The Giants of Iceland

The Giants of Iceland

Iceland. Its very name suggests a kind of strength. Something about its viking history, its inhospitable climate, and massive geothermal power has given the country an almost unparallel reputation in the world’s strongest man competition. It might have a population of just 300,000 people, but amongst those are some of the strongest that have ever lived. This small, black, volcanic rock is full of strong men. Everywhere you look, there are tough guys, men at checkout counters, driving taxis, or selling refrigerators. It’s an island of giants. Isolation and adversity, has fueled this tiny nation’s strength, but also contributed to tragedy. NEST OF GIANTS We arrived in the heart of mid-winter, when the average temperature is minus 15, and daylight rarely stretches beyond four hours. Our first destination was Jakaból, a notorious strongman gym. This name translates as “Nest of the giants”. JAKABÓL GYM. By the looks of the place, it’s got quite a, sort of, clandestine vibe going on. I can imagine that you have to sort of knock three times. It’s kind of “fight-club-esque”. Jakaból occupies a significant, but sad place in the history of Icelandic strongmen. It was first opened by Jón Páll Sigmarsson, the ice-blond poster-boy for the scene, and the four-time world’s strongest man. However, upon his untimely death, the gym closed down only to be reopened by his archrival, and the other four-time world’s strongest man winner, Magnús Ver Magnússon. On a personal level, Magnús Ver Magnússon is someone who I remember growing up, and it’s quite weird to think that all these years later, I would be in the middle of an Icelandic industrial state, hanging out with this man-beast himself. Jakaból is not your average gym. It looks more like a construction site than a pilates studio. There are no zumba classes here. Just steel, concrete, and sweat. [No pussies] So, obviously, looking around Jakaból, these aren’t the kind of things that you can go down and buy in your local sports shop. There are a lot of things I’ve developed. I know how to build things, I know how to work with metal, stuff like that. And so, making aluminium blocks, for example, that whole thing was my idea. The loglift, I built that myself. The cylinders as well, one thing here there isn’t nowhere else in the world, is what I call the “morning bit carry”. You carry that, like that. As far as you can. It’s so tough, it’s unreal. All the boys hate it. TRAINING SESSION. Are you quite hard on the boys? Sometimes. You gotta figure out a way to make them go to their limits, without killing them. 350, 351 [kg]… Do you think maybe the idea of the strongman kind of has had its day with guys like you and Jón Páll? The sport has grown. But I’m still waiting for it to take that really big leap. I used to love the carwalk. You would get in it like the Flintstones, and you walk off with the car and it looks amazing. Make it live, make it differently, you know what I mean? What I would love to see is like, throw a bunch of big, strong guys on an island, and make them like Survivor, and stuff like that. Show these guys they can do something else than just lift big things. Big men lifting big things is the essence of the world’s strongest man competition. In its 30-year history of thrills, spills, and ruptured ligaments, it’s moved from being a politically incorrect pantamime, to something more akin to a proper sport in recent years. [PÁLL LOGASON A.K.A “THE SQUARE METER”] [STRONGMAN] What’s it made out of? Concrete? Rubber. That’s rubber?! Not padding or anything, it’s just a steel bar. That’s a big no for a strongman, don’t use padding on anything. How does a four-time world’s strongest man reconsile getting weaker? Losing mass and losing strength, how does that make you feel? Well, I hate it. I really do. You look at something, and you go, “Yeah, I used to be lifting that, and it feels a lot heavier today.” You know what I mean? It’s been a bit of me for such a long time, that I’ll probably be buried with the bar. With some weights. Slowly, Jakaból began to fill up with strongmen. Everywhere you looked, there were big men lifting big things. But when a whole family showed up for a workout, the place took on a strangely domestic, everyday feel. I wonder what the people here did when they weren’t lifting building equipment. How they relaxed, and what they did for a living. And what is your day job? I work as a sales representer. I sell home appliances, refrigerators, and stuff. Some weekends and nights, I work as a bouncer. Do you enjoy that? No. It sucks a lot. It’s a horrible job. The fact is that being a strongman doesn’t absolve you from paying the bills. To find out more about the people at Jakaból’s day-to-day lives, we met with Ari Gunnarsson, another champion Icelandic strongman, [SUNDHÖLL REYKJAVÍKUR] who is off to his day job at the local pool. Come on, you can do it! Faster! Faster! You’re a lost cause, man. I don’t know what kind of swimming this was. Not butterfly, not breaststokes. It was a doggie style. My butterfly stroke was a humiliating experience, especially with the local kids and Ari’s somewhat out-of-shake collegue looking on. Is being strong useful in everyday situations? No, I wouldn’t say so. [ARI GUNNARSSON, STRONGMAN] I’m always tired, I’m so heavy, it’s always a pain in the knees, you know? When somebody asks me to help them move something, it’s very common and handy to pick on me, you know? “Oh, you’re strong, lift this cart for me,” or something. Is it a dangerous thing to be involved with, in terms of injuries and health problems and things like that? There are injuries in all sports, but in strongman, maybe a little bit see it more seriously. I tore my biceps tendon last summer. I was lifting a tire. 400 kilos. And I put my finger on it, and he said, “Go!” And I just heard that sound. In England, and in America and all sorts of places, I think we all grew up watching World’s Strongest Man. Usually on New Year’s Day, or something like that. We were all fascinated by it. It’s a different sport. You don’t see it quite often. You don’t see guys flipping cars, taking big stones. You don’t see it.

