This Boring Taxonomical Change Is Making Dinosaur Nerds Go Crazy

This Boring Taxonomical Change Is Making Dinosaur Nerds Go Crazy

Imagine if I told you everything you knew
about dogs and cats was wrong… because we decided that some animals we’d been calling
dogs were actually cats. If that happened, you’d probably have questions,
right? Well, that. just. happened. This is a part of the dinosaur family tree. On the left is the family that contains the
Brontosaurus, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus all over here in the Saurischia.Then here
in the Ornithischia is the Stegosaurus and Torosaurus (a.k.a, Triceratops). Saurischia, Ornithischia — aren’t randomly
assigned names. As humans found more and more of these ancient
bones, we started putting them into groups… and just like Chubbs said, it’s all in the
hips. These animals have three bones in their hips:
the Ilium, Ischium and Pubis. On Saurischians, they’re arranged like this. This is called LIZARD HIPPED — great band
name. And in Ornithischians they’re like this
— called BIRD HIPPED. Theropoda means beast-footed. It’s a sub-category. Big. Difference. And this is how paleontologists started categorizing
these animals to trace their ancestry… it dates back to 1887. Until now. In 2017, British scientists analyzed the anatomical
samples and you know what. Their hips don’t lie. Here’s what they’re proposing. Ornithischians are not a separate group, but
in fact, grouped with Theropods — they want to call this group Ornithoscelida — a name
thrown out in 1887, btw. THEN if that weren’t crazy enough… This paper alleges, that the anatomy indicates
the Saurischia are actually TWO groups. Sauropodomorphs should be its own category
— meaning Diplodocus and Brontosaurus might not even be dinosaurs. What?! First you tell me the triceratops isn’t
real, and now Brontosaurus might not even be a dinosaur. But that’s not all… the analysis also
says dinosaurs are almost 100 million years older than we thought they were — at 247
million years. And that they may have evolved in the Northern
Hemisphere rather than the Southern. There’s obviously a lot here. The important thing to remember is, your favorite
dinosaurs aren’t going anywhere. But the way we’re thinking about how to
organize them in complex charts like this — is being completely rewritten. To do that… the researchers created a computerized
model. They took three years, visiting museums filled
with dinosaurs all over the world. They used the data available to calculate
457 different anatomical characteristics of many species of dino (there are over 1,000
known) — and looked for patterns. From there, they made a computer model to
form the best tree of life based on the data. They plugged in the numbers over the years,
and clicked go. In five minutes it analyzed 32 billion different
trees and picked the best one. Done and done. The click heard ‘round the Jurassic World
didn’t immediately change everything though. They’re just suggesting the tree be rewritten. 130 years of tradition isn’t going to be
swept away overnight. Now lots of nerds all over the world are going
to debate dinosaur hips. Yep. It’s going to get lit. Now that it’s generally accepted dinosaurs
became birds, paleontologists are trying to find out where the first dinosaur evolved,
and how — hoping to reveal more about the history of life on our planet. We only know dinosaurs exist today because
of the bones of a few that died in very specific ways — allowing their bodies (or tiny parts
of them) to be preserved. There will be potentially thousands of species
that we never find, and could have existed completely without our knowledge. So we have to base our understanding on what
is left. One of the researchers put it humbly, and
well. Just because this is backed up by data “doesn’t
mean it’s right, just that it’s the best we can do with the data we’ve got at the
moment.” I mean, if scientists were potentially wrong
about something as fundamental as whether these dinosaurs were bird-like or lizard-like…
what else might science have to revise in the future… Research More Needed Is. So … are you curious how dinosaurs even
evolved into birds? I’ve got a video for you explaining that,
right here. What do you think of these new classifications? Let us know in the comments and subscribe
for more videos on seeker

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “This Boring Taxonomical Change Is Making Dinosaur Nerds Go Crazy

  1. Shark Bait says:

    ok triceratops has a frill that has no holes, torosaurus has holes in it's frill so there different

  2. Ethan Wagner says:

    I liked the nerdy references when describing the dinosaur hips.

  3. =NolePtr says:

    Fake star wars nerd! It's an AT-ST, not an AT-AT

  4. Owen Tompson says:

    halo reference

  5. Traveling Philosophers says:

    The humor used to be more intelligent when you guys were Dnews…

  6. Mr c12h17n2o4p says:

    Umm… At 0:52 you say the arrangement of the bones looks like an AT-AT which is WRONG!!!!!! It looks like an AT-ST or (chicken walker) You, sir, are supposed to be a nerd! Please don't make us think you're faking it.

  7. Mike Stoutsenberger says:

    its all in the hips….its all in the hips…always good to see Trace.

