The Dangerous Dragons of Komodo

The Dangerous Dragons of Komodo

Dragons were supposed to be deadly mythological Beast that could fly breathe fire and Destroy entire cities What if we told you that they were dragons living among us Well they can’t breathe Firefly They sure are deadly This is the Komodo dragon The world’s largest and deadliest lizard Primarily from the island of Komodo Indonesia These be swinging it over 91 kg and can be up to 3 m long These creatures are Fierce Predators with massive appetites They can eat over 80% of their body weight in one sitting Talk about all you can eat Are these lizards secretly dragons How do they manage to kill animals five times their size And why are Komodo local so cautious when they bury their dead Similar to how dragons can kill in one breath the Komodo can kill in one bite They’re incredibly dangerous carnivore The bulk of their diet is from prey much much bigger than them Like the water buffalo Weighing in at over 450 kg But how can a creature like this kill something that big The answer lies in their venomous bite After ambushing their prey and chasing them down at 20 kilometers an hour The Komodo will clamp down their teeth with over 275 kg of pressure This will take a nice chunk of flesh out of the animal Then it typically runs away to lick its wounds thinking it’s safe Little do they know they’ve just been administered a very poisonous bite The comodo’s Venom win mixed with blood prevents the wound from ever stopping the bleeding The prey slowly dies over the next several days Well the Komodo follow Komodos hunting skills are aided by their long tongues They’re constantly flipping them around But that isn’t just a nervous tic It’s essential to their survival The comodo’s tongues help them Scout their prey from miles away The tip-of-the-tongue samples the air particles bringing them up to the komodos nostril The tongue can also detect the direction of other animals If there’s a stronger sent from the left side of the tongue that means the animals to the left and vice versa This scent-tracking tongue helps the Komodo taste and then seek out there bleeding pray But the komodos aren’t just Fearless Hunters Ghost Feast on rotting bodies as well Even humans They develop such a reputation that locals on the island of Komodo have to bury their dead Further down than the standard Six Feet Under You see Komodos have been known to dig up dead bodies with their massive Claws and eat the Corpses Female komodos are strong independent women who don’t need a man that’s because they can reproduce asexually Thanks for the phenomenon known as parthenogenesis Where the female can lay eggs without the need for sperm from the male Although plenty of animals can do this What’s unique about the Komodo is she’s able to produce eggs both ways sexually and asexually Still wondering why the Komodo is called a dragon Simple it’s because of their hard scaly appearance Discoveries in the early 1900s. They look similar to dragons However Island locals just called Amora which means land crocodile Komodo dragons may seem scary but they aren’t all that bad Like most animals The rules by their stomachs Researchers have found that when kept in captivity and are well-fed The Komodo is playful Similar to a cat or a dog So although they may be dangerous in the wild maybe the Komodo at the zoo could be your next best friend

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