The Lizard

The Lizard

[Uplifting music] [Clive] Do you know Graceon? [Andy] Yeah, we were at Riley’s and we all hung out together. [Clive] Oh yeah! Well, we’ve been talking a bit lately, and I think I’m going to ask her out. [Andy] Nice! [Doctor Who playing in background] [Phone vibrates] [Car accelerating in distance] [Andy] Wait! [Clive] Really!?! Graceon! You knew! Ugh! [Andy] She asked me out after we talked. I didn’t want to say anything because I knew you’d get mad. [Clive] I can’t talk to you right now. Just… stay away from me. [Andy sighs] [Dishes being cleaned] [Phone vibrates] [Phone vibrates] [TV playing Doctor Who] [Knocking on the door] [Andy] Follow me! [Eerie music] [Clive] Can you please stop running? [Andy] He’s still here! [Clive] What? [Andy] The lizard I found this morning, he’s still here. [Clive] Lizard? You had me run a mile and half… for a lizard? [Andy] Isn’t he cool? [Clive] I thought there was an emergency or something. [Sighs] Like maybe you found a dead body. We haven’t spoken to each other in a year. All of this for a lizard just seems kind of… childish. [Andy] There wouldn’t be a dead body in the park. [Clive] Probably not… you could have told me what was going on. If you wanted to talk to me, you could have just rang my doorbell. [Andy] I didn’t want the lizard to get away before you could see its magnificence. [Clive] You could have just brought it to me. [Andy] Yeah, but you wouldn’t have gotten any exercise if I would have done that. So, can I keep him at your house? [Clive] Why can’t you just keep it at your place? [Andy] Because then I’d be exceeding my mom’s animal limit. [Clive chuckles then sighs] I totally forgot about the animal limit. [Andy] So is that a yes? [Bright music] [Clive] Well, toady was fun. Reminded me of when we were kids and used to go on the trail and hang out all day. [Andy] Mm-hm. [Clive sighs] Wait… was this lizard just a way to get to hang out with me? [Andy] No. I just saw it this morning and I remembered. [Clive] Remembered when you used to bring all those strange animals to my house. [Andy] Mm-hm. [Clive sighs] Well… do you want to go inside and play video games? [Andy] Sure! [Uplifting music]

Randy Schultz

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