The Dumbest Reptile Questions People Ask Me

The Dumbest Reptile Questions People Ask Me

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The Dumbest Reptile Questions People Ask Me

  1. GoHerping says:

    Have you asked a dumb question? Just wear my snake hoodie and you'll look like a true herp intellectual. The current merchandise designs will be gone in a month!

  2. Skyler Miller says:

    Customer: “Will the snake bite?”
    Me in my head: WiLl ThE sNaKe BiTe?!
    Me irl: “They can, doesn’t mean they will or won’t”

  3. Jc Reynolds says:

    He is really intriguing

  4. Faux Falconry says:

    What do I do if my corn snake is transphobic???? Please answer me!?!!!

  5. Ms Psychopath says:

    I laughed like a LOT idk why 😂😂

  6. Basement Studios says:

    i'm getting a fish this week there not venomous right?

  7. Ambi Cahira says:

    The cross breeding one probably thinks if dog+dog=dog, then snake+snake=snake. I can see where the logic comes from but… deep breath

  8. Ranga Squad says:

    When’s my Bearded dragon and ball python going to breed

  9. Cold Truth says:

    Help, my female python has balls apparently

  10. lime 7 says:

    What is impaction? I recently got a bearded dragon and I would love to know what it means so I can make better decisions for it.

  11. scorpio design says:

    I caught a wild snake and me and my dad kept it because we wanted a snake and my whole family are big outdoorsmen and we feed it live mice (it was a speckled kingsnake) and she was perfectly fine with live mice. We released her and we are hoping to catch a eastern indigo snake

  12. Gavin Swinford says:

    iM 11 CaN i gEt a CoRN sNaKe?

  13. Blueberry Pasta Sauce says:

    Im getting a ball python in a week,It can eat corn snakes right?

  14. Nature Zone says:

    There are no stupid questions, just stupid people

  15. This Is Merica says:

    With the ones about the age, I think it's more, would you recommend it?

  16. Extroverted Introvert says:

    And then theres me, searching the whole internet for all the information about corn snakes and STILL worrying that if I mayyybe get one one day, I’ll do everything wrong.

  17. Arcana Aura1 says:

    But don't corn balls sound cute??? I don't support it but it does sound cute

  18. Nicole Stoughton says:

    Cornballs 😂😂

  19. Marissa Hayden says:

    Cornballs lol

  20. Kiaraleche says:

    We have the same sarcastic attitude. I LOVE it! 😩😂

  21. Todd Howard says:

    Hey I'm like 11 and my mommy said that snakes represent the devil so my mom said no so should I get a ghilla monster

  22. Todd Howard says:

    I fed my corn snake butter so I can get buttered corn

  23. ???? says:

    Can my bearded dragon breath fire?

  24. ziana Martinez says:

    i love how in ever video he has that low key shade

  25. Catellamine says:

    My Cornball was wild caught, can I still feed it cooked mice or will that make it turn back into a Cornsnake and a BP? (Mice aren't venomous, right?)

  26. Sa Ga says:

    'Corn Ball' lol

    Would that be a Snython or Pyke?

  27. Jiminie Pabo says:

    If I set my heat lamp too hot for my corn snake will it turn into popcorn??

  28. Doctor Chief15 says:

    "Hey Alex, can you grant me ability to get a ball python?" How I picture people asking Alex if they can get a ball python

  29. Luster exe says:

    When will my snake get big enough to eat me?

  30. DimmerPear29 ! says:

    Serious question. I just bought a 60 gallon tank for my bearded dragon, I covered the bottom with sand and gave min tall objects for him to climb on etc. I also left a cooler space on the far side of the tank for him to go to if he gets to hot. Am I doing good or any tips? I’m genuinely asking.

  31. Aidan Reuter says:

    My ball python would not eat frozen mice

  32. Rephical Gaming says:

    I took my pet tortoise and threw it in a pool why won’t it swim

  33. Theguywithyellowcap says:

    in sweden its against the law feed with alive animals " not insects"

  34. Jeremy's Wild Studio says:

    Salty Alex is the best Alex

  35. Lucie Johnson says:

    Now I want a cornball snake

  36. Gaven Lamb says:

    What temperature should I have the water in the bowl for a pall Python

  37. Johnny Cage'd says:

    Myself, personally, I do not feed my dog dog food. Ever. I travel to Africa to get her freshly killed gazelle for every meal, so if she ever escapes, she does not lose her instinct.

