The Dragon & the Professor 🐲 Where Were The Parents? 🤷‍♂️ Wild Thornberrys | NickRewind

The Dragon & the Professor 🐲 Where Were The Parents? 🤷‍♂️ Wild Thornberrys | NickRewind

Parenting might seem
like an uphill battle but just remember, if you don’t let
your kid chase a Komodo Dragon you’re already doing better
than the Thornberrys. Where Were The Parents? Buckle in, everyone, because less than
five seconds into this episode of The Wild Thornberrys,
Eliza’s already feet away from a highly deadly lizard. So Where Were The Parents? Oh, over here literally watching as Donnie rubs a toxic plant
all over himself. Nigel’s actually explaining
that it’s toxic while he’s doing it and they still don’t stop him! [speaking Latin] Anyway, Eliza comes back to the ComVee and is surprised to find
her home-schooling teacher, Mr. Culpepper. Wait, did they not know he was coming? How do you just pop in
on The Thornberrys? Even if you knew
they were on Rinca Island, they’re constantly moving,
how would you ever find them? So Nigel and Marianne
do some good parenting and bring Donnie to a doctor. He only needs a doctor
because of their poor parenting granted but hey,
we’ve gotta give them some credit. They even leave their kids
with a responsible adult but don’t worry, Marianne is sure
to tell Mr. Culpepper this… Don’t worry about the children,
they’re alright. Excuse me? Look, we know
Eliza’s 12 years old and all. Alone in the hostile jungle
of Rinca Island and we know ten minutes ago
she was out looking for a highly deadly Komodo Dragon. but whatever you do,
don’t worry about her! We certainly don’t
and definitely don’t keep an eye on her! Oh, no!
She’ll be fine! You worry too much, Culpepper. The last thing we want
is any adult supervision here. Anyway, Culpepper’s pretty ticked off
about Eliza’s latest assignments, not because they were poorly written
or anything but because they were… Waterlogged, bitten
and smelling of the jungle. Now there’s a good teacher for you. Eliza, your paper’s well written and all
but how does it smell? Yep, yep, just as I suspected,
of the jungle! Well I’m just gonna have
to take some points off. And then he does
this oddly dramatic blackmail thing, I mean, he turns his back and everything. All this… jungle business. And then he turns around quickly
to deliver the dramatic line… It may not be the best thing for you. And then gets all in her face
with a final blow. I was afraid I was going to have to
tell your parents that you may be better suited
to a more structured school environment. I mean, you’re a sixth grade teacher
not some sort of super villain. But as much as Culpepper
is painted like the bad guy here, he is the only one trying to stop Eliza from getting into
potentially deadly situations. Her parents couldn’t care less! So I’m holding out hope. Maybe Culpepper will turn out to be
the voice of reason. So he makes Eliza write a paper
about a US president and Eliza chooses every 12 year olds
favorite president, Martin Van Buren, when Debbie comes out
and tries to get his attention. And the second Culpepper turns to leave,
Eliza starts packing her bag! Hold on there, Eliza. Can’t you write about Van Buren
for like, one more second? The guy’s still two feet away from you,
he’s gonna notice you’re leaving! Oh, what’s that?
He didn’t notice! I stand corrected… And she’s right back
to hunting a Komodo Dragon. Everywhere she goes there are signs
of how dangerous this thing is. Portions of the jungle
are utterly destroyed, Darwin certainly tries
to talk her out of it… Wasn’t there something you were
supposed to be doing back at camp? And these birds repeatedly tell her
how it eats anything it can get to. Well this bird tells her. That dragon would have eaten us both
if we hadn’t gotten into that tree! This bird is too busy sobbing
over the fact that the dragon ate
her un-hatched eggs… Where are my eggs? [squawking] And Eliza’s still just like
I wanna meet this guy! Even this water buffalo
seems to think she’s lost her mind. OK, wondering where the parents are
at this point? Remember when they just stood there
while Donnie played with the toxic plant? Well now they’re just standing there
while he eats a random caterpillar. Wait, scratch that. They’re encouraging him
while he eats a random caterpillar. Nice to see you haven’t lost
your appetite, Donnie! So Eliza finally finds this thing
and it is menacing. Not sure what’s up with its teeth. Anyway, Eliza even looks scared but for some reason,
she still decides to approach it and big surprise,
it wants to eat them. So tell me, Eliza, now what? I mean, what was your plan here? You were warned this thing would eat you. In fact, it seemed like you knew
from the start that it would eat you and you saw countless signs
that it would wanna eat you. Now when it says it will eat you,
you’re gonna act all surprised? Gotta come up with a plan on the spot? I mean, your parents host
a freaking nature show! They’re not gonna teach you
how to respect nature? My parents don’t host a nature show
and even I know this was a bad idea. So they run for it, bump into Mr. Culpepper who has no clue
there’s any danger, even though Eliza’s
screaming for her life. [screaming] And a 150 pound lizard
is making a 150 pound lizard sound. So like any normal teacher, he chases her through the jungle
because she’s not doing her homework and this happens! [growling] [screaming] Now he’s being chased too and his priorities
are still all screwed up because Eliza uses her paper
to literally save their lives and he’s just mad
she ruined her school work. – That was my paper.
– Eliza! I mean, she only wrote
four words on it anyway. “President Van Buren is…”
Is what? Seriously, the smartest character so far
is the chimp and they didn’t even give him
any paper to breathe with, he just has to hold his breath! And now that Culpepper’s seen Eliza
getting chased by a killer beast and learned she’s in life threatening
situations on the reg, he decides that maybe jungle life
is right for her. That was incredible, Eliza! Come on, Culpepper,
we thought you were the voice of reason! Then to top it all off, he decides that instead of writing
about Martin Van Buren, he’ll accept a recounting of Eliza’s
recent traumatic near death encounter with a Komodo dragon! Van Buren… Near death experience
with a Komodo dragon… Eh, what’s the difference? I mean, what subject is this for? And what do the parents say
when they return? Their daughter was missing
and now the adult she was with looks all beat up and everything. They must be worried sick! Want to come and see some
absolutely smashing mould? Na, nobody cares.

