The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man: Snakes – Fashion and Medicine in One (S1, E5) | History

The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man: Snakes – Fashion and Medicine in One (S1, E5) | History

Where is it at? – Right there!
– Hey. Ay ya ya–
– Ooh, he’s pretty. A red snake. Boy, that make a good hat band. Say your prayers. NARRATOR: A tried and true
tradition in the swamp is looking good. What you gonna
do with that skin? That looks like– you
don’t want me to tell you what that looks like.
[laughing] NARRATOR: And for Shelby,
the swamp is a one-stop shop. That’s gonna be
a good one, man. How’s it look?
– Hey, that’s pretty. Look, you put it to
make ’em fit your head. You wear ’em like
that till they dry. I thought you was gonna drag
me out here for bull-bull-[bleep but it ain’t
turning out too bad. NARRATOR: Now, the
swamp don’t just provide fashion accessories. It’s got everything you need
for the medicine cabinet too. You see this? It’s a medici-mal mushroom. It means medicine. NARRATOR: But to get
the very best stuff– [yelling] NARRATOR: Sometimes you gotta
be crazy enough to go toe-to-toe with slithering creatures. And crazy is a swamp
man’s specialty. Some scientists in New Orleans
looking for some snake venom to help people
when they get bit. Oh!
Oh! I’mma catch some
snakes and sell ’em. Get me some snake money.
What you got? What is that?
– Some little pincers and a bag. Oh, it’s that thing
to pick up trash. Yeah.
I’m not gonna touch them snakes. SHELBY: I’ll touch ’em. NARRATOR: Now, Shelby
and his pal Doug have been running the swamp
since they was itty-bitty. – Man, I can’t believe you.
– I can’t wait, man. I like catching [bleep] snakes.
– Do you? Damn right, man. Man. NARRATOR: And they
know where they can find a hissing pot of gold. SHELBY: Hold on. NARRATOR: If they can get there. SHELBY: Are you all right? DOUG: (LAUGHING) Yeah. Just be careful and watch
them big cottonmouths. DOUG: I’m a little worried
about this, Shelby. You gonna be all right, man.
I told you. If it’s your time to
die, you gonna die. Look, look, look! We can get the money now! Aw man!
– Watch him! Watch him! Did you feel him bite you? I’ve been bit a hell
of a lot of times, man. I’m damn near immune
to snake venom. Look!
There, ha! Here comes another one! [laughing] Got another one, Dougie. [yelling] – He got you, didn’t he?
– Yeah. It wasn’t bad, though. Bit the hair off my leg. Don’t be fooling
with no snakes– especially kids. ‘Cause they will kill
you, sometimes they have to cut your fingers
off, cut your arm off. Here we go! Look, look, look, look. I see a damn rattlesnake
in the damn grass. That son of a bitch will bite
the [bleep] out of you, man. He ain’t got no venom
in him, but he’ll bite the piss out you. DOUG: Watch him!
Watch him! NARRATOR: Now, in the swamp
there’s a traditional way of taking care of a snake. DOUG: What are you doing? NARRATOR: And then– well,
there’s the Shelby way. His head just come off. That is crazy! [laughing] Never seen someone do that. Damn snake– look at it!
[gunshot] Oh my. NARRATOR: Now, Shelby don’t
always go to such extremes. There he is!
You got him. We got him that time! Look out! Hey, hey, oh, whoa! NARRATOR: Sometimes he uses
a lighter touch to keep them snakes from a-biting him. Get him off of me. Snake bit son of a gun. Gonna bring him home. Let’s eat it, man. Come on, bring him with us.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man: Snakes – Fashion and Medicine in One (S1, E5) | History

  1. senicabaldwin says:

    The man

  2. Mod Squad says:

    Ppl say I act like him cause half the stuff I say ppl dont really understand to much. I speak cory. Either get with it or have a cup of stfu.

  3. speedwagon says:


  4. robert anderson says:

    Off his rocker crazy! But he sure is funny.

  5. Steve Bradley says:

    Who's crazier??… shelby or Steve Irwin? They would've been best mates Haha

  6. The Gaming Mustafi says:

    When a snake bites someone like my body reacts it bit me like a reflex

  7. LI BP says:

    2:09 lmfao

  8. Thomas Wisniewski says:

    Ur fk crazy redneck! But I wont mind check out. My friend's know me as well just do it I do it if someone can do it.

  9. Mr. Post Man says:

    The Most Interesting Man In The World

  10. Dumb Chicken says:

    Snakes’ worst enemy

  11. Jaw 18 says:

    Swamp living will do that to you

  12. Elijah Glenn says:

    What the H—? Is this world coming to. The endorsement of ignorance seems to be a modern way of life. What a waste of time!

  13. Doug Carroll says:

    As hard as a coffin nail

  14. Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC says:

    Makes for a good TV show but I would never work with the guy he's too dangerous LOL he cuts logs in bare feet with a Stihl chainsaw!

