The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts

The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts

In this video, we’ll discuss The Snake Diet. Hi ladies and gentleman. I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel then as always,
it’s a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, and hit that bell notification
and join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about The Snake
Diet. This is an interesting topic. As of lately, I’ve been seeing this come into
my life in so many different ways. I’ve seen it show up in my news feed and I’ve
always ignored it because I thought to myself, Snake Diet, Snake Oil, some goofy thing and
then, I also have had a lot of people sharing it with me and I never really went and followed
the links that they shared with me but a lot of people were asking my opinion of it. So finally, I clicked on one of those links
and it took me to The Doctors show where the founder of The Snake Diet appeared on The
Doctors show. And so, what I want to do in this video is
first of all, kind of do a brief overview of what The Snake Diet is but then give some
practical thoughts on The Snake Diet and the appearance of the founder on The Doctors show
because it was incredibly interesting, the whole dialogue that took place. Now, when we look at The Snake Diet, essentially
what it is, is a prolonged fasting technique, okay? So, what the founder is he has people start
with a 48 hour fast. Doing that 48 fast throws you into ketosis,
okay. From there, you cycle out to a low-carb diet
and then, from there you cycle back into another fast. This time, a 72 hour fast, and then basically
the idea behind this whole Snake Diet system is that if you have fat on your body then
you have energy sources to survive. So, what you do is, you keep fasting and there’s
some people who have been fasting for 10, 20, 30 plus days while doing The Snake Diet
and so, that’s the whole idea behind it, just to burn that fat off the body and start to
heal the body. Now, during The Snake Diet, when you’re following
the Snake Diet and fasting you drink something called Snake Juice, okay. So, Snake Diet has Snake Juice. What that basically is, is an electrolyte
balancing drink. Now, the next thing is that the diet advocated
is, keeping your eating windows small and then also fasting between meals. And so, when we look at this, a lot of it
sounds very familiar, right? One Meal A Day, eating windows small. Intermittent fasting, keeping your eating
windows small, fasting in general, doing a prolonged fast. We talk about how a seven-day water fast can
actually start to clean up those pre-cancerous cells in the body and really give you a lot
more chances for living a good quality life without disease in your future. So, a lot of this sounds very familiar. One of the big differences is, is that it
advocates a lot of prolonged fasting in order to just keep burning the fat off your body. I think it’s a very intense way of living. I think it’s a diet that is not very sustainable
for most people long term especially. And so, look at this overall, I don’t think
I would do it because it’s just not particularly what I am looking for, but it’s interesting
nonetheless and I think that there’s some really good concepts behind it. Now, the other thing that the diet had said
is that fasting is the only way to get fat off your body and I don’t believe that. I don’t think that’s true at all because you
can follow the ketogenic, you can do a lot of things to get that fat off your body where
they just really advocate fasting, and fasting and more fasting. And so, anyway, it’s really interesting. Now, one of the things I wanted to discuss
is, when the founder actually went onto The Doctor show and just give some practical thoughts
on that because I watched the video and initially I thought to myself, well this was so unfair
because they had the guy onto the show and the doctors just made him out to be a complete
dummy, really just took his whole diet and his whole system here and just said it’s dangerous,
it’s going to kill people and that people shouldn’t be doing it. The audience was behind the doctors, kind
of clapping when they made fun of the founder and so, anyway, they were throwing some different
cheap shots at him and I just didn’t really agree with it. But you know what, I didn’t feel that bad
for him after I watched some of his other videos because I realized he’s very abrasive
in his videos, he uses a lot of strong videos and so they probably thought he was going
to bring that to their show and they were probably just ready for him in that way. And, I also know that he probably could have
cared less of how they talked to him because he seems like he’s, you know, it wouldn’t
affect him at all and just seeing his personality. And so, one of the things I thought what really
unfortunate about the whole dialogue on the show is that there was no intelligent conversation
that came out of it. The doctors basically said this whole system
is stupid and dangerous and you shouldn’t be doing it but, they totally ignored the
fact that he really is advocating a lot of fasting which has a ton of health benefits,
talking about shortening your eating windows, and the one doctor had said to him, well you
know what, I’m ripped and they showed a picture of him and they said, I’m ripped and I eat
six meals a day, and then the founder had went back and said, if you were to shorten
your eating windows you could actually eat more. And so, anyway, he had tons of great points. I don’t think by any means he should be written
off as a dummy because I think he has a lot of intelligence behind his whole system here
and I think he’s an intelligent guy himself. It’s just that the doctors didn’t really give
him a chance. But the thing is, is that when you look from
his standpoint, the founder’s standpoint, he sees that he’s helping all these people
and all these incredible results. When you look from The Doctors standpoint,
us doctors actually are working with people who are sick all the time, dealing with real
issues, have a really deep understanding of the body and so, we can see how there’s so
much potential problems that come out of it. What about the kidneys? What about the liver? What about the organs in the body when doing
all this prolonged fasting? And so, I think there’s a lot of intelligence
behind here, I think that you just have to be careful when following something like this. I think that you have to be careful about
a lot of the information that you find online, there’s a lot of online health gurus that
have absolutely no health education at all and through their lenses they’re just helping
a lot of people and so, everything that they’re doing is good. However, from a doctor’s standpoint and having
a health education, you can see how some danger can come into it and a lot of the online health
gurus are just finding information and just processing it and then teaching on it but
not really having a full understanding as a doctor would who had been to school for
many years. Now, here’s the thing too, is that from The
Doctors standpoint they said where’s the peer reviewed double-blind studies, where’s the
research, right? Well, you know what? There’s a nation full of obese people. At some point, you just got to get the job
done, you know and when we look at The Snake Diet, there’s a ton of people who have incredible,
incredible results that have followed it, so the results are real but from The Doctors
standpoint I think that sometimes you have to be careful, you can’t just keep standing
back going, where’s the research, but yet like watching all these people dying from
obesity and all the conditions that come along with obesity. So, you know what, it’s really you have to
take and look at both side of the picture here, and you have to think to yourself, well
what really should be done here and so, in a lot of ways, I’m on the side of, well sometimes
you’ve just got to get the job done and that’s what Cole’s doing. But, from The Doctors standpoint, you also
have to be safe about it and so, that’s important as well because once again, the doctors deal
with very sick people all day long and a lot of, they understand how there could be some
potential problems that comes from this. So, what I want to know is, what your thoughts
are on The Snake Diet. So, go ahead and post in the comments section
below. If you’ve done The Snake Diet, share what
you’ve experienced with it, maybe share what you know about The Snake Diet. Let us know your experience. Post in the comments section below if you
have any questions as well. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, check
out my other videos on how you can improve your health and I’ll see you in the next video.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts

