The Day TB Joshua Caught THREE SNAKES In Church!!! ???

The Day TB Joshua Caught THREE SNAKES In Church!!! ???

There is another lady. For five years, she has been having difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis of the right knee She is using a knee brace. Come on. Remove it. Ministration Of Healing And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name Come here! Don’t go. The SCOAN Sunday Service Don’t go. This is suicide. This is suicide spirit. Yes, I have been trying to commit suicide. This is a snake. You people worship snake. Yes, sir. Ministration Of Prophecy And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name They call it ‘mother’ when the snake is passing my place. They call the snake ‘mamma’ when it is coming; they don’t kill it. Come here! That is another snake there. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits There are three here. Ministration Of Prophecy And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name There is another – two – putting on blue. Ministration Of Prophecy And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Remaining one. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Come here. Bring him. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Ministration Of Prophecy And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name – You are a medical doctor.
– Yes, sir. I am, sir. – You want to jump off…
– …the bridge. Sometimes in the hospital… – Off the bridge?
– Yes, sir. Sometimes, I want to infuse myself with an infusion that can cause cardiac arrest. On several times, I tried to commit suicide. Take it easy. Sometimes, you want to jump off the bridge. Yes, sir. I can feel an aura when it comes, suggesting to me to take my life. Ok, leave the road. You will see. You will see what we are talking about now. Leave that place. Ministration Of Prophecy And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name That is the spirit – instant reaction as the man of God has said. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits The man of God said that spirit, that suicidal spirit will manifest and that is what we are seeing right now. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits – You wanted to do what?
– I wanted to kill him on Wednesday. He now touched Emmanuel TV. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Who are you? Idol of the family. “Who are you?” – you will do that later. Will you allow me to deliver him? Leave this man! Come on. Leave him; it’s alright. Who are you? – okay. Ministration Of Prayer And Deliverance
In Jesus’ Name Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Set Free In Jesus’ Name Watch your screen. Three of them delivered at the same time. The SCOAN Sunday Service I’m free! Thank You, Jesus! I’m free; I’m delivered! TT: Mel Flowers 28/04/2019

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “The Day TB Joshua Caught THREE SNAKES In Church!!! ???

  1. Emmanuel TV says:

    "When the POWER of God hits you, something is going to happen which cannot be explained by the human mind!" – T.B. Joshua ?

  2. Chaudhry Ahsan says:

    God does not have any child try to look for your father please maybe the dad u talk about is your naibour

  3. Tara BKAmen says:

    Amen hallelujah

  4. Andrwe J says:

    Prise be to God alone

  5. Charmaine Abbott Moorhouse says:

    True Man of God

  6. Mercedes Shiro says:

    Church should be a place where people go and get saved, delieverd, set free, healed in Jesus name. But not going to church and go back the same you went. I love this church i see God doing wonders, saving, healing, delievering, and setting people free from bondage that how every church should be. People are suffering. I believe God and his mighty power to save.

  7. Monica Nothemba Gans says:

    Thanks papa for Chanel 390 thanks papa wen I am sick I open my Chanel 390 wen something is not good I know what to do I open my channel thanks papa for the channel at my house day and night is 390 Emmanuel God with us amen one day God will open the doors for me two come two scone in Jesus name amen

  8. Sn N says:

    evangelist Joseph

  9. Che Che says:

    No doubt satan is so big on idol worship and sacrifice in Africa, just to cage the destinies of Africans status in society not withstanding

  10. Olebogeng Mooki says:

    Thanks God now I know the POWER that I'm under

  11. gaza chef U.T.G!!!! says:

    Good job ??????

  12. Daniel Joshua says:

    Tank you JESUS

  13. Franky Snow says:

    ? ? ? ? ? wtf you people are dumb. Stupid. Can't you see it's fake

  14. AleemSafdar 371 says:

    Am also trying to powers of holly Spirit

  15. Modise Lebang says:

    I need viewing church services programs

  16. Wisdom Nelly says:

    There is power in the name of Jesus.

  17. jane lubulela says:

    Dear emmanuel tv. Please upload this deliverance together with the doctor's testimony. For sure it will save many in the medical fraternity. Thank you for your understanding.