  38. David Still says:

    Feeding live is bad for both animals
    The rat/mouse is scared for its life and will do anything to survive until being painfully killed
    The snake can get very badly injured or killed directly from the rat/mouse or from infection caused by the wounds inflicted by the rat/mouse

  39. Snake Gaming says:

    I got by ball python when I was 7

  40. Anyel B. says:

    I'd live to feed my snake frozen thawed, but I fed her live when I first got her and now she won't switch, being the picky ball python she is.

  41. Dylan torre lópez says:

    I'm getting tomorrow some sort of snake they dont need food right?

  42. LPS Warrior says:

    My best friend gave me your channel for information about lepored geckoes and im really glad because I want a lepored geckoe and want him/ger to be happy. 😊

  43. Soft Waffle says:

    Do they have butts?

  44. Beethoven's My Pop Pop says:

    i'm getting a piano in 3 days they're not venomous right? and do they need vaccines?

  45. Smurfs Zoo says:

    Hey I’m breeding my gecko and my dog any tips ?

  46. Absolute buffoon says:

    Does my pet rock need vaccines?

  47. Kenny Martin says:

    What is impaction tho

  48. Egg Sushi. says:

    How many caves does my Leopard Gecko need

  49. saif ghost says:

    when do ball pythons start playing basketball

  50. weezyskater says:

    There is no such thing as a stupid question…

    Just stupid people

  51. Valise Mitera says:

    My bearded dragon is my first reptile and I've literally never asked these questions..isn't in common sense? And my brother got a corn snake too. We're doing good.

  52. Katy Bug says:

    When will my bearded dragon grow an actual beard??? I heard 6mo but I dunno, Yoshi is 5 1/2 and I don’t see any stubble yet.. I’m worried 😟

  53. Vanessa Caulford says:

    We do research and watch different sources of info SMh. We dont ask those questions a week before getting a living being lolol. I cant with ppl.

  54. noodle snake says:

    Every week my mom and i go to a serpenterium and i call my snake's food, burritos i feed live because the serpenterium doesn't have frozen yet

  55. Josh Bond says:

    I am 3 months old can I get a ball python? 🙂

  56. Fallen Studios says:

    I'm twelve years old and im getting a corn snake shortly, I have a whole book about them and have done plentyyyyyyyyy of research to see which is the best for the snake.

  57. King Philbert says:

    Can my snake be vegan? I dont want him to eat meat

  58. Darav says:

    Corn balls..

    nice goin'

  59. Randomness With Willow says:

    I NEED A VIDEO ON CONVINCING YOUR PARENTS TO LET YOU GET A SNAKE because I’ve been asking for two things for my birthday recently, it’s next month, one thing is a my hero Academia wig and costume for cosplaying uraraka and my parents were supposed to get it for me for Christmas (cough cough haven’t got it cough) one I’ve been asking for for years that’s a pet snake, of course when I was younger I was an idiot and I want to rainbow Boa as my first snake, but my mom has an irrational fear and I’m only at my dads on weekends, so I tried convincing my mom to get a garter or two, but she said, “not unless you wanna keep it outside my house” so yeah,

  60. Camchc says:

    I’m getting a bearded dragon next week. I can abuse it, right?

  61. Violet Lioness says:

    Hey, I got a Pac-Man Frog to help deal with the ghosts in my house, but I still see the sleep paralysis demons in the corner of my room. Am I doing something wrong?

  62. Carlos Hernandez says:

    I’m getting an Alien next month, They Won’t probe me right?

  63. Dr Death says:

    I was just born can I have a ball python

  64. Caitlin Fagan says:

    you can feed your corn snake certain types of fish

  65. Andrew Needham says:

    You could have… A corn ball or something

  66. Bl00DxR3D :-D says:

    the frozen food ppl most assume youre not thawing first otherwise those are really stupid questions about frozen food. lmao have they seriously not heard the horror stories? plus why traumatize live mice or rabbits for absolutely no reason?! lol
    also I know how much you love leopard geckos. would you say theyre more difficult, as easy to care for, or easier than a beardie? to clarify Im asking about day to day or daily caring tasks…..

