty much a must.

  68. Don P says:

    This ugly bitch only got a come up for being a sperm receptacle for the best golfer ever. Lucky broad

  69. JohnnieRhodes says:

    So gorgeous !

  70. Marie Iqbal says:

    This is this sad state of pathetic men in the world. Her blond hair and white skin was worth hundreds of millions. Tiger is such an idiot. He's an embarrassment

  71. Jmm W says:

    Gold digger

  72. PC gone mad 3142536 says:

    She knows how to protect her kids!! Great mum

  73. kkjhony Nitro says:

    Only good thing this gold digger did was marrying tiger woods
    Then everything thing name, money and fame came without work…
    Divorce got her everything she wanted without working…
    Gold digger egoistic slut…

  74. PresidentWordSalad says:

    Tiger was an idiot to cheat on her.

  75. Karen Terrell says:

    What happend to her?

  76. DChong says:

    feeling hard to move-on with a usd100m… i like to experience that too

  77. Eden Alcantara says:

    What moolah can do for you. Lucky Parnavik introduced you to Tiger or you will never be a millionaire

  78. Manuel Rabelo says:

    She's going to work with kids??? This woman has naked photos of herself all over her house hahahaha in from of her own kids!!!

  79. Mercy Okoye says:

    Big stars like Tiger are better off not getting married.

  80. Lucita Cordero says:


  81. Antonio Jeter says:

    Tiger couldve have done waaaay better with his choices..shes not even a 10…with his type of money, he couldve have gotten a 20 made via special mail order…but instead, he gets the basic model swiss army knife.

  82. PerpetualApex says:

    She didn't put out….That's why tiger went out😂

  83. galit dol says:


  84. TruePowerIsMine says:

    how is she a star again??? sound like she just a successful gold digger.

  85. cracker woods says:

    Got to hand it to her stay quiet and out of the spot light. Whatever money she received from Woods she deserved. Tiger messed up not her. But good to see they are getting along these days.

  86. tony s says:

    quit fuckin wit theze white hoes. making confuses ass kids and in the end depleting your ends. plenty. women of color and ethnicity to choose from.

  87. Astra Tr3b says:

    So if you don't have online presence… ….you should assume you have nothing going on? Fuck you

  88. Froggy Noddy says:


  89. Marco says:

    She was gold digging hahahahaha

  90. skills1ent says:

    Both are brain dead clowns!

  91. Daniel St. Juste says:

    Females got it easy.. Don't need to do anything but spread them legs and they get a check

  92. Arthas Menethil says:

    One of the predatory woman of all time!

  93. Michael M. says:

    She is disgusting… She went black, you can never go back. She is damaged goods. 👎☹️

  94. John Cosgrove says:

    This girl has ok feet. Saw them on wikifeet.

  95. Buzzman says:

    She will be on this again one day. The headline will be How did this woman lose 750 m

  96. Nubia Nubia says:

    Now, she’s having a baby by her boyfriend “baby daddy.”

  97. Schloss Heiss says:

    KTH FHWS Schweinfurt Carl Benz School Germany MIT 卐

    Fuck you -you would burn me because a Crystal Harrington isn't white enough for you to see as white is abominable .

    Proud Hartmut Hetzler Catholic.

  98. Mogau Sephewu says:

    black brothers thats wht happen when you choose white chicks over blacks

  99. Scott Wilson says:

    Well she got away with felony assault by hitting woods over the head before that eventful crash. Of course she's been silient. Tiger is back!

  100. xxSemiSeriousxx says:

    The definition of gold digging hoe

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