The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (X360, PS3, Wii, PS2)

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (X360, PS3, Wii, PS2)

even in the darkest of timers that is
always so but sometimes feel clouds al vision
sometimes our strengths gifts and yet sometimes when all seems lost
shines through the darkness and we are reminded that even the smallest amount
of cameos can turn the tides of I can’t now Spira smacker open your eyes get up
cinder what happened where are we I don’t know it’s all a blur
yeah me too my head’s pounding she wait that’s not your head I hear it too what
is that sparks is that you for once I wish it was what are you
doing let’s not stick around to find out come
on what is your problem oh this can’t be
good this chain is slowing us down we can’t
fight it we’ll have to move in unison follow my lead why should you need take
cover okay good idea you lead hey Spiro man you’re alive
sparks it’s good to see you too you okay you know little stiff voice keeps
changing I’m good hey this reunion is really touching and everything but
should movie going unless you want to wait for that thing to climb back up I
hate to think what it might give sparks who is he I don’t know all he said was
you’re making too much noise I like him already
Spyro Zehnder how do you feel anything broken
shaken a little but not too badly thanks to you I am relieved I had feared I
might be too late my name is hunter hunter you’ve been tracking me but far
too long you didn’t return to the temple the
elder dragon igniters sent me to find you that was nearly
three years but that’s impossible yes I’m sure this news comes as quite a
shock forgive me for the brevity of my explanation but this is not the place to
account releasing time we are not safe here follow me Hunter give us a moment to gather our
strength you might want to stand back this can get weird
it is fascinating how your kind draws strength from these crystals dragons are
truly remarkable yeah you say that now till one tries to cheer you and buy one
and he heard I am aware of cinders past but ignite his trust sir and that’s good
enough for me go on spiral as a real couple tracking
you can wield many abilities that others called–it now it is time to awaken
these powers within you fire electricity ice and while most other dragons can
master only a single element your exposure to the darkness has gifted you
the villages most uncommon partisan fear wind and shagging this one has never seen one when
consciously spire he canceled it is it natural that crystal radiates with dark
magic destroy it quickly this way what was that there’ll be time to that
will follow the river it will lead us to shelter will we can rest and then we’re
off to war Fay the dragon city or ignite us will be expecting us go tell it – I found them maybe if we
tried twisting it twist what it’s magic 50 I can watch this all day Dark Master he’s returned hasn’t he
I’m afraid so just shortly after your disappearance he struck quickly fueled
by hatred and malice reclaiming the throne and the temple which through some
dark magic he now suspends above the land a symbol of his dominance
we’ve been at will ever since and every day his forces grow stronger
hours you were all counting on me and I failed
how could I let this happen some things are beyond your control you shouldn’t
blame yourself spiral you are lucky to be alive all of you that was no ordinary
creature back there it was an ancient earth golem from the deep they are the
embodiment of destruction summoned by malla for himself dark times needs to be
stopped I have to stop him whoa whoa whoa start out tough guy need
to go around picking fights I mean we just woke up after being frozen for
three years got stuff to do Dragons bad do you have such an enormous
thing for our laws that you form an alliance with the very ones who caused
all our misfortunes chief prowess malla for he alone is the one responsible this
dragon is our last hope you must see that yes yes the purple dragon I know
this story but unlike you I have not forgotten what they say malifaux was
like when he was young and I have not forgotten either what she has done I
relied on new hunter as I must rely on all of us in this village to protect it
but you chose to abandon us and bring the dangers of the outside world with
you when you returned the dangers are already around us don’t pretend to
ignore them hey can’t you guys just stop arguing it’s getting awkward for
everybody Rutland in the valley repair your
weapons now see what you’ve done look let us go
we can help our lawyers can handle this now is not the time to be stubborn ate a
lot of weird stuff happens when they get upset
I’d listening in the phone little dragons yes we are saved is everyone all right no Meadow is
missing he had gone upstream to search for herbs this morning it has not
returned we have to go find him it’s too dangerous to mount a thirst ow I’ll go I’ll find your missing friend
hunter can come with us you are free to act as you see fit but hunter stays here
however if you remain true to your word and come back with meadow I may
reconsider don’t bother returning before men as men
likely succeed only in attracting walk droplets to our village Thank You friends you saved my life
finally so gratitude you’re welcome you’ve met chief promised no doubt not
all of us are of the same mind well that’s putting it mildly isn’t it can
you move we need to get you out of here I’m sorry I’m afraid my leg is broken
just go back to the village and tell them where I am
your leader doesn’t trust us if we return without you he’ll likely assume
the worst yeah and blame us for it oh the fool I understand there is a raft
at the far end of the valley if you could bring it here
perhaps I could pull myself onto it okay will do to launch it you’ll need the
weights from the supply cave when it’s locked oh that figures
there was a hermit who lives beneath the waterfall at the other end of the valley
he has a key but the cave is hidden look for the markings on the walls open the
Oh easy raft shave Obama hmm got it yes we’ll come back for you I promise what do you mean I’ve never been here
before but I’m not anymore I’m not proud of you things I’ve done you don’t have to listen to us if you’ll not recognize but how Cinda let’s go cinder are you okay I’m fine
I’ll be fine well I am NOT was I the only one who was freaked out by that guy
yeah she’s okay Lisa wasn’t a complete waste of time come on what you waiting for all the work just kidding I really let’s
get you home 25 thanks to these two dragons meadow
please forgive me these dragons willingly sought to help you when I
chose not to I do not share your faith in this dragon hunter but by putting you
in Chains I committed an error we all make mistakes yes and I shall try to
atone for mine if you will permit me use the forbidden tunnel lead you directly
to the Dragon City if this dragon is indeed our last hope
did you say passage and good luck we could use your help very well the
invitation shall be left open meet me here as soon as you are ready to
set out for war Fang I shall be waiting Hunter and we have to go this way if we
might quickly we shall reach the dragon city by they were
I feel vibrations in the earth we must be getting close
finally I’ve never seen the Dragon city before it was built long ago by the
molds and honor of their friendship with the Dragons before malla four dragons
were quite revered I heard it too quickly it has begun this way stay close I’m alright but you won’t be able to get
through this way go find igniters okay good luck they need our help like you thank you you you saved our
lives no big deal risking our lives saving
people dodging danger taking it to the man it’s
an occupation sentence something in that war machines listen to me everyone who can still
fight must go to the ramparts the rest of you run get under cover okay
wait putting out fires is one thing hey wait for me we can’t let them destroy the catapult
it’s our only chance against the battering ram it’s got a show we’re not advocating just keep it out we need to get him back on that
catapults board let’s hurry the tower is closing in follow me close the gates complicates don’t let it they’re retreating this is odd why are they were treating
when they were so close to taking the city
why aren’t they retreating when they’re so cool who cares I feel it too
something’s not right they’re turning around look much you beat me it’s in the earth beneath us all of you
