The Cryptid Tier List

The Cryptid Tier List

This episode is sponsored by Brilliant. [TierZoo intro] [Television static] [Music] Show me your moves! [Music] Falcon Kick! [Music] [♪Faron Woods cover♪] If you play this game for a while, you’ll eventually hear about some builds that seem really far-fetched and possibly overpowered. Builds that a lot of players will claim to have seen, but have no evidence to back it up. That’s right, today we’re talking about cryptids. Do they exist, and more importantly, where would they be on the tier list? If you unlock them as a playable class, would you even want to play as them? There are some where the answer is an obvious yes, and some that might be more hype than power, and there are some I’ve even managed to figure out how to unlock myself. So prepare for some never before shared secrets on these legendary builds. As always, we’ll start from the bottom of the tier list and go up from there. So, in my opinion, the worst cryptids are the ones unlocked by taking a well-known build, and afflicting them with an appearance altering disease. One example of this is the chupacabra. I used to think that they’d be quite overpowered because of the lifelink ability until I figured out how to unlock them and saw how they really play. The legend goes that the chupacabra, aka goat sucker, can heal itself by draining the HP of its light victims. That’s a load of nonsense. To unlock the chupacabra, what you need to do is choose a canine build on the character select screen, and then intentionally get yourself infected by mange. You can do this by simply being in close proximity with another player with the same debuff, as it spreads quickly. Mange has a few effects. The first is a massive sanity debuff brought about by intense itching. The second is a sizeable buff to intimidation as a result of hair loss from all the scratching. These two together unlock the chupacabra prestige class for the coyote. However, aside from becoming scarier, it doesn’t grant any more unique abilities. In fact, I’d say the cost to your sanity greatly outweighs the intimidation bonus. The same can be said about the jackalope. The jackalope is touted as a rapid build equipped with antlers. Now, antlers are awesome tools, both for foraging and for defense. Their range allows you to pressure opponents from a distance, and their sharp prongs can inflict bonus damage on hit. Rabbits absolutely could benefit from having antlers, especially considering how impressive they’d be in the Raptor matchup. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s going on here. To play as a jackalope, You need to choose a rabbit build and then somehow acquire the Shope papilloma virus. The best way to do this is to be bitten on the face by a tick player. The virus creates protrusions that can resemble antlers, but, in reality, they’re tumors. So while the aesthetics might seem fun for a while, they’re cutting your playthrough short by a huge margin in most cases. Next are the builds which get a lot of hype and don’t have a fatal flaw, but I still don’t think are necessarily top tier. The first is what I like to call the “solo simian build,” this is the general name for rumored hominid builds, like the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, yowie, and Abominable Snowman. They seem to be everywhere and also nowhere. And I think there’s a reason for that. Great ape builds have everything in common with these solo simians except for one thing: team play. Even though this fabled character seems to have the same, or possibly even higher base stats and abilities than the other apes, team play is what brought apes to the forefront of the meta. Forgoing that just seems like an objectively suboptimal play, and so I have to rate these guys lower than all the other simians. Also in this section is the Thunderbird. In my raptor tier list, I discussed the attributes that make for a strong aerial hunter, those being speed, agility, stealth, and power. Thunderbirds, being massive flying tanks, would not be suited to this playstyle at all. The largest playable flying birds are all scavenger types that use their large size to travel great distances easier. The largest raptor build ever to make waves in the meta was Haast’s eagle, which managed to have a commanding lead in the New Zealand meta for a solid chunk of time. However, this build was by no means a Thunderbird. It was actually smaller than modern-day condor and albatross builds, and so, as intimidating as a cloud sized eagle would be, I don’t think it would make for a very effective build Okay, so now that we’ve covered the bad and average cryptids, let’s finally get into ones I think would actually be really strong. In fact, it’s my personal opinion that these cryptids are actually players who somehow avoided the sweeping bans put in place by the devs. The first one is, of course, the Loch Ness Monster. Plesiosaurs used to hold the number one spot in the marine meta, way back during the Jurassic expansion. They were much quicker and more agile than fish at the time, and since the devs hadn’t introduced marine mammals to the game yet, they were totally uncontested. If plesiosaurs were still playable today, they’d easily still be high tier. The tactic of using one’s reach in order to attack a school of fish from afar is what made them so dominant in the past metas, and this strategy is still employed by builds like the swordfish and sawfish today. In fact, one of the main arguments against the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is that they’re simply too strong for the Loch server. They’d easily overpower and defeat every other player there, and eventually just end up starving because they’d have driven away the competition. If something like this build is actually playable, it’s much more likely that it’s an open ocean exclusive, and judging by the recent finding of a mysterious creature washing up on Georgia’s shore, this seems to be the case. The last cryptid on our tier list today is another potential banhammer dodger: The jungle dwelling reptile called Mokèlé-mbèmbé. Despite the fact that the devs removed sauropod builds from the game long ago, rumor has it that Mokèlé-mbèmbé is a secret playable character in the river biome of the Congo jungle. This is at least mildly plausible, because the vast stretches of thick rainforests and deep swamps have actually blocked human data miners from exploring the area. One reason I find this build to be more plausible than Nessie is that Mokèlé-mbèmbé is speculated to be using the pygmy character trait. This solves two problems at once: First, this gets around the problem I have with the Nessie build, in that they’re so big and powerful that they’d annihilate all their competition and end up starving. A pygmy sauropod would still be powerful, but there would still be enough loot for itself and other herbivores in the area. This also helps explain how it avoided the ban, seeing as pygmy builds often survive much longer than their full-sized counterparts, as seen with the pygmy mammoth that survived on the Aleutian Island servers up until fairly recently. Now with that said I’ve still never had the opportunity to play as this fable character, or even see one in game, so if any of you know how to unlock it, please share that in the comments. With the possible exception of Sasquatch, none of these cryptids really have the intelligence stats required to keep up with the current meta. And this could be contributing to why some of them have faded into legend. Don’t let this happen to you. By using the link in the description, you can level up your intelligence by actively solving science and math problems on Brilliant shows you how some of the highest level scientists solve real problems: by breaking them down into smaller components, thinking clearly through each part, and recombining them to reach a conclusion. To support Tier Zoo and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off their annual premium subscription. Thank you for watching, and see you next time.

