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  1. MrReneboy says:

    Mally Gassy Ground Boas 🤔

  2. Kinleigh Vaughn says:

    Who else thinks every animal is Brian’s dream animal 😂😂😂 (I relate to that)

  3. john rosciolo says:

    Hope you guys have a great time in Mexico brian! Stay safe during travels man

  4. Mel Hawk says:

    Those are really sweet little Caimans! Nice little dispositions! I'm used to hearing them cursing and hollering, and seeing them trying to eat whatever part of is you within reach! The one order of reptile that has always made me nervous is crocodilians!

  5. jgnorit says:

    In europe the dvarf caimans are pretty tame (palpebrosus) and madagascar ground boas (madagascariensis) are very inexpensive and easy to find. Funny so different it can be

  6. april coleiiill says:

    I hope you having fun

  7. Ryan North says:

    I can’t believe forest Died 😭

  8. Allison Barry says:

    Man I just want to say so sorry about Forrest. When I read it I started crying

  9. Thomas Vetor says:

    Enjoy yr getaway trip , u both deserve it !!!

  10. Dovie Dossett says:

    That big yellow boa you were holding at your place is amazing!

  11. RagingRainbow says:

    Kevin is actually Dovakin, this guy has an affinity with reptiles that makes me sure if we discovered real dragons hed be the first to ride one

  12. Shawna Smith says:

    Going in for surgery number 17. Watching the vlog is how I'm keeping my spirit up. Thanks you.

  13. O ZONE says:

    Hi I'm new to the channel and was thinking about getting myself a corn snake. I'm scared that when I get it I won't be able to put it down 😂🤣😂 is to much handling bad for snakes and how long would you recommend handling them daily? Love the channel by the way! The information and content you provide is amazing. Thanks for everything you do. Much love from the UK 🤩

  14. My Diverse Life Vlogs says:

    Gah, I love boas. Glad I got one in Arlington.

  15. Sonia Hanley says:

    I just love u guys I see things i never new existed wow hope ur havin fun Brian 🙂

  16. Петр Дубинин says:

    i love when you do boa stuff. more boa content please!

  17. Carlos Aguayo says:

    Who buys a Caimen?

  18. snoopy dubnation says:

    I almost bought a baby dwarf caiman a couple years back because the person told me they're dwarf womt get longer than 3 ft. Good thing I did my research those things get huge and most are super aggressive

  19. Wakasabi K says:

    Tamin’ caiman! Lmao I died laughing perfect office insert haha

    Kudos to the editor for that!

  20. Emanuel rodriguez says:

    I just realized something. A new conspiracy theory lol. Ready? Here It goes. Kevin from nerd….. is lory(briannarczyk)s wife's brother!!!
    They look like they could be related. Just a fun observation ( not serious)

  21. Emanuel rodriguez says:

    Boas are so cool to me. I'm still so new to the hobby so I wont be getting one any time soon but I just love learning about them

  22. alison coates says:

    Thank you so very much for filming some vlogs before you went away so we your fans can still watch you daily whilst your away. I need my fix of vlog every day because its something i look forward to and absolutely love watching. I also feel like your providing me with an education at the same time. When i first started to watch you vlogs i was interested in snakes but knew nothing at all. In uk we say i was "green around the gills." over the last 12 months i feel like ive learnt so much that i am confident talking about snakes with their handlers when i go to zoos and meet keepers of snakes. I feel like i am learning every day and have an insatiable thirst for more knowledge. So thank you again Brian your awsome xxx

  23. Tracey Lomas says:

    I'm sure this has been asked before but where is your last name from?

  24. Put this in your pipe And smok it says:

    Hope your vacation is going great

  25. cowladyrita says:

    I hope you enjoy your little mini vacation! You both deserve it. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. I’m not a very big snake lover but you are changing my mind.

  26. BigFat says:

    Sorry to hear about Forrest, such a good dude.

  27. LeAnn’s Reptarium says:

    💕💕💕💕OMG CAIMAN💕💕💕💕. Thank you for my palpebrosus fix!!!…gotta go give mine some kisses now🥰… JK, I’ll just give her a pinky…same thing as far as she is concerned lol.

  28. Ashley Mercer says:

    Good afternoon!! Everyone watch the ads so we can see the 3rd reptairum expansion!!!