  8. Ender586 says:

    Not sure if the title is a joke, but I think so!?

  9. Arek Sierankowski says:

    I waited entire video to know which dogs are actually cats.

  10. Maya Jade says:

    The official name we've come up with for this taxonomic shift is "the Enfuckening."

  11. Dino Blaster says:

    Brontosaurus isn't a real animal it was several different dinosaurs

  12. ken ezzell says:

    i do not believe in evolution…. and im a agnostic.

  13. Skippy Skip says:

    Heads Up: The name Brontosaurus hasn't been used since the 80s, we now call it Apatosaurus.

  14. ayythe meme says:

    im cerious about when humans forgot that were not always right and all we know is a lie

  15. Daniel Kim says:

    Somewhere Ross is going nuts over this with Rachel

  16. William Devane says:

    My Brontosaurus tattoo is still not speaking to any of you.

  17. nin ninn says:

    YESSSSS NO ANNOYING ASS MUSIC!!!!! Seeker you're doing it right thanks

  18. i want To Comment says:

    science "this is a dinasour"
    me "wow a lizard just a little bit big than usual"

    science (debates about which kind of dinasou"
    me (yup still a lizard)

  19. Dan Carr says:


  20. erparom says:

    Question, perhaps a silly one: Are we not supposed to be able to extract the DNA of those fossiles and make a DNA match (besides the anatomical classification? I mean, comparing hips sounds ok…. but not as important as comparing their genes…. What do you think? (Sorry if Im asking something stupid)

  21. Tim Mertens says:

    umm, brontosaurus isn't an actual dinosaur, it was a paleontological mistake

  22. Katarina Bergqwist says:

    Wait, haven't this been known for some years now? I mean the fact that only the birds ancestors where dinosaurs and that's the way we should categorize them.

  23. SmallTown Swimmer says:

    Mind blown Table flap

  24. Grand-Pappy Nurgle says:

    The sauropods and herrerasaurs will still be dinosaurs, just not dinosaurs "proper" like the lewisuchus.

  25. Mr Big oOFS says:


  26. Mike S. says:

    Great video. I love taxonomy and phylogeny. Please consider making another video like this at some point!

  27. Daniel Casillas says:

    this is fake news

  28. Jordan Burkardt says:

    What happened to D news

  29. vleesevlons says:

    Are T-rex lizards?

  30. masterimbecile says:

    Here's a new classification for ya: I classify Chase as awesomesaurus

  31. Makchu Cook says:

    So this is what scientists are wasting their time on? Basically re-ordering their cabinet. FFS, start making breakthroughs in interstellar travel, hologram phones, re-usable fuel, etc instead of this shit.

  32. Bryton Scott says:

    there is no such thing as a brontosaurus, it is called apatosaurus today. Thanks for the upload always inspirational, learned something new!

  33. Jeremy Luna says:

    I enjoy your videos, dude.

  34. Hyper's Son says:

    as a true science enthusiast i accept this

  35. hottsizz1 says:

    It's Pluto all over again

  36. Kelly Harris says:

    The lizard vs bird hip thing was destined to be re-evaluated and none of us should have been surprised, considering bird hipped birds were put in the lizard hip tree.

  37. G0atboy says:

    Absolute heresy

  38. G0atboy says:

    Brb, gotta burn all my dinosaur books SINCE THEYRE WORTHLESS NOW

  39. Jax Besherse says:

    lol covenant plasma pistol

  40. Barnacle Films says:

    The definition of Dinosauria was changed to include sauropods as dinosaurs.

  41. insert better name says:

    pfft, brotosaurus was never real and i already knew that

  42. HASSEEB KHAN says:

    O:21 DID HE JUST SAY BRONTOSAURUS! I hate it when people think brontosaurus is still s dinosaur. Yes I'm a Dino nerd

  43. BlueFrostedGlass says:

    So Shakira was right then?

  44. Makayla Kraus says:

    Um…. our favourite dinos aren't going anywhere? What about "Triceratops", believed to be a juvenile of another species?

  45. Bacalhau da Noruega says:

    What a shitty click bait tittle. This is not what I expect from a channel like this.

  46. Spaghetti Monster says:

    i think it is awesome that in most science fields (unlike most religions) they are humble enough to rewrite history when new discoveries emerge offering new evidence. That is proof science is on a journey to find out what the truth is instead of letting ego stand in the way by claiming that there is only one true history and it was written in religious text and forbidden to change. I also find it very ironic and telling how religion tries to use this against science by saying "see? science cant make up its mind, its story is always changing…". which is just about as weak of an argument as when religion is asked to prove ANYTHING from their supernatural scripture fables and their most common reply is "We dont need proof because we have faith" .