  1. Eshu Lade says:

    Stop hating

  2. Œyvind Ârntsen Hvıdsten says:

    "From a doctor's standpoint…" has lost it's weight.

  3. frank hall says:

    its awesome!! the best fat loss and healthiest thing you can do period!!!

  4. D.L. K. says:

    Concise overview and fair review. Fasting can be healthy but it is also true there can be complications too if not done properly…for example, gout can develop and if people do not get electrolytes it can be problematic. Those who fast a long time (40 days) and then start refeeding improperly can end up in the ER (look up Youtubers who document this-not talking about those guided by Cole but those doing it on their own with bad info). And, someone mentioned that if you break a fast with the typical SAD diet, it can lead to diabetes. You are right…there is so much info out there…some good and some not good. I think prolonged fasting can be helpful to many. Dr Fung discusses it etc. But, for others it might not work for them. Humans have varied bodies and each person has to find the route that is healthiest for their self. Anyway, I enjoyed your video.

  5. fhhfgj says:

    The doctors create very sick people

  6. Rick Carter says:

    I’ve been carnivore/keto for almost a year now, mainly carnivore. I do fasting as well. I can doing it for 1 week a month or other predetermined schedule in a maintenance type way. What ya you Doc?

  7. Christine Dunn-Bradshaw says:

    Doing the SD now!!! Went from 211 to 203 in 7 days!! Fasting is hard to get used to – coming from bad habits! But I’m relatively healthy and no major issues. It’s working for me – my goal is to do 48’s and 72’s until I hit my goal of 180, then see how OMAD works.