  18. Silivia Ncube says:

    Nothing can hide in the presence of Jesus Christ ,thank you Lord

  19. Lyapunov Thegreat says:

    I thank God for Emmanuel TV. Every time I watch the videos or live broadcasts I always feel God's presence. I had ignored the TV for long but after my first encounter last year, I'm always glued to it… Emmanuel

  20. Jeff Cash says:

    My dad tb Joshua

  21. Tina Logmao says:

    I Love tv Joshua EMMANUEL I believe in Yahweh is God thank you the life to given us and all grace I receive everyday life thank you dear Jesus Christ name you save my life . Please deliver me all my SIN I confess I'm big sinner Please cleans me In your blood I believe in you Yahweh oh and the mighty name of Jesus Christ Halliluyah Halliluyah EMMANUEL .

  22. shaveena Williams says:

    Please pray for me

  23. Raymond Priscilla says:

    When GOD want to heal , something is going to happen, and is going to happen with the fire of GOD and the thunder,

  24. Boss iceman Studio says:

    Best channel for wisdom

  25. kacu lu says:

    Chúa ơi xin đưa người cua chúa t b Joshua này đến Việt Nam chúng con cần chúa chua lành dân tộc chúng con chúa oi

  26. Naydean Smith says:

    Oh God!!! This touched me!!! Thank you Jesus ???

  27. Quan Nguyen says:

    Cool people with power.

  28. fre haile says:

    God is good for us, thanks God for everything.

  29. ASTIG TO__VLOG'S & ETC!!! says:

    God your so awesome ??

  30. Jose Achu says:


  31. Felis John says:

    This prophet is real he need to go to haiti to put out real demons. Because Haiti is the devils home

  32. Faith Ifeoma says:

    You are too powerful daddy. God protect him and he's house hold in Jesus name Amen.

  33. Lawrence Obeto says:

    power of GOD at work

  34. Prince says:

    Glory be to God Almighty. Blessed be His Name!

  35. Selamu Achiko says:

    selamu achiko. iam an ethiopian

  36. Selamu Achiko says:

    l. wana. to. join. Emmanuel. TV. prayers

  37. Rai Hem says:

    Love the ministry, Nepal ??????

  38. tig ye geta liji says:

    Amen thank you Jesus

  39. Joy Voelkel says:

    What a world so wonderful may God have mercy. Thank the God of TB Joshua for the deliverance.

  40. Bongoman Eugene Howhat Xaweb says:

    Amen. Glory to Jesus.. Awaiting for the testimony…

  41. Jose Achu says:


  42. Jose Achu says:


  43. Sandra Portlouis says:

    Praise god papa for your blessing my bro and sis in Christ iam happy to watch your praises on YouTube from Seychelles

  44. Joyce Osei says:

    Powerful God l thank you for the life of Tb Joshua

  45. Sam says:

    Wow, look at this vudu craft, invest zero and make moneybout of stupidity

  46. ebi m. says:

    God bless you Man of Jesus…TV Joshua thank you for helping people..❤❤❤ I hope u visit Zamboanga,City Philippines and help them there.. greetings from Doha,Qatar..I'm so proud of u since I've watched your channel ❤❤❤

  47. Aswathy Arun says:

    Please heal me Lord… Please release the black magic against me and my husband. My husband is going to divorce me.. I need him… I love him… Please God please give me him back…….

  48. Kristophina Andreas says:

    Dear God our body is the temple of God not created to carry snake spirit .God have mercy on me

  49. Sarah.Rrapu Yunupingu says:

    I praise God ? for changing my life. AMEN and AMEN ?????

  50. Stephen Teye says:

    He work like God

  51. Agnes Augustin says:

    Please pray for my brother marinus for his deliverance thank

  52. January Mkwananzi says:

    Man of God please pray for my family of Zimbabwe in peace call nkayi my father all sick please man of God pray for us in jesus name I believe you man of God

  53. Godwin Okezie says:

    God is always awesome, He’s wonderful and his mercy Never End. Glory be to his HOLY NAME Hallelujah ?..

  54. Tony blair peters says:

    God and God of T.B joshua deliver my family from our fore fathers spirit called ahanjoku spirit in jesus name Amen.

  55. Abraham Zeweldi says:

    Please tv jesua pray for by my name i believe in jesus name

  56. Kyle Mwendwa says:

    Glory be to God.

  57. jmasenges says:


  58. Darhii Kesaimai says:

    Please pray for me and my family too in Jesus name Amen

  59. Cynthia Chanel says:

    What a great prophet God have given us ! Thank you Lord ???????we love PROPHET ????!

  60. Durlach Karls says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ

  61. Likha Kaku says:

    Praise the Lord!