    Though loyalty and devotion are commendable traits is some cases, having faith is proof of nothing more than a placebo "it was only by the grace of god that I didn't die in that car accident" and scapegoats "Yeah I cheated on my taxes but the devil made me do it…." both of which remove people from owning their action. By crediting a deity for the good that they do and blaming a demon for their mistakes and bad choices cancels out their free will.

    You can spot these people from a mile away in forums, comments and posts when debating because all that they have to offer are weak explanations with no valid proof and if that doesn't work they will then resort to insults for example by trying to change the subject or try to turn it around (because deep down they must know they have no proof) with petty shallow attacks other people's spelling and grammar, a sure sign of their frustration and have nothing of substance to offer.

    Personally I believe a lot of their frustration must be because under all of the tight nit religious communities, charity and devotion they do know that they have no proof to offer. At first when I was younger I just assumed these people must be dim witted or just plain stupid, but I know now that many brilliant people with incredible minds can also be a devoutly religious. In that case it must be very frustrating being forced to stick to one story under threat of a deity's wrath and a devils temptation, or even worse… disappointing family, friends, coworkers and their tight nit community if they were to voice reason.

  47. Fancy Watermelon says:

    I think it's crap that dinosaurs evolved into birds think about it this way let's say your an American would you rather have an Eagle as a mascot of a velociraptor

  48. SuperVstech says:


  49. Venom -7 says:

    it's not an at-at it's a at-St!

  50. Jess Cummins says:

    It sounds like clickbait, but it's actually a true statement (Dinosauria's no joke). :0

  51. Yonael says:

    Science Marches On.

  52. David Lawand says:

    me like dinos

  53. CrimsonRaptors says:

    The inaccuracies in your video 30 seconds in, are already too distracting to and muddy the waters for the real facts you start to explain later. Brontosaurus, meaning "thunder lizard" which is a name I greatly do miss using, has not been a legitimate paleontological genus of dinosaur since 1903, when the specimen in question (named Brontosaurus in 1979), was determined to be cobbled together from pieces of the previously sauropod dinosaur bones of Apatosaurus (previously named in 1877) and Camarasaurus (named in 1878). Since Apatosaurus's name does aptly mean "deceptive lizard," it does have a ring of irony to the situation. Torosaurus is not also known as "Triceratops." This stems only from the recent "declassification" of multiple species of dinosaurus all across the board promoted by the infamous paleontologist, James Horner, whose theory as to why the dinosaurs are no longer around is due to their lack of diversity and resistance to change including both climate and diseases. His theory on Torosaurus is that it is an older form of Triceratops. If that is the case, then why do we not find more diverse frills of Triceratops in multiple arrangements then just a few Torosaurus skulls here in there. It's a paper thin theory of his and is not widely accepted. You would have been well served as not stating Torosaurus at all or simply using Triceratops as the silhouette you used is such. In addition to that, your Tyrannosaurus has THREE fingers, which they did not have, Tyrannosaurus only had TWO fingers. Don't take us back to the 1980s on that error. Paleontology is a science that is not written in stone, but the public latches onto so many "ideas" and theories and then they get accepted as truth. Please perform your own research before making a video that promotes such inaccuracies in public form.

  54. Otto is not My real Name says:

    All this nerd on nerd violence needs to stop before the flat earthers take over the world

  55. Aidan Seay says:

    Technically Torosaurus doesn't exist if Dr. Horner's theory is correct. Since Triceratops was named first,the name sticks,while the name Torosaurus would become a synonym.

  56. TyrannosaurusLives says:

    Torosaurus and Triceratops were distinct. Why don't you mention them as such?

  57. Ronald says:

    How cool would it be to have a movie about dinosaurs with feathers. You think like "ahw that's a cute dino" and then like boom it makes a weird bird like sound en has big teeth. Maybe do a video about this Seeker, would maybe change the way people see dinosaurs

  58. Joshua Weatherly says:

    Science, make up your damn mind

  59. CAT says:

    Anyone else think it's weird that birds didn't evolve from the bird-like dinosaurs?

  60. Indominus Rex Fan2018 says:

    You just ruined my childhood and im still a kid and triceratops is real😡

  61. Andy Raeburn says:

    Dinosaurs didn't evolve into birds, they were a sister taxon. And other over simplifications that have become false… Where's the retraction video?

