The Z-Fighters vs Moro’s Army! Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

The Z-Fighters vs Moro’s Army! Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

Hello and welcome back all my Dragon Ball
Theorist, it’s the 20th of the month which means it is time for the new chapter of the
Dragon Ball Super Manga and with the last chapter setting up this epic
battle on Earth in 2 months. That would be the conclusion of this Galactic
Patrol Arc where it is Moro’s and his Army vs the the mightiest Heroes of Earth. A battle to find out if anyone can put an
end to Moro’s tyranny of devouring planets across
the Universe. There has been a lot of built up suspense,
on who would show up and fight? Would we see some of the old Z fighters that
haven’t been utilized at all in Super? The answer is Yes!! The very first panel of Dragon Ball Super
Manga Chapter 56 starts off with the title, Warriors of Earth Assemble! This is giving me that Avengers End Game Vibe
which was the most epic fight to ever be witnessed on the big screen. We then kick off this chapter with everyone
who is available from the Galactic Patrol arriving on Earth to aid them in this do or
die battle to decide the fate of the Universe. I really love this wide screen shot before
the conversations begin of everyone prepared to fight. If you thought Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha might
join to lend a hand in the 2 months they had to prepare,
you are correct. For me this just makes it a little bit of
a DBZ nostalgic moment where literally everyone gets involved in this chapter, with a few
surprise fighters that show up latter. Yamcha fans get excited because he is ready
and has been training, showing confidence Yamcha states “It’s finally my chance to shine”
While Chiaotzu isn’t quite as eager and hopes that he can still fight. A fun moment with Jaco calling them new recruits
and to look sharp, when literally they are the vets of defending Earth. It’s finally time for the battle to start
and Krillin would feel better if Goku and Vegeta were here. However they must hold out a little longer
as Goku was notified by Jaco and is trying to make his way back to Earth, and Vegeta
is still on Yardrat. Meanwhile on the lookout we have Dende and
the new little green getting ready to watch the battle. A ship arrives with a sleeping Buu and I am
curious if Buu does wake up and plays any part in this
battle latter on. Will we see the awakened Grand Supreme Kai
again? I guess anything is possible with how massive
this fight is. Then Moro’s ship arrives but does the unexpected
and it sends smaller scout pods in every direction to launch a
broad attack on Earth. The main goal of Saganbo’s Army is removing
Earth of all it’s precious resources before Moro devours it. When the Z fighters realize what is going
on they start to break up and meet this attack head on. Master Roshi catches a ride on Krillins back
and they wish Piccolo and Gohan luck with the main assault. Tien and Chiaotzu as well are a team while
Yamcha splits off on his own. Don’t worry, I know what you are thinking. Yamcha alone to fight someone might not be
good, times have changed and we aren’t going to have any type of situation like that
develop. The Galactic Patrol decides to split up as
well and assist Earth’s warriors. So agent Yamcha has back up and he has been
training! But first we get a rematch of Krillin against
Yunba! However he isn’t
alone and has the 3 deadly female fighters that were scavenging other planets with him. They don’t seem very interested in Yunba’s
duel and want to have fun destroying something and decide to split off. Krillin being the battle tactician he is devises
a plan with Roshi. That Yunba is faster then he looks so they
should rush him together! Master Roshi giving his pupil some advice,
Krillin you can’t go relying on your old master for everything. I’m betting you can handle this chump alone! So Master Roshi is off to wrangle those nasty
babes. Leaving Krillin wide open to get whacked with
a vicious attack from Yunba. He does recover though and I do think he will
be fine in this fight. Now the rematch we all been waiting for, lets
be honest Gohan looked great in his fight against Seven Three last time! Gohan had him beat easily and if it wasn’t
for Seven Three being able to store up to 3 fighters powers and having Moro’s absorption
technique. Then Gohan would of won. Are they more prepared this time as Piccolo
asks Shimorekka if he is alone? However he grins and says you wish,
then we see the artificial life form Seven Three materialize right behind Gohan and Piccolo
grabbing their necks! They are in complete shock and I couldn’t
believe it either. However it wasn’t their
fault as we learn that Seven Three had copied the power to be invisible to get behind them. He is also an artificial life form so they
couldn’t detect his Ki. So Jaco really needs to lighten up here and
I give them a pass for letting their powers get copied. However as we remember all the training and
powers over the last 2 months have now been copied by Seven Three so will we have the
same ending as last time? Well Seven Three launch Piccolo’s special
beam cannon to destroy them with their own move. Except Gohan and Piccolo look at each other
and nod because it is time to unleash something never seen before, the result of their training
in preparation for this specific battle. Gohan creates an energy shield to stop the
attack while Piccolo charges his own attack which is called the Demon Light of Death! This combined attack overwhelms Seven-Three
and leaves him standing there reminiscent of Perfect Cell when he met the
fate of Vegeta’s Final Flash. Shimorekka is in shock and asks how is this
happening! Which Gohan responds we were totally ready
for him to copy our abilities. In disbelief he orders Seven-Three to switch
to Gohan’s power since he is stronger and we get some awesome artwork in the following