run run zero the city is burning see what you
can do about it both here try to distract its vision channel or follow me
we’ll attack it head-on Cinda going find shelter leave us to
deal with what are we going to do what do you mean
what are we gonna didn’t you just hear hunter
we’re not leaving we can stop this I’ll get you out of there you both here you it’s up to us if we don’t stop it now it
will destroy everything all right I’m with you why why do I keep going along
with this ignite us young dragon you never cease to amaze me
we never lost hope that you would return ignite us made sure of that I should
have come back sooner I let you all down but that won’t happen again Spyro you’ve
done more than anyone could expect of a dragon your age what matters now is that
you are here and what’s more you’ve returned with your companions well it’s
not like I really had much of a choice in the matter
seeing as how I’m stuck together interesting
this device is foreign to me Mason what do you make of this never have our see such a thing it has
the mark of evil luckily crafted by malla for himself I
feel we shall not be able to remove it what but there has to be a way how can
we fight back if we’re made to fight like this Spyro cinder you have done
well to get this far despite this do not view this chain as a hindrance but allow
it to be a reminder of the bond you two share your destinies are now intertwined
and that thought is a hopeful one momentum has swung to our side ignite is
perhaps this victory will mark a turning point in this war I’d like to believe
that congratulations you see the first is the
resurrection of a destroy matter for insistence what is that destroy I don’t understand believed that this creature brings about
the birth of see that sounds like a good thing by
issue its destruction oh the Beast moves too quickly we can’t possibly catch up
with it the setup in pursuit would be useless
then we shall wait for it to come back and intercept it before it completes its
circle we must pass underground if we are to possess the element of surprise
besides it is our only hope of getting into position in time without allowing
malla for turnover the city has been left unguarded these doors were built as an exit to our
city not for going back in they have to be opened from the inside Spyro cinder
we will assemble the troops of the main gates and we’re counting on you to get
them open you must I time is against us Spyro look at this whoa is that supposed
to be you they’re worshipping you that isn’t me
it’s malla for look at this place the ancestors must have trained him here
they had such high hopes I know what you’re thinking spiral have
no worry al dragon will make it I don’t understand
now a4 is about to destroy everything but you seem so calm I don’t imagine now
a four would expend all this effort if it had not feel threatened but why
should he throughout our history there is only known to have been – like manna
for your powers go far beyond what he knows this Alif or could have
accomplished anything but instead chosen the world has been spiraling in cases
your existence is Nature’s Way of balancing itself but the ancestors
thought malla 4 was going to be different they believed in him and look
what happened malla 4 draws his powers from
destruction spiral why should I be any different
because I knowing that your heart would not
because I believe you are destined for great scenes to bring about a new way and I do not see what role destruction
will have him Betty Oh picture
gotcha gotcha gotcha da Victor what you sushi
I’ll keep it up sparks I think it’s working sparks cut it out
now’s not the time it’s never a good time how long until the crosses the belt
of fire we might have until midday maybe less of that speed Spyro how deep do you think that Canyon
is I don’t know what are you getting at what what are you looking at do it you
have something like it’s in my teeth cinder you’re a genius I have my moments
ignite us give you stall it long enough to allow us to open the floodgate if we
fill up the canyon with water it may slow it down enough to give us a
fighting chance that may work listen to me we must prevent that monster from
escaping the canyon no matter the cost every moment counts
you heard the dragon let’s move we will do all we can to give you time the rest
is up to you pressure anything let’s hope this is enough it’s not enough we have to let all the water out all at
once no no here’s what we do we have to let all the water out all at once you with me the food is Dampier oh look reinforcements I guess they know
what we’re up to we better move everyone take cover now’s our chance attack the destroyer for your seventies young dragons you
certainly know how to triumph with flair what’s happening to it I’d I don’t know this can’t be ignited what do we do there is no more
that can be done listen to me not much time is left everyone must get
to shelter what about the outlying populations and there are countless
still inside Dragon City they need to be warned the underground city ignite us
there are endless caves down there we saw them we can leave them there no we
need you and cinder here with me hunter send your falcons to the outlying
regions and tell them to get beneath the surface that’s deep wish they can go all
of you I know you’re up to something Atlantis I’ve known you for too long go
to the others terrible disorder a strong leader will be needed how if I might way
back once I get Spyro and cinder through the belt of fire we have to confront
malla for don’t me I see no other way the belt is weakened and this may be our
only chance to break through yeah if we aren’t incinerated first oh c’mon isn’t
sound so bad we’ve been through worse right sparks you can’t come with me what
but I always go with you spider was right you wouldn’t survive in there you
need to make sure the others reach the underground city in time you’ve been
there before you can guide them it’s important sparks
but you need me right now there are others that need you more cinder you
have to promise me you will look after him we we’ve been through a lot together
I promise be careful sparks hey it’s me being
careful is all I know I should be able to offer some
protection from the heat stay close to me ignite us let’s turn back there’s got to
be another way I know
Cinda I have never done right why I to review
allow me to do this what are you saying my path ends here but yours lies beyond
this draw strength from each other and follow your heart
it won’t ever fail I’ll go
Oh they can buy this no Spiro stop it’s too
late you can’t do anything for him now no he isn’t gone Spiro let it go no no
Spiro don’t you can’t stop you’re right only you can do that
please spiral don’t do this we have to go on he wanted us to it
wasn’t supposed to be like this I feel so alone you’re not alone I can go through with it you said it yourself if we don’t every
everything we’ve lost it’s all been from but only because I want to get rid of
this chain come on the air is too thick to hear in all this hatch
there’s probably enough traffic near the volcano it’s beautiful up here the tower it must lead to malla fors
lair are you ready for this I’m scared just
stay close to me no I’m nothing like you to lose you don’t listen to him Spyro don’t listen
to anything he says you used her what does he mean tell me what you’re lying cinder is it true no I don’t know I
don’t know anymore Sydnor cinder No great no I don’t believe that because you’ve left me nothing to fight
for there’s always something we’re too late watch out you just hang on spiral I’m sorry I’m so sorry
don’t be it’s over so this is an smile dragon dies it’s not student leave
this world is spirit lives in finding itself with
nature of the future I know what I need to do
just get out of here cinder spiral no you don’t have to do anything let’s just
go we’re simple there’ll be nothing left the world is
breaking apart but I think I can stop it I think I meant then I’m with you I love you be welcomed friend I have long been
expecting you a new age is beginning with each new age a worthy dragon is
chosen to chronicle the many triumphs and failures of that age this has been
my duty for many millennia and now ignite us that’s fine that is the question
you see each time the dragon lives a new page is written in this book I’ve done
my best but I can’t seem to find any trace of Spyro well young dragon where might you be

