The TRUE Dragon Prince- The Dragon Prince Theory

The TRUE Dragon Prince- The Dragon Prince Theory

Do you ever come across a theory idea that
is so crazy, that if true, it would have some pretty big ramifications and could even change
the show as a whole? I’m sure many of us watching remember the
big reveal in Steven Universe, and some recent events in RWBY and Star vs. The Forces of
Evil could also go under this category. On my discord server, which you should join
by the way by clicking the link in the description, one member mentioned something so interesting
that I just had to cover it. And at its core this is a question that asks-
what if the title of the show, The Dragon Prince, wasn’t just referring to one character-
but TWO? Yes, my lovely viewers, what if Callum was
part… wait for it… Dragon! Okay I’m pretty sure you’re immediately
going to write this statement off as a crack theory and call me crazy, but surprisingly
by looking at some potential outside influences of the show, as well as some statements from
the creators, I am able to say quite a bit about this. If you’re an active member of the Dragon
Prince fandom, you probably know about one of the most popular headcanons/theories. And that is the idea that Callum is part elf! If you have seen the show, which you probably
should have if you’re watching this video, you will know that we have yet to see Callum’s
biological father. We have barely even gotten a mention in the
show! All we really know that he is dead. After season 1 we also learned that he was
a different race than Sarai because Callum is biracial. Of course, this is not the same as being a
hybrid of two species, but I’ll get back to all that later. Additionally, Viren called Callum a Mongrel
in season 1. This does happen to be an offensive term for
someone of mixed decent, but I took it more as Viren not being happy that Callum was considered
a Prince despite being born to two non-royal parents. But who knows, maybe there could be more to
that statement. And while Callum certainly does not look like
it, fans really want Callum to be part elf, specifically a Skywing elf because Callum
learned to do Sky magic. It would give an explanation as to why he
could learn magic relatively easily when apparently no human had done so before, and it would
make for a cool reveal. I have always been a bit iffy on this theory. I love the fan art- don’t get me wrong, but
the impressions I have gotten from the creators about this theory have really made me doubt
its validity. In an interview I did with them where I asked
about their thoughts on the Callum elf headcanon, before season 2 released, they kinda joked
around with me asking how his fingers would work if he was only half elf. Additionally, the co-creator Aaron Ehasz promised
we would see elf Callum in Season 3, which since they are in Xadia means Callum will
need a disguise to blend in like Rayla did. This could be a compromise from the creators
to say, “Hey he’s not actually part elf but since you wanted it so bad, here he is-
kinda”. I suppose that could be good foreshadowing
for Callum actually being part elf, but I still have my doubts. And then, we have this really curious response
to a question about elf Callum. @thebagel_lord asked Aaron his take on the
Skywing elf Callum theory. And then Aaron replied that this would be
a big spoiler and that they have clear ideas about who Callum’s father was, why Sarai
loved him, and how things ended between them. So like, this is a very different response
from when I asked them a pretty similar question a few months before. But Aaron saying that Sarai had reasons to
love him made me really intrigued. I’m sorry Aaron I analyze your tweets too
much for my own good! But, with all this in mind, I began thinking
of other possibilities. And as mentioned before, a user from my Discord
server made a light go off in my head. DameonVee suggested that Callum’s father
could be a dragon instead of an elf. And that got me super excited because I love
dragons and he had evidence to back it up. So I’m just gonna preface this by saying
that I have next to no knowledge about Dungeons & Dragons, and everything I am going to say
about D&D is what Dameon said to me. As you can see in his message, in D&D, older
good-natured dragons can shapeshift into humanoid forms and can crossbreed with most species. Additionally, the default sorcerer archetype
is a draconic sorcerer. These sorcerers get their powers from dragon
blood. Here is what the player’s handbook says
about this type of sorcerer: “Your innate magic comes from draconic magic
that was mingled with your blood or that of your ancestors. Most often, sorcerers with this origin trace
their descent back to a mighty sorcerer of ancient times who made a bargain with a dragon
or who might even have claimed a dragon parent. Some of these bloodlines are well established
in the world, but most are obscure. Any given sorcerer could be the first of a
new bloodline, as a result of a pact or some other exceptional circumstance.” So this means that it is very possible that
one of Callum’s ancestors was a dragon, or they made a deal with a dragon, and they
therefore got dragon blood and can now do magic. I do think a deal with a dragon is more likely,
but if his father was a shapeshifting dragon then Sarai would definitely have a reason
to keep this a secret. As we saw in a flashback in Season 2, she
considers all intelligent beings equals and was very much against killing the Magma Titan. It is possible that she could become friends
with a creature as dangerous and powerful as an adult dragon. Dragons hiding out in the Five human kingdoms
would be super cool, after all. You might be wondering why I am considering
referencing DnD, but we do know at least some of the creators have thought about what class
each of the characters would be in, as this tweet from Giancarlo Volpe, one of the producers
for at least the first season, shows. Of course it’s not exact but DnD has definitely
impacted fantasy stories as a whole, so it’s bound to have some sort of influence on this
show. Additionally, in DnD older Dragons can also
talk. This aligns perfectly with the recent confirmation
that the dragons in TDP can also speak English when they get older. Them needing to be at least 75 years old to
talk, with 75 being young, means that we won’t be hearing Zym talk anytime soon, but for
the older dragons it means that they are extremely intelligent and much more than what we have
seen of them so far. Which means that it is possible to bargain
with a dragon or even communicate with one in general. Now obviously in the show there is no precedence
