The Never-Ending Game of Dungeons & Dragons

The Never-Ending Game of Dungeons & Dragons

(epic orchestral music) – [Narrator] In London,
Ontario, there lives a man whose basement is unlike
anything you’ve ever seen. This is Robert Wardhaugh. – Hi, my name is Robert Wardhaugh. – [Narrator] Robert has
been playing the same Dungeons and Dragons
campaign for over 30 years. – 35 years to be exact. – [Narrator] I’m sorry. – That’s okay. Welcome, would you like
to play a Dwarven rogue. You look like a rogue. – [Narrator] Wait, let’s
back up for a second. Dungeons and Dragons is a
fantasy roleplaying game where a group of people
come together and play out adventures dictated by a dungeon master. These adventures, also
known as campaigns, are set in the Dungeons and Dragons world and normally have an end point. Or they just fizzle out due to
people’s lack of commitment. But Robert is in a league of his own and here’s why: The dude has a serious collection. – I think our collection of
miniatures is around 20,000 and then over the years
I discovered terrain. Ultimately, I’m a collector
also and a lot of my enjoyment comes from being able to get
new stuff and to put new stuff on the table so the players are constantly coming across new settings. Because it’s a game that
doesn’t stick to one particular campaign setting, I’m able to use any figs that actually fit the world. And so it is a long
process but over 35 years, you could develop quite the collection. – [Narrator] As Robert’s collection grew, so did the number of players. Word began to spread about
the never-ending campaign. – We have people coming from
all over the country to play, often flying in. – [Narrator] Wait, all over the country? – That’s right. – [Player] Robert, can we play now? – [Narrator] These are some of the people who play in Robert’s game. Where are you guys from? – I flew in from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. – I drove in from Toronto. – Brussels, Ontario. – Komoka, Ontario. – Calgary, Alberta. – [Narrator] Hold on, what
happens if people can’t fly in or drive to Robert’s house to play? – Hey everyone. – [Narrator] Problem solved. – On top of the ridge,
looking down upon this and. The game has always been determined, really through a friendship. It’s really been a way that
I keep my friends together. I knew early on that if I
was able to create a game that was good enough, and
that means it had to be better than video games, it had to
be better than any other game that they could find, that
they would keep coming, no matter where I was and so
that takes again, imagination and it takes change and
it takes having a system that is constantly
dynamic, that is changing, that is growing and that is
constantly getting better. (dramatic orchestral music)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Game of Dungeons & Dragons

  1. FLUXXEUS says:

    if him and Matt Mercer (Critical Role) were together 🤯😂

  2. Saint Billie eilish says:

    Man I just play with legos and paper…

  3. Xya Ayari says:

    35 years sound like about 5 sessions with every pc

  4. dinozero2 says:

    35 years!? Now that hardcore….

  5. Zoe Goodsell says:

    Right I’m playing with this guy when possible

  6. Drus says:

    How can I join? I'm local

  7. Random Stuff says:

    Wait. If the same campaign has been going on for 35 years. How high level are the players!

  8. Mr. Mooerton says:

    i know this dude

  9. Frogdoc LP says:

    The CEO of virginity

  10. Dustin Bray says:

    so many questions! what level is everyone at this point? how does he adjust rules for such high level play. what settings has he gone through? does he stream/recap adventures anywhere? this is more interesting to me than most anything else in the world currently. lol

  11. THICC SNAK 7448 says:

    People say DND is nerdy which in a way it is, but what if you cant afford a console or iPad or iPhone or any device, all you need is some dice that are like 10$ and a pencil and paper and then you can make it up soooooo yeah

  12. Ash Dark says:

    I did this with pokemon cards and can you guess how long the campain lasted?

    6 minutes.

  13. Thomas takes a toll for the dark says:

    That man.. is awesome. I hope to be like him one day

  14. Edo Meindertsma says:

    But what is the rest of his story?
    Has he run different campaigns in the same world?
    What version of DnD does he use?
    Is he doing a Wesmarches style campaig?