Randy Schultz

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    Aww I wanted to see the Fresno Nightcrawler

  3. Aval the IceWing. says:

    At random points of the video it sounds like he's trying not to yell at me.

  4. Jacob Forshee says:

    I think to get the tiny sauropod, you have to have had the Dino update starter pack, which contained the sauropod pigme skin.

  5. Torencraft says:

    I unlocked the flatwoods monster by stealing a human womans dress while playing as a alien

  6. Itca boi says:

    I thought that only outside veterans could unlock the cryptids?

  7. a jojo fan on the internet says:

    too unlock it just do alt + f4

  8. big dragon Boi says:

    I unlocked nessy. Turns out its a river monster. Not the best character but pretty easy to manage. I keep getting camped by this t-rex.

  9. crazygame crafter says:

    What's next, mew
    under a truck?

  10. Drako The Hyena says:

    To unlock the pigmisourapod (idk how to spell) you’d have to get a max level on all herbivores in the dinosaur patch so it is no longer obtainable

  11. Alan Chen says:

    im a naga

  12. Jeremy Redus says:

    the bigfoot is a pretty overpowered build because it will always appear a blur to cameras no matter what type of camera you use

  13. Eaglzfn says:

    Bro what about the wendigo or the skin walker or the ningen or did the get banned before exitence

  14. Matteo Garibaldi says:

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  15. Simon the Why says:

    Sadly you can’t unlock the Pygmy sauropod anymore, back in the dinosaur ages you had to get a sauropod and then unlock the Pygmy trait, after that you had to spend EVERY SINGLE POINT on hibernation and then go underground. You sadly can’t unlock it anymore 🙁

  16. cococamo191 says:

    what about the cryptid Mngwa? and the nandi bear?

  17. California Mapper says:

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    Edit: also like elite classes.

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    If you played Yu-Gi-Oh, you would know the cryptids are way OP, the versatility of them allows them to be easily adaptable into most of the high tier strategies

  23. Kaden Richards says:

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  24. I I says:

    I don’t know about the actual bathymetry or topography of areas near Loch Ness, but it may be that the Nessie player was using some kind of bay or something as a nice place to maybe avoid rough seas or something maybe making it harder to get out to sea than it would have been to hide in a bay from something, like maybe a strong storm and some sharp rocks.

  25. DS M says:

    The most mysterious builds… i mean we literally know NOTHING about them

  26. Ryan Lu says:

    You forgot to mention it’s only the human class that spreads the cryptid rumor

  27. ULTIM8GOD Israel says:

    Nice tutorial! Now I finally can play as The Loch Ness Monster Like I always wanted….

  28. patrickk says:

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  29. Cutest Demon says:

    Well, not to be rude, but there theories of the creatures like sasquatch is a team player, but are usually just spotted alone as a scavenger or scout

  30. Jon S says:

    Everyone knows that cryptids are just memes from the various offsite forums that human players frequent.

