This is the World’s Loneliest Tree

This is the World’s Loneliest Tree

– [David] This is a story of a plant, but not just any plant. It is the story of a plant that long, long ago once ruled the world. A plant that, today, is
the very last of its kind. (sad moan) It’s this plant, behind
me, Encephalartos woodii. E. Woodii for short, and I’ve been looking
after it for over 20 years. It was named for British
botanist, John Medley Wood, who in 1895 discovered
it growing on a hillside on the coast of South Africa. A strange, handsome plant caught his eye, and he carefully removed
a small portion of it and had it shipped all the way to London to here, Kew Gardens, where it’s been for the last 117 years. But its history goes
much, much further back. You see, Encephalartos woodii,
is what is known as a cycad, and cycads have been around
for 300 million years. As the millennium rolled on, cycads flourished providing
shade for triceratops, a perch for pterodactyls, and a tasty snack for brontosauruses. At one point during the Jurassic, cycads made up 20% of
all the plants on Earth, and covered every corner of the globe. But the good times couldn’t last forever. The dinosaurs went extinct. Ice ages came and went. New modern plants, like
conifers and fruit trees, started pushing cycads out, and the once proud population of E. Woodiis were reduced,
and reduced, and reduced until there was possibly only one left. One single solitary E. Woodii
growing quietly on a hillside. Which brings us right
back to John Medley Wood. At the time, he had no way of knowing just how rare his discovery was, but expedition after expedition in search of more E. Woodii
have proved fruitless. You see, cycads are dioecious, meaning, you need separate
male and female plants to create a new one, and this one happens to be a
male, a true lonely bachelor. If a female mate cannot be found it really will be the last of its kind. To this day, researchers
are still looking. After all, it’s a big world,
there might just be a chance. In the meantime, it’ll
have me to keep him company. (happy brass music)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “This is the World’s Loneliest Tree

  1. Goku Black Chan says:

    Why am I so bored that I’m watching this?

  2. Jack Towson says:

    I have a tree that looks like that at my house by there’s a lot

  3. Mikaela Burgess says:


  4. Joe says:

    Bob Ross wouldn’t be happy.

  5. Artisan's C1out says:

    Tree hugger

  6. Dizzyish says:

    Very interesting read…

  7. Elite Travel says:

    sol the guy 117 years ago cloned the plant and brought it to England but we can clone it today and make more of them ?

  8. MaskHero Zo says:

    Now it will go bye bye when next world war start. Thanks human.

  9. And Justice For All says:

    Beautiful tree

  10. Luis Studio’s says:

    Bro I have a tree like ThAT

  11. I forgot my name says:

    Why they keep calling it The wrong thing those are palm trees

  12. Pulusi .T says:

    "In the mean time, it'll have me to keep him company"

    *sad tree noises*

  13. true beast says:

    I wish i had a tree like that.

  14. OG Fight night says:

    He should try timber

  15. Átila says:

    I bet there will be a third gender of this tree. It'll be named "zeewodii". And if you don't call it like this you're a sexist.

  16. JD Rome says:

    As if you couldn’t plant more of it with its sticks…

  17. Eli Scalapeaches says:

    I’ve seen it

  18. Anonymous Monkey says:

    2:33 no homo hopefully.

  19. Mauro Tolpe says:

    Tree: ive seen things youve never seen before

  20. Gisley Alves says:

    I am pretty sure that in Brazil this plant will have a lot of "friends" or "relatives" . No! It is not alone; it is just far and isolated…that's all. Greetings from BRAZIL british folks.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  21. Arceans 3000 says:

    Imagine they find another male 😂

  22. Z3R0F1V3 says:

    year 2030:

    explorers: we found another tree!

    scientist: its a male

  23. squidy says:

    It will evovle into a bisexual plant in the years of imortalness

  24. Joaquin says:

    Did you just assume it’s gender?

  25. ms&mrreckoning says:

    Plant more easy day

  26. WhEnLiFeGiVeSyOuLeMoNs says:

    1 like = 1 cell for a new girlfriend tree 🌲

  27. a cup of coffee says:

    Could you not clone it and then force hermaphrodition in the clone(s)? Not exactly natural breeding but I mean, itd potential keep the species alive?

  28. Somenath Sikdar says:

    That tree is me. Period.

  29. gelo says:

    Isn’t that the place that Pewdiepie got married at?

  30. Brendan Shepherd says:

    Imagine being the last human on earth. You’d have all the wonderful plants and animals to keep you company. Still, there would be nobody that truly understands your plight. If it were me I’d try to blend in with a troop of chimps or gorillas. Probably gorillas, since chimps scare the fuck out of me in spite of their more diminutive stature. I’d slowly convince the troop to move closer to the coast in hopes that we could all find a pod of dolphins to befriend. If a murder of crows happened to chill with us I’d be even more stoked. We might not have all the technology that I’m used to, but somehow I think this life would be rewarding in its own right. How cool would it be to teach all of these intelligent animals how to use tools? Suddenly I’m beginning to think this life would be ideal lol No more taxes or any of the other burdens of regular life. No job to show up for. Now I’m jealous of the lonely tree. Can I come live with you, Nature? 😝

  31. І. Д. says:


  32. Random Drawings says:

    Thats totally me

  33. Viston says:

    *Me who was single in 10 years

    Tree: pathetic

  34. Jack Ad says:

    your all Civilisation based on stealing and Colonizing other countries

  35. hiuy babe says:

    dinosaurs discovery is a scam that was pulled off very very well… I mean mass scale

  36. Peter Berens says:

    The search was fruitless because cycads don't produce fruit

  37. Bismuth LD says:

    I wonder if you could take a gamete from the tree, whether it produces fruit or spores, then remove the Y chromosomes, supplementing in a copy of the X, then place it into a empty female gamete from a closely related species, then germinate and grow a female tree for the male. A sort of, taking the rib to make a female-esk story.

