The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, GA Is Amazing

The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, GA Is Amazing

Hello. I am here at the Fernbank Museum
of Natural History in Atlanta and yes that is a dinosaur behind me. Fernbank is home to one of the largest
old growth urban forests in the country and in the Piedmont. It is super relaxing being here. I can just hear all the bugs and the birds. I can hear nature. Oh sensory wall. Touch is an important way
to observe our surroundings can you determine
the natural items represented here by using just the sense of touch Oh, am I supposed to close my eyes? Oh, these are rubbery. I thought it was made out of stone. Whoa, that’s so cool. Allright, check this out. There is a bug hotel. Fernbug hotel. So apparently
bugs will come here and chill I don’t see any right now though Pretty cool concept. I kind of want a bug hotel now. Look how cute this hotel is. Whoa! Oh! I hope you guys could hear that,
I tried to put the mic close but I couldn’t see what it was. One of the many ways that I love to relax is just taking a walk even if it’s around my neighborhood or going to a specific place to go hiking but coming outdoors and just being surrounded
by trees and nature and wildlife, it relaxes me. So this is very relaxing. On to the Fernbank forest. Let’s go. Where do you go to relax
and get away from it all? Let me know in the comments below. This tree right behind me is the largest tree
of its species in Atlanta and it towers over a hundred feet. That’s pretty tall. Check out this little dude
chillin on the sleeve. You’ve got the life I want Wow. Look at this other guy. He’s having lunch. I think he just he’s just stopped
because I’m standing, Oh there it goes. Oh, look at this. Ah, that is so cool. I bet you are wondering, Romina you said we were at a museum why are we in the forest. Well, Fernbank prides itself in being an immersive experience it’s really neat to see
all the kids walking around and not just kids but adults too. But especially the kids
just because they’re learning about nature and our history and evolution and just, it’s really fascinating
to be able to go to a museum, you know I love my interactive
and immersive museums and Fernbank is one of them. A walk through time in Georgia before man there was Turkey. That is my spirit animal. Giant dragonfly! Yeah. This is my favorite part in history. Dinosaurs! Look at the little baby. I just love that when
the inside of museums are like this and they just have like the trees and… It just makes everything so much cooler. This thing is behind me is
a model of a giant ground sloth. I have been to
a lot of Natural History Museum’s I loved learning about animals and I had never heard of a giant sloth. That thing is amazing and I wish it was still alive so like hug it. it’s like it’s like a real life Totoro. I am nearly finishing my tour here
of the Fernbank Museum and I’m having an awesome time. This place is amazing. Thank you so much fernbank by the way
for making this possible, and give me this amazing experience. Touch the spring. Alright seems easy enough,
there’s the spring. Whoa. Where is it? I feel so weird looking at it with my eyes. I’m gonna wrap up this video right here. This museum is huge
and there’s so much to do, just walking around
takes up so much time and it is a lot of fun I had a great time here at
the Fernbank Natural History Museum. So if you ever find yourself in Atlanta
you should definitely check it out. If you enjoyed this video
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Randy Schultz

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21 thoughts on “The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, GA Is Amazing

  1. Old Farm Show says:

    Thank you for the new video

  2. Butter Spider says:

    Fernbank is another one of our family favorites! We have not had a chance to experience the new outdoor hiking trail yet though. Thanks for the preview!!!!

  3. Chris Hill says:

    What a fun video! I was happy to see a new RedRomina video! That walked looked so relaxing – even just watching it was relaxing. Reminded me when I went to the redwoods. I think it was called Trees of Mystery.
    Have you ever gone to northern California around the Redwoods?

    Then a dinosaur museum! How awesome was that?!

    Great video! 🙂 ??

  4. Dragon Ball Code says:

    I love natural history museums. The one in NY is amazing. Lol a bug hotel. It must be nice in there.That's a good concept though, having the out door part. Stop lol you killed me with the turkey lol

  5. Gaby Kelly says:

    The colors and contrast in this video are amazing. What a beautiful place and how they did a perfect outdoor/ indoor museum. I love it

  6. ASMR Junkie says:

    I go to the library and forest for laxy times; love the dinos in this vid

  7. Luis Espineira says:

    Terrific video. A museum that has a forest is a great concept. The indoors reminds me of the American Museum of Natural History.

  8. abbie spn says:

    ahh when i was younger our school used to go there!! A couple of kids at my highschool do a program there called STT where they go to fern bank for half of the day and do science stuff there and then come back for the rest of the day!! love the video:))

  9. Jean Herrera says:

    Vaya q hermoso lugar es muy lindo el museo

  10. WhatWouldKarlaSay says:

    TAKE ME THERE! That little furry yellow bug! how cute! I love your overalls by the way! So Cuteeee

  11. Romina says:

    ?✌️ FRIEND ME: • •
    Thanks for watching!

  12. Professor_Legos says:

    Everything in Atlanta Ga. is automatically amazing.

  13. Amanda Haak says:

    Very helpful video! Thanks! Planning a trip to ATL and had never heard of this museum.cant wait!

  14. brightful5 says:

    Jeremy from jersey just subscribed

  15. Austin Salmon says:


  16. Baily K says:

    What song is that that at 1:39!!!! I here all the time!!! And I still haven’t found it ? anyone? Please lol

  17. Heidi Let’s Play says:

    Aww man I want to see u tomorrow there at my field trip

  18. Ocean love says:

    Went here when I was in 3rd grade now I’m going here again 4th grade field trip going to the fern bank sience center

  19. lokeigh says:

    Loved this video! Just went to Fernbank! Come back!

  20. Ramiz Jawadi says:

    going there this Sunday

  21. Red Rose says:

    Just went when to the fernbank I'm going to watch what I missed

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