  29. Mica Miller says:

    I wanna buy a hognose (serious)

  30. sdq sdq says:

    hmm kelvin need to use your cameraman , the video close up is good

  31. Corey Riggs says:

    Omg salt is getting big,love that that animal

  32. Jesse Hatch says:

    cant be tamed? or havnt figured out how

  33. ABI STARR says:

    So cool to see the Madagascar ground boa! I was out there a couple years ago and we saw quite a few and they were enormous. Most of them were so friendly too. We messed with one for a good 15-20 mins, just passing him around for cuddles before sending him on his way

  34. Steve Lender says:

    Beautiful snakes Kevin

  35. Malonie Langthorne says:

    Hope you are having a great relaxing time in Mexico 🇲🇽 make sure you rest and try not to worry as you have a great team back home at BHB and the Reptarium. Xo say hi to Lori

  36. Tyler D says:

    Salt is sooo big!! She’s growing like a weed

  37. Lily Polizzo says:

    yes definitely😂

  38. Jeremy Mahle says:

    When is Kevin going to come visit your place?

  39. Dylan Dibben says:

    You should get a team caiman for the reptarium.

  40. Heidi Pfeifer says:

    I so wish I could send you some Madagascan Ground boas. At a stage I had 14 in total here at my house. I've sold a number of them and am down to only 6. They are just gorgeous!

    Wish I could get my hands on a mature Sanzinia. Forrest and I were just talking about it the other day. I have a big mature female and have tried breeding her, but she never bred. Now the male is no longer available either. Really sad cause they are also so unique.

  41. Wild reptiles and exotics says:

    What about RJ

  42. Palitato says:

    "THIS CAN'T BE TAMED!!!!" Proceeds to show video talking about how tame the animals are and how they can be tamed

    Also you suck at snake husbandry.

  43. dreamer dragon says:

    The dwarf camin look like velociraptors in jw

  44. greg szyszka says:

    b safe.

  45. Marisita López says:

    Those are velociraptors 😂

  46. iMaya says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Mexico Brian! ❤

  47. Jason Lakin says:

    Watching you and Kevin communicate is pretty cool
    Absolutely nerding out

  48. Ghetto Aquatics says:

    Salt is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen

  49. Red Fox says:

    Brian ! Please please could you get back to me on this comment ?! Please I would love to find that book I will search the ends of the earth but I have a hearing problem and I can’t here the name of the man your saying ! Long time viewer life long reptile ( all animals ) lover keep up the awesome work YOU ! & Kevin are gods to me ❤️

  50. Richard Rogers says:

    What's the name of the song you used for this video Bryan???

  51. Cuban_White _Boy says:

    What if you get some cuvier dwarf caimen instead of gators

  52. Mason308 Eaton says:

    Please do some red tail boa stiff in the reptarium!!!

  53. bobbiker46 says:

    I own a Dumerils Boa she is just over 8 foot and a very gentle snake and dont tell the rest of my snakes, she is my favorite one.

  54. Carrie says:

    I’m in absolute stunned shock about Forrest and I never met him. I cannot imagine what you all and his family are going through, I’m so sorry.

  55. Ellie Young says:

    Hope your having a great time x

  56. Zach Cordeiro says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Brian

  57. SYCKO KUSTYMZ says:


  58. JenJenMusicLver says:

    Look at those snow boa eyes

  59. JenJenMusicLver says:

    Wow the Lucy boas I want a princess diamond

  60. Mina De La Cruz says:

    Hello I have a question my sand boa will not eat and it has been about 5weeks. What do I do?

  61. riley eve says:

    ‼️EMERALD tree boa name suggestions ‼️
    the girl: Emerald, Zina, Emori, Basil
    the boy: Edmond, Zander, Eddie, Boomer
    thank you 🙂

  62. Agustin Torres says:

    Woah that’s awesome salt got hugeee

  63. My life as a Addict in revovery says:

    We actually ordered a couple of snakes from you not that long ago

  64. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    That book was amazing when I was a kid it was something to sit and just stare at on a rainy day , I loved that one and I had another Giant Book Called Animals of the world with an amazing reptile section , what a great memory saying to my buddies how I’m gonna go see these snakes and now it’s sadly impossible compared to what’s there anymore

  65. Zulya A says:

    I think If real Dragons exist Kevin would Tame those too!

  66. April Russman says:

    The baby caimans look like little baby velociraptors 😍🤩

  67. Patshhi4 says:

    That sun glow is beautiful!

  68. Patshhi4 says:

    I think the reason those baby caimans are so cute is because their head is round.

  69. Patshhi4 says:

    13:10. Is that a gecko sitting on the 3rd shelf behind you on the right Brian?

