The Snake and the Rope

The Snake and the Rope

The Snake and the Rope Rishikesh, India – 26 February 2016 [Mooji] In satsang
I made one example. It’s an ancient one. It said when the Self,
which means the true being, when that is seen, the world is not seen. When the world is seen,
the real being is not seen. It is covered. We explained it like this. There’s another example, an old example. It says, a person is walking in the evening,
in the night. And by the light of the moon they’re walking, and they see what they think
is a snake on the path, but it’s only a piece of rope on the road. But in the mind they see a snake. When they see the snake, they don’t see the rope. He’s afraid. ‘No, I can’t go.
Snake, snake! He’s going to bite me!’ But somebody who lives nearby,
who knows this road, knows there’s no snake there.
This person says, ‘What is the problem?
Why are you sitting here in the dark?’ He says, ‘There’s a snake in the road.
I’m afraid to pass, he’s going to bite me!’
He says, ‘There’s no snake!’ ‘Yes, look! There’s one there!’
The man says, ‘Come with me.’ He says, ‘No, no!’
So the man goes and looks himself. He comes back and says,
‘I look and see it’s only a piece of rope.’ At first the person doesn’t believe him.
But he trusts the man. They walk together.
The man picks up the rope and says, ‘Look, it’s only a rope! It’s not a snake.’
In that moment, the man who thought it was a snake
recognises that it is a rope. The snake that he imagined was going to bite him disappears from his mind immediately. So, when we see the truth, when you see the fullness of God,
you realise you’re in God, the world as a separate entity, it vanishes. Its physicality stays,
but its meaning is completely changed. It becomes like the body of God. When the world is seen,
and the world is taken to be completely real, everything is existing by itself,
then the God who is pervading all things, and even the elemental body of things
is also manifestation, then God is not seen! It’s a beautiful example, so please reflect on it.
Very good. [laughter]

Randy Schultz

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