for dragons or any magical creatures having these types of powers, especially when it
comes to transformation. However I did ask a question at Wondercon
this year inquiring about just how much each element can do. And it seems like the scope for each element
is wider than I thought, meaning I wouldn’t put it past one of them to allow for transformation
abilities. For example, Moon magic is all about life
and death, which can mean a whole bunch of things. Now this is a lot of neat information. But I am not done with possible inspirations. What I am about to talk about is definitely
more of a longshot, but since I recently watched all of it I want to bring it up! And that show is none other than Merlin, which
aired from 2008 to 2012. I am about to lay down some major spoilers,
so if you haven’t finished the show or plan to watch it, skip to this time stamp. [insert here] Anyways, for any of you who watched my very
first interview with the creators of TDP back before Season 1 aired, you may remember I
actually asked about Merlin being an inspiration for Callum! Back then I basically just asked it because
I saw a lot of people had that question. And they said they really didn’t know and
that would be a question for one of the character designers. And back then I hadn’t seen the show so
I didn’t really think much of it. But now that I have… the similarities are
striking! And just look at these two side by side! They could be twins. Short brown hair with a red scarf thing. Also the style of jacket looks pretty similar. And not only that but they can both do magic,
which probably gave people that knew about Merlin a bit of a hint for Callum’s future
powers. And this is a bit of a tangent but let’s
take this one step further. Arthur, the prince in this series, looks kinda
like Soren. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears armor. And Morgana, a character who starts off as
the King’s ward, has black hair and green eyes, just like Claudia. And she later learns she can do magic and
eventually goes down a dark path. Combine this with all the people also comparing
Claudia with Azula and it’s not looking pretty, at least for a while. Now here is where the huge spoiler warning
comes in, so seriously don’t watch this unless you want to be spoiled. It turns out that Arthur and Morgana are half
siblings! Same father but different mothers. Now I’m not saying that this is the case
in the Dragon Prince, after all we already have one pair of half siblings in the show,
but until we see what Soren and Claudia’s mom looks like I will always have this crack
theory in the back of my head. Regardless, both pairs are siblings in some
sense. The similarities are just too interesting
to be ignored. At the very least a TDP character designer
had seen Merlin, knew Callum would eventually do magic, knew Soren needed armor, and knew
Claudia would do dark magic, and decided to base their designs from this older show. So the writing may not reflect the show Merlin,
but at the very least the character design does. But anyways, back to some things I learned
in Merlin that could give me evidence for this theory. Wizards and Dragons in the show Merlin are
considered spiritual brothers as they can both use magic. In particular there are Dragonlords, who can
speak to and tame dragons. Additionally, older dragons can speak english,
but just like with Zym the young white dragon in Merlin was mute, likely due to being too
young to learn English. And finally, it is Merlin’s father that
was able to use magic, which would obviously support this theory. Now of course my theory about Callum’s father
being the source of his dragon blood is hampered because Ezran is the one who has a connection
with Zym. It is possible that Sarai was the one with
an ancestral connection to a dragon, and therefore both of her sons got magical abilities. Ezran is connected to the Earth arcanum and
can speak to animals, and Callum is connected with the sky one. However, I should note the creators have said
Ezran’s ability to communicate with animals comes from a deep sense of empathy and isn’t
magic, but I will wait to see if the show gives us any official follow up about why
Ezran is the way he is. So it’s very much possible that Callum’s
father was a normal human and it was Sarai who is the one with magic in her veins. And the spoilers for Merlin are over! I suppose I just want Callum’s father to
have a connection to dragons because he is so mysterious at the moment. But I think that is all my evidence I have
at the moment, but the ramifications of this would be very interesting. If Callum is half magical creature, it could
represent that he is proof that a union between humans and magical creatures is possible. After all, it is very possible that the only
one who could defeat Aaravos is the one that can master all the elements and unite the
two sides. Having dragons as allies would definitely
be helpful. Or it’s just possible that Callum’s father
was also a mage, meaning that Callum would have a natural affinity to doing magic. This would also align more with the Callum
being biracial statement, which would still be true if he was half magical creature, but
maybe a different term would be more appropriate to describe him. Or maybe Callum’s father was some other
type of magical creature we have yet to meet. But either way, I hope we are in for a surprise
when we finally learn more about Callum’s father. Him being alive would be a surprise in itself,
but maybe there was something a bit more magical about him that intrigued Sarai. So with all this said, what do you think about
this theory? Do you still think Callum is part elf, or
as the show stated he can do magic because he unlocked the sky arcanum because he worked
hard enough for it and understood it in a way no human had before? Or do you prefer the Dragon Callum theory
now? Let me know in the comments! This theory video was over 2,000 words long-
so it was no easy feat to create. If you enjoy these videos and want to help
support me as I juggle all this plus school, feel free to become a patron! We have a few pretty cool tiers you can consider
joining. For example, you could’ve gotten a sneak
peek of this video before anyone else! And make sure to subscribe and give this video
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the release date of season 3, as I am sure you all are. Additionally Depcut is going to start making
Dragon Prince videos soon, so make sure to get notifications for the channel to be the
first to know when he uploads one. Enjoy this amazing Aaravos end card animation
made by Bobaquail, and have an animated day!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The TRUE Dragon Prince- The Dragon Prince Theory