Randy Schultz

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    This game gives a great story

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    One of the best spyro games

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    Just saying, they should really make a comic series or something on these games. The lore is just too interesting to pass that up

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    This game wasn't bad. It has a strong Story, very good music and solid gameplay. The only minor issue is the performance especially the hard Framedrops on PS3. If they Remaster this game for Ps4 it could be a true gem.

  16. LeafyGreens says:

    Came here because the copy I recently bought seems to have issues…I think. It was used, so I knew the risk. A minor but concerning scratch on the disk, but I'm not sure whether to blame that, my very old PS3, or the game itself. Crashes or indefinite load screens toward the end of the game happen, but I can still get through. But, for some reason the final cutscene just kills everything. Right about the part where the dragons are fighting with purple energy, everything just freezes up and I have to eject the disk to be able to do anything at all. Shame I couldn't see this for myself.

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    Skylanders: aww shit, here we go again

    Skylanders is an awful price of trash to this,

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    I never got to get this but every twice a week I would watch it mondays and sundays 2014-2016 but on another channel

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    Its so awfully pathetic they had sparx voiced by 3 actors in 3 games. What a sick joke from the developers. I dont care if spade was a dick and wasn't asked back y'all should have fired him and got a contract on somebody smfh

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    big thanks to WishinTikal for playing this game and uploading it completely i just wathced all parts of it on your channel and im so glad that U reminded me how fcking great childhood was Thanks so much <3

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    The best level in my opinion was the Destroyer.
    The favorite roaming/flying parts are the waterfall between the first level and Avalar (what an EXPERIENCE), and the valley of Avalar itself.

    Ignitus made me cry.
    Cynder's powers were so cool.

    Terrador's voice actor is the best in the world. ANTAURI.

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