panels of Gohan avoiding the energy attacks while Piccolo retaliates with
his own. Then when Seven-Three goes to block the incoming
attack Gohan lands a devastating punch. This is where we learn the secret to their
training. They are using combo moves since Seven Three
can only use one set of powers at a time so there is no way he can dodge attacks from
a duo! Gohan and
Piccolo now launch their combined attack Demon Flash of Death! There is nothing now that Seven Three can
do, except watch this entangled energy beam incinerate him. Now he is all but defeated but the
fight isn’t over yet as he starts to regenerate. Gohan and Piccolo want to put an end to their
adversary now, before he switches to Moro’s absorption powers! However it’s to late! In desperation Seven Three switches over to
Moro’s abilities and goes to drain them of their energy but the two fighters he has his
hands raised at aren’t Gohan and Piccolo! They both
receive viscous kicks to their head and the surprise fighters finally make their entrance
to lend a hand in the Manga. It is none other than the Androids 17 and
18! Android 17 asks which one’s that Seven Eleven guy? Which 18 responds likely the one you kicked
because they said he has no emotions. We now find out Earth’s trump card and Piccolo
says that they are the only ones that can finish this fight since they don’t have Ki. Shimorekka seems confused no Chi? What’s that mean? Jaco states Oh,
Duh! Seven-Three can’t absorb energy from the Androids!! Okay everyone just when you thought we were
finally done with how the energy of the Androids works we have this. First since I see comments on
on the word Chi just realize that Chi and Ki are the same thing. So whether it’s Chi like they say in the Manga
or Ki talking about energy in the Anime, it’s exactly the same. Now this brings up another issue because yes
the Androids don’t have traditional Ki energy but they do have Genki which is life force
energy since they are part human. As we know they gave Genki energy
to Goku at the tournament of power. Now Moro can absorb Ki energy as we seen him
do eating energy blast but his main Magic is absorbing Genki or the life force of planets. Now whether or not Seven-Three
can absorb Genki or not who knows. However it will be interesting if Moro can
steal the Androids Genki or life force which technically could happen and it would kill
them. How they decide to write
this in the next chapters is up to them but these are the current facts that we know. So we aren’t completely out of danger if Moro
can absorb the Androids Genki or life energy. Moving on we find out that Goten and Trunks
are on monster island having fun being rangers which I think most of us expected that would
happen. Then finally we see Moro get up from his chair
and again I get this Avenger’s Thanos vibe where he was
pissed off with people failing to collect the infinity stones so he states “Fine I’ll
do it myself”. Moro is extremely displeased and calls them
all pathetic, useless fools! They couldn’t even meet his low expectations. Saganbo apologizes for his Army and Moro says
no matter, there would be no meaning in coming all this way otherwise if there wasn’t strong
fighters. Now who will be first on my menu?? While this was all going down, we have 2 full
pages of Yamcha! Who states that it seems like Gohan and Piccolo’s
training has paid off. Yamcha tells them that he is one of the three
strongest Earthlings around. Despite these convicts thinking that he looked
so freaking weak. I think that how this was written is hilarious
and perhaps Toriyama is tired of the Yamcha meme. We see him make quick work of
the enemey and then leaves them to the galactic patrolmen to arrest. Then he senses more convicts in another direction,
so maybe Yamcha will get a real test coming up agaist the metal man next chapter. Then finally the cliff hangar that we be ending
chapters on. We have Goku trying to find his way back to
Earth and asking for directions. My thinking is the same as all of you, that
he can just Instant Transmission a few times and get there. However perhaps Merus really did take him
to the outskirts of the Universe so Goku is having a hard time getting a lock on anywhere
to Instant Transmission too. Then we have Vegeta who appears to be under
some difficult final training on planet Yardat. Vegeta screams dammit it failed!! One more time! The Elder Pybara tells Vegeta to wait, do
you sense Earth’s spirit? Yes the fighting started not to long ago. However Vegeta can’t rush in just yet, there
is no point unless he masters this technique! Vegeta says besides Moro hasn’t joined the
battle yet, now from the top Pybara!! Which is the conclusion of this months Dragon
Ball Super Manga chapter 56. There is a lot of moving parts and I think
the last chapter wanted to hurry up and get us to this point, where all of Earth’s Fighters
can have their moment and have their own separate fights. So it will
be interesting how many chapters we will have left in this Arc. They could really slow this down for this
final battle and we end up with several more chapters. We also have Merus and Whis who zipped off
somewhere and I am sure we haven’t heard the last from them. As well as Vegeta and Goku still yet to arrive
on Earth just for the main battle with Moro. So my thoughts are we aren’t anywhere close
to being done unless they really speed up the
next chapter. My plans coming up is to discuss in detail
these individual battles and will the Androids play a big part in Earth’s success. As well as this mysterious technique that
Vegeta is learning to counter Moro. Now tell me what did you think of this Manga
chapter 56? What was your favorite part? I always love to hear your thoughts and theories
in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video don’t
forget to share it and smash that like button. Also please subscribe to support the channel
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Randy Schultz