  8. Wayne Lawson says:

    I'm on the, Turtle Diet. I chew my food many times and slowly.

  9. Marcela Garcia says:

    thank you for this video, alot of people are turned off by honest dialogue, glad to see you are not one of them.

  10. Yup!It'sCoop says:

    Addressing ALL of the health issues, which was the only thing he disagreed with….

    Cole already said you eat a 4:1 ratio (veggies to meat +fat). that's a plant based diet. That's it. The only danger… Keeping that fiber up and just the fact that it's not sustainable bc it's "hard". Well duh… The easy way us killing us all slowly.

  11. Young Fuol says:

    Lost 63 pounds in 90 days. Snake diet works. Never felt better physically or mentally as an adult

  12. ChungLing Su says:

    Why didn`t you link him? Fence sitters are the worst.

  13. Ken W says:

    "Doctors are working with people who are sick all the time" Yep you nailed it and they like to keep you that way…

  14. jerry turner says:

    42 hour snake diet then refeed then repete working great. my sugar cravings are gone and i am not hungry all the time my weight is dropping i feel great thanks to cole!!!

  15. Dawid Pytlik says:

    You don't have to go long term, you just need to burn fat once and later keeping balanced diet.

  16. Marilyn Thusberg says:

    Thank you for all the info and your thoughts that you impart to your subscribers.
    This won't work for me. 😊

  17. MALNOURISHED says:

    Cole is God sent to save obese America! I love this guy. He cured brain tumor and they still tried to destroy him. I just completed a 5-day Snake juice fast and I felt stronger at the gym than when I was eating food. I felt that my testosterone and growth hormone were going through the roof…

  18. Antony Bell says:

    On That "Doctors" show, there was no Dialogue, they just totally had an idea of what the Snake Diet was and they just wanted Cole on to bash him. A lot of what Cole says I don't totally agree with, however, you cannot argue with the results. The results speak for themselves.

  19. L. Antoinette Anderson says:

    Just saw this snake diet-thing mentioned on another ytube and saw your channel mentioned and had a listen. I think there is plenty of helpful information available from numerous angles; many valid studies. There is a wide variety of approaches to obesity. Many of these for a long time (I grew up with the flourishing of Jack Lalanne and the still popular "muscle beach" near my hometown in So. Cal.). There is no end to these variations of diet/exercise programs. The difficulty lies within the person, not with finding a workable solution. The allopathic doctors are often left to the very difficult job of helping with this obese mentality in adults and children. Childhood in the 50's, and college in 60's, it was very, very rare to see fat adults and even more rare, fat children. Our activity level and food choices were different then. I think there is room for both allopathic and naturopathic approaches to this (huge) problem, and especially since I see some overlapping in these 2 sciences. It does take commitment, most of all, by the patient; determination and willpower that seems to be in short supply these days. I am a 71 yr old female, no meds/pharma's up to this time, of average weight for size, some arthritis I can live with, keep active, mother of 6, grandmother of 7 and great- grandmother of one. I think it gets down to, in such abundance as we have in US, the mental and spiritual aspects of a person's life and we should not depend on any medical community or guru to provide us with all our solutions. I think these fasting regimens can be helpful to some, for a very short time, unless under the close observation of someone trained in this. I think this regimen could be used by doctors for the benefit of their patients, as was used in our country and in Europe primarily in the 19th and into the 20th centuries. Thank you for your presentation.

  20. Steve Vargas says:

    wow, I just found out today what i was doing and learned from an acqauintance is called the snake diet, today I end a 7 day water/snake juice fast , I started Easter Sunday at 262 lbs. right now I am 246.7, and feel I could have kept going. I was able to focus so intenlty on my school work, homerun on my persuausive essay for English class. now I will slowly introduce food and keep following the path until I get below 200 then I will get off this and just maintain with recommnded diet and excercise.

  21. John Hardin says:

    The “Doctors” were afraid the Cole’s snake diet would eventually kill someone. Well, how many people have so called doctors killed? How many people are currently dying from the poisonous foods that are being sold everyday? Cole is doing a great service for countless people, me included.