  62. Matt Evans says:

    how would that make brontosaurus not a dinosaur? that is a unintelligent question and that is not what new research says, it just says that the way we were classifying dinosaurs might have been wrong. Also dinosaurs did not just "evolve" into birds, birds are maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs or in a shorter term, avian dinosaurs, while the extinct species like tyrannosaurus and velociraptor are non avian dinosaurs. dinosaurs are not extinct, birds are the last remaining branch of the dinosauria tree.

  63. Michael The BoomBringer says:

    I don't believe in evolution

  64. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    im pretty sure we knew theropods were bird hipped

  65. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    when I was a kid i read that dinos split from the reptile ancestor of 350 mya as croc and turtle were forced back into the seas, outcompeted but fossils of the short early triassic repopulation of land by small bipedal reptile like egg layers were few and incomplete. without knowing where they split from croc and when they split off the bird line i like to call them parrot crocs

  66. Χρήστος Τσίκλης says:

    torosaurus IS NOT triceratops!

  67. Henry Scott says:

    Jesus christ this video is so stupid…

  68. Gocha The truly says:

    literally computer model

  69. Rahmat Adi says:

    Reptile or bird?????

  70. Bob Marley says:

    This is interesting but rather irrelevant considering. What is needed is to admit that the planet almost doubled in mass in the last 200 million years. Less mass means less gravity. That would finally explain how the whale sized sauropods could support their bulk with bones. It would explain how pterosaurs were the size of small air craft. It would explain how dragon flies could have almost 3 foot wing spans. It would explain how t-Rex was bull elephant size standing on two legs probably running. Of course you don't believe me but look at the data for yourself. The very largest ones were further back in time. All the continents fit like a jig saw puzzle not only on the Atlantic side but the Pacific all at once to an eye popping 98% accuracy on a 55% radius sphere. That would be a one in a million occurrence if it was something only random. There is absolutely nothing older in the oceans than 180 million years and no ancient fish fossils. All ancient fish fossils are on continental crust where the shallow seas were. How can modern science ignore this? See Neal Adams, James Maxlow and Stephen Hurrell. Mind blowing stuff for most people but it is proof that matter forms within all celestial bodies in spite of what modern science wants us to believe. Plate tectonics is a joke with practically no evidence. Yet there is supportive imagery of the moon, Mars, and several off world moons showing growth. Matter is not as immutable as science is telling us. The question you need to ponder is why do they want us to think that it is? It is blatantly obvious that Einstein was a two bit plagiarist. Why is he jacked up as some super genius? Eugene Mallove, MIT and Harvard "Fire from ice", wrote about two scientists in Utah finding extra matter and energy in an deuterium electrolysis experiment. Why was he murdered? Stan Meyers pulls energy from seemingly nowhere with a torroidal electrical transformer and dies in a restaurant parking lot clutching his throat saying they poisoned him. Why? It's the same reason Tesla was stopped from energizing the entire planet with a wireless energy grid. It's all rather simple actually. It's all about money, power, and control and the boot print on the face of humanity. Let me guess. You think I am nuts right? Yeah well I think you are a bunch of idiots for drinking the fucking Kool-aid.

  71. Sergio Barker says:

    You mean Triceratops aka Torosaurus. Triceratops was discovered first so it keeps or sets the name if the theory is true.

  72. nickopeters says:

    It doesn't surprise me. I had a hard time thinking sauropods were closer than ornithischians were, to theropods, from the beginning.

  73. spacedragons - says:

    This video triggers me. Torosaurus is NOT triceratops! also, the title. It's not boring, at least not for dino fans. AND THE SAUROPODS ARE DINOSAURS!

  74. wood1155 says:

    Didn't follow any of that

  75. aidenthesnork says:

    When they said that the sauropods would be in their own group, this means they would be in their own order of Dinosauria, not leaving the clade completely. Also, I heard nothing about dinosaurs evolving in the northern hemisphere instead of the south. If anyone could tell me or send me a link, that would be cool. 🙂

  76. PaleoKaiju says:


  77. Bradyonyx says:

    I can deal with, as it might provide explanation for why the bird hipped dinosaurs didn’t evolve into birds but instead the lizard hipped dinosaurs, as well as why we only have definitive evidence for feathers on theropods and some ornithischians.

  78. andy the gardener says:

    awesome news for global warming deniers and creationists. it clearly means global warming and evolution are false.

  79. Adum Sundler says:

    Triceratops isn't fukin Torosaurus yo

  80. Dave Robson says:

    Torosaurus is not AKA Triceratops. The idea that they are the same species is unsupported.