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  1. Chico DePuertoRico says:

    I don't think Hapthor (if that's the English spelling of his name) is standoffish… he seems to be really introverted… shy maybe?

  2. Jaime Alonzo says:

    White people are the nephalin.they took the book of enoch out of the bible to hide this fact.

  3. Alejo Rodriguez says:

    Vikings being large is a myth. As are most romanticized european tales.

  4. Butterbeanie says:

    So this is where the mountain and the hound are from

  5. Star Gazer says:

    Man if there was ever a food shortage these guys would suffer…

  6. Lil Meme says:

    Giant but small brain

  7. raynard wallace says:

    Imagine if these guys were hired as wwe Superstars or in the NFL

  8. White Blogger Black Specs says:

    ?? T H E M O U N T A I N ??

  9. Think it or don't know it says:

    I'm strong I can lift sofas and big rocks and big logs and rip doors off and in year 11 I rip up a meal bench out of the grand from anger it probably best that i don't go to the gym I'm 17 I'm still growing so when I finish growing I will be stronger than i am now like when I was 3 years old I was lifting logs and dragging little trees at 7 years old I was lifting concrete slabs out the grand and when I was in school it taken 6 kids to lift a log that 6feet to 7feet long but i lifted it and through the log 2feet to 4feet just to show the kids not to mess with me and I was 10 to 11 years old when I did that I was bullied at school so that why I through it didn't work though

  10. prod. rvvs says:

    Imagine thinking you need to have muscles and be able to pick up heavy shit to be a man

  11. rebellious man says:

    I'd like to see in America….. no one graduates High School without passing am optimum young adult fitness exam…. same for elementary and junior high…. and the f——-ing fast food companies fund the thing….. yes.

  12. Confederate States Of America says:

    do they have any fucking men in vice?

  13. Mike Longwill says:

    Kerry Katona.

  14. foot in mouth says:

    Love the way they sent the campest reporter, do you reckon he was looking for a real man?

  15. Stormcloak Soldier says:

    The Nords of Skyrim

  16. Harry O'Conor says:

    he really did that with a ysl shirt on

  17. Caveman FCC says:


  18. Brian J. says:

    I hope yall know real Vikings never looked like these guys, the tequnique and nutrition needed to get this big didnt exist. Real Vikings were twinks compared to these guys and even by average standards.

  19. Northern85Star says:

    Deportations like these are some of the greatest rehabilitation measures. Away from old, bad environment and habits, starting fresh. Should be done much more often, even with people who acquired citizenship, but abused it.

  20. Sherman Asbury says:

    All they are is this generation Vikings lmao

  21. Morris Meeuwissen says:

    their English is so good

  22. Jack Frost says:

    who else stumbled here randomly and have no idea who the hell is Joe Rogan??

  23. SergeantTypical. says:

    My ego has been shattered cause of this video :/

  24. UnkieDunkie says:

    Why are all the vice guys such greasy little nerds?

  25. もやし says:

    Joe Rogan anyone?

  26. Svealand Vanberg says:

    They do praise Iceland for halving suppirior genetics because of a ruf climate but the people of Iceland are Scandinavian, no intent to make conflict among Vikings but its not just Iceland that posesses the grate Scandinavian size and strength

  27. Ammonia says:

    LOL the guy at the pool sounded like ulfric in skyrim

  28. Brainfreeze NJW says:

    These men were flipping cars. CARS. On a side note, could they have found a whiter, pastier man to do this story? But he is a really good interviewer!

  29. Big Bad Bunny says:

    Their ancestors were Vikings

  30. vipan puri says:

    No interested

  31. Nodel Oliver says:

    A land of giants you say? I think I may have found my people.

    (6'5, 320. On a BAD day.)

  32. Nói Páll says:

    Magnús ver was in the same school as my mother (seyðisfjarðarskóli). i grew up in seyðisfjörður but moved to the capital reykjavík when i was 5 and i still live there i go to seyðisfjörður almost every summer to see my grandparents and stuff.

  33. Jason Bryant says:

    That pussy from VICE is trying to do sports in a Yves Saint Laurent pullover? What a douche nozzle.

  34. pwog arnex says:

    191??4:34 pm

  35. John Kemp says:

    That obstacle course is far fuckin' out. 45 years ago I'da been ALL over it. Spot me 17 seconds for $20.

  36. SilverBladeHero 15 says:

    You can't keep so much strength and skill tied down selling refrigerators! It's not fair to them or the world!

  37. Jaimie Chavez says:

    I spy a Pearl jam tattoo ? right on Square Meter

  38. knightdriven 420 says:

    Why did he pick that colour for his snow coat?

    Not that I'd say that to his face, I'd say it looked very nice to his face

  39. Leslie Fulton says:

    the viking spirit is still strong i would say..