  62. Zainab Bah says:

    Man God locate me and my family. I believe only writing you my problems are over

  63. educacion 2019 acevedo says:

    Hay personas que empiezan con mentiras de tanto mentir y enceña mentira llegan a creerselos y muchos más también todo es un teatro, asta ellos mismo creen q es verdad cuando nisiquiera existe

  64. educacion 2019 acevedo says:

    Cuando el señor ayuda alguno se creen q el poder es de ellos sólo satanas quiere ese puesto

  65. tally bee says:

    My GOD, MY GOD

  66. As Asa says:

    Molly Chenni Good Jesus's Amen?

  67. Jesus is amazing PAIN says:

    Tb Joshua can you please pray for me

  68. ANISA KUJUR says:

    Praise the Lord pray for my family spiritual life and for financial problems

  69. Sukhwinder Kumari says:

    Thanku jesus

  70. oceej0 says:

    Wow, Jesus really has all authority

  71. Clement Olowookere says:

    Thank you Jesus

  72. Bornwisekangove Mabunda says:

    Every time I will tell you I love you man of God with Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  73. Food Connoisseur says:

    People really believe this??
    This is fake it’s clear that it’s staged

  74. STANDARD POST says:

    Yet they say you're are fake. Nigerians is this what fake looks like then i must follow this fake till you bring something more powerful than this so call "fake". Keep your long theology and grammatical interpretation of unmeaningful concept and deliver oppress people. If you can't deliver them from the devil what will your gramatic and theological sermons do to them. Devil you can't deceive us through ignorant Nigerians that T B Joshua is fake. We have seen and we have heard and tasted of his genuineness.

  75. Adri Oosthuizen says:

    I looove this ministry.. I hope to visit SCOAN even in this year with my 2 adopted adult children. God said they can only be helped by Proph TB Joshua.

  76. Celeste Ruiz says:

    Lord Jesus Christ ?. I need prayer and strength. I am in the process of moving and I wish and I pray and I hope and I believe and I have faith that you are going to help me Lord Jesus in my movement everything will go good and I am staying positive thank you sweet Jesus. Amen.

  77. dalton williams says:

    When all these people are delivered, where do the spirit go and dwell in? I’m just wondering. This question has been on my mind for awhile now.

  78. Philomina Ohenhen says:

    Fake miracle,African wake up.this are planned friend who is a disable from birth went to jb Joshua and return just the way she went there.jb Joshua could not do anything.

  79. Buchille ne says:




  80. Edson carlos de oiveira Carlos says:


  81. Gabriel says:

    Our God is great

  82. Thushara Thanuja says:


  83. Ally Mumbw says:

    Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen ????????

  84. Obinna Onunkwo says:

    If this man work is called evil let me be this type of evil and use it to do good . instead of be empty man like some here .

  85. dorcas tebane says:

    Amen when Jesus christ says yes mo one can say no, nobody

  86. tally bee says:

    The things of the spirit are very strange things

  87. Runyararo Mukamuri says:

    I love Prophet TB Joshua.We waiting for you in Zimbabwe .Emmanuel

  88. mtanzania mzalendo says:

    God bless Tb Joshua,give him long life
    Thank you Jesus

  89. Faith Moyo says:

    T B Joshua you are a realy man off god

  90. Sebastião Tavares Machado says:

    Gostaria de receber esse em português.

  91. Domingo Remou Garcia says:

    Aleluia God is real

  92. able makofi says:

    may God add more years for prophet tb joshua

  93. Pati Hmd says:

    I love prophet TB Joshua. He is a true man God, God have mercy upon us and deliver me and my Family

  94. Pati Hmd says:

    I will be keep watching this channel untill God do wonders and miracles, No one is like him. Thank you lord amen?????? Big tym. AM in Saudi Arabia Reyadh city from Uganda. Etm church, I seek my God I love my God

  95. TNR K9 Djamboni says:

    TB JOSHUA you're so great Man of God may God continue give you more strength Amen glory be to God might amen

  96. Angela Tembo says:

    The same way pipo are giving testimony the same way I will give my testimony in Jesus name indeed Prophet TB Joshua he z the true Man of God Emmanuel Emmanuel will love u Man of God

  97. Aslam Sardar says:

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah God bless you man of God

  98. Aslam Sardar says:

    Power of God hallelujah

  99. Promo Terbaik Honda says:

    Mr. T.B. Joshua please please pray for me and my family

    My name is Beny Disyon Matasak

    God bless you

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