  22. fairchan67 says:

    I guest you would prefer someone visit you as a sick person, than be health. Or follow other trends that does not work. thank you.

  23. TechMack says:

    I did my own version of the snake diet before I heard about it. I use Gatorade zero and chewing gum( sugar free gave me the illusion eating ) lost 14 pounds and 4% body fat in 1 week and never gained it back if you would like me to make a video of my results thumb me up 🙂

  24. fair lane says:

    What is the one thing 99% of the people on this planet want? Over money! They all want to be thin and heathy! Whether your rich or poor it can be had with fasting, Omad, ketosis, etc. and it’s free! The problem is that no one can put a price tag on it and big pharma is concerned about there profits! Big pharmaceutical companies control the Drs with there kick backs and incentives to wright there products. But, how can you write a prescription for fasting?
    The science is out there, just find it and educate yourself!

  25. Abby Smith says:

    This man has no concept of the snake diet. Cole Robinson never says that this fasting is for life . If you pay attention he talks about morbidly obese people .

  26. Zach Mitchell says:

    I've never done the snake diet or intermittent fasting but I always keep an open mind and do my own research. I'm going to give intermittent fasting a go using the 16:8 method. I believe any nutrition plan can work as long as you put the effort in and stick to it.

  27. Gerardo Ignacio says:

    The most sensible review I’ve heard! I’m considering the diet and this helped me out! Thank you doctor!

  28. David Munoz says:

    Dr., you allude to all these bad things that can happen to someone as a result of fasting, but failed to mention even one.

  29. Angelicatoo says:

    Surely you only have to watch Jason Fung's series on obesity for the research.

  30. Ateezy says:

    Doctors don’t like the “Snake-Diet” because ITS FREE and IT WORKS! The Snake-Diet is just a Healthy way to prolong Fasting. Great Video!

  31. Blast000 says:

    My only concern is about the potential long term effects on kidneys while doing dry fasts.
    Could you damage your kidneys or liver in the process?
    Would it be better to take a little longer using a wet fast……but removing the potential risk on the kidneys?

  32. JK Campbell says:

    Ooooh the “DOCTORS” said so! The same “DOCTORS” that kill massive amounts of humanity every day with pharmaceutical DRUGS!

  33. klesk173a says:

    Ppl need to understand~Getting rid of the belly fat in your 20's is easy since tat fat only stayed in your belly for only a few years.But when you have had your belly fat for 30 years 40 years.Even if you do hard exercise the fat in your belly is like a cement pasted in your belly it wont go away just by doing a normal exercise…In tat case the only solution is to fast hard to get that last access belly fat tat stayed in your belly for 30 40years.1 year old fat cells and a 30 year old fat cells is totally different.Yup Dr fung and the snake guy pretty much are both on the same page.

  34. Mark ONeill says:

    For me, I got into a ketogenic diet or cutting out carbs long before learning to fast. By using a ketogenic diet made fasting easy. I will not just use fasting as my only weight loss tool because it can stimulate cortisol and stress which destroys muscle. But, fasting is a tool.

  35. Chester Copperpot says:

    All the "Doctors" combined have not and will never have helped as many people as Cole has in losing weight and curbing some of their disease issues. Lets remember that the "Doctors" are their because they are good looking people and less for what they know and can do.

  36. vinsanchez1066 says:

    This video came up in my recommends after watching Cole and the Snake diet show with the Doctors. Dr. Nick, when you mentioned you were going to review this and based it on that video….I was really skeptical at what you would say. I stayed faithful, watched it through, and am glad you gave a fair opinion and even called out the BS the tv doctors tried to employ. I was already a subscriber…but, now I am a more invested subscriber. I'm digging your content, thanks for doing this.

  37. Julie citino says:

    4:00 you are making judgments based on a few hit or miss videos.
    Have you seen his work with kids, do you know he coaches free? Look at the testimonies, see the weight drop and learn all about the healing that occurs. He does not reccomend the longer fasts , those are unique cases.
    This video was all about your ego. Not very professional.

  38. Natasha Raisor says:

    Well done video, thank you. You gave a clear intelligent explanation.

  39. Rob Squires says:

    A very fair-minded and balanced analysis. Thank you, Dr. Zyrowski!

