The World’s Deadliest Snake | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

The World’s Deadliest Snake | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

NARRATOR: Concealed deep
within their burrows, native nocturnal rodents
spend the daylight hours resting and keeping cool. But if they think they
are safe down here, they’re surely mistaken. With highly specialized
receptors on her tongue, the inland taipan detects
key chemicals in the air, alerting her to the
presence of prey. The hunt is on. Her slender body
is perfectly shaped to invade the rodent’s retreat. Stealth is key to her success. Smooth and glossy scales
reduce surface friction so her movements are
fluid and silent. In closer quarters, she relies
on relatively strong eyesight to hone in on a target. Fast and agile, native rodents
are no easy meal for a taipan, even in these confined spaces. The taipan has
chosen her victim, a plump desert plains rat. She leaves little to
chance, strategically positioning herself
to corner her mark before moving in for the kill. Her strike is incredibly fast
and devastatingly accurate. To reduce the risk of
injury to themselves, snakes will often
strike and retreat. But the inland taipan
strikes repeatedly, for she knows the
complex cocktail of toxins within her venom
will kill, and kill fast. While hemotoxins attack the
rodent’s circulatory system, fast-acting neurotoxins induce
paralysis and ultimately respiratory failure. Together, these potent
ingredients form an overwhelmingly lethal dose. For the rat, the end is swift. It’s the chemical complexity
of the inland taipan’s venom that makes it the
world’s deadliest snake.

Randy Schultz

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22 thoughts on “The World’s Deadliest Snake | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

  1. R Anderson says:

    Worthless snake

  2. K9 Adrian says:

    Nature is beautiful..

  3. David Sue says:

    Why does this whole thing sound sexual to me?

  4. Fade Masta says:

    How the hell is the footage captured? Do they follow the snake around all day?

  5. Barry Sabahat says:

    Fake news.

  6. Michael Teale says:

    just love these snake?really beautiful animals?

  7. Xavier Horn says:

    Why did they change the snakes in the video?

  8. Arabas Matipas says:

    Its a copy from bbc video

  9. Jamilla's Animal Kingdom says:


    Hi there, sleepy snake!!!

  10. Levente Simon says:


  11. fiddlelab says:

    How did they get these camera angles?

  12. Russell Jones says:

    This is why I'd not live in Australia

  13. ALEX Fortnite4life says:

    There still animals in Australia that have not be discoverd

  14. Belphy says:

    Come to Australia. I promise not everything will try to kill you.

  15. Jan Michael Vincent says:

    Deadliest snake? Australia
    Deadliest spider? Australia
    Deadliest ant? Australia
    What the ?

  16. Roberto Bayoneto says:

    Correction. Inland taipan is the most venomous snake, but cannot be considered deadly. No deaths of a single human in recorded history. How ironic. Compare that to the saw scaled viper, russell's viper, indian cobra, for de lance, black mamba. These snakes are much less venomous but kills tens of thousands of humans a year. These are your deadliest snakes.

  17. Priyamjeet Mohanty says:

    world's deadliest snake sofar human has explored…

  18. Obbieboy Bayoneto says:

    It's unfair for the inland taipan to be considered deadly. It is extremely venomous, yes, but not a killer. It has killed only one human in recorded history – an electrician in 2012 working in dense brush by himself. Compare that with the less venomous and aggressive snakes of asia europe and africa that kill thousands every year.

  19. Haniyya Ulfah says:

    So sad, poor cute mouseeee:((

  20. Fletcher Williamson says:

    I live in Australia so don’t be mean to as Australian people do you hear me

  21. Favio says:

    My mother in law has way more venom than this inland taipan

  22. izzoe isaac says:

    australia conditions every thing toxic scarcity of food for the animals makes the animal develop toxics to avoid being the prey

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