The sneaky water snake

The sneaky water snake

I’m Amelia peasant me know and this is the brown water snake today mark as you can see him clearly not dressed for the occasion what I happened to find the snake luckily I have my snake hook with me so we’re gonna see some catch buddy this is the brown water snake I want to show you guys some cool details about the snake sewn on the head real rubber parts nice and easy so far this season I’ve shown you two species of water sink the banded water snake and the green water snake well I’m happy to say that we just found a third species this is the brown water snake you can identify the brown water snake because it’ll be like a light brown color with these darker blotches that run across the top of the body and the site you can also see that the belly isn’t neither plane nor checkered it’s kind of like this brown pattern going down the hole of it I’ve actually been looking for this type of snake for quite a while now I’ve tried making a few videos with it in the past but for some reason or another they haven’t worked out so hopefully today we break that streak and we get a really nice episode with this beautiful snake now this snake is pretty small for its species I have seen them grow to about twice as long as this from past experience I would say that out of the three water snakes we’ve caught so far the brown water snake tends to be the most aggressive they like to bite quite a lot when you catch them but nevertheless they’re not venomous so if you do get tagged by the snake it’s okay it’ll just hurt a little after it’s done biting secondary defense is to musk which basically means it’ll poop on you oh yeah this snake definitely must on me I want to show you guys how amazing their camouflage is so I’m gonna put them down a little bit there’s through that grass imagine instead of green grass this was a very swampy dark mud you could walk right over this thing and never see it just like the other two snakes would caught so far these snakes are also confused for the highly venomous conmen and for that reason people often kill them however they shouldn’t because they’re actually good for the environment they kill a lot of the pests that do us harm like rats and mice so if you see a snake that you think might be venomous but you’re not sure the best thing you can do is to just leave it alone I’m sure the snake has no intention of harming you and it will just go on living with its life now we’re gonna go release the snake we’re gonna put him right here in the water hopefully you guys are going to see how well they swim so just remember if you see a snake and you don’t know what it is the best thing to do this is just leave it alone and if you know what it is and you feel like catching it be sure to put it right back in the same area where you found it why don’t we catch us til next time [Music] [Music]

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “The sneaky water snake

  1. Rashida Jabeen says:


  2. Brady Davis says:

    Awesome. I posted a video on my channel this morning about these snakes. Great Video. Keep it up and I would really appreciate it if you could check out my newest video

  3. The Wildlife Brothers says:

    Great work Emilio! I love the fact that you’ve featured so many water snake species so far this season, with so many in Florida I would love to see how many more you can find! That individual at 1:35 was massive! What a specimen. I learned a lot as always, and great point about just leaving snakes alone when you can’t identify them. I can’t wait for more from you!
    – Harrison and Evan

  4. Bella Gonzalez says:

    Great video! I’m looking forward to the next one.

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