  81. The Dope Lycan Roxs says:

    They were probably millions of Dino's there we .scientist pridict we will only find 1 percent of them

  82. Ryan Collins says:

    Damn, trying too hard to be funny and falling flat on your faces

  83. Christopher Meehan says:

    Saurischia and Ornithischia were absolutely arbitrary names. We conflated cladistics with science, had no concept of phylogenetic theory, clung to false (or unfalsifiable) beliefs, and neglected to acknowledge (even SILENCED) the many marginalized voices who continually warned that cladistics as a TOOL available to test hypotheses was not of any utility unless rooted in comparative zoology and pre-defined (refutable) hypotheses. We grouped dinosaurs like Star Wars figures, and had similar nerdy wrath when real scientists politely offered that perhaps there are more things on heaven and earth, so to speak… "The best we can do with the data at the moment", when it comes to a fragmentary and inherently limited fossil record, is not to generate wild assertions and defend them to the death:

    The best we can do in paleontology is often, as a matter of natural philosophy that trumps our incessant urge to bin and group bones, simply to encourage DEBATE and reward those who offer the most insightful reasons why we CANNOT YET KNOW FOR SURE. There is an epidemic lapse in science occurring in paleontology, and tremendous opportunity for anyone well-rounded and unbiased enough to just attempt to refute an hypothesis or two. To attempt to refute the hypothesis that (flying) birds are descended from coelurosaurian warm-blooded terrestrial fuzzy theropod "dinosaurs" is not to say that you believe the Earth is 6000 y old. It's not even to say you don't believe birds are related to coelurosaurs. It's to say: if this hypothesis has any merit, then we won't be able to falsify it with real science.

    So where's all the science, fellas? There's plenty of proving occurring, and all I seem to find is ostracization and marginalizing of the few among your ranks who try and perform science. This is utter cowardice, and so damned hysterical if it weren't tragic for our children who believe we have figured everything out.

  84. mee sou says:

    seriously if you find any real scientific discoveries boring STOP MARKETING SCIENCE FOR ENTERTAINMENT fucking damn it

  85. Victor Joj says:

    I thought the term "Brontosaurus" wasn't even a thing for a while now. What happened to "Apatosaurus"?

  86. The gaming Spino266 says:


  87. Kur Norock says:

    triceratops is real. it isn't just a young torosaurus. there are juvenile torosaurus that are too young to be old triceratops and adult triceratops that are too old to be young torosaurus. They are two separate species.

    And sauropods are still dinosaurs. They just are no longer grouped with the therapods.

  88. ThisIsNotHarvey says:

    00:51 You mean AT-ST?

  89. PUKENUKEM says:

    Why do scientists have to make everything so complicated.

  90. novembermember says:

    I’m curious about when the split between bird-like and lizard-like occurred.

  91. DrXIII says:

    Spoiler Alert: Turns out the "Ornithoscelida" Theory is disproven once again. And the "Phytodinosauria" Theory is the nail that seals the coffin of "Ornithoscelida".

  92. Qymean jai Shelaal says:

    I‘m a huge dinosaur-fan and I am really pissed.

  93. MalachiCo0 says:

    Wait, what? I never read the study, but nobody ever mentioned that sauropods weren't dinosaurs anymore. I would think somebody in the community would have mentioned it if that info was there. All the study was saying was that sauropods were no longer directly related to therapods.

  94. Denosur TM says:

    Torosaurus is not an adult triceratops and if it was it would be renamed to triceratops as the triceratops was named first and sauropods and herrerasaurids are dinosaurs, just another group of dinosaurs. Also birds are dinosaurs.

  95. Daniel Hughes Jr. says:

    your last video was inspiring and intresting

  96. Daniel Hughes Jr. says:

    and im at school bye

  97. San Fran says:

    So nobody knows the tyrannosaurus rex secret? that they were actually "terrible chickens" , who didn't go around acting like they were under the influence of the devil and demons and scientists tell people that. 😄mao

  98. Adeiza Yisa says:

    I'm just going to sneak away like I'm not a dinosaur nerd

  99. The Guy from Saturn says:

    The original division between saurischians and ornitischians was never convincing since birds' hips came from the lizard hipped dinos… obviously that hip division was very plastic. And there were details, particularly regarding proto feather-likestructures taht are more common between theropods and ornitischian.

    My reaction when I first heard the news was not …. Whatt!!!??? but … Yeah, I had a feeling…

    And yeah, I realise it's not yet the official classification, but still, I have a feeling…. Until they find some proto feather like structures from a sauropodomorph, I will remain convinced that saurischian and ornitischian are probably more closely related. Hips, as many current living saurischian dinosaurs can prove, are not as good an indicator of lineage as it might have seemed early on.

  100. John Baker says:

    It might be worth a mention that Jack Horner's Triceratops/Torosaurus theory is far from universally accepted.

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