  67. Levi Ackerman says:

    If my ball python keeps turning into ball can it turn into a soccer ball ????

  68. We out here says:

    Can my bearded dragon eat beans

  69. 11747 edam says:

    How do i get my two male ball pythons to ask god for a baby

  70. Miles Rand says:

    Someone thought my Beardie was a snake…

  71. the gamer990 0 says:

    snake eat the fluffy boi

  72. Sheila Morrison says:

    Your are making out that people are stupid. Who do you think you are.

  73. Sheila Morrison says:

    You are so up yourself

  74. SammyJay says:


  75. Nevaeh Williams says:

    With the age one, it would never be ok with my parents if I get a snake, my mom has a strong fear of snakes, including the little black racers around our house, even after I accidentally grabbed one and he/she just looked at me like "seriously?" and then slithered/fell of of the porch door 'handle'. It was a indigo snake, and may I add that it was very pretty in the sun.

    I will probably get some snakes that you can keep in tubs with heat mats (ie. Hognose, bp) but later once I am making my own money.

  76. TABC says:

    I have a question uhh is it better to buy one directly from a breeder or a pet store like PetSmart?

  77. Dominican Dread says:

    When I'm walking around with my bearded Dragon ppl will either refer to her as an iguana or ask me if its an iguana or what do I feed my iguana

  78. DeepboxVDM says:

    I’m 13, can I get a black mamba

  79. Audrea Alanis says:

    I'm a ten year old wanting a ball python me and my mom have been looking but I'm scared it will refuse to eat and if they do what should I do

  80. ッ Senpai says:

    I’m 1 can I get a cheezit

  81. Edgar Ramirez says:

    Nobody wants your channel lol…. you use Brian’s name for clout hahah fucking hater

  82. Ultra Thicc says:

    Do sand boas eat sand, or will gravel work?

  83. Charlie - says:

    Im 7, can i get a crocodile monitor?

  84. Hit the Target!! says:

    Do bearded dragons have facial hair?🧔

  85. Michael Byrnes says:

    Trump 2020

  86. Emma Allen says:

    I am considering getting a leopard Gecko and I’ve spent 4 straight days doing nothing but research and will continue to do more. So this possibly proves your point on how kids do more research than adults.

  87. Camila DN says:

    Should I bleach and shine my turtles shell? I want it to be shiny

  88. Imthatwolf says:

    I really want a Ball python or a corn snake, it would be my first snake. I’ve been doing a ton of research on both of them.

  89. Honky Tonky says:

    lol i’ve impulse bought a leopard gecko, however i was already looking into getting one and had been doing research for about 6 months at that point. i just found the right one before i knew i was looking lol

  90. Haadiy O says:

    I gave my toad a heat lamp

  91. Mr.Cheeseburger Man says:

    Can my tv and Xbox breed?
    Edit: yes it made the 360 and the 1 mutation.

  92. TRU LYFE says:

    This kid just made himself look like a Hugh scumbag, well if you don't have electric then you don't have alot of money an don't deserve a pet, hey scumbag some people bust their ass working an go through hard times. This homo thinks his shit don't stink, sorry mommy an daddy pay for everything for you, your whole life douchebag, Just STFU loser

  93. Dwarven Coalhome says:

    Hey goherping I’m three years old can I get a corn snake or is it a choking hazard thanks xoxo

  94. Wesley’s Reptiles says:

    Lmao I’m 11 and I take care of 8 reptiles and over 15 animals

  95. elarhy says:

    What do snakes smell like?
    I don't have reptiles, but have read "the smell of snakes" in books several times… So, now i'm curious

  96. Newell, Jackson says:

    The fuck is impaction then

  97. Lylith Kills says:

    4:26 "Corn ball snakes" 😂

  98. star_scout Nick says:

    Do reptiles have fur?

  99. Septic Str747iker says:

    I have a California kingsnake but he doesn’t live in California should I be worried

  100. Last Man Gaming101 says:

    Ball pythons and corn snakes can breed right? Just like dogs and cats?

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