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46 thoughts on “The Z-Fighters vs Moro’s Army! Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

  1. What If Theories says:

    Nice way to start off the week with a brand new Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter! I was getting some Avengers End Game vibe with The Z-Fighters Assemble! What was your favorite part of this chapter? Do you think the Androids will be vital in defeating Moro? Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you in the next video 🙂

  2. kcgates 13bravo says:

    Hell yeah man keep up the work, you the best out here

  3. The Sith Order says:

    Always love the vids and can't get til the main battles start!

  4. Ernesti Echevalier Child prodigy says:

    roshi con las chanclas

  5. Joshua Lowe says:

    Android 17, 18, Gohan & Piccolo will defeat 73 together. Since Android 17 & Android 18 don't have any "spirit" genkai ki for Moro to absorb, the Androids will likely help Goku & Vegeta fight against Moro.

  6. Joshua Lowe says:

    It's great to see all of the Z fighters getting involved. Especially Yamcha.

  7. Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    I hope they do, because after they defeat Moro, Goku and Vegeta can focus on Frieza, he’s still out there plotting his next movie to kill Goku and his Friends, and keep Broly away from Frieza

  8. The Tribute Channel says:

    Will Yamcha be relevant? Will Tien and Chiaotzu have big fight? It's like they are doing Resurrection F right.

  9. Darrell Simon says:

    Imagine if Moro rolls up and everyone is thinking we have the androids so Moro isn't gonna be able to take us all.