  70. Just Austin says:

    I absolutely love how Brian has to have loris permission to have the snake 4:01 😂 Brian, I love what you’re doing.. you’re absolutely incredible. I would love to meet you and the crew, really!😂😂 you’re absolutely incredible brother! Keep it up!

  71. Just Austin says:

    You can see how pissed Brian is by the caiman living situation

  72. Adeline❤Mommy says:

    Brian the next dark colored black/brown snake you get, you should name him/her after a type of guitar lol, just a thought. ❤

  73. Amber Purdy says:

    You should name the Emerald tree boas: Fred and Welma

  74. Nicholas D says:

    Dude kevin’s adult caiman is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! So chill it’s unreal and those babies are so cute!

  75. Kaitlyn Fischer says:

    I have a hypo red tail het for blood. I dont breed just have reptiles as pets. My dream is to come see yall. Grew up with all kinds of animals but mainly reptiles. We rehabilitated snakes for texas parks and wildlife for most of my childhood. Love yall

  76. Italia's Crafts&Stuff says:

    Salty so big! Wow 😳

  77. Vance Ian says:

    Hope you have a great time in Mexico 🙂

  78. CIA says:

    Defnitely going to visit the Reptarium after the virus… I live in China, and I bought VPNs for 7 years just to watch your videos lol

  79. Majestic Serpents says:

    Saddest story on youtube. Homemade Everything youtube creator Please help

  80. Joel Mogindol says:

    Woah salt is a big boi

  81. Chaz * says:

    Non-Agro Caiman 😅

  82. TTAN BigCollioneTV says:

    @BrianBarczyk is has been my number one item on my bucket list to meet you and see all of your animals since the very first day you came to youtube. I have been trying to set aside money to afford to travel from Wisconsin to you but everytime I get close I have something happen were I have to use the money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know whenever or if you ever come to Wisconsin. You are the reason why I love animals and overcame my fear of snakes. I really really really look up to you in so many ways. Here is my email [email protected] and my number 414-702-3088
    Yours truly
    Collin Sims

  83. Aimee Oldham says:

    Kevin has such an awesome collection. Really enjoy seeing you both together making videos.
    Watching this video with the boas, to me it looks like their heads are shorter then pythons. Like from eyes to nose, the distance seems shorter. If anyone gets what I'm asking, lol, is that correct? Or see my eyes bad… Lol thanks!

  84. Claudia Forstner says:

    Is that true?Forrest died??🥺🥺😢😢

  85. Sean Selig says:

    Brian I need some help I have some rattle snakes and they don't want to eat. I've tried frozen mice, rats and baby chicks. I don't know if I should try live chicks or ducks to get them to eat

  86. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I love the sunglow.

  87. Tracy Bagwell says:

    The adult Camine got some disgusting teeth. Kevin should brush their teeth. Since hes taming them.

  88. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Your so silly, dude. "I'm here, but I can't wait to get back." Good Night.

  89. Cameron Lodge says:

    Love this guys energy ! You need to expand your business to the uk !

  90. Victor Huerta says:

    I NEED a white (not completely white) & Black Boa!! I will have them sooner or later. & I need to get me a malagasy, dumerils & viper boa. Idk. I've just been a super fan of Boas since the start. I definitely think they're the under appreciated of snakes when they're amazing!

  91. We are Venom 66 says:

    This vid is just loaded to the the hilt with my dream animals img & lucy boas, dwarf caimans #drool😂

    Brian i hope you get all of them at the reptarium along with the bolens, seriously though mate get some ptyas carinata i love watching ur vids & thats one thing id love to see in em, you cant have a badass reptile zoo without having the king of colubrids theyre a must have

  92. John Agen says:

    Can someone please tell us how forrest passed away? ??!!

  93. ryansyah syah says:

    Subtitle Indonesia Mr

  94. Pennilaine Ong says:

    Awesome Brian I just subscribed

  95. Prince Johnson says:

    Brian where do you think the best sites or something where I could by health snakes

  96. Danny Eltoukhy says:

    Can someone tell me what happened to forest

  97. Sinine1100 says:

    Going to second (third? fourth? nth?) getting an axolotl. They're quitre common as pets, but always odd to look at! Hope you have a nice day-

    PS: My SO likes your "I'm thinking" shirt.

  98. Lou V44 says:

    Love when you go places reminded me of snakebytes which was the greatest show in history

  99. Kole h H j says:

    Call what would be the best type of snake for somebody that wants to first start to have snakes

  100. Appie vt says:

    I haven't seen Salt so long. Crazy she doesn't fit on the little scale anymore and now fills 2 arms.

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