  40. Crystal Johnson says:

    The snake diet does work It is the only way I have been able to loose weight. His Lang is kind of to shock the heck out of ppl and show them where they really are and oh by the way mainstream dr education is total crap

  41. shanda sampson says:

    I know this is late but I wanted to comment on your statement that the doctors see sick people all of the time and they can see what the health risks are. However, we already know that at some point Type 2 Diabetes will kill you, and there is also a death risk from having obesity surgery. Therefore, the risks of what the doctors are doing to me is similar to the risks from what Cole is doing. I think 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other. We also know that eat less move more does not work. Lastly, you said that the diet is not sustainable. The diet is sustainable because once you are lean he specifically says that you do not do anymore prolonged fasts. He says that you go to healthy eating. The prolonged fasts are not forever they are just to get the fat off of your body and then you go to some form of healthy eating. I wanted to make sure you knew that part of Cole's information.

  42. Adulting with Shannon says:

    I have been doing the snake diet for 2 months now. I've been fasting every 48 hours and doing refeeds of 700 calories and then I'll switch it up and do 72 hours with refeeds anywhere between 600 and 800 calories. I have lost 30 lb. I'm 5 foot 3 and 150 lb currently. I'm still trying to lose another 20 lb.
    I understand that Cole is super intense and his lifestyle and diet is not for everyone, but it is the only thing that has worked for me, and I'm so grateful for him.
    He changed my mindset so much. I used to eat every two hours thinking that was good and healthy. And now I can go a day without eating and not feel hungry. It's so amazing how mental it was.

    I just want to say I'm super impressed with your video and review on Cole. It was so well-balanced and kind. Just shows that you're a really great person.

  43. Spirit First says:

    Hello! What equipment are you using for your videos?

  44. Brian Shannon says:

    I hate it when doctors weigh in to get views. Lol

  45. Farrah Sheikhan Montgomery says:

    Spot on

  46. Łukasz says:

    his language is harsh because he wants to motivate people also, like in army he want to discipline people, because diet is 90% discipline

  47. Gio Drakes says:

    My experience is that if this Cole guy could put together one sentence that doesn't include "fucking" before every other word, I'd already be on the snake diet. Thanks for explaining it by the way, because I never knew that's actually how it works, with all the yelling. I am going to go see if I can find the basics from somewhere else. The guy may be intelligent and whatever, but he doesn't come across that way.

  48. Sadae’ Higgins says:

    I’ve tried the snake diet and got amazing results I lost 35lb but, the real hard thing was starting it. I kept cheating on the first 48hr hence slowing the process when I finally committed the weight fell off. I had people constantly asking me what was I doing an how. I suggest it for a quick solution but you definitely can’t do it for a long run if you don’t get your vital vitamins in your eating periods

  49. Harmonee Winiesdorffer says:


  50. no excuses tv says:

    Its extreme keto

  51. James Keegan says:

    Thank you for your balanced info on the subject and commenting on how the doctors were rude and not asking good investigative questions in that you do seem to acknowledge that Cole Robinson does have good info.

  52. michael p says:

    The Doctors mocked fasting while promoting 6 meals a day with an intense exercise regime. "Sustainable" was their foundation and status quo was their double blind study. Cole is more of a "real world" epidemiologist who is working against the tide of obesity, type II diabetes, renal failure and early cardiovascular death. Of course there are double blind studies on intermittent fasting and caloric restriction but Cole didn't come on the show to give his PHD dissertation on these. He uses his gift of strong personality to coach.

    I'll tell you what is not sustainable is the same old, same old. The modern man epidemic is killing us. People like Cole live this reality and we can gain from their experience and apply the tools to improve our own life. Rock on

  53. Ken W says:

    Doctors don't help people health wise…They are basically like a mechanic…fix it after it is broken. U.S. medical schools offer only 19.6 hours of nutrition education across four years of medical school. Your average doctor doesn't know his elbow from a carbohydrate. Plus most doctors I see are fat themselves…Cole should have asked for the double blind study on 6 meals a day being healthy. If people fasted and were healthy and not obese doctors would lose a ton of business and they know it…what is the number prescribed drug now??? Yep STATINS..and that is pure crap

  54. ebony baldwin says:

    What a great non bias video like I’m subscribing because you really were humble and can admit that there is some benefits and can see both points. I was so grossed by those doctors and how they were behaving without giving the man a chance to explain. I also can see people potentially going too far with the diet and messing it up so it all truly depends.