  15. gbomb wolfthaster says:

    This is so cool `

  16. William Nolan says:

    I can barely keep a campaign for a week

  17. Fling Gonza says:

    In london ontario there lives a man whose basement is unlike anything you've ever seen

    Open 5 computers with 5000gb of porn wih 3.5 slaves

    Oh, what's .5 you say?

    It's _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  18. Coolgamer3001 says:

    The original World of warcraft server

  19. Jose Francisco says:

    So basically it’s Runescape . But it’s in physical form. Nice

  20. _ Limes says:

    The one warhammer be like

  21. DustBucket says:

    I’ve been to London Ontario, fuck

  22. Baggy Jeans says:

    I would love to see THAT wizard

  23. Javier Leal says:

    Where's the demogorgon

  24. Ryuya S says:

    I wonder if he's used a false hydra. And with 35 years, how many times.

  25. Tom Bombadil says:


  26. yaku mat says:

    i thought london was in uk

  27. Kornel &Co. says:

    Fake london.

  28. Udester Swag says:

    Is the game still going?

  29. thecringyboy2988 says:

    I love dungeons of dragons😁

  30. Yassir Rossel says:

    This is EPIC!!!

  31. Will Brinkley says:

    This guy should have written season 8 of game of thrones. To keep a dungeons and dragons game going that long takes serious imagination and creativity

  32. Martaneee says:

    Mike: You think we're going to sit in my basement and play games for the rest of our lives

    Robert: well yes but no

  33. iAmPj says:

    There was a dungeon and dragons tourney at my hotel. It was the funniest thing ever.

  34. Vigo Love says:

    Would love to source one of the dragon models on the table at 0:27 (the blue and white one!)

  35. Liv Tellier says:

    I'm curious how large his dice collection is

  36. Eddieboyxx X says:

    God damn I wish my party had this much commitment

  37. Motoko Chan says:

    Hooooly fuck.

  38. Oopsie says:

    All these memes in the comment section instead of actual comments, a creator would enjoy reading. It's so annoying. I'm so glad this trend is slowly turning down.

  39. malai chaichana says:

    I plei d&d it,s fun

  40. Jarod Farrant says:

    I wonder when the next dungeons and dragons is gonna come out?

  41. Jin Wong says:

    Critical Role

  42. Jin Wong says:

    I love D&D, I wish I had commited friends who could meet up each week

  43. Wave Productions says:

    This campaign has only had to sessions but it was 35 years because of the nightmare of scheduling haha

  44. Daniel Castillo says:

    They might as well do movies about the campaign
    Sounds fun

  45. AnimeSam1989 says:

    Yea but can it run Minecraft tho

  46. Kamikazekid4 says:

    Ngl, I kind of want to watch them play…

  47. Allen says:

    So, are they all level 20 now?

  48. Dragon brothers Animation says:

    So this is the god of dm’s, the god of gods.

  49. Saint10 Alien Nation says:

    I want to play d&d with the dude, does he have his own YouTube channel?!

  50. Franz Liszt says:

    Pathfinder is better tho

  51. diastoleny says:

    My new favorite nerd!

  52. Ezra Gonda says:

    0:02 London Canada? What the heck?

  53. Dan Clark says:

    Is it just me or do y'all wanna be in this campaign

  54. DustBucket says:

    I was there in August, Fuck

  55. Wuft Chan says:

    dudes trying to be the never ending story

  56. Wuft Chan says:

    i'd challenge ya but I aint got no body who has that same spirit

  57. Helmi 78 says:

    True gamer

  58. TheMysticGamez 10 says:

    Having the title of "Biggest Nerd" is pretty dope

  59. agh it's a plane says:


  60. Matej Buckovski says:

    Will wants to know your location

  61. Nag Trimers says:

    Imagine if matt Mercer met him. The best dm meeting the most famous dm

  62. joshy gamer 90 says:

    I'm going to make my never ending campaign

  63. joshy gamer 90 says:

    Also this guy campaign should be cannon to dnd like critical role is

  64. TheNamesDitto says:

    Ahhh just like me and my friends. Kudos to you man!!!

