These Animals Can Change Their Sex At Will

These Animals Can Change Their Sex At Will

If animals were on Facebook, they’d be pretty
stoked about the non-binary sex options out there. Hey wild animals, Jules here for DNews. Humans have spent the last few millennia attempting
to paint biological sex as purely black and white, and only in the last few years has
that dichotomy slowly blossomed into more of a continuum. The natural world, however, doesn’t have those
sticking points. Instead, nature produced so much variation
in animals and insects, that it would be ridiculous to even suggest that there are only two sexes
out there, or that they can only be one. For example, some animals are born intersex,
just like some humans are. That means they possess both categories of
male and female sexual characteristics, primarily judged by the appearance of testicles and
ovaries, also known as gonads. Gonads are just any organ that produces gametes,
which are necessary for reproduction. Some lower animals, such as earthworms or
snails, are inherently intersex, which in this case is also called “simultaneous hermaphroditism”
this means they have both ovaries and testes. When they mate they pass packets of sperm
back and forth before putting the fertilized cells in a cocoon. Some animals are born with one sex, and for
a variety of reasons undergo, what is basically a self-induced sex change. This is called “sequential hermaphroditism”. A number of fish, amphibians, and reptiles
are famous for this ability, and in some cases, they’ll change sex just based on social
hierarchy. The clownfish, for example, is structured
in a social hierarchy with the only female fish at the top. If this top female clownfish dies, then the
most dominant male takes her place, and in doing so, changes its sex to female. The same thing happens with wrasses, but in
reverse, with a school of females and a male at the top. There are also animals that are considered
one sex but show characteristics of another. In one African game reserve, keepers discovered
a group of female lionesses sporting thick masculine manes, and producing loud guttural
roars, which these lionesses used to trick predators and even safari guests into thinking
they were male lions. According to one biologist interviewed in
Popular Science, these lionesses likely have an overabundance of testosterone. This is similar to the increase experienced
by older women after menopause . Kind of like these lionesses, many older women begin to
display some secondary sexual characteristics which we more associate with men, like hair
growth and a deeper voice. Biological sex is a wide spectrum, with plenty
of overlap, loopholes, shortcuts, and just plain unexplainable weirdness; at least that’s
how it looks to humans. But, if everyone else is comfortable with
their sex, maybe we’re the ones with the weird obsession? If you’re interested in the natural world
you can go outside or stay in your chair and check it out in 360 degress! Our newest channel, Seeker VR, has all kinds
of cool stories, including one about weed farmers in California. Now we know that human sexuality has a lot
of ambiguity, but could a man have a baby? Find out in this video. Thanks for watching DNews and don’t forget
to tune in next time.

Randy Schultz

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  1. Bad End Happy says:

    Wait… if clown fish changes sex when the female dies, why doesn't Nemo have a mom…?


  2. Mihai Oprean says:

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  3. The Real Drunkard Hu says:

    How comes humans aren't on your list!? TRIGGERED

  4. Mike Tatatrsky says:

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  5. Blade Runner says:

    These animals are such a great representation of 2016

  6. Lt General Goon says:

    soo what you're saying is there's 2 genders . . . that's common knowledge.

  7. Vasectomy Fail says:

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  8. Michael says:

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  9. Random_Paper_Generator says:

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  10. Samira & Shakira says:

    Why does this video take so long to load

  11. David Slattery says:

    Holy mustachio

  12. Synonymous says:

    stop with the gender spectrum shit. gender is a biological trait. who u r attracted to is a sexual orientation, NOT GENDER!

  13. TJ B says:

    Intersex and transexual are 2 different things.

  14. Susen Sarkar says:

    where is ur beard dude

  15. Official Legless Seltzer Boi Kyle Kulinski says:

    Intersex vs transgender

  16. Julian Klimczyk says:

    liberals are dreaming of this

  17. idris idris says:

    If an earth worm has both genetles can it fertilize it's own eggs?

  18. ruslan mam says:


  19. Test ED says:

    Being straight is un-natural. To be "natural" we must prosecute all those unnatural cis-genders!

  20. Meow Meow says:

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  21. Alex Boricua says:

    Wowwwwww what a mustache . Blast from the past haa

  22. Domyras says:

    Why do you look like a 90's Porn Star..? Not sayin' it's a bad thing… it's… just..

  23. Yoga Wardoyo says:

    Now we know the true form of those non-binary feminists!

  24. NEY Industries says:

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  28. David Gringo says:

    "Some animals are born intersex, just like some humans are." Shut the fuck up, there are two bloody sexes for humans you sick fuck.

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  31. Victoria Rasmussen says:

    So Nemo's father is actually his mother? Damn nature is a freakshow. Love it.

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    Cue's porno music

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  41. Admiral Cat says:

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  44. Literally Yams says:

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  45. Allah Turbo says:

    Islam is the real religion,in islam there's male and female,nothing else. We don't believe in such science

  46. Kevan808 says:

    Bro-stache…70s style

  47. danusty says:

    I thought that the answer to this human "dilemma" was pretty simple. if you have a penis you are a man, if you are a man and like other man you are a homosexual, if you have a vagina you are a woman, if you are a woman and like other woman you are a homosexual, if you are a male or a female and you like both male and females you are a bisexual, if you have a combination of both male and female genitalia to a certain degree of development you are a hermaphrodite and depending on what reproductive organ and hormone is more predominant you are either a man or a woman who happens to be a hermaphrodite. BOOM! knowledge!

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  53. Steve Von Doom says:

    Science = 1 / 2,000 year old book =0

  54. Tuomo Luttinen says:

    Biological sex is black and white for us humans. What the hell was he talking about? I thought this channel would have at least some level of science in it.