  1. Cartoon Universe says:

    I for one think Dragon Callum would be awesome… but that's just because I love dragons :3
    What are your thoughts on this theory? Do you think Callum's father was just a normal human, or something much greater than that? Let us know!

  2. NightWink says:

    3:48 "Evidence to back it up"? DameanVee had NO evidence to prove that Dragon Prince theory. This dude is saying that the theory could be SIMILAR to the fact he pulled about D&D, not that it will be the same thing taken from D&D and used in the show. His resource is a completely different franchise and just a relation. D&D is not a representative of The Dragon Prince.

  3. Awesome Animals says:


    This is actually a question I have been asking myself for a long time, and I actually have reasons for three characters: Ezran, Callum, and Zym
    I never thought that Callum was half dragon or elf, but it would make his love for Rayla a bit more understandable if he was (Don’t get me wrong I am a hardcore Raylum shipper), I thought he could be the dragon prince because he was a prince who has a deep connection to magic, elves, and dragons
    I think that Ezran could be the dragon prince because he has that magical connection to animals and a telepathic connection to Zym, but this theory is slightly shot down by Ezran now being the king of Katolis
    Zym’s reason for being the dragon prince is simple, he was born to the king of the dragons and he is referred to as the dragon prince time and time again in the series, but he is technically the dragon king now since his father is dead

  4. Void Ace says:

    It would be cool if Callum was an elf it would be cool but it would undermine the fact that he's the first human magician who doesn't need primal stones. Because of that I hope they keep him full human … If not then having him be part dragon would be a bit odd because he learned sky magic first which mean his father should be a sky dragon which, given that the only one we know is the dragon king, would be a bit of a plot device, kind of an ex-machina … not that the wings weren't but that's different … because umm well it made some sense and pushed the plot forward.

  5. Plagus says:


    Rayla the entire series: OH NO, OH NO, OH NO, OH NO, OH NO , OH NO, OH NO

  6. Lemme Productions says:

    Who is an OG Dragon Prince fan

    Like if you are

  7. Eeyuhn Cometa says:

    I only watch the show coz of Bait.

  8. roycealbanyeden says:

    What if Callums mother was a descendant of Aarovos? In the series that would seem to have more weight to it than the random dragon blood theory that has not been eluded to yet
    In one of your earlier videos you discussed how he has interacted with humans in the past. It would make sense as to why Callum can tap into the arcanums.