  40. The Strawberry Pimp says:

    Magnus was an idol of mine

  41. MUSIC LOVER says:

    Selling fridge?

  42. Ethan Locy says:

    3:49 He has a Will Ferrell look in his eyes. For some reason, he reminds me of Will Ferrell.

  43. Beauty on a Barn Budget says:

    My childhood friend callie's late hubby was a strong man and died lifting. His name was jesse murunde. She is now married to another strongman Nick Best.

  44. Quincy Grim says:

    They subtitled :"psalm 261" he said "Zone 261" lol

  45. Jamieriggensyahoo.com187 Riggens says:

    Those are the descendants of the fallen angels. The nephilian. And they are closer to the caves where they're forefathers came from

  46. ROGUE X94 says:

    Nordic accent
    I used to be a weight lifter like you…till I took a prolapse to the ass

  47. Laura Richardson says:

    nephilim descendants too much?

  48. Tarun Nair says:

    Ice Giants

  49. Delvin Walton says:

    i remember watching it on tv i miss the show

  50. PartiZAn18 says:

    I was addicted to Vice when they still did these segments. How far it has fallen.

  51. Oppressed Deplorable says:

    Modern day Vikings

  52. synthfreak says:

    Magnus Ver Magnusson looks like Tiësto when he was younger.

  53. Paul Reinhard says:

    I hope he made enough money to buy a new tooth.

  54. Angelo Santiago says:

    There's something wrong with the reporter's shoes..or he's feets are so damm big they look desproportional with his body!!

  55. Iggy the gaming iguana says:

    brian shaw must go there

  56. CHUGGERNAUT says:

    Been watching Strongman since it's inception. Long time fan of a lot of these guys. Thanks for sharing this man!

  57. Nolan Witty says:

    They couldn't have sent anybody else?

  58. Kevin B. says:

    They send a little soy boy over there?

  59. Eld3s blu313 says:

    This guys are working out in the snow….I work out in temperatures of 110 degrees. I cant even imagine snow!

  60. Beerrunner81 says:

    5:27 As I get older I'm getting weaker and I hate it. Some times I pick things up that were never a problem before and now I have a pulled mussel. I have aces an pains I never had before. But in my mind I can still do all the things I did when I was young. Oh how I hate it.

  61. Nelina Malterre says:

    14:02 american horror story girl!!!!

  62. Thami Gama says:

    bloody good journalism! he gets stuck in!!

  63. king colby says:

    No wonder these motherfuckers took over the world

  64. The Ram's Den says:

    If you look at most victories in strongman competition, you will notice the majority of the countries are all the countries that were viking or countries where the vikings went.

  65. Asulf Sköllson says:

    Difference between America and Iceland :
    America : A soyboy who's doing a CHILD obstacles run in a YSL pull and can't even breath correctly after that
    Iceland : Big fucking real mens who could crush this leftist soyboy with one hand

  66. Albert kamau Kamau says:

    sons of Floki

  67. p rod says:

    Giant men with tiny penises

  68. Justin Felton says:

    Something tells me their tiny population has something to do with their per capita giant ratio

  69. Anzo Trosh says:

    Clearly men don't know the strength of pussy lol …. pussy is 3rd most powerful thing on earth … money being second…

  70. Kick butoxy says:

    NFL need to visit this place

  71. AD B says:

    I want this accent

  72. bp51082 says:

    I love how lyrical Icelandic is. And the way that they speak English. It's like they're reciting the sagas everyday

  73. Freckle Peckle says:

    This is basicly all scandinavians lmao

  74. Joe Milosch says:

    I think they are the genetic remnants of the old Viking warriors.

  75. JorxiiProductions says:

    What an ASS Ari’s got

  76. franke damien says:

    No champion for ever

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  78. Linda McLean says:


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  80. Friedrich. Nietzsche says:

    These hard,even never have it hard enough, they need to paint themselves permanently black, out on full Islamic gear, never speak a word again and live as a stranger in their own community. THEN they may be worthy of some respect. sTOP BEING PLUNDERING NAZI BARBARIANS and do something which requires REAL strength for once in your life…

  81. J says:

    These guys are doing the wrong sport. Imagine them dominating in football or rugby

  82. MIKE LONG says:

    Polynesians are huge giants too, most woman & men there are roughly 6'4 to 250 pounds which is normal. If only they too could part take in strong men competitions instead of working as farmers which are the usuals.

  83. Matthew Mayhem says:

    Anyone know the song that is playing at 17:30 during the giant's roar?

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    Nothing is stronger than a rifle bullet lol

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    stop at 2:50, pretty much the opposite of "nO GyMtIMiDaTIoN"

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    12:42 nice

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    I want one lol ?

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    Training in an obstacle course in the cold is a discomfort to me.

  91. Dave Otuwa says:


  92. Code Name says:

    Uh, Scandinavia has always had the worlds tallest people on average, and since strongman competitions are popular in Iceland it makes sense that the athletes are massive.

  93. Keith Callaway says:

    I only can imagine of what the woman looks like from the men being so big and buff lol hahahahaha I’ll date one of them girls just don’t beat my little ass.

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