  55. Tw1sted Grav1ty says:

    lol gonads

  56. sensitive zucc says:

    hey Jules suzdaltsev, nice change of style.

  57. cin mhmd says:

    you forgot North American purple hair liberal

  58. Aratas Man says:

    have you guys gone insane? do you understand what normal distribution of a population is?
    do you also think humans don't have 2 hands? just because some people are born with 3 or only 1 or none at all?
    or can you please let me know how many kidneys do humans have? teeth? eyes?
    do you consider a person born with one leg a new form of human? and someone with 3 legs another form? isn't that a continuum?
    either you guys really don't understand the history and evolution of sexual reproduction or the D in your channel name stands for dumbass.

  59. Lord Mormagor says:

    c'mon Dnews is better than this political correctness..

  60. Chris Shipman says:

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  76. Lue Ciefer says:

    Is it an SJW?

  77. Neostrius says:

    I see what the agenda is here, and I have to disagree with the equivalence being drawn. Of course there are animals out there that have genders that work differently, but even in those instances, it is still two genders, it's just both sex organs attached to the same body, or the ability to switch. I'd perhaps be willing to accept the former as a third gender, but that's about it. As for humans though, no, there are only two genders, it is actually as black and white as you say it isn't. Maybe it won't be forever, and I can accept that, but it's not true right now. Nature expresses that hermaphroditic humans are not meant to be, by making all of them sterile and barren as far as I know. Doesn't make them less human or inferior or anything, I'm just stating the facts. Humans do not have reasons pertaining to survival or the production of offspring, to switch genders or possess both sex organs. We have not survived the way we have by switching genders when circumstances demand it, nor by having both sex organs to mate with any individual of our species one might happen upon in the wild. Naturally we have, and only need, two genders. Scientifically speaking anyway, personally I don't really care what a person calls themself based on how they feel. If it makes you feel good and more comfortable, I don't see the harm, so long as you understand that trying to get everyone to accommodate you is unreasonable. You can stop reading here if you wish, assuming you haven't already, the rest is just continuing into my general ideas about the whole gender thing we have going on nowadays.

    The expression of both these genders is so nebulous that I understand why people feel like there are so many (I mean, to be honest, I feel effeminate some times more than others in regards to certain things and how I behave, I'm just sensible enough to not think that I've discovered a whole new gender in doing so), so in considering that, the endeavour to name each and every gender may as well be one to label every permutation of a person expressing their gender in past, present, and future, as something unique from every other person, is rather misguided. Everyone feels different, everyone's experience of their gender is going to be different, that doesn't mean each person has a new and unique gender. Or even if you disagree with that, we already give people names for that purpose, to identify a person and therefore their individual nature, and what family they belong to, and even then we reuse names all the time and probably don't have enough to give everyone a unique one. Creating a name for every person, as well as a name for how they express their gender based on how they feel and because of how their genes are uniquely organised, is rather redundant, pointless, and inaccurate in my eyes.

    And since I know there are a lot of rather sensitive people out there, I just want to remind you that you don't have to take me seriously. If you read all this and more from other people, and still adamantly feel the way you do about your gender, like I said, I don't care. You do you, my goal isn't to tell you to change your feelings if you don't want to. I'm one of those "if you aren't hurting anyone, do whatever you want" kind of people. If I think your ideas and/or feelings are poor and misguided, screw it, you don't have to care what I think.

  78. Mistergamer9892 says:

    This must be a Tumblr user or SJW's wet dream to be these animals.

  79. Carlos Valle says:

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  81. Ian says:

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  82. Adam Tschupp says:

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  83. Nocturnus Schwartstein says:

    Nature has its own set of rules. Humans are the ones being disobedient.

  84. HaLFNoob HaLFAmaZinG says:

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  85. CogniVision says:

    So now I can compare all the retards on Tumblr to worms. Thank you, DNews.

  86. Cameron Harper says:

    If nemo's mom died and Marlin and Nemo were the only survivors…….does that mean one would change into a girl……..childhood ruined

  87. Cameron Harper says:

    Did you just assume i had a gender?

  88. Pure Carnage says:

    let me guess the animals were talking about is humans

  89. Adli Hadiyan Munif says:

    Hi! I want to know about humans sex. When a baby still in her mom's stomach, when will we know his/her sex? Can we choose to be a male or female? Thank you.

  90. Traveling Bum says:

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  91. dandagod official says:

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  92. November says:

    Most people can't pull off a mustache. This guy can

  93. Martyntd5 says:

    This video is misleading. Unlike earthworms, some fish, amphibians and lizards, there is no such thing as a true human hermaphrodite. The functioning human reproductive system is purely binary. You can be male or female, but never both and it cannot change either naturally or artificially. There are some very rare genetic abnormalities where some people are born with both sets of chromosomes and/or both sets of gonads – but there isn't a single recorded example in the whole of human history where both sets of gonads are functional and capable of producing offspring. In some cases the individual is sterile, in some cases one of the two sets of gonads is capable of reproduction, but never both. A reproductively functioning human is either male or female, 100% of the time. The video didn't tell you that did it?

  94. #CleanGang says:

    What im watching: Intersex animals
    What im discovered: Guy with cute moustache talking about intersex animals

  95. PhsycoEarthling 234567890 says:

    this explains transenderism

  96. Chris Edwards says:

    interesting that the entire video still validated the two genders: male and female, and that male cultural dominance permeates the animal kingdom long before the idea that patriarchal oppression was a thing.

  97. Shohan Tutorial says:

    However this only strengthens the fact that there are only two genders ur either male or female there is no between or anything.Also intersex is a birth defect not a third gender.

  98. TurtleMan8365 says:

    1:27 umm nemo’s mom is dead.

  99. A D says:

    life uhhh finds a way

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