  38. Eat a Dic says:

    Oh shit I just had one of those in my yard I pulled it so I can put some artificial grass

  39. alfZbarkada says:

    Please find a way to reproduce it!

  40. My Own Wrld says:

    Plot twist

    The tree is antisocial

  41. REPTILIANMAN 626 says:

    Ummm have you ever heard of root gel??

  42. Ruan says:

    I have one of those trees

  43. Stanislaus Kanopi says:

    i feel sad ………..for this tree

  44. Hastur Dagon says:

    In nature a species could last for millions and millions of years, now that people dominate the Earth, other species go extinct in less than a century.

  45. Hastur Dagon says:

    Why don't they just clone the plant?

  46. Morne Nel says:

    I live in South Africa. My neighbour has like three of these trees in his garden. Unfortunately they are all male.

  47. Aaaa Bbbb says:

    Humans have successfully brought back a goat species from extinction, even though the one female they incubated died after only a few minutes. Maybe they could do something like that for our lonely E woodii 🙂

  48. Stevie Tazz says:

    Why cant they clone it?

  49. DapperDan says:

    Why not just clone it?

  50. red_ashcroft says:

    I saw trees like that growing on the foot of a volcano. It's thinner and small so it's a young tree of its kind. A ton of them in Bicol, Philippines along Mayon Volcano.

  51. Clifford Khoi Huynh says:

    They find a female yet??

  52. NGTV says:

    Day 42,750 without sex.. That cactus lookin thick as fuck..

  53. łyżka says:

    I swear Bob Ross will find a female tree

  54. Chance LeLouis says:

    Uhoh I think he’s gonna fuck the tree

  55. Jay says:

    300 million years..yeah right

  56. Ricky Spanish LaFlare says:

    Someone get this tree laid

  57. Allagi says:

    Bros, they reproduce these trees now… It's finally not the last trees!

  58. Samuel.F.Ferguson hhh& says:

    Bruh…That tree gay asf

  59. Shadey Ice says:

    On my way from school I swore I saw one next to someone's house

  60. Not Vikinz says:

    What if after they find a female tree after many decades and bring it back the male tree is actually transgender

  61. Yxcas says:

    just cut down the tree and break the leaves for the saplings

  62. Efrain Avila says:

    So sad 🙁

  63. 2jZepeda says:

    Cant we make the plant gay?

  64. MrSuperChaosGuy Archives says:

    Fingers crossed for modern science

  65. mentilly all says:

    i know for a fact millions of years happened because i can't observe test or repeat it.. and how dare you question Earth being a globe after i drew a childish cartoon of it as proof..

  66. EnderGummy says:


  67. EnderGummy says:

    this reminds me of the Ents in the lord of the rings books not having any female Ents anymore…

  68. angelbunnyblue says:


  69. Dawson Carpenter says:

    Cant you get seeds out of it

  70. soraninja says:

    When you thought dating was hard in 2019 ~ poor thing. There are cycad trees in Santa Barbara however they're all males too.

    As a gay man … the struggle us real … maybe try team bro? ^_^;

  71. Discord Drifter says:

    Fun fact, “palm trees” are in the same category as grass. They also have fruits, not nuts.

  72. Tyler says:

    This is similar to the ginko tree!

  73. DJ King Arthur says:

    WELL the tree in the back left corner looks like a female tree of the same kind of tree or is it me? 😂

  74. LumberJacques says:

    Let's give this tree a hug.

  75. Happy Alex says:

    If the dinosaurs went extinct by a asteroid and it destroyed everything then how did you find a tree like that?

  76. Og Fuct says:

    Caption : “ ( Sad Moan ) “


    0:16 on capt

  78. Big Nigga says:

    ‘I used to rule the world…’

  79. The Leaks says:

    I have one in the backyard i thought it was a palm tree

  80. Jeron Playz says:

    If only Bob Ross was alive, maybe this tree would have a friend…

  81. Cyan Paperclip says:

    Save the Cycad!!!!!!!!!!

  82. gaming badger34 says:

    “I’m gonna fuck that tree” -Abraham Lincoln

  83. Dorifto_z31 says:

    Um so you see in Cuba there’s these plants everywhere but I’m just gonna leave it there 🤫🤫🤫

  84. Karl Põder says:

    Why have ive seen the very similar tree tho

  85. TRaV M.R says:

    This is giving me the Lonesome George vibes. Rip Lonesome George. Let’s just hope this tree has a better ending than Lonesome George.

  86. Hrithik No Roshan says:

    Is He still lonely😞?

  87. Blue Squirtle says:

    Someone get that tree a girlfriend.

  88. woomy says:

    someone could have accidentally cut down one.

  89. Plam tree says:

    they gave me a laptop, its not as lonely when i can watch videos

  90. jasmina b says:

    i swear i saw an identical tree in a renaissance garden, i looked it up and compared and it looked the exact same

  91. CpXstudio says:

    Why don’t cross breed it with a other tree so it can at least get hybrids of it

  92. Christian James says:

    I Swear to god I saw that Tree in Philippines when i went to a vacation in there but it was a decade ago

  93. D4V1D B01 says:

    I saw something like that tree somewhere around here in the Philippines

  94. Alex Lincoln says:

    That tree is like me

  95. Majid Ali Mirza says:

    So British stole that too….

  96. Jace Kaloke says:

    Sounds a lot like me now…set to be alone forever lost every known chance to survive as far as we know

  97. Bill Ross says:

    Scientists: finds a new tree of the same species….

    It's a male….

  98. Teresa Wu says:

    Team tree 🌳:)

  99. StormP666 says:

    clone it?

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