  65. Capin' C MMD says:

    Duudeeee that's some serious dedication

  66. A. Nonny Mouse says:

    “In London Ontario”
    confused American noises

  67. The Blazing Crusader says:

    Well I know what I want to do on my honey mood. My girlfriend would love this too given she likes dnd especially the monsters.

  68. Ocean Man says:

    This is Robert Wardhaugh.

  69. Knock knock ITS A CRUSADE says:

    They need to make these a movie series and call it the Robert cinematic universe

  70. amendoca himself says:

    This man looks like concept art

  71. ed cuello says:

    I draw my sword and salute you, sir!

  72. An Eevee Named Pearl says:

    No I’m a cleric

  73. Emparin says:

    Que nivel son?

  74. Jose The illegal immigrant says:

    Dude I would pay to play with this dude and I’ll bring a block of cocaine.

  75. Andy R says:


  76. Rufous Carton says:

    N E R D S (in a good way it’s nice and wholesome)

  77. Enzo Callaert says:

    "What's your secret for a dd campaign to be so long ?"

    "All my players work on differents sectors, one is plane pilote, the second is a teacher of elementary school, the third is a surgeon doctor and the last one have a shop on elm street . I am myselves an avocate. And so everyone is busy we can only meet like once every 2 month and 1 time on 3 the surgeon is emergency called."

  78. Sam The Space Sloth says:

    dude needs a 3d printer so he can make miniatures

  79. The aether Knight says:

    I will watch this video every day until I die

  80. The Cart of Videos says:

    This one video, right here, is what got me into D&D.

  81. Drus says:

    K i live in this city I wanna play with him

  82. Belle Myia says:

    Dear god, its beautiful.

  83. James Rininger says:

    I started playing d&d a year ago, my friends and I have grown a lot closer because of it.

  84. Thatsaltyboi 1999 says:

    Wait is this the same guy from the princess bride

  85. Hi. I'm Brad says:

    I wanted to know more about their campaign. The story etc.

  86. Karl Franz says:

    God, is that you?

  87. Atreides says:

    My god, this is wonderful. I'd give away an arm to play this campaign!

  88. Giggle Toons says:

    This man has set the bar. 👏🏾

  89. Music DOGE says:

    Nice toys kid.. Grow up you are siting there in your basemant and playing with toys wtf and you have over 30+ years old… My son would like to play with toys you have and he is 3 y.o

  90. King in yellow says:

    Does that mean I cannot convince him to play Shadowrun?

  91. João Guilherme Camilo Reis says:

    Virgin alert!

  92. Geralt Of Rivia says:

    This man makes Matt Mercer look like small fry

  93. MOOIES Do says:

    Can we play multiplayer
    Him : YAS

  94. ersa kusuma says:

    Robert : welcome to the kingdom. Now you can start your journey. So, what do you do?
    Me : hmm, i think im gonna get some slave first.
    Robert : wait hold on, a slave?
    Me : yeah, it can turns out to be my waifu

  95. Kurtis Salazar says:

    Introducing the MASTER

  96. LJW1912 says:

    @1:53 that man has a Yomiuri Giants hat, and I approve of any NPB fans

  97. The Jawnski says:

    That's friggin awesome.

  98. OkBoomer says:

    Lv1 you start playing video games

    Lv5 you play your first RPG

    Lv15 you start play MMOs

    Lv20 you start reading DnD lore books while you wait for a raid group.

    Lv35 your spending $500 on a "starter" model set

    Lv 45 you start playing DnD at home

    Lv 50 your playing DnD at hobby shops

    Lv 75 your playing DnD via Skype with people cross country

    Lv85 your traveling cross country to play DnD

    Lv 100 you have a willy Wonka DnD game room in your basement and play with people from around the country and been playing the same game forever and realize your alone and only have thousand of plastic miniatures to keep you warm at night

  99. simontmn says:

    So how does he deal with the risk of over-levelled PCs? Is he running 2e without XP for gold I guess?! 😀

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