    Thank you .

    I followed the snake diet loosely and still lost a good amount of weight in 2 weeks I feel mentally stronger no longer depressed and it healed my binging emotional eating disorder. It can be a great tool but done at your own risk.

  55. Mieke Gebruers says:

    Good points!

  56. Ted Rinshed says:

    Dr Rhonda Patrick was on the Joe Rogan podcast and said it's not healthy fasting if you eat anything including black coffee or lemon juice etc. . Only drink water, otherwise it will not promote true autophagy.

    If you are fasting to get rid of inflammation or disease I wouldn't drink the snake juice concoction. Dr Peter Attia also says this. Attia has fasted for years to promote longevity and health. He has various videos on youtube about fasting and was once an ultra long distance athlete. I know Cole is promoting a diet but after the weight loss it becomes a lifestyle of intermittent fasting. Dr Attia also does the 5 day (or longer) fasts about 4 times a year in addition to the everyday time restricted eating of 20-4 or 18-6. (sorry i can't remember his exact program)

  57. Todd 47 says:

    You keep saying to be careful with certain "Unsustainable" diets or lifestyles… What's unsafe about the Snake Diet ?

  58. terri little says:

    I agree with you. I don't know why they had him on. The show was ridiculous. Cole made some great points.

  59. Kelly Potts says:

    We don't trust drug dealing lying Narcissists who talk down to real people.

  60. kickssass says:

    There's no money to make on it so doctors dont like it

  61. Matt M says:

    Once you lose weight, the snake diet recommends a 2-4 hour eating window depending on how you feel. It is sustainable in that way.

  62. Shai Pay says:

    Docters have a deep understanding of the body, HAHAHA PLEASE

  63. Hello Happiness says:

    How about people taking thyroid medicine early morning empty stomach? Do they take it or leave it?

  64. TheDannyAdventures says:

    Of course you wouldn’t use this because you have no fat to burn.

  65. Brian Woodrow says:

    Cole doesn't claim fasting is the only way to lose fat, dufus, he says it is the best way. There is one best way.

  66. Angeline van Heerden says:

    Been on the snake diet for one day.
    Do see some results already.
    I do agree, just be careful.
    But if you really think about it, there is some religions where the people fast on a regular basis, and they seem to be very healthy.

  67. samantha fox says:

    I've lost 65 pounds following Cole, cured my diabetes, neuropathy, inflammation, I could not walk without pain. No pills. Just by fasting. I'll keep following him.

  68. jtowne says:

    Logic and reasoning…… How many people die from fasting vs how many die from obesity?

  69. GuilhotinaGamez says:

    The thing is, snake diet works!!! For everyone and with any diseases.
    There is some new protocols:
    Eat before 12am, after that snake juice. This is based on circadian cicle, and gives you around 20h of fasting, its magically powerfull and easy to do.
    No refeed after workout, only snake juice, this is mindblowing and works.
    Listen to your body, adjust the protocol as you see fit, feel that you cant do 72h? Refeed rinse and repeat till the job is done.

  70. Bigzui i says:

    Snake diet reverses type 2 diebete while doctor give patients insulin….well…🙃

  71. Matt Weiler says:

    one study i know said your metabolism slows down after 60 hours of fasting… maybe fasting 60 instead of 72 for refeeds initially is a smarter way to go… omad is pretty easy to maintain long term..

  72. Mary Chege says:

    If you are fat fast that is the only way to kill your food addiction moderation doesn't work period

  73. Luis Mercado says:

    This diet is legitimately the best thing I’ve ever come across. Goes against the grain of everything we are taught yet shows the best results. Currently on my way to a two day dry fast!

  74. Lawrence Hamm says:


  75. Lawrence Hamm says:

    The SNAKE DIET is a hardcore way to get the job done.