  31. brad clone says:

    cryptics are animal re-skin change my mind

  32. Nerf Faziks says:

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  33. Don't Ask Animation says:

    I know how to unlock the Mothman class, you choose any form of strix owl, and simply die and respawn over and over until you spawn with the gigantism trait. You then spend lots of points into the eye shine upgrades, and then you will be able to spawn as a Mothman. The reason why it is so hard to obtain is simply the time it takes to try and get the gigantism trait

  34. Bobo says:

    If you are wondering hiw to play some of the hoghrler tier cryptids you cant. These are actually just the devs alt accs. My cousin used to work woth the devs a couple years ago and i was able to play a demo yeti.

  35. Matthew Munoz says:

    I love this channel and have seen a lot of the videos. I was just wondering like, what is the criteria to be high tier? Is it ease of living? How long you can live? How effectively you can reproduce and spread? If anyone sees this pls let me know lol

  36. Deip Mapper! says:

    The Loch Ness Monster, is a player who data mined and deleted the ban before it hit him. Now, unfortunately all his friends are gone. He escaped Loch Ness and made it into the ocean as a Plesiosaur, and now is helping restore the Dino meta. Really cool guy

  37. Random Soviet says:

    Where's my boy Mothman?

  38. TerrisH20 says:

    It's.. actually sorta of an open secret to how some of these cryptid from previous ages show up. simply have an account that you haven't touched since before the relevant ban happened. See, the game doesn't check is a build is banned or not until you die, go to log off, or a dev notices you and kicks you from the server. so if you have one of these accounts and log onto it, you can play as one of these legacy build until them. Of course, you can only do this once for each of these accounts, as when the check is forced, it checks all your PC's on that account, updating it to the current version.
    Still, it's very fun ride why it lasts.

  39. Chuckles Helicopter Wigwam Jones says:

    If you do another video on cryptids, please discuss the mothman build

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    1. Start a new game
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    3. Clip into a swamp
    4. Wait for homosapien overthrow to come
    5. Wait

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    Wait is this actually a real game he plays or is he just explaining everything like if it was a game with gamer lingo? I’m lost

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    I heard in a minigame called minecraft which is only accessable when you are in a human guild/ family or whatever they call it nowadays that there is a such a cryptid called Herobrine with white eyes with no pupils. Is this just a bug in the minigame or is this a secret cryptid you can play which is similar to a human?

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  53. jackie sui says:

    how about playing as scps

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    Usually, trying to see the Bigfoot build causes the "camera shake debuff" to you

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    Is….is Tierzoo god?

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    1- chupacabra: play as a canine, and shave.
    2- Jackalope: play as a rabbit or hare, and equip a hat with antlers.
    3- Solo simian: play as human, and equip hair growth potion.
    4- Thunder bird: play as a flying dinosaur, use the spell (time travel) and to escape the extinction period.
    5-loch ness monster: play as plesiosaurus, use the spell (time travel) and to escape the extinction period.
    6- Mokele-mbembe
    : play as sauropod, use the spell (time travel) and to escape the extinction period.

  57. Lorewalker Choo M. D. says:

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  58. Stonebridge BR says:


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  66. Slim Shadow says:

    The og chupacabra is way cooler

  67. Professional Loser says:

    I kinda believe the mokili membe(hope I spelled that right) one

  68. Crawl Creeper says:

    How To play as Bigfoot:
    Step 1: Buy V.I.P
    Step 2: Go To Cryptid Tier List

  69. Kelly Parks says:

    Why would you assume Sasquatch doesn't exist in groups? The dominant males in gorilla troops often drive off other adult males, leaving them to wander alone. These lone males are much more likely to be risk takers. Maybe that's primarily what has been seen. Also, quite a few mammals experienced major size buffs by coming across Beringia into the North American server during the Ice Age update. What if a primate came across and experienced the same buff? A player favorite a couple million years ago was dryopithecus ("oak ape"), an upright primate found in hardwood forests all over Asia. If it came across to the Ice Age update North American server, got buffed in size (like so many other mammals did) and stealth (to avoid OP Ice Age predators like the American Lion, the short faced bear, intellidon, etc.) that's Sasquatch (one of a long list of names, familiar to widely scattered Native American human players).

  70. Natsu Dragneel says:

    Bigfoot builds do have team play

    Only certain variations do though

  71. PhantomShot says:

    In April 1st 2020, TierZoo should make a video about the SCP Foundation, where the foundation itself is a private server.

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    The thunderbird is highly recommended and because of its superior stealth and to some extent intelligence human data miners have not been able to get proper information and is also why it’s not a s teir animal I’ve experienced first hand the play style of a thunderbird and they are only inferior to humans because of their lack of hands

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