Randy Schultz

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  1. danyah 2010 says:

    First like and comment and viewer

  2. Koral Davis says:

    Lacey Chaberts voice still sounds very cute yet very seductive and beautiful

  3. Koral Davis says:

    I've always loved Nigel's parents Cordelia and Radcliff.
    Radcliff was the "party animal" and Cordelia still loved him.

  4. Jarren Lumpkin says:

    Yo loved this show❤️

  5. TimmytheToonLover says:

    When you’re the second-born child of documentarian parents, every day can be a very dangerous adventure.

  6. Andrea Umba says:

    My childhood growing watching this show

  7. aceattorney1989 says:

    And I thought Rugrats was the only show I know that lacked parental guidance.

  8. NickRewind says:

    Where were the parents?! 🤷‍♂️

  9. Ayden Zerbo says:

    I love The Wild Thornberrys!

  10. Kenzie says:

    You should make a Best Bade moments or best couple moments from victorious

  11. ginantsfan5 says:

    Ah didn't Eliza put herself in danger all the time and wasn't Darwen always the voice of resin?????

  12. Randomark3087 says:

    Been a while since you Uploaded a Wild Thornberties Video. Thanks!

  13. Thoralmir says:

    Its even worse for Darwin when you consider that chimpanzees normally can't hold their breath like humans, since they are absolutely non-aquatic.

  14. The Monster Roar Dude says:

    Fun fact: The Komodo Dragon was voiced be Roscoe Lee Browne who voiced Francis in Oliver And Company and Kingpin in the 90's Spider-Man Animated Series!

  15. writerspen010 says:

    That komodo dragon haunted me =_=

  16. Randomark3087 says:

    (Another funny scene from this episode)
    Doctor-"You're husband's right Mrs Thornberry. This isn't the work of toxic condendren."
    Doctor-"Yes. Your husband has the chicken pox."
    Nigel-"Really?! Smashing! Missed it as a boy!"

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