  76. Clare Dawes says:

    snake diet is awesome, been at it about a month and lost roughly a pound per day and im not even overweight. not done a 72 just 48s

  77. J Justin says:

    love the diet

  78. TouzY 92 says:

    the drug dealing doctors were real assholes

  79. DeAiron smith says:


  80. DeAiron smith says:


  81. DeAiron smith says:


  82. DeAiron smith says:


  83. cris chan says:

    I'm going to try the Snake Diet prolonged water fasting, I already have the ingredients for it but will do it next month to prepare; lessening carbs and sugar, doing IFs and/or 1 meal a day.

  84. Frankie Fernandez says:

    This is how humans ate for 99% of our existence. Wake up, hunt and forage and sometimes not eat for several days. When they caught or found food they would feast. Doctors don't recieve nutritional training and their medical schools are funded by Big Pharma. That's all you need to know.

  85. The Plant-Based Crank says:

    Some doctors are trained idiots, you know better, good video!

  86. Buster's Cinema Satire says:

    Not Sustainable?
    …..Cole stresses the need to transition to One Meal A Day as soon as your weight loss makes strength training a possibility, and in many cases he advises opening up the eating window to get sufficient nutrition. Sustainable on my end.

  87. ThatOne Guy says:

    The snake diet works. In a society that glorifies obesity someone like Cole is needed. He’s says how it is. Honestly the majority of fat people can’t lose weight because they make excuses and he doesn’t let that slide.

  88. April MacDonald says:

    Cole is a pretty smart business guy…there are so many people on the net saying they can help people lose weight…his abrasive and yes vulgar videos are a way to stand out…and he is helping a lot of people.  I use to watch the doctors years ago, they are such proponents of eating 6 times a day, and fibre, fibre, fibre…I just stayed fat and bloated trying to follow that way of eating…through Keto…then Carnivore and snake juice/fasting,  Im almost at my goal weight and feel better than I have in 30yrs.

  89. Grandmaster Fudge says:

    I think the snake diet is a good foot in the door for those who've lived a lifetime of poor health choices. People who are bordering morbidly obese and and don't have any extra medical issues could really benefit from fasting because they can loose a lot of weight with very mild exercise, develop more self-control, and start developing a better lifestyle.

  90. Tati S says:

    Most doctors are quacks anyway sooooo…. Hey fatty, get that fat in ya!!

  91. AKBuilder762 says:

    It was a hit piece to try and discredit him and the snake diet.

  92. Randy Boudreau says:

    Very well put. I thought the same from the interview. thank you for shedding light on the subject.