    Moro smiles and looks at 73 and says… "Yes it's true that he can't take your energy… But that doesn't mean i can't afterall I'm much more skilled and experienced in this"

    That would be crazy

  10. unknown warrior says:

    I'm really glad 17 and 18 are in this fight, they add a nice flare and different style of fighting than the typical overpowering techniques of the saiyans. I'm really hyped for 17 since he did so well in the ToP, hopefully he plays a big role in bringing Moro down, since he's so popular again and all. I can't wait to see this animated and see how the anime will portray all of this, since we all know the anime will return eventually and it will be one of the most hype things ever. I'm really hoping it's some time this year, since with the new video games and all we could really use a Moro arc installment.

  11. Franklin Evans says:

    This has to be added to the anime

  12. Anthony Martinez says:

    What if theories: "Yamcha fans get excited"
    Me: ….WHO
    Lol nah but this is gonna be dope to have the z fighters again, not just goku and vegeta…not just goku. This arc has been so dope so dope so dope. They better adapt it to anime SOON. Thanks for the content

  13. Adrian Petroni says:

    Yamcha fighting and beating those goons made my day!! Finally!!

  14. Boss Pierceee says:

    I want to see what vegeta know now like new moves

  15. Ved Prakash Sahu says:

    All those Avengers References, but dont forget Z did it first, all of that already done in the frieza saga. I think Avengers took some notes from Z 😉

  16. Ved Prakash Sahu says:

    I think Androids are a hybrid of Organic and Mechanical parts, and them having life force may fully depend on writers. They didnt do any training in ki control or anything, and just modified to use energy that ki produces. I think its that enery thatgave to goku at TOP, not their life force, even though it is mentioned that spirit bomb collects life energy from planets and its beings. Maybe bomb collects life energy only from them who cant give energy that androids and Z fighters have. Honestly, there could be no theory as it just depends on writer's choice in this matter, but i think androids wont be drained out of their stamina and fighting power at the least, as they arent fully organic and dont have chi.

  17. Thello says:

    Spoilers 10 seconds in

  18. Spectaa a says:

    Fav part was Yamcha looking sharp

  19. musikmakerfan says:

    we need the anime NOW D:

  20. Mr Sensei says:

    With Morro already being at earth we miss him or his men finding/encounter Frieza and his army. Which I thought would happen for sure and would keep Morro busy in the preparation time for the battle at earth. Missed opportunity.

  21. Quantum Goku says:

    Master roshi. Very funny. DB is back.

    And this chapter is amazing. Especially gohan piccolo teaming up. They gone a long way.

    Goosebumps from excitement.

  22. Randy qquaint says:

    Dende and the New Little Green… LOL!

  23. Phantom Knight says:

    I hope Moro wins Lol

  24. ASG x says:

    Im really tired of all the bad guys having "regeneration" abilies like cmon think outside the box, just seems like an easy cop out to me

  25. Henry Peters says:

    I can't wait to see Moro yamcha Yamcha.

  26. Chudi Chika says:

    I wanna see more yamcha.

  27. jajaja says:

    Will goku and vegeta arrive in time… that a real question?? Hahah

  28. Diestro Terrero says:

    Vegeta is more powerful than goku now so he can use instant transmission has his spirits has got stronger he will be able to get goku to earth has he can sense earth from far but goku is able to sense the earth like vegeta

  29. Typhoon ish says:

    Vegeta can now sense spirits so he KNOWS Goku isn’t on Earth. He is going to go get Goku and bring him to earth. Calling it now

  30. Ra says:

    I doubt goku n Vegeta will make it in time. But when they see all the z fighters an there family have fallen to moro! Well you wouldn't wanna know what happens when u piss of a saiyan because I think not even the omni king would want too😂😂😂

  31. Kevin Jared Hurtado Lozano says:

    ¡¡Great chapter!!
    Hopefully some prisoners arrive at the island of 17 and so Goten trunks and even the Cell jr have relevance

  32. Wise Ass says:

    Did you really compare dragon ball to Avengers Endgame bro no just no smh.