  15. Dana J says:


  16. The Craig Family Adventures says:


  17. Brenan Sutton says:

    Whatever kind of boat that is I want one it's a Frick in tank on water

  18. 3 eyed fish says:

    2:04 πŸ˜‚

  19. Cornonthecob says:

    I just hope he isn’t this reckless when his dog is actually with him

  20. Ricky Dyess says:

    I could watch him every day. Hes a bad dude. Aint scared of nothing.

  21. the unknown says:


  22. Cayson Markham says:


  23. Dill Pickle says:

    That laugh tho

  24. BassBro says:


  25. Gaz Panda says:

    Who would win in a fight shelby or turtle man

  26. Lul Skell says:

    Can I go live with Shelby for a week

  27. Caleb Moody says:

    Swamp people is better

  28. MrBrowning42 says:

    How tf is he taking bites from venomous snakes like it's nothing?

  29. Birb dr yeet says:

    m a j u n

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    Love watching these dude his different

  32. Delena Hayden says:

    Ur awesome

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    This guy is amazing. Idk hiw he even walks around carrying such huge balls. Wow

  34. roze says:

    Im discusted and amaized at the same time

  35. Justin Smith says:

    I guess the History Channel doesn't require drug test…

  36. That one Dude says:

    I’ve seen everything now

  37. issa ibungu says:

    Wow you are so super hero.πŸ…πŸ†πŸ¦”πŸŠπŸ

  38. Sloth Blower says:

    Ppl like them are destroying nature 😑

  39. Sarah Niece says:

    Eeewwwww that snake why eat gross!!!

  40. GEo Nick. says:

    Just eww

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    Redneck crocodile hunter Shelby irwin

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    Now here’s the difference between a redneck and a hillbilly

  46. Gerson Ramirez says:


  47. Josie Steeley Dan says:

    That makes a good headband. Where can I buy one?

  48. DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking says:


  49. SoaR Sxpreme says:

    His personality gave me a good laugh wish I could lno someone like him

  50. Sdmc Necroscope says:

    Man is a national treasure! Absolutely love this guy!

  51. BR Whitehead says:

    When it's your time to die you will die.

  52. jeremia Suantak says:

    Love his enthusiasm. Nearly crashed his boat man

  53. curtis turner says:

    Thid dude is the real deal. I know a lot of people make fun of Louisianans and folks like this but they are some of the hardest working, resourceful people on this planet. They will do whatever they have to do to make an honest living. Tough folks down there

  54. Dave Nelson says:

    It's great that someone with such obvious retardation can get work

  55. Adam Warlock says:

    Shelby is entertainment in a nutshell

  56. Daniel Mortari says:

    Medicimal mushroom

  57. shitty advice guy says:

    "Im a little worry shelby"

    "Dont worry,if it your time to die you die."


  58. Hillbilly Holler says:

    I think me and shelby would get along great! We both think the same besides getting bit or stung bc I'm allergic

  59. Anime_Beatz says:

    2:10 what was that he said lol

  60. Graham Willis says:

    2:56 lol

  61. Aaron Garrett says:

    I bet this guy a blast to hang out with real American love it

  62. taurinfox21 says:

    I know it's a show most of them fake but if this is I can tell you it's 100 percent accurate speaking for my uncle buck who is 3 miles in the swamp

  63. Fatty Fatty Two by Four says:

    That pistol makes me lose it everytime

  64. Mitchell George says:

    He's a loveable nut

  65. masood ghazizadeh says:

    I have friends exactly like him

  66. PurplezSznc says:

    Shelby: *EXISTS*
    Snakes: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  67. Mason Woods says:

    I will pay cash money to any body that can spell the nosie shelby makes.when.he gets bit

  68. hass jackson says:

    Isnt snake venom in the head?? Dont they need that for antivenom

  69. Carflo β€’ says:

    Reminds me of the guy that purposely gets snake venom, and injects himself with it

  70. Sunus Holloway says:

    I see ax men coming back but they need to bring shelby's show back return of the swamp man

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    This man is a boss, jesus

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    He is disgustin and savage

  73. Morgasm172 says:

    2:45. Can’t ask for a cleaner kill than that.

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    Your nuts shelby but dang it looks fun hahaha

  76. R Dudley says:

    This is at least five years old but at least go Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Tenderoni

  77. Charlotte Lewis says:

    This is just a copy and paste of Shrek

  78. The Shaman's Sword says:

    Shelby is a beast

  79. QUEEN ARKLE says:

    Did i just see that right he whipped a snake and its head came off that was crazy

  80. Bobby Hill says:

    Meanwhile in Minnesota I'm shooting rattle snakes because people just don't like them

  81. Jason Nester says:

    This whole show is scripted

  82. Marie Kokline says:

    funny brave man

  83. Clooz says:

    Might be better for shelby to donate his own blood ect for the venom scientists to test. See if and how he developed anti venoms himself

  84. Chapo Gang says:

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