  9. Byakko Fenrir says:

    It is posible because calum learn how to use sky and moon magic so my teory is that in season 4 he will have to learn how to use all the arcana

  10. Sekien07 says:

    Sounds legit to me, their has to be more to him than being the random half brother step son that could do what is unheard of for humans to do without any special intense training

  11. Magic Cat says:

    Aaravos is the father?

  12. ShinoBlak x says:

    Plot twist, callom wasnt adopted and the king just wanted him to be sad

    Calm down just kidding

  13. Meagan Buchanan says:

    Sarai is a Dragon! I just found out!

  14. Nathaniel Stacy says:

    I think we will find out Surie was part Elf/or Dragon as both her son's seem to have affinities for magic & her sister the deaf General seems more reselent to magic then the humans around her, she is sweating when in the flame prison but no more then she was in the Valcano also she seemed to pick up the lip reading of the one Elf General extremely quickly despite a luange berrier if she to is subconsciously using wind magic to read minds simular to how most of the party in L.O.T.R. stated they could hear Geladriel's voice in the heads even when she was not talking. I reiterate untill disproved in cannon the possibly remains that the 2 'Human' prince's may not be entirely so along with their Aunt.

  15. Th3Gaming Havov says:

    Or callums mother is the dragon

  16. Equius Zahhak says:

    Scaly D

  17. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness says:

    What we do know is that his kids will be half-elf

    Yes, I am shipping them.

  18. alandtic dead says:

    i really hate the theory of him being elf
    it kinda ruins his arc tbh that dispite everything that told him no he still found a way to do magic
    if he turns out to be half elf then his arc is kinda shityer

  19. Ayesta Z says:


  20. YouLook SoYummy says:

    I know that this would sound crazy but maybe Callum is…. half dragon half human half elf???

  21. Alexandra Navy says:

    Last one callum has wings

  22. Krazy Pipe says:

    I'm with the Callum needs to be a human argument. Otherwise, the key lesson of his progress in magic is lost. Humans do not need dark magic. Avanos would not be a villian, tricking humans into using dark magic when they didn't need to. Of course…sympathetic villians are in the vein of Avatar… though the chief baddies in that universe were just bad, no holds barred. Like I think Avanos is.

    Also, at the beginning of season three we see Sol Regem (the king fire dragon, now blind) tell the first dark wizard that humans ARE lesser creatures. If Callum can learn magic, and possibly the entire arcanum, then humans are actually superior. Not bound to one type of magic, though they have to learn.

    As someone who noticed that Sol Regem was threatening genocide if they humans didn't give up dark magic… gosh, wouldn't that be sweet.

  23. Comics and More says:

    Maybe him and his mother are dragonborn?

  24. Ivy the RazorWhip says:

    Yeah, also, only few sky elves can do the magic to grow wings!!!!!!!
    Edit: They said that later in season 3!!!!!!

  25. DJNick 2580 says:

    Half human half elves with dragon blood it is very possible and so on but that's really crazy tho like really and i just subscribed for of this information

  26. Alexandra Navy says:

    And no one knows his parents

  27. Stegosaurus says:

    Yess I love this so much 😂 and honestly season 3 could even further back this up, not a ton, but like look how far our magical boi has come

  28. Brandon Davis says:

    Season 3 epi 9 was good but I wonder if theres going to be a season 4

  29. Marcin Zieliński says:

    What if Callum is Aaravos descendant? Maybe that's why he has the key of Aaravos. We know it was pass down in his family for generations.

  30. The goes man Fhey says:

    So this is Skyrim

  31. Vincent Willis says:

    i personally prefer the theory that Callum got magic because he worked for it as it would open the door for the rest of humanity to leave dark magic behind and lead to a longer lasting peace.

  32. Joshua Brown says:

    Hmmmm Zym is a actual dragon..

  33. Brandon Ewards says:

    Is it possible that Sarai was transformed by the dragon king Thunder or reincarnated into the Red Dragon from episode 7 season 2 and episode 7 season 3 . I say that because she didn't attack them but protected them from Soren and his followers ,and also she helped them when on the cliff of the Dragon King and Queen and they couldn't breathe. However, she wasn't around when Thunder and or when Sarai died yet she acts like a mother but too young to be that big let alone have kids ,and even if she was around she was so weak in power they could of killed her like Claudia almost did for more use then that rock creature they risked they're for. I think the mother is the special one because Prince Ezran talks to animals and Prince Callum is one of the first humans to obtain a arcana and their mom is the common denominator. I think humans aren't born with a arcana because they have the ability to have every arcana including dark magic. That's why I think Aaravos was the first Dark Mage from the intro and he found a spell to become a elf with all the arcanas . What are thoughts on this and on the box from the winter lodge please reply to this.