  93. Mothmom777 says:

    I definitely don’t agree with you as a medical professional . Currently doing this myself and I feel great. I have autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and post parathyroid tumors . I had brain fog it’s gone. I was depressed gone. I suffered from severe anxiety now less. Integrative medicine and nutritional medicine IS the way to go. I am a RN . I bought into the big pharmaceutical company lies for decades faithfully, it only got me to 290lbs. Hypertensive, High Cholesterol, Disabled and planning my funeral at 49. I am a widow of 4 children since 9-11. I wasn’t going to accept the lies any longer. I was shamed and told to put down my fork . I wasn’t hungry and I was eating a low calorie healthy diet tauted by the ADA . I was given pills for everything! No ONE ever discussed the ROOT cause of my condition or tried to find it . In desperation I turned to whole food, I dropped my blood pressure with 3-4 diced garlic cloves daily and cutting sugar ( 160/100 on meds) . I tried to show my doctor it worked and she fired me . I found a integrative doctor who is also a cardiologist who was also tired of the mainstream medicine narrative seeing patients getting better through the integrative medicine route and NOT through his treatments. He talked to me for 2hours about every system of my body , did
    a complete extensive history and all my systems symptoms ( big pharmaceutical paid insurance won’t pay for this in mainstream medicine) . He did extensive bloodwork, he placed me on organic pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements. I had been on high doses of anti hypertensive meds, cardiac meds psychotropics and anti anxiety meds for 20years !!! I’m now on NONE. He did a T3-T4 , Cortisol tests , stool tests etc found I had autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, ( my Endocrinologists’s said T3-T4 didn’t matter that the TSH was normal so I was fine. Even though I had ALL the symptoms of low thyroid. I was bradycardic and the hospital the cardiologist suggested a pacemaker and more drugs . My integrative suggested a plasmanex supplement and a blood imprint test for food and chemical allergies. Found out I was allergic to twenty nine things as well as part of the autoimmune. Stopped eating these for six months. Guess what no more bradycardia. I did a Candida overgrowth test found my bloodwork , sputum and stool were positive five times the norm. Did Lisa Richardson’s Candida free diet for a year per my integrative doctors recommendation . Ate one organic meal a day huge with alkaline veggies and salmon avocado quinoa . I went from 290-160 with No exercise ( because I had been so sick) . I moved to Florida where my new integrative medicine doctors found I also had severe adrenal fatigue and heavy metal toxicity from the myriad of vaccinations and other tests I’d had like MRI’s that caused gadolinium deposition disease that is scarring my vascular system and making my skin turn to leather. Started IV chelation and high dose IV vitamin therapy on top of supplements. I now have a blood pressure of 110/60, heart rate of 60-70. I ride bikes , walk and swim . Twenty years of my life / career and finances gone from shoddy symptom based treatment NOT the Root cause! . I’m not alone . There’s many waking up in mainstream medicine to the truth. We were fed partial truths and lies in college . There were cursory classes in most nursing and medicine colleges in my day . None taught what the functional , integrative and holistic medicine approach teach. All tried to call them quacks because of their ignorance, arrogance and cognitive dissonance . The question is why not? You put the right oil in your specific car not a one size fits all. We are all unique individuals. No cookie cutter pill cure works without a price to another system. Nutrition is and always should be the cornerstone of treatment after an exhaustive bloodwork baseline. The overhaul of the big pharmaceutical stranglehold over every area of society is long over due. The answer? Because big pharmaceutical companies, the AMA etc don’t make money if garlic lowers your blood pressure or fasting stops insulin resistance
    and obesity.

  94. Yoda Master says:

    Welcome to the 21st century, doctors know better no longer works. If you have an opinion that deviates from the truth, you are wrong. Doctor education lasts for years, can you tell me how many years were spent on nutritional knowledge? I didn't have to be even one year, not even half. Was there more than one course in nutrition? No there was not. Your arrogance is disgusting, come out of the 50s. You just tried to overthrow the basics of your existence, and you called the whole human race heresy, please go back to school.

  95. Beast Mode says:

    This is common sense in my opinion. The body puts on fat to survive but really eating once a day is optimal. Most people eat from boredom, what society says or to remain healthy lol stop stuffing your face simple. Fasting is key to eat fat on body. Everybody fast at least 5 hours a day sleep.

  96. Jason Daigler says:

    You’re not fasting 72 hrs the rest of your life. Watch more videos: 3-2-1 approach=as u get leaner your fast less and get to OMAD with exercise. If done right, TOTALLY sustainable and way more healthy than SAD!!!

  97. Eliz Donovan says:

    Thank you for the balanced appraisal of this method.

  98. 50CJAZZ says:

    i lost 50 pounds doing 72s once a week. 253 TO 202 in 7 months. Cole is the real deal. Most importantly…….it works.

  99. James Davis00007 says:

    I believe carl robinson over 1000 doctors,,, almost all problems doctors help with are due to insulin resistance. Snake diet guy fixes the root cause. I have been doing snake diet and would call carl before any doctor

  100. Teresa MacNeill says:

    Old school Marine Core Boot Camp comes to mind, definitely tough love. I agree he is abrasive in his approach but in a world of "everybody wins" and "participation trophies for all", Cole is forcing people to be uncomfortable and accountable. Stepping outside of your comfort zone often reaps the best rewards. Sometimes what hits home the hardest, elicits greatest change. He makes no qualms about calling you on your shite and making you wake up and face your road to better health. Not often achieved with a calm "gosh, golly i would just love it if you could kindly stop eating for 48 hours so that your body can feel better…that is if you think you can handle it and it's not going to make your tummy rumble too much". Ya, that approach does not really work. Plus, the dude is from Alberta. How can I not love a fellow Canadian. I just hope his head does not explode from all the screaming lol

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