  33. Amine EL HAOUNI says:

    The return of yamtcha will be like the return of Conor mcgregor after cerone lol

  34. couldbe anyone says:

    they don't have life energ

  35. Reggie Davis says:

    Uub maybe coming soon since Majin Buu has been napping more frequently, possible change in origin frm Dbz/Gt.

  36. Guardian Tree says:

    Finally someone else also agrees that the androids might not be immune to Moro.

  37. Boss Pierceee says:

    If moro star fighting it's a rap for the Z Fighters Vegeta better know something or Goku go take off

  38. Equilibrium Illuminati says:

    I see a rematch between Buu and Moro happening before Goku/Vegeta arrives. As for Whis and Meerus, they'll probably meet up with the Grand Priest. GP would probably give him a lecture and then they will observe the fight. GP will also observe Meerus reaction to the battle to see if he is too connected with mortals and siding with good vs evil.

  39. Richard Kim says:

    Imagine if Vegeta or Goku learns the multi shadow clone jutsu from Naruto LOL

  40. Thomas Cassidy says:

    Yamcha fan's that's not a thing Im looking at my dead Yamcha pop now

  41. Thomas Cassidy says:

    So yamcha didn't get yamchaed

  42. Jordan Glasper says:

    Yamcha is back, nuff said!!!

  43. Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans says:

    "Time to show everyone that I can step up when I'm needed. And tho show them that I was never out of the fight."

  44. achraf bouzidi says:

    OKAY ALL DBZ/DBS FANS… I BEG UUU PLSSSSSSSSSSS READ MY THEORIE ABOUT MORO…….. MORO = BAPHOMET…. BAPHOMET IS A TYPE OF DEMON THAT LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MORO.. (there is a group of people like the illuminatie or freemasons who worships baphomet for magic power and money in real life.. but they have to do something in return like sacrificing childeren or other evil stuff.. u can call me crazy but u have satan churches these days in america so nothing is crazy 🤣🤣🤣..FOR EXAMPLE: 911 was obviously a inside job for 2 reasons..reason 1: to have a reason to invade muslim countries and to try to steel recources and trying to destroy the only true faith ISLAM..reason 2: to execute a ritual that baphometh wanted..(u probably think why would baphometh wanted this… its because he is EVIL and destroying humans is his job like the devil or satan.. not satan the father of videl.. the real satan) 911 was 1 of the biggest rituals that evil human had carry out..twin tower= a GATE..pentagon is a STAR..<<<<<< THATS THE RIUAL U GUYS ANDDDDD i beg u pleasse watch the movie ""STARGATE"" fro 1996 .. and u will see some scenes that a group of humans in a dark building with a chess floor with the all seeying eye (pyramide form) standing in front a statue and praying towards it.. (THAT STATUE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE BAPHOMET (MORO) .. yall probably think i am a crazy dude.. but thats because your mind is brainwashed AF 🤷‍♂️ AND its very obvious that those two characters have allot in common… they both use black magic (that god has forbidden for al life forms) they both have a goat head but stands like a human.. and in the series goku heard bunch of human screeming when moro unleashed his power… (like humans screaming in hel fire) just think about it… the creator knows baphometh.. i just really hope he doesnt obey him in real life.. cause he wil go straight to hell.. end of story.. P.S. sorry for my english 🙄

  45. Web Wrecker says:

    The androids are such a welcome addition to the Z fighters. They add a flavor that isn’t present otherwise. It’s refreshing. I feel like they need to get Buu into this fight too. That would make this fight feel even more robust.

  46. TheZivin says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see frieza either join forces with Moro or his entire frieza army vs Moro army

  47. Super19 says:

    I need to see more androids and I miss android's 18 old outfit.

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