  34. Brandon Ewards says:

    Did Viren plan the attack on the king in the first episode. I say that because how did the elves know who "killed Thunder" and where to find them, and why didn't they kill/target Viren but Prince Ezran for the death of the egg. This all must be concluded with the fact that Viren was in league with the elves for the throne.

  35. Eun Young Park says:


  36. RANDOM DUDES says:

    Yeah, I'm calling bullshit.

  37. Danielle Toomey says:

    I think that Saria had dragon blood because she is the one who taught Callum in his dream how to use his magic and Ezran can talk to animals stating that her has some gifts to.

  38. AppleLo says:

    that is not true that is so fake

  39. Matei Iftode says:

    Haha he did make a promise

  40. SeedeeStevie743 says:

    I feel like him being part elf would take away from his character, like he was only able to learn magic cause he is part elf seems cheap, makes him seem lesser of a character

  41. Gabimaru says:

    Okay callum's father is Aavaros

  42. Ela Jade says:

    He is his own character but I am not gonna lie the first time I saw him I thought he looked like Merlin, and I am glad someone agrees.

  43. Un1SpaceCat says:

    My jaw is litterateur on the floor I thought of all the things she mentioned in this vid

  44. Duncan & Suzanne Thomas says:

    I think callum has to be human. It allows him to overcome dark and as he fights claudia as she loses herself to the darkness if become Azula vs Zuko again.

  45. Jay Marlin says:

    My own theory and most likely a very unpopular theory, Callum is a normal human with two normal human parents even though he is biracial, as cool as Callum being a Skywing elf hybrid I just don't see it happening cause there were no hints that he is thus far but y'know what reveal that could be as awesome as Callum skywing hybrid? Callum's dad was a primal mage as well, Lujanne said all beings need a connection to the primal sources to use their magic and that all beings except humans are born connected. There's a first for everything and about dad Callum being primal mage but is largely unknown was just another cool explanaition why Callum could do primal magic

  46. Mr South africa says:

    I miss merlin

  47. Darr Animations says:

    Is there gonna be season 4?

  48. Jake Levinson says:

    Indian the most dragons can talk. Whether that be in draconic which of the dragon rune system in The dragon prince is most certainly based off, or in common or some other language

  49. Emad Amoo says:

    dude I don't want to ruin anything but season 4 of this show is at its highest risks……

  50. Drake Dragon king says:

    Wait what if just air bending where only the viewers can see air bending what if only we can see the Moonshadow when they are invisible during a full moon

  51. Adrian Melville says:

    Sooo callums mom Fu**ed a dragon????🤔🤔🤔 what the hell happened to this world??

  52. Liam Keating says:

    I Love the dragon prince

  53. Kai Meh says:

    I’m just watching these videos to decide if I should brave the terrible 3D animation. I honestly thought the whole point of the show was that he was the dragon prince? Oh well, that would have been cool but now I know better.

  54. JZ says:

    I think Callum is 100% human. Humans cannot do magic. My theory is the box he carries gives Callum the powers of all the sources.

  55. Sir Illuminar The Valient says:

    But. If it’s draconic ancestry it’s possible he or a family member simply made a pact with a dragon. …they happen to have a dragon that’s quite fond of them

  56. swami dude says:

    He is clearly incredibly gifted in magic to be the first known human to unlock and understand a arcanum. Seeing he did it pretty fast and lets be honest somebody as powerfull as Viren who has used several primal sources would also be able to figure it out. Let's not forget that there have been many powerfull mages for all we know, that were extremely skilled and way more powerfull then Viren.So to me it can't be, well he was pure of heart and really persistent, since he only tried for a few days, maybe weeks to understand it and I can't believe in the hundreds years before that there wasn't another person that at least had those qualities and maybe dedicated a lifetime trying to understand magic without succeeding.So yeah there needs to be a explanation why Callum can do something nobody ever held for possible. Now I don't want him to be half anything as that would feel like a easy way out of it. I'm longing for a deeper explanation. I'm not good at making these things up, I leave that to the writers. I would like more that for example that this isn't the first time that magical creatures and humans work together. I mean sky elves are now the guardians of the dragon egg, but maybe long ago some humans also were royal guards or something. I'd rather have it go somewhere like the Númenórean race in the Lord of the Rings. Not elves or half elves, but a old royal more powerfull human race and that somehow Callum is a decendent of this old race of men that used to be on the 'good' side so to speak. Maybe because of their loyalty to the Dragons and their close ties they were more magical sensitive. I would want them to deep out the lore. Some humans then discovered Dark Magic and this race of good humans fought allongside the Dragons and Elves, but when they divided Xadia they didn't agree that all humans were punished for the wrongs of a few. Maybe they were offered to stay, but chose to also leave Xadia and live among the other humans in solidarity and thus lost their magic powers. Callum could decent from some old royal line and thus be super sensitive for magic, by spending time in the moon nexus and moving closer to Xadia combined with his dedication unlocked the arcanum. Also it could be explained that thats maybe why he suffered such heavy lashback from using dark magic.So yeah maybe I've taken a bit to much inspiration from LOTR and the royal bloodline story of Aragorn, but for me such an explanation would be much more satisfying and also an opportunity to do so much more world and lore building then simply putting that his father was elf or dragon and thus he's only half human en therefor he has these powers.To me it has to be that Callum eventually grows to be like a bridge between Xadia and the human world. I want it to have an older and deeper meaning. Would be nice if he has some royal blood or lineage to explore and track back to the time were humans and magical creatures lived together. The bridge between the two worlds so to speak, before dark magic even existed.

  57. Amy Gledhill says:

    I think the dragon Callum theory is true because bringing in Zym as the dragon prince seems too easy….🤔

  58. Mr. Aron Rygg says:

    Me: saw sesion 3 befour thi video.
    Her: Callum are going to be an elf, kind of
    Me: tree, elf…. TREE ELF

  59. Phoenix Crane says:

    What if he's part demon or Angel

  60. Ryan Baston says:


  61. DARK LORD SEAN supreme says:

    strangely I believe this theory. Tell before I watch this episode I think Callum is like half elf but you know it's just weird he can do magic so easily

  62. DARK LORD SEAN supreme says:

    So have I didn't watch the first season yet because if you haven't please don't read the next comment

  63. BackSet says:

    It's actually true valium is an elf but not an dragon has the blood tree elf OILO MATE

  64. Fantasy God says:

    Hanna get Ryla An Callum get kids???

  65. The Miami Man says:

    I prefer the idea that Callum is just a normal human who worked hard to understand how to use magic. He wasn’t born with any special abilities he wasn’t even born as a prince. He LEARNED how to use magic it wasn’t something given to him

  66. Captain Luffy says:

    I hate myself so much because when I first saw the dragon prince I thought it was childish BUT HERE I AM god I love this show

  67. UberMonsterDude says:

    well this video theory aged like milk…

  68. Usagiaoiropop says:

    The part dragon theory would be a huge woah, but I do like that fact that a human, thought to never be able to unlock magic except for dark magic, could do real magic is a huge revolution for the humans in the story. It would show hat he too can evolve to help make changes for the better between humans and magical creatures since they would be considered magical

  69. Winter Rivera Adams says:

    I don't think Callum's father is an elf or dragon but I do think their mother family do have some elvish blood because that would explain why Ezren can talk to animals so normally

  70. Amelia B says:

    I just thought of a crazy theory what if Callums dad is aravous I probably sound crazy but it could be true who knows

  71. Richard Metcalfe says:

    I prefer him to be fully human and learned magic through hard work. The being a hybrid if a human and "insert magical creature here" has been done to death.

  72. Candy and animals .G says:

    I was reading a fanfic where Callum is half elf and I had a theory would of their mother is an elf who used an illusion spell to make her seem human because Callum mastered the sky arcanum and Ezran can talk to animals which I’m guessing earth blood elves can do

  73. Corey Hanson says:

    I think that one mage that blinded that one dragon yep that's a relation.

  74. Life is Beautiful says:

    That would be mind blowing since, callum is one of the main characters.

  75. Julien Delahais says:

    i find his achievment of unlocking the sky arcanuum more impactfull if he is just a human, and did not get help by a magical upbringing, and that would diminish the impact of his romance with rayla too! but that said that would be ok and i would like it too!

  76. Terror says:

    I hate and despise the mentality of "I was born with it!"

    It spits on the idea of hard work and freedom, the freedom to choose your own path in life whatever it is.

    Why Is it always women that spew and worship this born royalty shite.

  77. TD Baker says:

    haven't seen his entire ears, have ya? always covered. and who says that dad is really dead.

  78. Super Cartoon Universe says:

    You can see the parallel that Callum has her elf girlfirend whose part of the dragon guard. If he is the dragon prince then his girlfriend is indirectly becoming the Dragon guard

  79. Gacha Craze says:

    I have a theory of how the season's order go. In season 1 episode 1 it shows the types of elves. The first elf in line, moon. The first season was called "Book 1, moon" and the second elf in line is a sky elf, the second season was "Book 2, sky" then season 3, the third elf in line was a sun elf, "book 3, sun." It also introduces a new type of elf every season. But so far we only know of 5 elves, Moon

    shadow, Skywing, Sunfire, Star elves. And as Rayla said in the third season to Callum, "so you're supposed to be a earth blood elf" so, whatever the forth elf was I bet the season will be named after it. Also ty for listening to this XD

  80. GalliadII says:

    i think humans have always been able to learn magic. but it is human nature to not be able to connect to the sources. that is why humans never managed to do it. in more than 1000 years he is the only one to do it. he might be a prime example of how humans ARE part of the natural order.

  81. Ben Long says:

    but D&D literally has nothing to do with TDP?.. dafuq

  82. Christie Weyapuk says:

    I want callum to be a human only because that means other humans have the potential to learn to connect to primal magic.

  83. Kamilla Calderon says:

    I actually like the idea that callum got his powers from something else, maybe like a connection to the magic, instead of being just part elf. It would be very interesting if hat happened, but non-the-less, I really wouldn't care which path the makers want to take callum, i'm just here for the ride of 'Romance.'
    P.S. My grammar is not the best.. I wrote this at 1 a.m.

  84. ukashi 32 says:

    I think Callum is maybe half black

  85. Logan McMillan says:

    When you realize the solemn promise was just a reference to callum’s disguise lmao

  86. Asa Ploof says:

    I've whatcht all of the Merlin episodes

  87. Austin Jurgle says:

    Damien… ok… Damien is correct, that older dragons can Polymorph (Read: Shape Sift) into a human. However, it's not just the good ones that can, or ever do, do this. Evil ones do was well. There are plenty of Evil Half-Dragons in Faerun (the setting for much of D&D)

  88. Eddie Sena says:

    I think Callum's mother has a dragon ancestor, problably even being the dragon king as the dragon king was only seen doing sky magic (thunder, storms), there her having sympathy to all living things, and so hooking up with any elf probably earth, for callums green eyes, or air, as callum can only do sky magic, or moon as of ilusion and that elf would look human and makeing Callm seem more human. Also Callum's dad could be a mage triggering the dragon genetics making it easier for Callum to do magic.

  89. Chez Alex says:

    question i was netflix changing me profile pic and why does the dragon prince have a feminine coulour to it. its a prince not a princess. and what would you define as a "dragon prince".

  90. AI10 says:

    wouldnt he have on horn then

  91. oceanmaster 120 says:

    wait someone who needs to master all four elements to difeet the big bad guy, dousn't that sound like the lat air bender

  92. Albino Cyclopse says:

    I hope it's not true.
    I'd love to see a final episode at the end of the last season with Ezran as kind and Callum is the new high mage. They'd be like a reflection of Harrow and Viren.

  93. Gurgle says:

    I desperately need to know who Callum's father is

  94. Aidan Johnston says:

    part dragon

  95. Endless says:

    He is the Avatar. The master of all elements.

  96. miathebrave 4 says:

    I hope callum is just human. Only human

  97. miathebrave 4 says:

    Not gonna lie when I saw callum outfit I definitely thought the creators took inspiration of Merlin. Callum just really reminded me of Merlin in fact.

  98. Roześmiana says:

    I think there would be a legend about two brothers and they will change and harmonize the world. Also the Sky elf was shooked when Calum showed his power but after that he just said he should go like he knows something what we don't.

  99. Tran Thai Binh says:

    Human can do magic in the show actually. Many had done that years ago when the continent was not divided. Human back then had to learn from elf mages because they had less connection to magic, until one day, someone discovered dark magic, that's when the continent was divided and the elf mages stopped taking human apprentices. It was long ago so both the elves and human forgot about that.

    Callum was still very impressive though because he learned primal magic pretty fast and he had no teacher.

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